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60 Strong and Cool Baby Names with Powerful Meanings

2018 Strong and cool baby names

I love names and my husband and I took the naming of our three kiddos pretty seriously, but we also had a lot of fun too. Right now super unique and cool names are very popular, and today’s parents aren’t considered with their kids having a generic nameplate from a gift shop.

Don’t you remember those growing up? My name was NEVER available. Brenda was the closest name to mine!

2018 Strong and cool baby names

In all seriousness though, names are important. When we call someone by a name, that’s the meaning we are assigning to them. In essence, we are calling them a meaning.

Let me say it like this, we wouldn’t want anyone calling our kid stupid, right? First, you wouldn’t believe that was true, but also you don’t want your child hearing over and over that they’re stupid, dumb, or any other negative attribute.

On the flip side, we want to speak powerful words and encouragement into the hearts of our children. Let’s say your child’s name is Wisdom or the Greek equivalent, Sophia. I know several children by both of those names and they are beautiful. And each day they are called Wisdom… very powerful!

In the case with my children’s names, we started with the meaning we wanted to speak over our child every day and tirelessly poured over hundreds of names until we found the ones we loved.

In the case of my middle daughter, her name came to me in a dream. I looked it up and it fit the description we wanted so that was easy!

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In this list, I wanted to offer names that sounded fresh and cool but having strong and powerful meanings. I also purposefully didn’t separate boy names from girl names because parents are switching up names so much these days I wanted to leave that up to you.

These are perfect baby names for 2019!

Want to research more name meanings? Try this free resource. Enter in any name and discover it’s meaning.

Strong and Cool Names with Powerful Meanings:

Abigail – Joy of the Father

Ace – Number one, the best

Amara – Eternal

Amora – Love

Axel – My Father is Peace

Asher – Blessed and Happy

Aaliyah – Rising

Alessandra – Defender of mankind

Balan – A Knight Of The Round Table

Barke – Barke

Bazyli – King

Callie – Most Beautiful

Caelan – Powerful warrior

Chance – Good Fortune

Creed – Guiding principle; I believe

Dante – Lasting and Enduring

Declan – Full of Goodness

Denzell – Powerful

Edric – power and good fortune

Elliot – Lord is my God.

Esme – Loved

Ethan – Strong and Firm

Faye – Loyalty; confidence

Felix – Happy and Prosperous

Gabriel – Devoted to God; a hero of God

Griffin – Strong Lord

Hannah – Favor; grace of God

Henry – Ruler

Ian – God is gracious

Ida – Hardworking

Jayce – Healer or the lord is salvation

Julian – Father of the Skies

Karson – Christian

Kay – Pure

Levi – Joined in harmony

Lucas – Light-giving; illumination

Milo – Soldier

Mila – People’s Favor

Malik – Sovereign

Noelle – Day of Christ

Noah – Rest, Peace

Owen – Young Warrior

Paisley – Church

Nova – New

Quillion – Crossing Swords

Raine – She is singing; queen.

Reyes – King

Reign – Rule, Sovereign

Reese – Enthusiasm

Reilly – Courageous

Ronin – Well-advised ruler

Salem – Peace

Scout – To listen

Tiara – Crown

Verena – True

Valerio – Strength

Walt – Army Ruler

Xander – Protector of Men

Zale – Sea Strength

Zana – God’s gracious gift

Which baby name is your favorite? Share in the comments below!

These super cool and strong baby names are complete with powerful meanings you can be proud to call your child! #babynames #parenting #parentingtips #kidsandparenting #kidsThese current 2018 cool and strong baby names are fun and have really powerful meanings too! #kidsandparenting #kids #parenting #parenting101 #parentingtips

How We Can Stop Standing in the Way of Our Child’s Purpose

How to Help your child naturally discover their purpose

Raising amazing kids holds a lot of pressure. We want to raise kind, smart, well-rounded people who make a positive impact in this world. That’s not too much to ask, right?

We also, as parents, want our children to be secure in who they are and to discover and confidently walk in their God-given purpose. All without being burdened by insecurities and the trap of comparison like most of us did.

Unfortunately, if we’re not careful, we can unknowingly stand in the way of our kids discovering their true purpose and greatness. The exact opposite of what we really want.

How is that possible?

How to Help your child naturally discover their purpose

It’s like this… you are your child’s biggest fan. From clapping when she first counted to ten all by herself, to cheering like crazy at her high school graduation.  As parents, we take the head position in our kid’s fan club the moment they’re born.

And every moment along the way is an opportunity to tell someone else. It’s like part of the parent code or something. Whether we like to admit it or not – We ALL overshare sometimes!


Bragging telling everyone we know about our kid’s latest accomplishments makes us happy. And now it’s even easier with social media.

Click! All our child’s cutest pics, funny sayings, and their latest successes are up and waiting to be seen by all our friends and followers.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your life on social media or telling your family and friends all about what your child just did. But there’s a real danger of ending up at the proverbial sign-up table of the My Kid’s Better Than Your Kid Contest.

Remember Toddlers and Tiaras? Sure, all the “stage mom drama” is way over the top, but each one of us has had the temptation to walk down that road.

It’s tempting because we all believe our children are totally awesome. Or at least we should!

Keep Your Eyes on the Right Prize

The only problem is this “contest” serves no purpose. It’s really just a trap. An orchestrated distraction with the mission to keep our eyes fixed on the surface instead of the deep greatness inside our children. The purpose for which they were created.

We all have a purpose with gifts, talents, and passions that leave clues to finding that purpose. As parents, we’re able to use those clues to help our child find their purpose. And to answer that age-old question – what am I here for?

But too often we default to short-sighted traps like the trap of comparison. Comparison between your child and someone else’s.

If we follow the path of comparison, we miss out on something profound – who our child really is.

Comparison always breeds insecurity

If we allow our minds and hearts to compare our children against someone else’s or even their sibling (BIG One!); we’ll either be left with a feeling our child doesn’t measure up or we’ll place them on a high pedestal.

Neither is healthy or beneficial to us – or our child. Whether you see your child as higher or lower in this life; both views will lead to insecurity. And if not dealt with, will be passed on to your child.

In case you were scratching your head wondering how a view of superiority can lead to insecurity, let me help you out. It happens because living life on a pedestal above everyone else will eventually cause fear. The fear of falling. Or rather FAILING.

This is where perfectionism and the fear of making a mistake enter in.  Both are devastating to the heart of your child.

And let me just say, this stuff happens every day –  in every type of family. Most of the time these feelings and actions are so subtle they go, in large part, unnoticed.  But they’re no less damaging.

Each one of us was created on purpose, with purpose, for a purpose. We’re all uniquely designed and suited for our purpose in life.

