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7 Things You’re Probably Not Doing That are Making Your Life Harder

By FamilyFelicity.com

How many times have you found yourself trapped in a cycle of doing something the hard way, but just couldn’t get off the hamster wheel? This chick right here (Hello) is the poster child for doing things the hard way! When life shows up pointin’ it’s finger at me and barking orders, being efficient and […]

The Automation Tools I Use to Grow My Blog on Auto-Pilot

By FamilyFelicity.com
Running a successful blog can be super time consuming! And most of that time is spend doing administrative tasks instead of actually creating awesome content for your readers. This post shares my favorite automation tools I use to grow by blog on auto-pilot so you can too!

When I first started my blog, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing. Though I did tons of research before I launched, I still learned so much through endless trial and error. Reading is one thing, but doing is another! For many months, I did everything manually. I posted all my Pinterest pins and […]

Setting Realistic Expectations When Motherhood Feels Hard

By FamilyFelicity.com
Motherhood is hard and some days it can feel overwhelming. But one powerful tool we can use as moms is to set up realistic expectations so we don't fall into the trap of mom guilt.

Setting Realistic Expectations When Parenting Feels Hard When the days feel too long and our patience is playing a good game of hide-and-seek motherhood can feel really hard. And it gets even harder when mom-guilt or perfectionism tries to creep! How do we as moms decide what was a good “mom day” or a bad one? Is […]

4 Meal Prepping Strategies That’ll Get Dinner on the Table Fast!

By FamilyFelicity.com
4 meal prepping strategies

Unless you have late night dreams of becoming a contestant on Chopped, dinner can be one of the most dreaded times of the day. What do I cook? What do the kids want to eat? What does my husband want to eat? What do I “feel” like cooking? Those are the usual questions that run […]

27 Super Easy Ways to Pursue Your Passion as a Crazy Busy Mom

By FamilyFelicity.com
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between passion and purpose? This post reveals the difference and why you need both. Also click the image to get 27 super easy ways to pursue your passion as a crazy busy mom

Have you ever wondered why and how people over the span of millions of years and living in every possible location on our enormous planet have a desire in their heart to find their purpose for living? I know I have! I find people fascinating. I see so many variations of similar gifts and talents, […]

How to Realistically Run Your Mom Biz During Your Little One’s Naptime

By FamilyFelicity.com
Starting your own blog or any business can be very challenging while raising small children as a stay at home mom. But it's totally possible with the right plan. This post walks you through how to make the time to pursue your dreams during your baby's naptime.

I don’t think there’s a mom on this entire planet that isn’t super busy. We all have tons of work to do as moms. And there’s a sacred time carved out of every mid-afternoon (twice if you’re lucky) that’s a glorious gift from God, especially if you’re a stay-at-home mom. Naptime! Every mom knows the […]

2 Super Easy Ways to Teach Your Child Personal Accountability

By FamilyFelicity.com
Teaching our children how to have personal accountability for their own actions is priceless. Click the image to get 2 super easy ways to teach your child and yourself how to make better choices and have more responsibility.

  I felt the tension pulsing through my shoulders as my tone of voice quickly approached code red. That’s my color for really irritated. I’d had enough back and forth word matches with my ten-year-old daughter that morning. This had to be the absolutely 100th time I told her to bring her water bottle home […]

3 Keys to Overcoming Selfishness in Your Life and Family

By FamilyFelicity.com
Selfishness is something that affects all families but there are 3 simple keys to help you overcoming selfishness in your life and family!

Our families need many things to be healthy and strong, but the one ingredient our families can’t live and thrive without is LOVE. Love is strong and beautiful. It was created to take root and bloom right in the middle of all the craziness and ever-evolving seasons of a typical family. We simply can’t survive […]

How to Start Your Own Blog Using My 4 Step Fail-Proof Formula

By FamilyFelicity.com
Starting your own blog is more than putting up your website and writing blog posts. If you want success you must follow a proven plan. Click the image to learn my fail-proof 4 step plan.

Starting your own blog or any business for that matter is tough. But doing so with babies and toddlers underfoot or working a full-time job can feel downright impossible. But it isn’t, I promise. That’s because so many moms, including myself, are doing it every day. Following the four steps in this post will help […]

50 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Loved in their own Love Language

By FamilyFelicity.com
Get 50 ways to make your child feel loved everyday! Plus, each list is broken down into each love language.

We all know what it’s like to feel loved. It’s this experience of love that hits our heart much differently than merely knowing we’re loved. So many of us live the majority of our days in the “knowing we’re loved” zone, versus actually experiencing that love in action. We all want to feel that love […]

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