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Parenting Toddlers: 29 Toddler Experts Share Their Best Kept Secrets!

Expert toddler parenting tips

Raising toddlers is one of the most rewarding stages of parenting. Sure, this stage gets a really bad rap because of all the labeling. Terrible Twos ring any bells?

However, toddlers are amazing and really pretty great with their endless curiosity, openness to trying anything (except brussels sprouts of course), and they still think mom’s the best.

And those sweet toddler hugs are what make the struggles worth it.

Expert toddler parenting tips

At least it is for my toddler.

But raising a toddler isn’t away puppies and rainbows. It can be more like toddler tantrums and battle of wills. And this can be downright frustrating especially if your toddler is your first child.

There is a secret to raising happy and tantrum-proof toddlers, and it’s something I learned and tweaked over the years with all three of my children.

My secret to thriving in toddler life is to give your little one very clear expectations up front. That’s it! It’s hard being a toddler and not fully understanding this amazing world around you. They need to have firm boundaries and know exactly what’s going to happen when they cross those boundaries.

Honestly, I hate to sound harsh but a lot of our struggles in raising toddlers is our fault and it’s making life harder for them and us! It’s their job to challenge and seek independence. They are NOT being bad.

They just need us to establish those healthy boundaries and lovingly guard them. You’ll find yourself having much fewer battles when your toddler simply knows what to expect.

And, here’s the kicker, those expectations are always the same and never change based on our emotions at the time. Doing this all the time is pretty much the secret sauce to not having the toddler equivalent of Game of Thrones in your house every day!

Now, here are 29 most super helpful expert tips on thriving as a mom in the toddler years!

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29 Expert Tips to Thrive in Raising Your Toddler

Toddler Discipline Tips

toddler challenges

1 – How to Get Your Toddler to Listen and Obey

Most toddlers and kids for that matter have “selective hearing.” That means they hear us when we tell them to do something, but we don’t see the corresponding action. Enter frustration.

What if there was a way to say our request that gets the attention of our toddler AND gets them to actually do what we ask? Try this…

The two simple words that work for us are, “Yes, Mama.” That’s it. It won’t work like magic the first time you say it. Some training will be required to help your child understand what is expected when they hear those words.

Learn how to use this simple tip in Amy’s full post here!

2 – Positively Dealing with a Defiant Toddler

Did you know there is an actual condition called Oppositional Defiant Disorder – ODD? It affects children and their ability to handle listening to authority. This can be especially difficult for parents.

But there are things we can do whether or not our toddler has received a diagnosis. Many of which have to do with how we cope with these challenges, such as bargaining and negotiating with our little ones.

Bargaining is a tool used by kids to get their way and get out of dealing with their responsibilities. No matter how they cry or complain, they must fix their mistake and then accept the consequences.

To read all of Monique’s great tips click here.

3 – Raising a Strong Willed Toddler

If you find yourself in a battle of wills every single day with your toddler, you may have a strong-willed child. Being strong-willed isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but it can be a real challenge for parents in the early days.

Establishing very clear boundaries and expectations are your best line of defense!

When we give our strong-willed toddler a routine, she knows what to expect. While this can’t prevent things like meltdowns over the toys we can and can’t bring to the park, it can help with bedtime, night wakings, car trips, etc.

To read Nicole’s full tips on raising a strong-willed toddler click here.

4 – Teaching Your Toddler Discipline without Yelling

Getting toddlers to listen without yelling is a challenge for every parent. Consistency is very important in getting kids to listen and do what you want without yelling and screaming.

Kids aim to please. They want to make you proud and see you excited and impressed with them. Give them that satisfaction when they do something positive! It will encourage them to keep doing it.

Get all seven of Ally’s discipline tips here.

Toddler Feeding Tips

toddler feeding tips

5 – How to Develop Positive Eating Habits

Toddler mealtimes can be some of the most challenging parts of the day. From picky eating, distracted eating, and sudden refusal to eat previously familiar foods. Toddler feeding is a delicate balance between our need for healthy boundaries and your toddler’s desire for independence.

Pick options that are already a part of dinner time, making it look like a choice to your toddler but not putting yourself through too much trouble making new meals just for the children.

Read all 5 solutions to the most common toddler eating challenges here.

6 – How to Start Feeding Your Toddler with Baby Led Weaning

I only heard about baby led weaning with my 3rd child and I wish I’d learned about it sooner. It’s so much easier for you as the “chef” and more fun for your baby. I believe that because they are more in control. And let’s face it, toddler’s love control!

I usually start Bady Led Weaning with snacks then, later on, on move onto full meals.  I just find this works better for my children.

Get all the BLW ingenious tips from Dela in her full post!

7 – What To Do if Your Toddler Refuses Meat 

There are many safe and healthy diets that do not include meat that many parents feed their toddlers. However, sometimes parents who do eat a meat-based diet find their toddler refuses to eat meat

This can be frustrating and there are worries that your toddler won’t get enough nutrients, but there are healthy ways to feed your toddler a meatless diet. No matter the reason.

There are certain nutrients that if you aren’t getting from meat you need to be getting from somewhere. The two main nutrients are protein and iron. My secret weapon: Edamame. It has a good amount of both protein and iron! 

Get Shari’s full list of meatless eating here.

8 – How to Raise Non-Picky Eaters

My oldest daughter is an extremely picky eater and though she’s much better now, she’s still pretty selective in what she likes to eat. She was and still is very sensitive to textures, and many other kids struggle with the same issue.

If you have a picky eater, you may want to consider Jenn’s rather unconventional tip…

By allowing young kids to mouth pine cones, rocks, and leaves they will further develop the mouth sensations which may prevent intolerance for food textures at an older age.  Yes, making your kids eat dirt will make them less picky eaters.

Get the full post of fun ways to raise a brave eater here.

Toddler Tantrums Tips

toddler tantrum tips

9 – Understanding the Function Driving Tantrums

Toddler tantrums are simply a poorly communicated request… a request to keep doing what they are doing, a request to have their way, or not do what they are being asked.

There is a reason for most, if not all, tantrums. It means we need to become skilled at finding out the driving force behind your toddler’s tantrum, so we can most effectively change that behavior.

Understanding the function behind a child’s behavior allows us to plan for it and react to it in ways that will hopefully decrease it.

Get the full post of helpful questions to ask yourself here.

10 – How to Handle Tantrums without Punishment or Timeouts

Toddler tantrums are super tricky and can leave you feeling helpless when a toddler tantrum sets in. Many parents aren’t exactly sure how to handle a tantrum and whether they are actually worthy of punishment or not.

I personally believe that we need to work much harder on the front end to prevent toddler tantrums in the first place. And then they are much more likely to be related to your toddler feeling overwhelmed in some way without the ability to communicate their feelings.

When your child is having a tantrum and distraction and other techniques aren’t working, or even before using those other techniques, try empathy.

Get the full list of little-known tips here.

11 – How to Teach Your Toddler Healthy Emotions

As parents, we can often wonder why our little angels can turn so quickly into… well, the opposite of angels. This happens because their emotions aren’t fully developed, and they often times haven’t practiced using healthy emotional communication.

There are many ways we can teach our children how to share their feelings in an appropriate way and develop social skills.