We all have greatness inside of us. But because of the dark and fallen world in which we live, this greatness must be pulled out and revealed. But it will never be revealed through the avenue of comparison.

We Must Consult the Creator of Purpose

So even though you already see your kid as awesome; we need to learn to resist the temptation to stop at the surface and see our child for who they already seem to be. But instead, choose to dig deeper to find the hidden greatness that even your child himself can’t see yet.

As parents, we must find that greatness as if we were on a treasure hunt… because we are.

There is a great treasure on the inside of each of our children and we have to give our lives to finding it and then unveiling it to them so they can see it for themselves.

Look around. There’s insecurity and self-doubt EVERYWHERE. Society offers up a perfectly engineered image that we’ll NEVER measure up to. But that’s not the image we should ever be looking to anyway.

We need to be looking at the image that we were made by – God’s. That’s the only image that’ll ever reflect back to us who we really are.

It’s the only image that looks back with love instead of contempt, hope instead of doubt, purpose instead of emptiness.

In order to effectively go on this treasure hunt, you need a map. And as we make a decision to leave behind the surface good stuff in search of the GREAT stuff; we need to go to the Map Maker.

We All Need a Guide

We’ll never be able to truly know our child’s potential, or our own for that matter, without seeking our Creator. Spending continued time praying for our children is the foundation for seeing greatness in them.

Having a consistent quiet time allows you this space to pray for your child and their purpose. To learn more about jumpstarting a quiet time routine read this post: How to jumpstart a life-transforming quiet time routine.

Mothers and fathers help to bring children into this world, but we can never claim to have created them. When that sweet baby is placed on your chest; you don’t know who they are… yet. This will be discovered and revealed over time.

Every child has a path and as a parent; we must guide them into finding it.

Resist the desire to guide them onto a path that we’ve created for them. It’s dangerous because chances are; they weren’t created for that path. And your path will only lead them to frustration, disappointment, and depression. For evidence of that – just look around.

Outward success doesn’t compare to inward fulfillment. It doesn’t matter if your path seems to fit or seems to work for them. In the end, we find true peace on our path – not someone else’s.

With that in mind, we can focus on the adventure of discovering our child’s true greatness.

Now, let me stop for a moment and define what I mean by greatness. I’m not talking about some prodigy or genius in your child or something they can do better than others. That’s getting back into comparison.

Greatness is that something that stirs on the inside of their heart. This something lives in the deep places of their heart – put there by their Creator. It has to be found- never hanging out on the shallow surface. It lives in the deep. All priceless things must be searched for.

Purpose Isn’t Found Overnight

This is why being able to see greatness in your child is a life-long process. But most of the work should be done while they’re young.

The earlier we can get them to see their greatness the more likely they’ll be rooted and grounded in their purpose and dedicate their lives to accomplishing it.

Guarding their innocent hearts until they’re more mature and able to do it themselves is important in the beginning. We need to set up deliberate gates that keep out words, thoughts, and images that cast doubt on who they are.

Learn how to become a hope injector. Just like those cool meat flavor injectors used to get yummy flavors deep into that chicken we’re making for dinner. Just like that, we should be injecting words of hope and encouragement into our child at every possible moment.

Check out this Blog Post for 50 Ways to Show Love to Your Child in Their Own Love Language.

In their early years, they must be told day in and day out that they were created special and unique. That they have a wonderful purpose in this life. Even if it’s not known yet.

The world we live in tells us it’s bad to be different, so work intentionally to teach them otherwise. To love and embrace their differences as well as others’.

As they grow and as we work to cultivate a deep and open relationship with our child; we’ll see and hear that greatness – that something – rising up.

When it rises up, your child will instinctively know it, but may be afraid of it and try to bury it. This is where the hope injecting comes in. The more they embrace they have a purpose; the less likely they’ll try to run from it.

Be a loving mirror who reflects back to them who they really are. They need this. The world can be very cruel and doesn’t just offer up free encouragement. They gotta get it from us!

It’s Never Too Late

And let me say this. Teenagers are not doomed. They simply lack a revelation of purpose and can’t see their greatness. If given the chance to see who they really were; they’d be freed from the torment that’s been labeled as teenage angst.

This is why the work is best done from the start. But it’s never, ever too late! If you have a teenager who’s lost and hurting – Pray.

Pray that their heart be opened to God’s plan for them. It might be too late for your words right now. But it’s never too late for you to cry out to God to keep them and show them their something. He can do it. He will do it.

Your child’s greatness, and yours too is desperately needed in this world! The reason there’s so much hurting in our world today is that people have lost the ability to believe in purpose. So we aimlessly wander.

It’s time to stop wandering. It’s time to go on a treasure hunt! Decide today to seek the Map Maker and go on the amazing adventure to find your child’s greatness and show it to them as the greatest gift, after Jesus, they could receive.

And if you don’t know your greatness. The steps apply to you, too! Let’s all leave the cheap surface behind and decide to go after priceless deep as a lifelong mission.

For More on Finding Your Own Purpose Check out My Blog Post: The Difference Between Passion and Purpose and Why it Really Matters.

Let me know how you helped your child see their greatness. Leave a comment below and share your story so help someone else!

Do you need help finding your child's life purpose? These tips will help you find your child's purpose and avoid the one trap that'll stand in their way!We all want our children to walk in their purpose, but there's one way we can unknowingly stand in their way and how to avoid it! #parenting #kidsandparenting #parenting101 #parentingtips

15 Fast High-Reward Housecleaning Tasks You Can Do in Under 5 Minutes

fast house cleaning tasks

Cleaning my house is one of those things that I hate doing but love having done. I do my best to have my children doing their own chores to pitch in and carry their weight and remove this dreaded burden from completely resting on my shoulders.

It’s funny because my sweet Grandma Shirley absolutely adores cleaning and does it for enjoyment. Wow. Why couldn’t that gene have shot down the line to this mama? I would be one happy woman in my house!

fast house cleaning tasks

No use whining about lack of happy cleaning genes, it’s time to figure out how to be the most effective and efficient so I don’t have to spend hours and hours doing something I don’t enjoy.

That’s where this amazing list comes in. This isn’t just any list of housecleaning tasks… it’s a list of high reward, big bang for your buck tasks that will make you feel like a boss in just 5 minutes.

Cause sometimes five minutes is all we got!

I’ve gone ahead and separated these tasks into three categories based on the highest traffic areas in a typical home. Just choose your area and your task and make your house look amazing in just 5 minutes… or at least that fantastic little corner!

House Cleaning Tasks in Your Kitchen

1 – Sweep the Floor

In your kids are like mine, you’ve got a crumb problem. I hate walking into the kitchen only to see under our dinette is a mountain of crumbs from the last several meals. I don’t understand why eating over a plate is such a lost concept!

