If you're like most of my readers, you're a busy mom like me, who loves your family. You see the value and blessing of your family and want to see it grow strong - filled with joy and purpose. If you're not a fan of complacency this page is for you!

Here you'll learn how to stop going through the motions and get practical solutions to enjoy motherhood and your family while still pursuing your dreams and becoming your best self. Get ready to really own your JOY, PURPOSE and SHINE as a mom!

You're not alone on this journey of motherhood! We're all in this together and should celebrate our motherhood journey. And this blog serves to tool you the tools be a happier and more fulfilled mom AND woman.

What Is Family Felicity?

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I truly believe, all of us want to enjoy our lives, but the daily demands of life and motherhood can often leave us lingering in overwhelm over the peace and joy we want.

Do you feel on the inside there's a level of joy, purpose, and passion you have yet to experience in your life? You know on the inside, there's more you need to do and want to experience but don't know how to get started or go beyond where you are. That's where this blog comes in!

We're a community of moms just like you! We place our families at the highest priory and believe in putting them first and serving them well. But! We can't serve anyone very well, let alone our family, if we're not at our BEST.

Too often we find ourselves serving everyone at our worst - cranky, exhausted, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. Not good, but true. But it doesn't have to be that way!

The name Family Felicity means great happiness, the joys of heaven, prosperity, the enjoyment of good; blessing, blissfulness.

So how do we get there? By learning to stop putting ourselves last on the list. Decide right now that you're with me in putting yourself first!

Putting yourself first is an important thing for all moms to do. Not in a "self-serving, leave everyone else behind" kind of way. But in a way that allows you to be properly filled up so you can be poured out for those you love. No more empty pouring for you!

Your family needs you to be well nourished so they can have the very best of you. Putting yourself first is a gift and a blessing to them.

And if you're wondering how you'll even find the time - I've got you covered here on this blog! There are four specific categories of content here. Click on a link below to go straight to the blog posts in that category.

Our families deserve our best. Not our best attempt at "keeping it all together" on an empty tank and being overrun by mom-guilt. Instead of denying our hopes, dreams, gifts, and needs - we must fulfill those to become the mom who is best equip to serve our own family! Serving others from an empty soul doesn't work.

And I really love helping other moms identify their passions and goals and give them tools to Slay those goals! If you feel overwhelmed at the thought of goal-setting, I totally get it. Dealing with "real life" as a mom - mixed in with everything makes it super tough to think of building a better life.

One of the best tips I can offer you (and is my daily go-to) is making time to focus on my personal growth and transformation. Every day if possible. Whatever we focus on the most is what we inevitably get more of.

And to make this easier for you, I've created this beautiful and inspiring Transformation Journal printable. This is my most POPULAR freebie I offer, so I know you're going to love it! Just click the image below to grab yours and start your transformation journey today...


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