Attending daycare or preschool is NOT required for your child to learn social skills.  Providing them play time with other people is all they need to learn to play with others.

To get all of Kayla’s amazing tips on toddler social skills, click here.

12 – How to Prevent Toddler Meltdowns

Prevent toddler tantrums? Yes, you can prevent meltdowns from your toddler. The key is doing all the work on the front end so you can help your toddler learn how to express their feelings in a more constructive way.

If we take a minute to give them a voice, to listen to their choices, and to make them feel part of the decision-making team, they’ll buy in. They’ll do what we need them to do. They won’t need to have a tantrum to be heard.

To get Nicole’s full list of amazing tantrum prevention tips, click here.

Toddler Potty Training Tips

toddler potty training tips

13 – The 3 Day Potty Training Plan

Part of the success of potty training is making it fun for your toddler. They love growing up and becoming big kids so help them embrace their desire for independence. This next tip totally worked for my 2-year-old son!

You’ll want to buy your child super cute underwear that will get them excited about going to the potty. I bought Drew superhero undies and he loves them!

Get the full 3-day potty training plan here!

14 – How to Potty Train Your 2-year-old

Potty training can be tricky and there are certainly no one-size-fits-all strategies for getting your little one fully potty trained. There are many ways to approach this right of passive, but knowing when your toddler is ready is your key to success!

If your child is starting to become aware of their bodily functions, it could mean that she’s ready. Sometimes, if you wait it out, your child’s willingness to potty train could pass.

Read Brenda’s simple, no-pressure tips for potty training your 2-year-old.

15 – Tips to Make Potty Training Easier

It’s easy to pick out the perfect potty chair, the cool underwear or pull-ups, but what about when things don’t go as planned? Making the following mistake can set back your potty training goals way back!

One of the biggest mistakes a parent can make is shaming their kids during this process. It may not seem like a big deal to drop an “I can’t believe you pee peed in your underwear like a baby” but it can actually undo any progress you are making.

Get Stormy’s full list of potty training tips in the full post here.

Toddler Daily Routines & Schedules

toddler schedules

16 – How to Painlessly Create a Morning Routine

Getting out of the door every morning on time and without meltdowns from you or your toddler is a huge challenge! No matter what routine works best for you and your little one, consistency is vital.

A toddler cannot readily distinguish why the mornings are so different from one another.  This can lead to increased meltdowns and anxious behavior.

Read the full post from Bridget with all her great tips on creating a successful morning routine.

17 – How to Establish a Sleepytime Bed Routine

Getting your toddler to want to go to bed and actually sleep can be quite the feat! And one of the biggest mistakes is letting the craziness of the bed carry over into a chaotic evening.

That’s a huge mistake because toddlers need consistency and routine more than anything! Creating a predictable bedtime routine can help so much.

Each of my kids takes a bath every night, so we make it fun! I invested in some good bath toys that I can’t rave enough about.

Click here to get Shiree’s full nighttime toddler routine here.

18 – Keeping Toddler Routines Even While Traveling

Toddlers need routine and predictability. When their routines disappear in exchange for new activities, schedules, and places you can be sure a meltdown is brewing just under the surface.

When traveling with toddlers, we need to keep their routines in mind to keep everyone happy.

Kids thrive on routine and while travel can definitely throw that for a loop, we like to try to keep things as similar to home as possible.  For us, this means trying to travel during nap times so the kids can sleep in the car.

To get all of Mary Leigh’s toddler travel tips click here to read the full post.

Breaking Poor Toddler Behavior Habits

breaking bad toddler habits

19 – What to do When Your Toddler is too Clingy

Toddlers are just older babies who are growing up really fast. In many ways, they’re light years ahead of their previous baby stage. But in many ways, they’re holding on tight to their baby privileges.

And being held a lot is one of those privileges. Most toddlers drop the need to be held when the independence stage kicks in, but every kid is unique.

Whether your child’s clinginess is new and most likely temporary or a long-term concern, a great first step is to reassure your child and create a sense of security.

Elizabeth gives great insight into why toddlers are clingy in the first place. And her full process for reducing toddler clinginess. Get the full post here!

20 – How to Stop Your Toddler From Hitting

When your toddler decides one day to hit another kid or even to hit you it’s frustrating and also embarrassing. But just like any other toddler behavioral issue, hitting can be corrected too.

Actions speak louder than words. If you hit back and say no, you’re teaching them hitting is an okay response. The same goes for yelling. If a toddler hits and screams, stay calm and offer an alternative by distracting the child.

Samantha goes into great detail in her post showing you how to overcome this bad habit positively.

21 – How to Easily Ween Your Toddler from a Pacifier

Giving your new baby a pacifier can feel like magic when soothing your inconsolable newborn. However, in a few years, it can feel like a curse when it’s time to wean your toddler from the binky. If you have the right strategies, it gets a lot easier!

It is best to try to control how much your child is using the pacifier in the first place by only giving it to them during naps and bedtime.

Get McKinzie’s great tips on weaning the pacifier in this post.

Toddler Sleep Tips

toddler sleep tips

22 – How to Keep Your Toddler in Bed Through the Night

Once you transition your baby from their crib into their own “big bed” an unfortunate side effect can happen… they never seem to want to stay in their bed.

As frustrating as this is, you can do something about it! It’s not easy… and it requires your unwavering commitment to the process but it will pay off. It comes down to setting a loving yet firm tone no matter how many extra requests your toddler askes for.

When you do the “extra stuff,” you are establishing the idea that if they get up you will come in and give them the attention they want.

To read Michele’s full toddler bedtime process read the full post here.

23 – How to Easily Transition to 2 to 1 Naps

The wonderful thing about the baby years is most babies need more than one nap. Suddenly, something starts to change as they enter toddlerhood… they start needing less daytime sleep.

Your toddler will start showing signs that they are ready for only one nap per day. This transition can be tricky but is a lot simpler with the right strategy.

Sometimes the trickiest part of this transition is figuring out when to give lunch! What works best for most toddlers is splitting lunch during the early days. Who says lunch has to be one big meal at noon?!

Get Jilly’s full list of signs and tips for making this transition as simple as possible.

24 – Creating Sleep Routines for the Spirited Child

Not every child is created the same and many are what can be referred to as spirited children. These are children who find it difficult to turn off their energy switch. They can be endlessly curious and tenacious.

None of which are bad things at all. But they can make for parenting challenges. Especially, when it comes to sleeping and naptimes.

Having an intense, persistent child has its challenges, particularly when it comes to sleeping. Routine helps immensely, but when it is time to let up a little bit and give your spirited child the independence she craves.

Read Freya’s heartfelt story about how she joyfully helped her own toddler with her sleep issues.

25 – How to Easily Handle Bad Dreams

In your toddler is having fears or challenges falling asleep because of bad dreams or other fears, this can be challenging. Sometimes adding a little whimsy is all your toddler needs.

Make a homemade dream spray made up of simply water and a few drops of lavender essential oils. Combine the two ingredients and put them in a small spray bottle with a “dream spray” tag on it.

Get Nicole’s full list of sleeping tips here.