But it’s like magic when I whip out my broom and do a quick sweep! I usually can do the entire downstairs floors in that same five minutes, if there aren’t too many obstacles (AKA toys and shoes) in my way.

2 – Wipe the Refrigerator

Even if you don’t have a stainless steel refrigerator  (I don’t) which are notorious for fingerprints, it’s still a really great idea to wipe down your fridge every once and a while.

It gets rid of food germs, water drops, and of course fingerprints. And it’s so fast that I can usually move to the inside of the fridge in under that five minutes. Here’s a natural fridge cleaner recipe you’ll love.

3 – Load or Unload the Dishwasher

I know this is basically the most unavoidable cleaning task in your home. But it still counts as a five-minute task! Even if you are washing your dishes by hand and using your dishwasher as a drying rack, you can unload it in five quick minutes.

It’s so much more enjoyable to find your dishes in the cabinets than living out of the dishwasher. It’s like hunting for your clean clothes in the basket instead of your drawers. That’s real life, but it could be better!

4 – Wipe Down the Counters

Keeping kitchen counters clean can feel downright impossible some days. But getting a beautiful crumb-free shine on my counters brings me joy and makes the kitchen look amazing.

I use a natural spray with essential oils that I know gets my counters clean and makes them shine. I also stopped using paper towels and use microfiber clothes which do such a better job with no waste!

5 – Wipe Cabinet Doors

We don’t often think about cleaning cabinet doors but those things can get dirty and greasy fast. However, waiting too long to clean them can mean it’s much harder to get the fingerprints and grease off.

My tip is to use one of these cabinet cleaner recipes and wipe them down at least once a week to keep them clean with very minimal effort.

House Cleaning Tasks in Your Living Room

6 – Surface Clutter Buster

One of the biggest payoff cleaning tasks you can do in your common living areas is to clean the clutter off your surfaces. That means cleaning the mail, cups, toys, and anything else off your tables and other surfaces.

Flat surfaces are magnets to everything in a busy household but in order for your home to “look” clean these surfaces should be clear of anything that should be there. And depending on how many coffee tables and side tables you have, you should be able to realistically cleaning them off in five minutes.

7 – Vacuuming or Sweeping the Floors

Depending on whether you have carpet or hard floors you can do a quick sweep or vacuum to liven up any room. Personally, I think vacuuming is much faster than sweeping. So if you do go the route of sweeping, you may need to tack on a couple more minutes!

8 – Toy Pickup

Picking up toys is usually a task reserved for the little people who play with those toys, but sometimes that doesn’t happen. Doing a quick toy pickup and stashing them into a beautifully styled storage bin like this ottoman will make your house look less like a daycare and more like a model home. Well, maybe.

9 – Clean your Ceiling Fan

This is only a fast cleaning tip if your ceiling doesn’t require a ladder to reach it. But if your fan is reachable like mine, try this amazing fan cleaning hack that’ll get your fan blades dust free in under five minutes!

10 – Wipe and Shine Your Surfaces

This task is my middle daughter’s favorite cleaning job. Give her some spray and a cleaning cloth and she’s a happy girl. If you’ve been staying on top of surface clutter on a daily basis, it’s really fast to clean and shine all the surfaces in your living room. This really does make such a huge difference in a room!

House Cleaning Tasks for Your Bathroom

11 – Wipe Down the Mirrors

It’s funny how dirty mirrors can get and how we can see right past that dirt! When I finally decide to give my mirrors a good cleaning, it’s like I can see again!

That’s why this one’s first on the list. It’s a quick task to do that has a big wow factor but is so easy for me to forget. Am I the only one?

12 – Clean the Toilet

This is the one task I always do, but especially when I’m pressed for time. I do use paper towels to wipe down the entire commode and then toss them in the trash. Then I wash the bowl and I’m done! The yuckiest place in the house… all clean.

13 – Empty the Hamper into the Laundry Room

This may be the fastest task on the list, but again, it’s a big one. Our hamper gets overflowed very quickly because it’s a skinny one that fits in between the counters and toilet. Doing a quick laundry dump makes the bathroom feel instantly neater.

14 – Spray the Shower

Using a shower spray every day really works and helps repel soap scum and dirty so it doesn’t get glued onto your shower. Method makes a great shower spray, or you can make your own!

Here are even more homemade cleaner recipes using the power of essential oils!

15 – Clear Off and Wipe the Counter Top

Even though our bathrooms have neat organizers sitting on top waiting to hold all of our stuff, we still end up leaving things all over the counter. Especially on super busy mornings!

Doing a super fast clear off and wipe down will make your bathroom look like new again.

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The Stupid Simple Solution to Declutter Your Home and Keep it that Way

When you're too tired or busy to clean, try these fast house cleaning tasks to clean your house in 5 minutes each! #cleaning #cleaningtips #home #organizationWhen your days are super busy and you only have a few minutes to spare, you can still have a clean house! These high-reward cleaning tasks will help you do it! #cleaning #home #DIY #organization

Present Parenting: Why Our Kids Desperately Need Us to be Living It Now

how to be a more present parent

Raising children into happy, kind, and well-adjusted adults is a huge task and part of the enormous adventure of motherhood… and the struggle too. As parents, it’s our responsibility to effectively prepare them for adulthood and do our best not to screw it all up – a parent’s worst nightmare.

I think part of the reason there are so many kids and adults that don’t fall into the happy, kind, or well-adjusted category is because as a society we’ve got our priorities mixed up.

how to be a more present parent

We’ve become distracted parents trapped on the hamster wheel of busyness seeking mindless entertainment and endless ambition. Too often our kids are right there… but we’re too busy and distracted to notice.

And though we may be doing good work like running a business or a blog like this one that keeps us constantly connected, do we know what cost we’re really paying to have this life? Or better yet, what cost our are kids paying?

Do we have a true sense of what’s most valuable?

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The Absence of Present Parenting

Distracted parenting is a huge problem in our modern homes today.

Sure, there are many parents working outside the home and not physically there for their kids every minute of the day. And while we could try to question those parents’ choices on whether they work too much or not enough, that’s not my focus here.

Working to provide an income for your family by working outside the home is largely unavoidable for both parents in most homes today. It’s a part of our modern fabric.

My real focus here is to explore and expose what we’re giving our kids in the fringe hours… before and after work and all the spaces in between.

What we’re doing when we’re on the couch at home with our kids.

What we’re really paying attention to from the sidelines at our kid’s soccer game.

What we’re showing as the top priority to our children day in and day out.

Distracted Parenting in Action

What do our actions say to our kids?

That we’re too busy to put down our laptops and phones to actually have a meaningful conversation?

Or do our actions tell a better story that our kids are the most important focus in our lives and that they matter and deserve the respect of our full attention?

