9 Reasons You’d Be Crazy NOT to Sign Up for Amazon Prime!

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9 Reasons You'd be Crazy NOT to Sign Up for

My family has been an Amazon Prime member for many years now and we simply can’t go on in life without it! Ok, a little dramatic there but our Amazon Prime membership saves us SO MUCH money every single year that you’d be crazy not to grab your membership right now.

You can actually start your membership for free for a month, just to take all the savings for a spin and see how you like ’em!

I want to explain upfront that I’m not a “shopper” and by that I mean I don’t buy a whole lot of things my family doesn’t need. I’m not buying new couch pillows, new pairs of cute shoes, or a new accent chair every month. It’s not that I don’t want to, but my family’s on a money-saving mission, so for now I choose not to.
I said all that to say that all the savings I get from my Amazon Prime membership is for all the stuff my family needs and things I’m already buying every week. And not to mention the 2 day Free Shipping for all Prime merchandise is literally mind-blowing in and of itself!

But if you’re buying all the regular boring necessities for your household AND have the freedom to grab that new Cookware Set on a whim, you’re going to love Amazon Prime even more!

Plus, Amazon Prime Day which is now rivaling Black Friday (wow!) is getting ready to go down on July 16th! There will be so many savings happening it’ll blow your mind. I’m so excited!

But ALL the savings will be available to ONLY Prime members. No worries, if you sign up now for a FREE TRIAL you can cash in on the crazy good savings and cancel your membership before your trial ends in 30 days. Your welcome!

CLICK HERE to get the scoop on all the Prime Day Deals and how you can MAXIMIZE your Savings!

Now that’s get into the benefits of why having an Amazon Prime membership is such a benefit to your family.

1 – FREE 2 Day Shipping

This one is obvious but probably the biggest deal for my family. We purchase EVERYTHING on Amazon and if we had to pay shipping on every order we’d NEVER do that. And I love that Amazon doesn’t offer free 5-day or 10-day shipping. But they really go big on TWO DAYS! Can you tell I love it yet?

When buying things, I usually check Amazon first because I know I can find it and get it cheaper. My two daughters are in dance and their dance supplies are EXPENSIVE and need to be replenished frequently. I found all their dance shoes (brand named), tights, and leotards for half the price!

2 – 20% Off Diapers and Wipes!

This is a HUGE deal for parents! Diapers and wipes are so expensive and Amazon Prime gives a very generous 20% off. I’m almost out of the diaper stage completely. My 3-year-old son still wears them at night because he still can’t hold it through the night most nights. So this is basically a discount that lasts for 3-4 years per child!

If you are pregnant, you also don’t want to miss out on the Amazon Baby Registry program where you can get a Free Baby Welcome Registry Box full of goodies, 15% completion discount for your registry, and get special baby coupons and email discounts. Just sign up for Amazon Family (no extra fee)!

Create an Amazon Baby Registry

3 – FREE Video Streaming

There are tons of Amazon Prime movies and shows that are available for instant access to streaming. This is a great alternative to other services like Netflix or Hulu. This is great for when the kids are on summer break to watch a movie and create some magical quiet in the house.

4 – FREE Music Streaming

Along with the free movies and TV shows, you get unlimited music from over a million songs without the annoying ads! This is the Amazon equivalent of Pandora and you don’t pay any extra for it. When you sign up for the FREE Amazon Prime Trial you’ll get access to FREE Music!

5 – Access to FREE eBooks

Did you know that your Amazon Prime memberships gives you access to over 800,000 kindle books to read for FREE? You can borrow one book a month with No Due Date! It totally beats a trip to the library and no finding and paying for lost books! Feel my pain?

6 – VIP Access to Lightning Deals

During the upcoming Prime Day Event and during the Holidays this is SUPER fun. Most Amazon Lightning Deals go live for Prime Members 30 minutes before they open up to the public, that means the best lightning deals sell out fast and before non-prime members can buy them. It’s like getting a front row ticket to all the best Black Friday deals without the fear of getting tramped!

7 – Unlimted Photo Storage

This is also a huge benefit because those photos take up so much room on our phones. And not having to pay for DropBox storage is a big savings. You can literally sync your photos from your phone to your Amazon Account and store them for FREE! It’s the easiest way I know of to back up all those precious photos on your phone and it’s simple and doesn’t require a lot of time!

8 – 40% Off One Year Free Time Unlimited Subscription

I love this service! It’s basically a kids media streaming service that allows your child of all ages to have safe access to books, videos, apps, and more. And all their viewing is Ad free, which is HUGE because some of the ads they may see on YouTubeKids aren’t always kid-friendly, not to mention they are annoying.
Plus, the parental controls allow you the parent to choose exactly which media you want your child to access and for how long. You can also set educational goals for them and make it really fun! Right now you can get a One Month FREE Trial and after the price is ONLY $2.99 a month! That’s crazy.

9 – Unlimited Grocery Delivery for $14.99 per Month

This service is not available everywhere yet. It still isn’t in my city, and I live in a pretty big city in Jacksonville, FL. But you can check your city’s availability by clicking the image below. This is a great service and promised to ship your fresh groceries right to your door as early as the same day or the next morning.

Sign up for your Amazon Prime Membership Today!

9 Reasons You'd be Crazy NOT to Sign Up for Amazon Prime Pin

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