26 – Getting Your Toddler to Sleep without a Pacifier

If your baby took a pacifier, getting them to sleep without it as you try to ween them can be a real struggle. There are many methods to use, and some can cause you a lot more headache and lack of sleep. You may want to try this 3-day approach…

3 days before, the day before, and the day of pacifier removal, I told the twins they were getting so big and it was time to stop using pacifiers. I also told them there were babies that needed them more than they did and we would send the pacifiers to them.

Get Jeanne’s full 3-day break down here.

How to Thrive in Daily Toddler Life

daily toddler life

27 – Stress-Free Traveling with a Toddler

Traveling is stressful enough but adding a toddler to the mix can feel overwhelming. One of your best assets is planning, planning, planning. And in that planning, you must build in plenty of buffers so you don’t feel rushed throughout your travels.

Be Early and Avoid Super Short Connections, especially if traveling by plane. You do not want to be the 30-week pregnant lady with a toddler running to catch her next plane (like I was).

Get the full list of travel toddler tips from Haley here.

28 – Surviving Toddler Transitions 

There are so many transitions that babies face once they grow into toddlerhood such as the inevitable transition from formula or breastmilk to whole milk and transitioning to solid foods.

Many toddlers also must transition from drinking from a bottle to sippy cups and then to a regular cup. And let’s not forget ditching the binky!

To make things easier on myself, I made each change one by one so that neither I, nor my daughter would get too overwhelmed with it all

To read how Josephine survived these common toddler transitions read her full post here.

29 – How to Really Love the Toddler Stage

Toddlerhood is an amazing developmental stage in your child’s growth. They are learning, testing, experimenting, and growing every single moment of the day. We just need to help create the environment for them to safely flourish.

Your job as the parent is to set the boundaries and enforce them gently. You will need to enforce them more or less frequently, more or less strongly depending on how strong-willed your toddler is.

To get more insight on loving the toddler stage, read June’s full post here

Toddler life is truly an adventure but is one I choose to cherish as my son gets older. I hope these tips help you to feel less overwhelmed with this special age and more equipped to build a wonderful relationship with your curious little toddler.

Let us know in the comments below which expert tip you’re excited to use the most!

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How to Raise Kind Kids in a World of Bullies and Mean Kids

Raise kind kids

My son was having the time of his life the other day in his toddler gym class. That is… until another kid shoved him to the ground on purpose for no reason. Just being mean, I guess.

My little guy was fine and popped up, shook it off, and resumed running with the rest of the wild pack of toddlers.

I wasn’t really bothered by the incident. Kids fall. No worries.

how to raise kind kids

But something kept nagging at me, this boy’s mom was sitting right in front of the action and witnessed the whole thing from less than a foot away.

When it happened, I waited for the standard issue mom stuff to go down.

You know, the stuff we moms say when our kids are rude…

Be careful

We don’t do that

Say you’re sorry

Are you OK?

I literally heard crickets in a room full of crazy toddlers. In other words, she said and did NOTHING.

Teaching Kindness Starts with Us

I sat astonished and continued to watch as this child remained out of control the entire class – yelling, banging on the mirrors, and pushing and hitting more kids.

All met with one apparently ineffective response, “stop that ______!”

Sure, this child may be acting this way because of a condition affecting his ability to fully control his emotions and actions. And I have tremendous compassion when it comes to this issue.

There’s just one difference between the moms I know whose child is struggling to control their behavior and this mom. The glaring lack of accountability and kindness being taught. 

There wasn’t any encouragement to apologize or be nice at all. Really no discipline whatsoever.

I think we’d all agree, we don’t need any more mean kids growing into mean, entitled adults. We clearly have enough of those lovely individuals to annoy us in our day.

So how do we not inadvertently raise mean kids who bully other kids?

Simple Ways to Teach our Kids Kindness

I’m going to answer that question in just a second, so stay with me. But I first want to ask another question.

Is it 100% this mom’s fault that her son was behaving in a way that is repeatedly mean to other kids?

My honest answer is no. There are simply too many factors that can contribute to this behavior. And I’m trying my best to not sound like I’m mom-shaming here. I really hate that.

My biggest concern was how there was no effort to make the situation right.

If we don’t set the standard, our kids will get the message that apologizing or selflessly changing their behavior isn’t important. And they’ll likely continue to repeat the same behavior.

Parenting well isn’t something we do one or two times. It’s testing, tweaking, and doing what works for our individual child over and over again.

No child is perfect, nor should we ever strive for that to be the case. We just need to help them see that all these other people we live with in this world really matter. And how we treat them matters.

And the earlier we start the better…

Every attempt to trace aggression to its roots indicates that it starts in the preschool years and thrives in elementary and middle school. Source

That is why I tend to focus less on very specific parenting techniques here. That’s because every single child is different. I’m sure you see that in each of your kids. What works for one doesn’t always work for the other.

It’s really my passion to help moms focus on the heart of parenting and raising our kids. Teaching our kids about compassion and kindness will honestly look different for each family.

Why We Have to Teach Kindness

The vast majority of children (60 to 70 percent) are never involved in bullying, either as perpetrators or victims. Early in development, most children acquire internal restraints against such behavior. But those who bully, do it consistently. And their aggression starts at an early age. Source

It’s our moral obligation as people and parents to raise kind humans.

Yes, for the benefit of our world and the other people our kids will come in contact with. But the concern isn’t just with other people.

Children that exhibit bullying behavior have a much higher chance of allowing this behavior to remain in their lives. Ruining their relationships, their careers, and every other area of their lives.

But we can do something about our children’s behavior and shape wonderful and kind people. And it should be a major focus so we can give our kids the best chance at their best life.

Let’s work together as parents to put an end to contributing to this bullying epidemic in our schools, neighborhoods, and even churches. We do this by raising kind kids.

Practicing the tips in this post will give you some helpful guideposts to start with.

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5 Ways to Teach Kids Kindness

Raise kind kids

1. Practice Kindness

One of the best ways to teach kindness is to practice kindness in action. We all know that it feels better to give than to receive. We just don’t always live this out every day.

Creating opportunities to be kind to others is a wonderful way to sow seeds of compassion in our children.

Random acts of kindness are a great place to start. And these acts of kindness can be to total strangers or people we know like our neighbors or your kid’s classmates and teachers.

The point is to do this often and consistently.

Making the real heartfelt needs of others encourages compassion in our children and that’s a really good thing!

2. Always Have Your Child Apologize 

If you observe your child acting in a way that is rude to another child or adult, they should rightly apologize to that person. This goes for siblings as well. 

The fact is, apologizing is a humbling experience. I don’t think anyone really enjoys doing it. But we all do things that warrant an apology once and a while. And while we may cringe at the thought of doing it, it’s still the right thing to do.

And doing what’s right even when it’s really uncomfortable is a skill our kids need to be really proficient in!

Apologizing directly to the person they’ve wronged is also reinforcing that what they did is unacceptable behavior.

Now here’s where I bring some balance. Do not shame your child. And make the apology simple.

If your child is resistant at first, don’t make it a huge deal. Just keep doing the same thing every time it’s appropriate. You’ll eventually see less resistance. If they know the apology is coming every time, it helps them make better choices.

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3. Model Kindness in Front of Your Kids

When you’re out with your kids and the cashier at the grocery store isn’t going fast enough,  huffing and puffing and telling her she’s taking too long probably isn’t a way to model kindness in front of your kids. And really isn’t nice anyway.