I’ll be honest, even as I write this I’m struggling with conviction because I do not have this down perfectly. So, I’m largely writing from experience and truthful reflection of my own choices.

One day my daughter was sharing a story about a difficult situation she encountered at school that day. Ring the alarm – we’ve got a win! My preteen daughter is opening baring her soul to me!

But instead of fully listening that day… I was overwhelmed with a very busy week and needed to finish delivering all the laundry throughout the house.

She was met with my back and my less than engaged um-hmmms most of the conversation until Holy Spirit stopped me in my tracks and showed me in a second how disrespectful I was being to her. I’ll say this… I stopped, apologized, and never did that again!

It was never intentional, but I just got caught in my busyness.

I want my children to always feel respected, loved, and valued as I make small and big sacrifices every day to put them first by putting away my phone and sitting with them whenever I can.

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The Need for Present Parenting

Our kids need us both physically and emotionally more than they ever could articulate on their own.

Even if you’re a stay-at-home mom and you’re with your kids most of the time. You too can fall into the trap of distracted parenting. I’ve always been a mom who worked from home and ended up glued to my laptop 24/7 but felt justified in the fact that I was “always there.”

No matter what you do for a living and where you do it… it’s so easy to go through the motions and let our kids pick up their own world-views along the way. To let the TV, electronics, and social media entertain them.

We’re so exhausted from adulting all day that doing anything beyond feeding, bathing, and tucking in our kids at night is exhausting.

But we can and need to do more to give our kids what they really need. Our intentional actions have the power to pull our kids out of the hopeless and dark situations happening all around us.

Bullying and being bullied, depression, suicide, hopelessness, sexual promiscuity, and purposeless living are on the rise at an alarming rate among young people today.

My 12-year-old daughter came home from school last week with devastating news that a bright young man in a neighboring private high school took his own life. No words can describe the heartbreak. There is a real attack on our young people today. And it’s largely happening in those fridge hours when we’re busy and they’re alone.

And even when things appear well on the outside, there can be a war raging on the inside. And we need to be there to see it and put an end to it.

How do we put an end to it? By praying and asking God how we can be there for our children, to show us their struggles and empty places and how we can fill them, and how we can show up for our children every day with a love only we can provide as parents.

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Present Parenting Starts with Us

It all starts with us. Even when our teen acts like they’d rather be anywhere but with us, we need to stay put. In times like this, our actions will replace our words.

When they see us at their games actually watching them play instead of staring at our phones it makes a difference. There was an article written about College Athletes and shared the impact their parents made that contributed to their success early on. And a resounding response was when they’re parents made a comment with these 6 simple words, “I love to watch you play.”

Notice it wasn’t, “I love to be at your games.”

Look, I don’t get it right all the time. No one does! The point is that we’re aware of it and make it our biggest priority to be present and fully aware when we’re with our kids.

Now let me quickly bring some balance here. I’m not saying you can’t sit at your desk and work on a project if your kids are home and must sit and stare at your kids for hours or play legos on the floor until you drop from boredom.

Honestly, a little “present time” goes a really long way. In fact, if you take a moment to really connect with your child every day, they’ll stay full and you’ll find that they often run off and do their own thing.

Your kids need you first to feel full, satisfied, and ready to take on the rest of the day. If they feel like they’re competing with your work, your phone, or anything else; they will either do one of two things. Hunt you down and totally overwhelm you, or retreat and isolate themselves because they feel unloved and unconnected.

The latter is extremely dangerous and if you find that your child is constantly isolating themselves, do your best to show up and be present right now. If this has been going on for a while, enter cautiously.

They’ve most likely already put up walls so just be cool about it and don’t act weird. You know how we can be!

Here’s another tip: if your child is asking to spend more time with you or mentions they’re starved for your attention, listen and make the adjustment. Count it as a blessing that you have a child that will even ask for your attention.

One of my children falls into this category and at times her need for my attention can feel overwhelming. But I know if she feels empty, I’m missing it somewhere. It also means I’ve fallen into passive parenting instead of intentional parenting and need to make the adjustment.

It’s easy to think that this high emotional needs child is a challenge, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! I know if I can make winning her heart my highest priority, I’ve won the battle for my child. On the other hand, if I don’t pay attention, her heart is vulnerable due to her desire for connection.

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How to Become a More Present Parent Today

The first step in becoming a more present parent is to be aware of all the things and habits that work as barriers to present parenting. Things like our routines and work schedules and our phone habits. These done the wrong way can really stand in your way. Here are a few practical tips:

Create Work Boundaries

I shared that I’ve always worked from home since I became a mom. I’m very grateful for this but really had no clue how to balance my family and work time effectively. I was constantly doing everything all at the same time. I made myself crazy… and probably my kids too.

This led to yelling and constant frustration. I wasn’t creating meaningful connections with anyone or anything. But I got smart and learned over time to create boundaries and schedule both my work time and family time. I try my hardest to schedule my most focused work tasks around my kid’s sleeping times.

And when I’m working when the kids are awake, my mindset is ready for interruptions and noise so I’m not irritated when it happens. I also make sure they are doing something fun before I start. Here’s a post that’s full of fun ideas to keep your toddler busy and occupied while you’re working.

Schedule One on One Time

I’ve found that scheduling intentional “no-work” time with the kids where I can be totally focused is very helpful. Doing this changed everything! My kids feel like they’re are getting “me” every day and I’m actually able to slow down and really see them.

I also put down my phone and put away the laptop when my kids are home from school and it’s family time. I’m not perfect at this, but I try to keep them out of sight, for the most part, during this time. When I used to try to cram in some extra work during this very busy time of day… it always ended in disaster.

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Ask Plenty of Questions

Finally, one of the best ways to foster connection and effective communication with your kids is by asking questions. Asking questions is one of the most powerful tools a parent can use because it gives you access to their heart. And that’s what we want!

Asking a question is a powerful way to show you care about someone. Kids love to unload their day and tell you all the things that happened along the way. However, as kids get older they can seem to get less conversational if we don’t keep them connected.

One reason children stop talking and sharing is when they’ve been rejected one too many times in conversations with us. When they’re sharing something personal and we are absently mindedly responding with uh huh, uh huh and they know we aren’t listening. Or we’ve cut off the conversation in some way.

This has happened to me personally with my husband numerous times. When I’d be talking or opening up about something personal and he would chime in about something else, be on his phone, or not giving me his full attention.

It’s never intentional, but we all miss it sometimes. I know that I’m an adult and that though these responses are not the best to experience, I know how to offer grace. Our kids don’t always understand that rude behavior doesn’t mean they aren’t loved. It just means we made a bad choice.

The funny thing is, when I’d bring those times to my husband’s attention, he’d be totally surprised and unaware that he did them. That’s because he really is an amazing husband who’s just human. And because those moments made me feel rejected and no longer wanting to connect… your kid may feel the same.

