Hi! I’m Brandi Michel and I’m totally crazy about my family and my life! I’ve been happily married for 16 years to my best friend in the whole wide world and have 3 awesome (understatement of the year) angels. 😉

Over the course of the last 11 years, I've been a stay-at-home mom. Rather, a work-at-home mom! I've worked hard to be able to stay at home and raise my kiddos myself (my personal choice).

But more importantly, I've been on a personal mission to build my best life. And as I'm busy building my best life, I want to help other moms like me do the same!

This blog is totally about helping moms keep their family first, chase their purpose, and build their legacy. Tall order right?!

I've made many, many mistakes along to way. Or as I like to put it - I've learned a lot along the way!

Some of the key lessons I now live by are:

  • My family always comes before any other work I will ever do.
  • I find my worth in Christ first and in fulfilling the most important assignment I've been given - raising my family.
  • Putting myself first isn't putting my family last, but it allows me to serve them at my best. 
  • Giving myself permission to pursue the God-given passions in my heart brings me both joy and strength and leads me deeper into my purpose.
  • I must become skilled at running a simple and efficient home so I can pour my energy and focus into doing what I love the most.

I believe moms are the cornerstone of every family. When we become better, stronger, healthier, and happier - our family does too.

If we continue to live our lives totally exhausted, overwhelmed, over-scheduled, and riddled with mom-guilt; we aren't doing ourselves or our families any good.

Better moms lead to better families! And that belief is what Family Felicity is founded on.

I want to see moms who embrace their calling as parents and who raise their children to embrace their purpose in this life. To see their family as their safe place. To really value their family in the midst of this largely "anti-family" society. The family was God's plan for mankind from the very beginning and He hasn't changed that plan one bit. Families should be honored and protected above all else. That's because our family is a gift from God, to be used for our good and the good of this world.

And Just in Case you Wanted to Know Some Random Things about Me:

  • I’m totally in love with Jesus who is my savior and my EVERYTHING. And the reason I do what I do. And the reason I can do what I do.
  • Most of the wisdom I’ve learned and teach comes from the Word of God. It has final authority and is the basis for my life.
  • I have 3 totally awesome, gorgeous, extremely intelligent, and always loving children. (I’m also totally biased)
  • My husband Reggie and I have been committed to each other since we were teenagers and married for 15 years. He is the BEST husband on the planet who adores me and refuses to leave my side. (Still totally biased.)
  • am addicted to love coffee.
  • I’ve been a full-time work-from-home mom for over ten years, so I know what crazy looks like.
  • I homeschooled my girls for 2 years and it was a great experience that I’ll always treasure.
  • I used to be a coupon-er but stopped because I started loosing control. 😉 Saving large amounts of money makes me a little loopy.
  • But since I’m still addicted to the rush of saving money; I now do so my shopping for my kid’s clothes on sale, clearance, and really awesome consignment shops. I save tons!
  • I sometimes do my grocery shopping alone and use it as “Me Time” as I stroll through the store sipping my latte. Don’t judge me.

    Me and my silly kiddos
    Me and my silly kiddos
  • I’m passionate about purpose and teaching others how to find and operate in their purpose.
  • I’m passionate about the One who gave me purpose.
  • I love watching action and crime shows. There’s something about finding who dun it.
  • Jalapeño kettle-cooked potato chips are my current dietary weakness.
  • I love to hear from my readers so please let your thoughts and comments! This is a community where we get to learn from each other.


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