We’ve ALL acted ugly in front of our kids! I know I have a few times. In fact, my middle daughter (the one who drips compassion) has called me on it a couple times. Ouch.

Even though we can lose our cool from time to time, we need to be aware that those sweet little ones are watching and listening… and copying. 

If you do make a mistake, be humble and have an honest conversation about your own behavior. Talk about why that wasn’t the best way to handle things.

This type of conversation helps to develop reasoning, empathy, and the ability to positively modify their own behavior.

4. Don’t Bully Your Kids

I also want to add that we also should avoid being a bully to our kids. If we’re always yelling, shaming, teasing, or dumping on our kids we’re simply perpetuating bullying behavior.

Remember the phrase, “hurt people, hurt people”?

It’s very, very true. If we deal harshly with our children or repeatedly tease them (even if we think it’s all in fun) we run the great risk of wounding their heart.

It’s likely they’ll take their shame and pain and thrust it on someone else. Not to mention that’s it’s just not great parenting.

Our kids need us to provide conditional love, support, and encouragement. Our home must be a place of peace and safety.

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5. Establish a Team Mindset in your Home

Kids need boundaries and a connection to being part of a team. Your team is your family and your children need to experience working together.

The absolute fastest way to raise a self-entitled child is to let your kid own their freaking world and do whatever the heck they want without consequences. Or understand how their actions affect others around them. 

Provide a healthy bedtime, create a system for screentime usage, and establishing helpful routines such as doing chores are all extremely beneficial for your child’s development.

Those are just a few examples. Just look at your own family’s routines and look for places where there are no borders, and establish a few. Start small and work up.

Your objective isn’t to make your home rigid with rules. It’s to train your child to acknowledge and respect boundaries, rules, and working with others. That’s preparing them for the real world!

Final Thoughts on Kindness

Kindness is in such short supply in our world today. Bullies and mean people are on the rise and so is the rate of depression and suicide among kids and teens.

Growing up in our crazy, overwhelming world is hard enough. We need to work together as responsible parents to do our part to raise kind and decent humans.

There are no perfect parents and there are no perfect kids. This isn’t about perfection, it’s about showing up and trying.

I think we’re all tired of turning on the news and hearing about another mass shooting or another young person who felt like their only option was to take their own life.

This has to stop. And we can all do our part by working together to raise compassionate people who have genuine respect for others.

If you make human decency a priority over good grades and winning the game, you’re probably a freaking awesome parent! And we all thank you for doing your part.

These simple tips will help you to raise kind and compassionate kids and not become a mean kid instead. #kidsandparenting #parenting #parentingtips #kidsKindness is in short supply in this world. Teaching our kids kindness is so important and the reasons why will surprise you! #kidsandparenting #parenting #parentingtips #kids

Secrets to Having a Stress-Free Christmas with Kids in 2018!

the secret to stress free Christmas

Let’s face it, the holidays can be a recipe for stress and exhaustion. Which is really a shame since the holiday season is supposed to be a magical time filled with fun, family, and rest.

But all too often we let life get the best of us and the holidays catch us off guard year after year.

Stop doing that! It’s not too late to plan and enjoy a stress-free Christmas this year!

the secret to stress free Christmas

How is that possible with all the things to make, cook, buy… and let’s not forget about the “people” stress. You know, family coming in from out of town and you getting absolutely zero alone time.

I’m a strong introvert, so that zaps my energy the fastest!

This is your ultimate stress-free Christmas guide. You’ll learn everything about how to prepare, save, shop, and even travel over the holidays!

If you’re planning to travel for the holidays you’ll want to check out this Holiday Travel Guide that shares little-known travel tips for long road trips!

How to Prepare for Christmas Early

There are many things we need to “prepare” to maximize our joy over the holidays. We need to prepare our money because November and December are huge spending months. We do NOT want to go into debt buying gifts this year!

Easy Ways to Save Money for Christmas

Why You Should be Using Amazon Prime for Christmas!

In addition to saving money (which we all need to be doing more intentionally), you can start by making more money too.

Yep! You can get creative on ways to increase your income over the holidays and never touch your savings or a single credit card.

22 Fun and Creative Work at Home Jobs for Moms

Work at Home Mom Success: Run Your Business, Home and Family with Ease

Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Now it’s time to prepare your home! Getting your house clean and decluttered before the busyness of the holidays is here will help you so much to kick back and enjoy your Christmas!

The No-Brainer Way to Declutter Your Home Fast!

The Secret to Get Your Kids into the Habit of Doing Housework

preparing your home for Christmas

How to Enjoy the Holidays without Stress

One of the best ways to actually enjoy the holidays instead of stressing through to the New Year is to make your enjoyment intentional!

Yes, decide right now that you’re going to have fun on purpose. You do that by making a plan and deciding what things your family will do to relax and enjoy your Christmas.

This list of Family Christmas Traditions is a wonderful place to start planning your holiday activities.

You can also have fun by documenting your family’s Christmas with a fun Family Christmas pajama Photo Shoot!

Here’s a warning about traditions though. If your family is doing something just because it’s a tradition but you spend your time dragging everyone around… stop doing it. Commit to only doing traditions that are truly fun for your family and bring you closer together.

Planning and Shopping for Christmas

You want to start by creating your Christmas budget first. You don’t want to ruin your 2019 by going into massive debt for Christmas. Big mistake!

Once you know how much you want to spend, you can start your shopping plan.

Remember, you don’t have to buy store-bought gifts for everyone in your extended family. You can make homemade gifts, go on a trip or see a fun show together, or even do a family Christmas photo shoot.

Here are some great ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers!

51 Stocking Suffers for Babies and Toddlers that aren’t Junk

31 Cheap Stocking Stuffers Kids and Teens that Don’t Suck!

The Best Learning Toys for Toddlers

Christmas Tips and Tricks

1 – Put your Christmas lights on a timer

2 – Invest in an automatic Christmas tree waterer

3 – Pay someone else to put up your Christmas lights

4 – Use elegant table wear instead of the real thing.

This beautiful table setting for 25 is close to the real thing and will reduce a ton of stress and labor. Plus, they are extremely affordable!

5 – Use gift bags instead of wrapping every gift. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s such a stress-free tip. It doesn’t mean I don’t wrap any gifts, but my pretty gift bags far outweigh the wrapped ones!

Let me know your very best tips for a stress-free Christmas in the comments below!

The Best Car Games for Kids and Toddlers to Survive Long Road Trips

best car toys for toddlers

If you’re planning a long road trip or even traveling on an airplane and you have a toddler or young kids, you need to be prepared! There are three things you won’t be able to live without on your trip – snacks, things to soothe your little one, and games to entertain them.

In this post, you’ll get all the best games and small toys that work like magic to keep your kids happy, occupied and entertained on a long trip.

best car toys for toddlers

I used many of these toys on my family’s 18-hour road trip to Michigan over a year and a half ago. Honestly, other than the grueling hours of driving in the mountains, the trip was very enjoyable.

At the time, my kids were 18 months, 7 years old, and 10 years old.