This is why being totally focused helps to prevent these situations.

I want you to know this post was meant to inspire, not to condemn. If you struggle in any of these areas, you’re human and now have the opportunity to make a change.

The world isn’t offering free passes to our kids when we mess up as parents. We have a responsibility to show up every single day because it means everything to those precious kids of ours. And change is never too late if coming from our full heart!

How do you connect with your kids? Share your best tip in the comments below!

Being a present parent is easier than you think. These super simple tips will help you bond with your kids and build meaningful connections every day! #kidsandparenting #parenting #momlife #kids #motherhood #momadviceThese simple and easy to do tips will help you connect more with your kids and help you avoid the trap of distracted parenting. #kidsandparenting #parenting #kids #momadvice #adviceformomIf you're feeling distracted and disconnected in your amazing role as a mom, you can change! You can become a more present parent today with these simple tips! #kidsandparenting #parenting #kids #motherhood #momlife #adviceformomDistracted parenting is on the rise but we don't have to get stuck in that cycle. These simple tips will have you becoming a more present parent today! #kidsandparenting #parenting #kids #momlife

Silly and Spooky Halloween Inspired Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween Inspired craft ideas for kids

Kids love Halloween because of all the spooky fantasy, costumes, and fun… oh and candy! These silly and spooky Halloween inspired crafts for kids are perfect for celebrating the holiday but also work great for Halloween decorations!

Halloween Inspired craft ideas for kids

The thing I love most about these kids craft ideas is that many of them are perfect for recycling and reusing would-be trash in our homes like old baby food jars and tin cans. And that’s a total win for me!

14 Spooky Halloween Craft Ideas for Kids

Halloween Inspired crafts for kids

1. Halloween Slime | The Best Ideas for Kids

2. Easy Origami Bat | Red Ted Art

3. Jack-o-Lantern Luminaries | Creative Green Living

4. Spooky Ghost Windsock | Chicken Scratch NY

5. Paper Plate Witch Hats | Cutesy Crafts

6. Halloween Water Bottle Koozie | The Soccer Mom Blog 

7. Paper Spider Craft | Red Ted Art

8. Painted Paper Plate Spider | Mom Always Finds Out

9. Tin Can Ghost Windchime | Creative Green Living

10. Halloween Footprints Keepsake Craft | Where the Smiles Have Been 

11. Spooky Playdough | Meraki Mother

12. Cute Paper cup Ghosts | Red Ted Art

13. Halloween Glitter Ornaments | South Lumina Style

14. Paper Plate Spider Craft | Jinxy Kids

Which craft ideas are you most excited to try with your kids? Please let me know in the comments below!

For more kids craft ideas:

14 Festive Fall and Thanksgiving Inspired Craft Ideas for Kids

These silly and spooky Halloween inspired crafts for kids will have your home decorated easily for Halloween and keep your kids happy and having fun! #crafts #kids #craftsforkids #DIY #home #parenting

Gorgeous and Easy Fall Inspired DIY Home Decor Projects

Fall inspired DIY Home Decor

DIY home decor projects are so fun and add a unique personality to your home that you won’t find anywhere else because you made it! Sure, you found inspiration on sites like this one, but you still added your own special touches and made it your own.

Fall inspired DIY Home Decor

Now, it’s time to get ready for Fall! And these gorgeous and simple Fall inspired DIY decor projects will have your home welcoming this beloved season with open arms. So go grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte and let’s get to work!

25 Fall Inspired DIY Home Decor Projects

Fall Inspired Home Decor

1. Pressed Fall Leaves Frame | Confessions of an Overworked Mom

2. Rustic Fall Table Scape | Making Manzanita

3. Fabric Fall Wreath | Small Stuff Counts

4. Floral Pumpkin Centerpiece | Fun Thrifty Mom

5. Pretty Burlap Wreath | Crafts by Amanda

6. Wooden Pumpkins | Our Home Made Easy

7. Easy Scrap Wood Pumpkins | Love and Renovations

8. Log Candle Centerpiece | A Crafted Passion

9. Fence Post Pumpkins | Chicken Scratch NY

10. Metallic Painted Pumpkins | Small Stuff Counts

11. Homemade Dehydrated Orange Slice Decorations | Salt in My Coffee

12. Gorgeous Faux Pumpkins | Love and Renovating

13. Thankful Pallet Sign | Making Manzanita 

14. Pretty Fall Baskets | Create and Babble

15. Reversible Holiday Banner | 365 of Crafts

16. Happy Fall Pumpkin Door Hanger | The Soccer Mom Blog

17. Burlap Placemats | One Crazy Mom

18. Easy Dried Beans Centerpiece | Mission to Save

19. Succulent Topped Pumpkins | Delicious Table

20. Felt Leaf Garland | Our Crafty Mom

21. Decorative Fall Mantel Sign | Create and Babble

22. Easy Floral Fall Wreath | Small Stuff Counts

23. Pretty Painted Acorns | Crafts by Amanda

24. Easy Fabric Fall Pumpkins | Crafts by Amanda

25. Fall Ribbon Wreath | Create and Babble

Aren’t these ideas amazing? Let me know in the comments below which one you’re excited to try!

These Fall inspired DIY Home decor projects will have you running to grab your DIY supplies! Let your home shine this Fall with these gorgeous ideas. #decor #Fall #DIY #home These simple and gorgeous Fall inspired DIY home decor projects are the perfect way to celebrate the season with style! #DIY #homedecor #decor #crafts #crafting

11 Easy and Expensive Looking DIY Home Decor Projects That Won’t Break Your Budget!

Expensive looking DIY home decor projects

These DIY home decor projects will give your home a luxury feel without the luxury price tag. I love these projects because with minimal skills required, you can create your own unique decor without breaking your budget.

Get ready to be inspired to not only get working on these fun projects but you’ll start thinking of your own projects to try!

Expensive looking DIY home decor projects

To do these simple projects you’ll need a few supplies:

Brick Transformations Paint

Realistic Looking Succulent Plants

Boxwood Topiary Balls

Glass Soap Dispensers

Mason Jars

For more amazing DIY home decor project ideas:

DIY Farmhouse Decor Projects that Look Like Joanna Gaines Decorated Your Home!

15 Whimsical Farmhouse Accessories That Add Personality and Southern Charm to Any Room

11 Easy & Expensive Looking DIY Home Decor Projects

1 – Floral Succulent Wreath


Source – Suburban Simplicity

2 – No-Sew Farmhouse Curtains


Source – Must Have Mom

3 – Boxwood Topiary

boxwood topiary DIY

Source – Joyfully Treasured

4 – Welcome Mat


Source – Small Stuff Counts

5 – DIY Painted Brink Fireplace

DIY painted fireplace

Source – Craftivity Designs

6 – Pretty Foaming Soap Dispensers


Source – Where the Smiles Have Been

7 – DIY Solar Lamp


Source – My Design Rules

8 – Mason Jar Sign


Source – Leap of Faith Crafting

9 – Blanket Ladder


Source – a Crafted Passion

10 – DIY Tile Coasters

Tile coasters

Source – Joyfully Treasured

11 – West Elm Knock Off Wall Art


Source – Home Faith Family

Which project are you most excited to try for yourself? Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below!

These simple and easy DIY home decor projects are expensive looking but won't break your budget! These ideas will make your home look amazing! #decor #DIY #decorating #creative #crafts

The Secret to Avoiding the Harsh Reality of Mom Burnout

The secret to avoiding mom burnout

Have you ever experienced mom burnout? Wait… you’re a mom, so of course, you have! And you know exactly how frustrating, depressed, and debilitating it can be. I believe mommy burnout is harder than any other type of burnout.

The secret to avoiding mom burnout

When you have work burnout, you can take a day off, request vacation time, or at the very least you get to go home every night. As a mom, you don’t get days off, there are no vacations from motherhood, and #momlife is always waiting for you when you get home!

We’re not talking about hating motherhood or not loving the blessing of being a mom. We’re talking about the harsh reality of something that sneaks up on every single mom at some point… mom burnout.

The Anatomy of a Burned Out Mom

Moms who are feeling the burnout are most certainly exhausted. Not just the normal, running after kids all day tired, but flat-out exhaustion. They are also likely to feel unmotivated or depressed.

Basically, you’re only motivation is to stay under the covers and sleep ALL DAY. There’s just one problem with that… you’re a mom and you can’t. And this leads to feelings of frustration because you no longer own your day – or your life for that matter.

You see how the negative emotions can snowball out of control creating an avalanche of feelings headed right for your home and family? Sadly, they’ll probably get plowed with this avalanche and won’t even see it coming.

And I think we can both agree that they don’t deserve that!

Moms who suffer from mom burnout don’t resent their kids, they’ve just misplaced one important thing on their priority list… THEMSELVES.

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The Cure for Mom Burnout

Motherhood requires tremendous sacrifice every single day. Sacrifices we’re all too happy to give, until we’ve given everything we have and there’s nothing left.

You can’t keep pouring out of an empty vessel and expecting something to pour out. It doesn’t work that way! You have to pour in to be able to pour out. Otherwise, you’re just dry and grouchy and nobody likes that.

The first step to getting out of mommy burn out is to understand that being burned out doesn’t make you a bad mom. That’s just the inner dialog that happens when you’re in burn out mode. Stop believing the lie that really “good” moms love their kids so much that they never go through this.

That’s just not true. All moms feel overwhelmed by motherhood at some point. And this most likely occurs because we don’t expect it and simply don’t guard against it.

We just keep going at the same break-neck speed and never stop to check on that weird sound under the hood until we find ourselves calling AAA from the roadside.

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The cure for mommy burnout is to listen carefully to what we need and create an intentional plan to fulfill that need. Therefore, curing burnout is going to look different for every mom.

Simple Ways to To Avoid Mommy Burn Out

Here are some ways you can enjoy your life more and really avoid mommy burnout… or at least make those moments few and far between!

Drop Perfection and Mom-Guilt

I really felt it was necessary to lead with the choice to stop chasing the illusion of perfection and letting mom-guilt make you feel like a crappy mom. I’m guilty of falling into these traps all the time and so are many other moms. But we have to make a choice to stop.

It’s hard when we’re bored and decide to jump on Instagram and scroll through to see all the other moms with their perfectly posed and super clean children. And you think to yourself, “how come my kids don’t look like that?”

And you glance at their superwhite house and can’t find a grape juice stain anywhere. And then you look in your living room and… you see at least one grape juice stain on the couch right next to you.

Then you’re left feeling like there’s something wrong with you. And I’m here to tell you there isn’t! Simply the fact that you’re reading this tells me a whole lot… that you care about how to raise your kids and want to be the best mom you can be.

So right now I want you to acknowledge that you’re a good mom… as a matter of fact let’s say it out loud right now. I AM A GOOD MOM! And keep saying it every day until you start believing it.

And when that voice starts telling you that you’re not… keeping speaking over that voice until you can’t hear it anymore.

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Find and Schedule What You Love

This is more than the typical “me-time” where you go get your nails done. I want you to dig deep if you need to and find something you really love. Something that when you’re doing it, really brings you a sense of peace and joy in your life.

It could be gardening, reading, painting, running, or writing. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as you intentionally decide to devote scheduled time to do it… alone and without the kids if possible.

Here’s the hard part, some of you might not even know what that thing is. This was me for so many years. I never took the time to nurture what I loved before kids, so naturally, that got buried and forgotten over time. Anytime I did have free time to myself, I had no idea what to do!

So, I’d do things like binge-watch a show on Netflix or go shopping. I’d use my precious alone time to do mindless things that didn’t fill me up. So I stayed empty.

If you don’t know what you love, try remembering the things you loved when you were younger. Chances are, they’ll still bring you joy. You can also step out and discover new things. Like taking a dancing class or an art class. And remember that you don’t actually have to be “good” or talented at any of these things. They just need to bring you joy!

Once you find something you love, make time for it. Put it on the schedule, find a babysitter or leave the kids with your husband, and go out and do it. If you love reading, you can go read a great book in a comfy chair at a coffee shop. It’s great to get out instead of staying in the same environment but it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Don’t stress out if you can’t get a break from the kids. This is so real for many moms. Remember, it’s not the kids that are the source of the burnout. It’s the absence of you giving yourself what you need. And if you can’t find a real person babysitter, I find that Netflix works just fine!

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Make Activity a Priority

Staying active is extremely important in fighting off burn out! Yes, I’m talking about exercise but I’m also talking about getting up and moving around all throughout the day.

Sudden bursts of activity release our happy hormones in the brain and we need lots of those firing to ward off the dreaded burnout mode!

My biggest piece of advice would be to have a regular and consistent exercise routine every day, or at least 3-4 times per week. Thirty minutes of high to moderate activity every day goes a very long way in creating lasting energy for your day.

Several years ago I was struggling with depression and brought up the issue with my Doctor. The first thing she asked me was if I was exercising every day. I wasn’t, and she said before she ever starts down the path of medication (which I wasn’t looking for anyway) she recommends women start a consistent exercise routine.

She said that exercise is one of the leading and most effective, non-medicated treatments for depression. I took her up on that recommendation and the depression, exhaustion, and extra back-fat disappeared. Nice trade off if I do say so!