There weren’t endless crying sessions or even fighting with my three kiddos. I think my husband and I had the hardest time with our backs giving us trouble. But that’s a whole other issue!

But first, this toddler car seat tray is amazing! And can help give your toddler and sturdy place to play, eat snacks, and read books without everything falling to the floor. This one is a must-have!

I’ve separated the toys into a toddler list and a kids list for slightly older children.

Now on to the list…

Toddler Games to Survive a Road Trip

Bizzy Buckle Toy – We all know how much toddlers love pushing, buckling, and tinkering with things. This soft busy pillow will keep your little one occupied with endless buckling and unbuckling!

Wooden Montessori Lacing Toys – These cute little learning lacing toys will keep your little one learning while they weave the worms in and through the fruit and cheese. The worms are attached so no losing parts!

Travel AquaDoodle Pad – This is one toy that my little guy used a ton on our trip and I can’t say enough about it! They feel like their making a mess, but it’s only water. That’s a total win-win!

Fisher-Price Boppin’ Activity Bugs – This is a great distraction toy and is like the toddler version of whack-a-mole! 

Melissa & Doug On the Go Water Wow Books – These 3 little boards allow your toddler to write their letters, numbers, and draw animals with markers filled with only water!

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Young Kids Games to Survive a Road Trip

Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Travel Memory Game – This is a great game to keep brain fatigue from setting in while in the car. They can keep learning and playing!

Crayola Pip-Squeaks Markers & Paper Set – Your budding artist can continue creating in the car or on the plane! And everything stays neatly in place in the carrying case. 

Mickey Mouse Magnetic Zoo – These adorable Mickey Mouse activity cards allow kids to move the magnetic pieces around to create play scenes over and over again. 

Fun Tape Activity Book – This book comes with easy tear tape to create fun pictures throughout the pages!

Connect 4 Travel Game – This game is so fun and bringing it on a road trip is sure to keep the fun going if you have more than one kid, of course!

Kanoodle Brain Twisting Solitaire Game – This game is full of over 200 mind-bending puzzles in a single travel case! 

Spot It! On The Road – This fun card game can be played with the whole family! Plus, there are 5 games in one!

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Other Items to Pack on Your Trip

In order to keep the peace and the joy flowing on your road trip, you need to have more than amazing games. Here’s a list of must-have’s in your car to keep the kiddos quiet and happy!

Healthy Snacks are a must on a road trip of any length.

Here are a few of my kid’s favorite healthy snacks to add in your backseat.

Simply drop them in a giant tote bag and let them have at it when they’re hungry. You’ll be saving a ton of money on fast food stops and you won’t feel guilty for letting them eat junk food.

If you want to save even more money, try making all your snacks ahead at home and packing them in a large lunchbox or cooler. Here are some easy lunches and snack ideas to try!

Travel sized toiletries are also a must for cleaning on the go.

On your road trip, you’ll likely see many restrooms and experience many gross emergencies in your car needing these supplies.

I strongly recommend you pack a large pack of kid-safe anti-bacterial wipes, a few rolls of toilet paper, and a large bottle of hand sanitizer.

Books and Magazines are perfect for keeping kids entertained and learning.

I remember reading during very long car rides as a kid and my books were my best friend! Sure, those were the days before tablets and smartphones, but I’d like to believe that my books would still be my favorite.

Here’s a list of great books that will keep your kid happy and quiet but also learning about kindness, compassion, friendship, and diversity. Those are all great things!

What did we miss? Add your best travel tips and tricks in the comments below!

Planning a roadtrip for the holidays this year? If you've got kids you need this list of the best car toys for kids! Keep the peace and enjoy your trip. #kidsandparenting #parenting #parentingtips #kids #holidays #christmas #thanksgivingTraveling for the holidays? You need these travel road trip tips and the best car toys to keep kids happy and entertained in the car! #kidsandparenting #parenting #parentingtips #roadtripWant the secret to keeping kids happy and quiet on long road trips? These packing tips and car toys for kids are everything you need this travel season! #kidsandparenting #parenting

18 Ways to Naturally Boost Your Child’s Immunity Through the Yucky Flu Season

Natural ways to build your child's immunity

It’s flu season and you know what that means… germs! So what’s a mama to do when she sends her kid to school and doesn’t want them coming home with colds, bugs, and the flu?

The answer is to naturally build up their immune systems! Our magnificent bodies have the ability to fight off harmful invaders on its own. But those soldier anti-bodies need to be strong in order to work effectively. One of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy and able to fight off infection is to eat healthy foods. Specifically living foods filled with phytonutrients.

Natural ways to build your child's immunity

Our kids and ourselves need to be eating as much of these foods as possible and ditching the starchy and sugary snacks and treats as much as possible.

I offer apples, oranges, strawberries, and grapes as snacks instead of allowing them to grab some crackers or a granola bar. If they are still hungry they can have some greek yogurt with granola. Usually, that’s enough to hold them over until the next meal. If I let them choose a snack, they gravitate right to the packaged snacks that I buy to pop in their school lunches as a treat.

Another important way to increase your child’s immunity is to give them a nutritional supplement like a multi-vitamin. Just be careful of all the additives and unnecessary colors that are added to vitamins. There have even been problems with children’s vitamin labels not matching the vitamins inside, resulting in dangerous overdoses in children.

I found these natural vitamin gummies to help keep my kiddos cold-free. My kids had very few colds and no flu during a very harsh flu season last year. And to top it off, I forgot to give them their flu shot!

18 Natural Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Here are 18 more amazing ways to keep your kiddos healthy. Use these methods to build their immunity to prevent colds and flu and also use in the event they do catch something to speed their healing and recovery time!

Cold and Flu Prevention

Easy Immune Support Tincture

Easy Immune Support Tincture

Source – Raia’s Recipes

Love the glass droppers? You can get them here!

Immune Boosting Juice

Immune boosting winter juice

Source – Happy Foods Tube

Cranberry Kefir Fruit Snacks

cranberry kefir fruit snacks

Source – Raia’s Recipes

Homemade Elderberry Syrup

elderberry syrup instant pot

Source – Eating Richly

Popeye Smoothie

popeye smoothie recipe

Source – Oh The Things We’ll Make


Immune Boosting Tea

Overhead view of Immune Boosting Tea Recipe in a mug with a lemon slice in it

Source – Joy Food Sunshine

Essential Oil Roller Balls for Kids

rollerball recipes for kids

Source – By Oily Design

Need glass rollerballs?  I love these pretty ones… find them here!

Elderberry Gummies Recipe

elderberry gummies to prevent colds and flu

Source – Must Have Mom 

Need those silicone gummy molds? Find them here! 



Source – Happy Foods Tube

Cold and Flu Speedy Recovery

Immunity Chicken Soup

Immunity boost chicken soup recipe

Source – Sonshine Kitchen

Immune-Boosting Friendship Smoothie Bowls

immunity boosting fruit bowls

Source – Strength and Sunshine

Mineral Rich Electrolyte Smoothie

electrolyte smoothie recipe

Source – Raia’s Recipes

Grape Juice to Stomp Out Stomach Flu

grape juice to get rid of stomach flu

Source – Must Have Mom

Tummy Healing Soup for One

tummy healing soup

Source – Strength and Sunshine

Herbal Tea Kool-aid Alternative

herbal tea kool-aid alternative

Source – Pistatio Project

Natural Vapor Rub


Source – Crayons and Cravings

Headache Bath Bombs

Heachache bathbombs

Source Crayons and Cravings

7 Oils for Colds

essential oils for colds

Source – My Organized Chaos

Which recipe are you most excited about trying? These are some super simple and natural ways to help ease the burden of the winter cold season. If you have your own recipe, please share in the comments below!