Look, I’m no different than anyone else and I’ve fallen off the workout wagon a million times! The key is to make it stupid simple and ditch the over the top ideas in the beginning. And the best part is, working out can be done as a fun activity to do with your kids. You can check out simple tips for staying active and working out with kids here.

Stop Trying to be Super Mom

As women, we’re often wired to be people pleasers and have issues with saying no. And even if you don’t have People-Pleasing Syndrome, chances are, you still feel the pressure to do #AllTheThings all the time.

We don’t like failing, falling behind, or looking like we can’t handle something. So, we push ahead despite the need to slow down and say no. Honestly, it’s OK and not a sign of weakness to say no. It’s actually a sign of strength to do an honest assessment of where you are and what you can realistically handle right now.

My best advice would be to save your energy and time for the things that really matter and will last long after the action taken. Only you know what those are for you.

Before saying yes to anything, practice taking a moment to think about it and really consider it before making a decision. Sometimes taking a minute means checking your calendar, but even if you don’t have any scheduling conflicts you’re not obligated to say yes.

Finally, we want to be at our best and available for our kids whenever possible. When you’re overloaded with obligations and your kid comes home and asks you to bake your winning brownies for the class party you want to be able to easily say yes… even when you don’t feel like baking.

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Take a Break and Breathe

When overwhelm does get the best of you and you’re feeling extra cranky and exhausted, make a decision to take a break and breathe. If you can take a break from the kids or take a mental health day off from work that’s great.

But even if you can’t totally disconnect, take a break from anything that’s non-essential.

That means volunteering at your kid’s school, taking a pause on extra projects or activities you’ve picked up, and even relaxing on the housework a bit.

This time is great to rest your mind, rest your body, pray, and release the pressure that’s been building.

Following the simple tips above will really help set you up for avoiding mom burnout before it has a chance to wreak havoc in your life and family.

How do you take good care of yourself? Go ahead and share your best tips in the comments below!

Mom burnout is real and isn't always easy to see coming! Get these simple tips to help you avoid mommy burnout and enjoy motherhood again! #kidsandparenting #parenting #momadvice #kidsMoms are tough and are guilty of putting themselves last! Learn why your family really wants you to put yourself first! #momlife #motherhood #parentingMommy burnout is real but doesn't have to be your daily reality! These simple tips will help you avoid burnout all together! #kidsandparenting #parenting #kids #momlife #motherhood

Super Easy Festive Fall and Thanksgiving Craft Ideas for Kids

Fall inspired crafts for kids

I love the Fall season… cooler weather, the return of Pumpkin Spice everything, and holidays galore. There is always extra time to spend with family!

Here’s a great way to spend time soaking up this amazing season… crafting! Your kids will love these ideas and many can be used as a lovely handmade centerpiece for your harvest table.

Fall inspired crafts for kids

Here are some of the supplies you’ll need:

Fall colored Pom-poms 

Fall colored pipe cleaners

Fall colored paints

Construction paper

Pony beads

Fall and Thanksgiving Inspired Crafts for Kids

Fall Inspired crafts for kids

1. Pumpkin Pony Beads | Cutesy Crafts

2. Fall Leaf Watercolor Painting | Projects with Kids

3. Homemade Fall Inspired Suckers | I Heart Naptime

4. Fall Leaf Garland | Red Ted Art

5. Fall Cookie Cutter Shapes | Projects with Kids

6. Pom Pom Tree | Reuse Grow Enjoy

7. Leaves Shape Painting | Confessions of an Overworked Mom

8. Fall Scented Playdoughs | The Best Ideas for Kids

9. Leaf Stained Glass | Ginger Casa

10. Hand Print Tree | The Best Ideas for Kids

11. Fall Apple Cups | Reuse Grow Enjoy

12. Turkey Popup Craft | Moms and Crafters

13. Thanksgiving Handprint Pumpkin | Mom Always Finds Out

14. Handprinted Acorn Kitchen Towels | Creative Green Living 

Which craft idea are you excited to try first? Please let me know in the comments below!

These fall inspired crafts ideas for kids are super easy and fun to celebrate the season of Fall with your kids! #crafts #craftsforkids #kidsandparenting #activities #parenting #kids

4 Surprising Signs You’re a Burnt Out Mom and How to Bounce Back Quickly!

Motherhood struggles are real! And too many moms are exhausted, snappy, and prone to yell because they are simply burnt out. Get the simple step to bouncing back quickly from burnout! #joy #Momstruggles #parenting #motherhood #momlife

If someone calls you mommy, chances are, you know exactly what it means to be a burnt out mom, one time or another.

Sadly, it happens to moms way more than it should.

So why do moms find themselves trapped in burnout mode so often?

I believe Mommy Burnout happens because we care too much.

Motherhood struggles are real! And too many moms are exhausted, snappy, and prone to yell because they are simply burnt out. Get the simple step to bouncing back quickly from burnout! #joy #Momstruggles #parenting #motherhood #momlife

We care too much about how well we take care of and love our children.

We care too much about not making mistakes and failing as a mom.

We care too much about getting it all done.

The Root of Mommy Burn Out

And all that care isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it’s birthed out of the love we have for our family. But there is a warning in Scripture that clearly tells us not to be “Care-FULL” or anxious for anything.

That’s because all that “care” wears away our peace and joy and leads us straight into the dry valley of mom-guilt.

And I’ve wandered aimlessly in that place for far too long!

And let’s face it, even on a good day, motherhood is tough! It’s also wonderful… but still really hard.

That’s why moms can hit the burnout wall in a nanosecond.

We don’t need to walk around like Mombies… just trying to make it through each day.

There’s a better way!

So, let’s break this down…

Momlife Made Simple Email course

4 surprising signs you might be a Burnt out Mom

Here are four signs that you might be experiencing or headed for Mommy Burnout Mode also known as Survival Mode and some real-life tips on how to get out.

Sign #1 – You have more than the occasional yelling blow-up at your kids

We’ve all been there… As you’re navigating your way through little-people-chaos, you’re running super late for an appointment and as you’re rushing everyone out the door – one of them accidentally spills the milk that another one of your angels left out on the counter.

A setup for a mommy meltdown!

Now, there are times when that scenario would have totally frustrated me but everyone would have walked out unscathed.

But there are other days (help me Jesus!) that I could have alerted the entire neighborhood to our little debacle.

And I’ve come to learn that 9 times out of 10 when I go into full-on fit mode, it’s because I’m experiencing or headed for Mommy Burnout.

This is when I need to step back and try to see the situation for what it really is – spilled milk.

Stress is a magnifier and is how we can magically turn those molehills into ice-capped mountains!

And when I’m stressed about anything, I’m a whole lot more touchy than I would be otherwise.

So, instead of letting stressful situations fester, I’ve learned to deal with them quickly as best I can to keep them from affecting all the other areas of my life. Like my home life!