These essential oils will help you naturally boost your child's immunity and effectively protect them from the harmful affects of the dangerous flu season! Get all the recipes here! #kidsandparenting #wellness #kidsandparenting


It's back to school time and we all want to protect your child's immunity from all the germs that'll come in contact with naturally. #parenting #kidsandparenting #natural #greenlivingLooking for natural and additive-free ways to boost your children's immunity during the school year and flu season? Try these amazingly simple recipes... #naturalliving #momlife #parenting #kidsandparentingFlu season is here and there are natural and super effective ways to protect your child from getting sick. These natural remedies work to boost immunity naturally using essential oils! #essentialoils

21 Epic Family Christmas Pictures You Just Have to Try this Christmas

family Christmas pictures

One of the best things about Christmas is the perfect excuse to take family Christmas pictures. But don’t settle for boring family Christmas photos!

These epic photo shoots will give you endless inspiration to create your own magical family Christmas pictures to remember forever. Just bring your smile, your patience, and your sense of humor. Especially if kids will be anywhere in your pictures!

family Christmas pictures

Here are a few tips to make your photo sessions so much better! And if you don’t plan to hire a photographer, no worries! Use these tips to take your own Christmas pictures at home.

Finally, the first thing you’re probably racking your brain about is what you’re going to wear. Family Christmas pajamas are so much fun for your family photos. Check out the best matching Christmas pajamas sets here!

If you’re more into wearing “regular clothes”, this simple style guide will help you get started to looking great.

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Family Christmas Pictures Wearing Christmas Pajamas


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Want your own Family Christmas Pajamas? Check these out!

Family Christmas Pictures Featuring Just the Kids


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Family Christmas Pictures By the Tree


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Outdoor Family Christmas Pictures


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Hilarious Christmas Pictures


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Non-Christmasy Pictures


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Please feel free to click on any of these Instagram profiles and follow the ones you love! Let me know your favorites in the comments below!

It's almost Christmas card season and you want to be ready with the best family Christmas pictures! Get tons of inspiration from these epic Christmas photos. #kidsandparenting #christmas #family #holidays #parenting #kids

7 TED Talks for Moms That’ll Make Motherhood Feel a Little Easier

TED Talks for motherhood

Becoming a mother is probably one of the most transforming seasons of a woman’s life. It comes with it insecurities about whether we’ll ever be good enough, the judgments and opinions of everyone around us, and the daring responsibility of caring for another life.

TED Talks for motherhood

It also brings the unrelenting love and bond of a sweet blessing that no words could adequately describe.

Motherhood is full of amazing surprises and devastating valleys but one thing is true… motherhood is a privilege. And certainly a title we should be grateful for.

These TED Talks are powerful and will empower you in your best role as a mom. Watch these and be reassured that you already are a wonderful mom right now!

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7 TED Talks for Moms

It’s time to unmask the lies of motherhood

Every single mother is struggling with guilt and so many are hiding behind a mask. A mask that says, “I’m fine” even when we’re clearly not. Even when they’re struggling.

The truth is, we’re all competing with ourselves and our own unrealistic expectations. It’s time to remove the false mask we’ve been wearing and love ourselves enough to admit that motherhood is hard and that’s ok.

We should put more energy into supporting each other instead of shaming and judging other moms and ourselves.

Related: The Truth About Mom Guilt and 4 Steps to Get Rid of it Forever

Overcoming the loneliness and overwhelm in motherhood

So many moms are still struggling with the overwhelming demands of being a mom and have no idea how lonely they really are.

We feel the pressure to be perfect and do it all “well” but fail to realize we don’t have to do it all on our own. We need our community. We need friends and support and the need to be connected.

It’s not good for our own emotional well being to continue going through the motions of work life and mom life without quality connections with friendships with other women and moms.

Related: Super Easy Ways to Feel More Intentional, Connected & Fulfilled in Your Life

Why we need to ignore the judgments of others and mom shamers

Being a mom is really hard because we are judged and even shamed for every decision we make. The looks and stares we get when we choose to breastfeed in public. Or the looks we get from other moms when we shake up a bottle of formula for our new baby.

Motherhood gets a little easier when we decide to ditch the mom guilt and raise our children in the best way we know how. When we decide to be confident in our own parenting choices and support the other moms in our lives.

Related: Why Putting Yourself First Makes you a Much Better Mom

A new way we should be thinking about the transition to motherhood

When a woman gets pregnant, she goes on a massive roller coaster of emotions, hormonal changes, and fear we’ve only encountered since puberty.

If you’ve ever struggled with not feeling adequate as a mom you need to watch this talk. You and I are not alone and are navigating a totally normal phase of life for us as women.

Related: 51 Ways to be a Fun Mom Even When You’re Stressed or Tired

Parenting rooted in kindness versus the expectations we create for our kids

We all have expectations on how our children should look and behave. Many of these expectations are actually fueled by the expectations of others and society.

We can instead, choose to raise our kids through kindness and compassion and build a solid relationship and lasting memories with our amazing children.

Related: 60 Fun Questions to Ask to Get to Know Your Child’s Heart

Here’s our permission to stop overparenting our kids

We all love our kids and want to help them achieve their best in life. But in all our effort, we can inadvertently hurt their ability to develop self-efficacy. And the good news is, our child’s success in life is not our job alone.

So the pressure’s off! Motherhood just got easier.

Children desperately need us to be there for them but not to make every decision in their life. We are there to inspire them to discover and follow their own unique path.

This is one of my favorite parenting related TED Talks. You’ll feel relieved after watching this.

Related: 9 Things Your Kid Really Needs But Doesn’t Know how to Tell You

A moving tribute to a mom’s greatest gift – mother’s intuition

I personally have experienced countless moments of mother’s intuition. I remember when my son was just three days old and we had been discharged from the hospital.

When we got home, I noticed that his eyes had a yellow tint and so did his skin. I called the pediatrician right away and was told that he didn’t appear to be Jaundiced in the hospital so it was likely nothing.

I felt led strongly to take him to the ER anyway. Even as we were being checked in, the nurses commented that he didn’t appear Jaundiced either. But I persisted that he be seen by a Doctor.

Once he was seen, the doctor also agreed that he had minimal yellowing but took his blood anyway. When the results came back, his levels were dangerously high and he was immediately rushed upstairs to be admitted.

We had to stay in the hospital for four more days. It was scary but I’m so thankful that God has given parents a special intuition to know when we should push a little further. It’s a gift!

This mother’s own story is a beautiful tribute to the divine workings of a loving God working in and through our lives as mothers.

These TED Talks are so encouraging and are proof that we are all in this together. That your struggles are likely my struggles too.

Share in the comments below which talk meant the most to you as a mom!