Sign #2 – Your house is in a constant state of disarray

Let me just say this… I’m not the mom who’s going to judge or shame another mom for the condition of her home. I have 3 kids, and one of them is a 2-year-old boy. Enough said there.

I just know from personal experience, when I’m burnt out, housework really gets the best of me. I feel like I’m always running behind the mess instead of controlling it.


If you’ve totally abandoned your usually cleaning and tidying schedule… you may be in or headed for burnout.

My advice isn’t to run around and catch up on all the laundry hills. Nope!

It’s to take a day off from doing ALL cleaning. I know that probably sounds a little counterintuitive because we’re talking about how you haven’t been cleaning.

But trust, me it’s not! Whether or not you’ve actually been physically cleaning, I know you’ve been mentally cleaning.

Looking at all the mess and feeling overwhelmed.

Taking an intentional day off to mentally and physically rest will help you recharge so you can start off small tomorrow. #BabySteps

Sign #3 – You find yourself feeling lonely but fight against the urge to connect with friends/family

When we’re in Survival Mode and overwhelmed with life, it’s easy to get sucked into a cycle of isolation and depression. We tell ourselves – no one else is going through what I’m going through.

We let the shame of our situation keep us on an island with no one to talk to but our own critical voice. And that’s the worst voice we can hear when we’re vulnerable and depressed.

Reaching out to a friend and being honest about where you are is extremely important.

You may be thinking, “I don’t really have any friends.”

No worries, a lot of women struggle with friendships after becoming a mother for A LOT of reasons. I know I did, and still do!

Reaching out and making the effort to connect is the first step. Without trying to sound cliche, if you start really looking for relationships – you’ll be surprised how they were there all along.

Sign #4 – Your health isn’t a priority in your daily actions

You may know your health is important; but your exercise, water, sleep, and good food simply aren’t happening. You find yourself snacking ALL DAY… and I’m not talking about carrot sticks and hummus!

You’re exhausted and your sleep is out of whack. You either sleep too much and never feel rested, or you’re dealing with insomnia. You’re not just tired but EXHAUSTED all. the. time.

We’ve all heard it – stress can cause many things to go crazy in our mind and bodies. So, it’s no surprise that we’d feel sluggish and rundown when we’re headed for burnout.

But when we outright abandon the healthy habits we know we should be doing, we’re only making the problem bigger.

A healthy lifestyle is the fuel you need to keep going strong.

So, make a commitment to reconnect with the healthy habits that slipped away. No condemnation! Just get back on the horse. Call that friend and get an accountability partner.

In addition to healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising – having a regular check-up with our doctor is NECESSARY!

Especially the older, and more fabulous we get. 😉

**If you’re not feeling great physically, get it checked out just to be sure there’s not a medical reason for your exhaustion.**

How to Bounce Back Fast!

You are simply too precious to your family, and to this world to allow yourself to live in full-on Burnout Mommy Mode!

The source of most feelings of burn out stem from stress, anxiety, or mom-guilt.

In order to fully release those feelings – the Bible tells us to cast the whole of that CARE onto Christ who cares for us affectionately.

We can rest in the #Truth that we have a Savior who loves us and cares about every moment and area of our lives.

When life gets crazy, we are commanded to release our concern to the One who can work it out.

And that requires us to tap into something else – FAITH.

Sometimes just knowing we’re not alone is comfort enough.

And we’ve ALL been there!

We also need to identify the source of the burnout. Are you doing too much all at once? Are you trying to combine your work at home activities with the kids busy time (I did this one a lot and it’s a disaster!)? Are you ignoring your health?

When you understand the source, you can then objectively take a step back and see what needs to be changed.

Here are some other practical things you can do to quickly ease the mommy burn out and get you back to your place of peace.

Take a Break

I mentioned this earlier in reference to your housework. But when I say take a break here, I mean stop “fixing” everything and just relax. I know that’s easier said than done, but I know if you can figure everything else out with such mommy Macgyver magic, I know you can find a way to give yourself a break.

That means for a day leave the dishes, don’t give the kids a bath, grab takeout for dinner, and put the kids to bed early. Now I get that you’ve been in burnout and may have already been doing all those things. I get it! But this time you’re making the choice to do it, not as an act of defeat but as an act of rest. There is a difference!

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Ask for Help

Of all the things on this list, this one may be the hardest… at least it is for me! But I’ve grown to understand how important relying on your support system really is. There was a time when I would NEVER ask for help. I think that’s sad and I hope you don’t do the same. We all need help in every area of our lives and our #Momlife is no exception.

Help can come in many forms such as ordering your groceries online through a service like Amazon Fresh instead of dragging the kids into the Temple of Doom AKA Wal-Mart. Or that help could be dropping the kids off at a trusted friend or family member for a day… or two.

Start Working Your Passion

One of the reasons I was feeling burnt out a few years back is because I was doing things for everyone else… taking care of my husband and kids, working an unfulfilling job to pay bills, and any other thing I “needed” to do. In my heart, I had a passion to write and connect with other moms but I had TERRIBLE confidence issues and simply didn’t think I had the time to do anything else.

Very long story short, I decided to put my passion on my daily schedule and over time a new life was born… seriously. This blog and so many other things I’m doing today were born out of that decision. And burn out for me was dramatically decreased because passion has a way of inspiring you to move forward every day in a new exciting way.

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Give Yourself Permission

Finally, I want to urge you to give yourself a healthy dose of grace and also permission to be imperfect. You are a mom so that means you’re already doing more than most! It’s just a fact. So acknowledge that motherhood is hard – not just for you – but for ALL moms… including me. And that’s par for the course when raising strong-willed, opinionated, tiny humans.

The simple fact that you’re reading this post tells me you’re an awesome mom! So give yourself a pat on the back, a fist bump, and a big hug. You got this! If you’re looking for more solutions to getting back on track and making your #MomLife more simple, check out my #MomLife Systems Made Simple Email Course. It’s Free!! Grab your spot here!

When was the last time you were in Burnout Mommy Mode and how did you get out?

Leave a comment below, so we can all encourage each other!

Feeling burnt out as a mom? We've all been there but you don't have to stay there! These tips will have you finding the joy in motherhood again! #kidsandparenting #parenting #momadvice #momlifeMommy burnout is so very real! Here's how to spot it and stop it from running your life! #momadvice #momlife #kidsandparenting #parenting

Get 4 simple ways to recover quickly from mom burnout and find yourself again! #motherhood #Momlife #parentingadvice Motherhood struggles are real! And too many moms are exhausted, snappy, and prone to yell because they are simply burnt out. Get the simple step to bouncing back quickly from burnout! #joy #Momstruggles #parenting #motherhood #momlife