Struggling in motherhood? Stop and watch these amazing TED Talks for moms that'll make motherhood a bit easier! #kidsandparenting #parentingtips #parenting #kids The TED Talks for moms will inspire you to feel free as a mom and finally stop struggling with mom guilt! #momadvice #kidsandparenting #parenting #momlifeOverwhelmed with mom guilt? Stop struggling and find freedom with these 7 amazing TED Talks for moms! #momadvice #momlife #parenting

17 Family Christmas Pajamas – Perfect for the Whole Family

family christmas pajamas

Family Christmas pajamas are gaining in popularity in recent years. And just like the “ugly sweater” phenomenon doesn’t seem to be slowing down, matching Christmas family pajamas aren’t either.

I believe this is because it really takes the family Christmas card to the next level. And with social media platforms like Instagram, using photos to share our happiest moments isn’t going away.

And why should it? I love seeing families nestled together in front of the fire or Christmas tree. Even if that’s not their everyday reality… they’re still fun to enjoy!

Here are some great Christmas pajama sets you can buy for your family to take Christmas family pictures or to just enjoy opening gifts while matching.

These PJ’s totally bring out the Christmas spirit!

The Best Family Christmas Pajamas

family christmas pajamas

Christmas Lights Christmas Pajamas

Buy your set here!

Red Christmas Tree Pajamas

Check out this set here!

Red and Gray Dear Santa Pajamas

Check out this set here! 

Gray and White Polar Bear Pajamas

Check out this set here!

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Let it Snow Pajamas

Buy your set here! 

Green Button Up Snoopy Pajamas

Check out this set here! 

Green Striped “What the Elf” Pajamas

Check out this set here! 

Red Snowman Pajamas

Check out this set here!

Related: 51 Adorable Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers and Babies that Aren’t Junk

Red Striped Elf Pajamas

Grab your set here! 

Red Santa Pajamas

Check out this set here! 

Royal Blue Snowflakes Pajamas

Check out this set here!

Blue Penguin Pajamas

Check out this set here!

Reindeer Red Plaid Pajamas

Grab your set here! 

Christmas Tree Onesie Pajamas

Check out this set here! 

Red and White Warm and Cozy Pajamas

Check out this set here! 

Mama, Papa, and Baby Bear Pajamas

Check out this set here! 

Santa Merry Christmas Pajamas

Check out this set here!

Christmas Tree Delivery Pajamas

Check out this set here! 

We absolutely love these family Christmas pajama sets! Let me know when one is your favorite in the comments below.

These family christmas pajamas are perfect for your entire family. Bringing the joy back into the Holidays. #christmas #family #christmas #kidsandparenting #parenting

31 Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Teens That Don’t Suck!

stocking stuffers for kids and teens

I’ll be really honest, when I was a kid for some reason my stocking was my favorite part of the Christmas morning experience. It was something about pulling so many presents out of a single stocking. It was really magical to me!

As a mom though, stockings became a struggle for me and I hated buying things that seemed like junk just so I could throw it in their stockings at the last minute.

stocking stuffers for kids and teens

Not cool. So I got more intentional last Christmas in an effort to give my kids the same magical experience I had growing up.

My gift expedition was actually a lot of fun and I want to share with you many of the big hits and many more stocking stuffer ideas for kids. These stocking stuffer ideas will NOT be junk and may end up being your kids’ favorite toys this Christmas.

And the best part is… they are all under $10 each! I mean, stocking stuffers are supposed to be cheap.

Here we go!

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Stocking Stuffers for Kids

Girl Journal – This cool journal for girls is the perfect way to help your daughter stay connected to her hopes, dreams, and anything else!

Boy Journal – This cool journal for boys encourages bravery and allows them a secret place to write their fears, dreams, and plans.

Crayola Color Bath Dropz – Bathtime suddenly got more exciting with colorful, fizzy bath dropz! Just drop a tablet in your baby’s bath water and watch the magic happen. 

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers Mr. Sketch markers are always an easy hit with all kids. And this 12 pack will give your little artist endless color combos.

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Vintage Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses – These super stylish aviator sunglasses will score you serious points for Christmas. 

Kanoodle Brain Twisting Solitaire GameThis tiny game set offers kids over 200 brain-teasing puzzles in one compact little kit. Your kids will be using their brains and happily off their electronics for hours! This may be the best gift yet!

Superhero Cape – If you have a little superhero in your house like mine, this cute little cape and mask set is perfect. No more using all the blankets in the house! Available in many colors too.

Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy – This fishing bath toy is wonderful for developing hand-eye coordination in younger kids. Plus, it’s really fun to fish!

Mattel Games Blink – From the makers of Uno, this new card game promises to be the world’s fastest game! Plus, it’s a non-screen activity! 

LED Star Projector – Turn your kid’s room into their own planetarium with this LED star projector!

Projectables NightlightsThese cool nightlights aren’t any ordinary nightlight. These project your child’s favorite TV or movie characters right on their ceiling, wall, or floor. The soft light comes on automatically at dusk and turns off at dawn.

LOL Suprise Bling Series – We couldn’t resist adding one of the year’s hottest toys to our list. These small LOL mystery balls promise to bring a smile to your little kiddo this Christmas.

Marvel Themed Socks – Marvel is the hottest right now and these cool socks will be a great stocking stuffer for your little Marvel fan.

Christmas Themed Fuzzy Socks – Christmas morning isn’t complete without soft, fuzzy Christmas socks!

Braided Leather Unicorn Bracelet – This adorable leather bracelet is a great gift for your little fashion and jewelry lover! Plus, there are many colors and designs to choose from.

Whimsical Bracelet Hair Ties – These colorful bracelet style elastic hair ties are so cute for the little girl who loves getting her hair done.

Kids Junior Aviator Classic Sunglasses – These cool aviator style sunglasses are perfect for your fashionable kid. Plus, they come with their own zippered protective case. 

Cream Scented Unicorn Squishy – My kids are crazy able squishies and this slow-rising unicorn squishy is super cute. 

Scented Galaxy Slime – This scented, stress relieving slime is galaxy colored and comes in a 2-pack egg container.

Kinetic Sand, 3lbs Beach SandKinetic sand is very cool and giving kids their own 3 lbs of sand is a fun stocking stuffer. 

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes – These mini rainbow notes pack allow kids to create notes and doodles in rainbow-colored writing. 

American Girl BooksThe Care and Keeping of You book is all about growing up and going through puberty. A Smart Girl’s Guide: Drama, Rumors & Secrets is about growing up and navigating relationships. 

Winter Wonderland Color by Number Book – Kids will love these color by number pages with a fun Christmas theme. 

Earbuds with Macaroon Case – These adorable earbuds will easily be a stocking stuffer favorite!

Silly Donut Knee High Socks – Your little girl will love these silly and fashionable knee-high socks. There are many colors and styles.

Leather headphones cord keepers – These cool little cord keepers will keep headphones and other cords from getting tangled. Plus, they come in lots of cool colors.

Great Kids and Teen Books

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

The Giver by Lois Lowry

Hello Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly

Wonder by R. J. Palacio

The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

These stocking stuffer ideas are sure to give you some great inspiration for your own stockings! Let us to your favorite ideas in the comments below!

Looking for stocking stuffer ideas for your baby or toddler? Check them out here! 

Get these cool stocking stuffer ideas for kids and teens in time for Christmas. Christmas gift ideas for kids! #kidsandparenting #parenting #christmas #holidays #kidsThese cool stocking stuffer ideas for kids promise to be winners. Plus, they're all under $10! #kidsandparenting #parenting #parentingtips #momadvice #kids #christmas #holidays

51 Adorable Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers and Babies that Aren’t Junk

Stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers and babies

Just because you have toddlers and babies doesn’t mean they can’t join in the stocking stuffer fun on Christmas morning! My stockings were always my favorite part of the opening presents experience.

If you’re looking for super fun ideas for stocking stuffers for toddlers or babies, you’ve come to the right place!

Stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers and babies

All of these stocking stuffers are perfect for little ones and every idea promises to NOT be junk. I don’t believe in wasting money, even on Christmas.

If you’re looking for Christmas stocking stuffer ideas for kids check them out here.

Oh, and did I say that all of these stocking stuffers are all under $10? Yep! So, have fun shopping and filling up those cute little stockings!

If you don’t yet have a stocking for your little Christmas sweetie, check out these adorable stockings. Here’s one for your baby’s first Christmas!

While we’re in the Christmas spirit, here are 16 Family Christmas tradition ideas that’ll create magical memories with your kids!

51 Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers and Babies

Learning Toys


Highchair Wonder Wheel Activity Center – Highchair time can make your toddler restless so having a stick-on activity center will keep them happy and occupied with this fun learning toy.

Colorful Stacking Cups –  These fun stacking cups are perfect for toddler learning and development and make a great on the go toy.

Oball Shaker Rattle – We love anything Oball makes and this is no exception. This vibrant and easy to hold shaker helps strengthen little muscles and keeps them active and having fun making sounds.

Sassy Fishy Fascination Station – This fishy highchair toy will be sure to keep your baby happy and learning in their highchair! 

Developmental Bumpy Ball – This sensory bumpy ball will keep your baby engaged and exploring many textures and shapes.

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Bath Time

Crayola Color Bath Dropz – Bathtime suddenly got more exciting with colorful, fizzy bath dropz! Just drop a tablet in your baby’s bath water and watch the magic happen. 

Bath Turtle Swimmers – Your kids will be begging for bathtime to see these cute little turtle swimmers swim all around their bathtub!

Munchkin Fishin’ Bath Toy – This fishing bath toy is wonderful for developing hand-eye coordination in toddlers and younger kids. Plus, it’s really fun to fish!

Glittery Toddler ToothbrushColorful easy grip toothbrushes are perfect for little hands.

Swimming Penguin Bath Toy – Wind up this swimming penguin for endless bathtime fun for your little one.

Little Boat Train – These colorful and stackable little boats connect together to create a fun bathtime floating train.

Arts and Crafts

Stackable GiBot Toddlers Crayons – These fun toddler crayons are full of vibrant colors and add to the fun with their chunky and stackable shapes. 

Crayola My First Safety Scissors – Toddler’s love cutting and pasting! These colorful toddler safety scissors will be the hit of craft time. 

Washable Markers for Toddlers – Your little one will be able to easily grip and create with these special tripod markers made for toddlers

My First Toddler Coloring Book – Your budding artist can use those colorful crayons and markers with this adorable animal-inspired coloring book.

ABC Sticker Activity Book – Your little one will have tons of sticker fun with this ABC learning book.

Washable Bright Fingerpaint – Buying your child finger paints got elevated you to Coolest Mom Ever status!

Fingerprint & Draw: Animals & Insects – Finger painting just got more fun with this fun finger painting book featuring all things animals and insects. 

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Feeding and Drinking

Paw Patrol Sippy Cup – Getting your toddler a new character sippy cup is a great gift. Especially, if they are hesitant to transition from their bottles. These Munchkin 360 sippy cups are amazing!

Skip Hop Toddler Snack Cup – These adorable snack cups in the theme of a puppy, ladybug, or butterfly will make snack time so much fun.

Colorful Munchkin Ultinsels – Your busy toddler will love eating with these fun and colorful utensils!

Colorful Suction Cup Bowls – Keep your little ones food on the table with these handy suction cup bowls.

Nuby iMonster No-Spill Cup – This fun monster sippy cup will easily become your little one’s favorite cup.

Nuby 3-D Monster Snack Keeper – Snacktime will become an adventure as your toddler reaches into the adorable monster’s mouth for their snack.

stocking stuffers for toddlers and babies


Animal Crawling Knee Socks – Keep your little crawlers legs protected with these fun animal print knee socks. 

Colorful Toddler Hair Bows – If your toddler has a lot of hair, these sweet little hair bows are sure to keep every hair in place… until playtime that is.

Floral print Knotted Head Bands – Every baby girl needs these adorable little-knotted headbands!

The Coolest Baby Aviator Sunglasses – These unisex baby aviator sunglasses are simply the coolest accessory for your baby or toddler.

Teething Toys

Nuby Gel Teether Key Set – Your teething toddler or baby will love these cute teether keys. Just pop them in the freezer or refrigerator for a cooling soother!

Award Winning Giraffe Teether – The Bambam giraffe teether is made of soft chewable silicone and earned the 2019 Parent’s Picks Award.

Nuby Teething Mitten – This soft teething mitten is the perfect little teether for those babies that like to chew a lot.

Musical and Light up Toys

Baby Einstein Hand Musical Toy – This little classical music maker is a great toy to play soothing music anywhere!

VTech Baby Rattle & Sing Puppy – This musical puppy rattle is adorable and promises to keep your little baby happy. 

VTech Baby Happy Lights Bear – This cute little musical bear is the perfect buddy who sings songs and lights up.

Ocean Glow Sensory Shaker – This cute little light up octopus plays musical and glows at the touch of baby’s hands.

Cuddly Toys

Soft Animal Finger Puppets – These little animal finger puppets are so fun for creative moments of imaginative play.

Aurora Unicorn Plush 

Hedgehog Plush 

GUND Winky Lamb Stuffed Rattle

Animal Lovey Security Blanket – This sweet little owl is the cutest as it has its own soft security blanket that neatly tucks inside.

Dr. Brown’s Lovey Pacifier – These adorable lion acts as a cuddly lovey while attached to baby’s pacifier offering baby double soothing.


Unicorn Coloring Book

Dinosaur Coloring Book

Welcome Little One by Sandra Magsamen 

The Going-To-Bed Book by Sandra Boynton

Giraffes Can’t Dance by Giles Andreae

God Bless You and Good Night by Hannah Hall

Dream Snow by Eric Carle

Llama Llama Jingle Bells by Anna Dewdney

On the Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman

Fisher Price “My First Books” – set of 4 baby board books.

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We hope you really have fun with this list and fill your toddler’s stocking with many of these fun gifts! Let us know in the comments below which ideas are your favorites!

Christmas season is almost here and this list is full of awesome stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers and babies. Best of all, every ideas is NOT junk and under $10! #kidsandparenting #parenting #babies #toddler #ChrstimasThese adorable stocking stuffers are especially for toddlers and sweet little babies. Plus, they are great and not one is junk! #kidsandparenting #parenting #parentingtips #christmas #holidays