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The 1 Thing You Should be Focusing On More Than Page Views to Grow Your Blog

Developing a content strategy

Developing a content strategy

If you’re a blogger, chances are, driving traffic to your blog is probably at the very top of your blogging priority list. I just want to quickly jump out there and say that the “chasing pageviews” blogging strategy may not be your best one.

That’s because it relies way too much on factors you can’t control, like social media algorithms. And doesn’t focus enough on building your tribe and serving your readers. When pageviews are the goal, bloggers are typically working to qualify for higher paying ad and brand networks so they can start making money with their blog.

When this philosophy is the driving force of your blog, things are missed. The focus is primarily on creating posts to get clicks.

I’m not going to say this isn’t a real or effective strategy. It’s being used by many successful bloggers and they are probably happy that they’re making a steady flow of income from their blog. For now, until something happens and their free traffic channels dry up.

I’ll say, however, this method isn’t great for building a solid platform for which all your other efforts will stand on. Efforts that work to serve your tribe. And equally isn’t building a foundation for making a meaningful impact with your blog.

If you’re a passionate blogger like I am, you’ll want to focus instead on who your ideal reader is, what their biggest struggles are (as it pertains to your blog), and how to best connect with them and serve them on a more meaningful level.

If you’re new to blogging, you’ll want to read my startup guide first:

How to Start a Blog and Make it a Thriving Business From Day One

Your Blog is Your Foundation

Your blog should be your foundation, not the end-all-be-all. If your weekly blog posts are as far as your plan goes, you’re missing a MAJOR opportunity to make a far bigger impact and will find it extremely difficult to get off the blogging hampster wheel.

Early in my blog journey,  I was doing #AllTheThings with my blog. Everything that the experts said I should do. The funny thing is when I first started my blog I had HUGE dreams and plans to do things way beyond my blog itself. In fact, the very reason I launched my blog was to build my platform so I could realize my dream of becoming a published author.

I took Michael Hyatt’s course Published over 5 years ago. He taught that in order for publishers to work with a new author, that writer must create and build their own platform first. So, I set out to embark on the scary and exciting journey of blogging.

So you see, I already knew the power of the concepts I’m sharing here. But I got sucked into to the temptation to make my blog my entire focus and take the easy road of not putting in the work of creating lasting resources for my readers that were designed to make their lives better in some way. To connect way beyond the blog post.

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How to Build Your Blog’s Foundation

If you put too much energy and focus on finding ways to increase your page views and traffic to your blog without a lasting plan, you could be hurting your blog in the end.

Let me ask you 3 questions:

Do you know who your reader is?

Is the content on your blog serving your readers well?

Are you taking them on a deeper journey?

If you don’t confidently know the answers to those questions, your content is probably not meeting your reader’s needs and they’ll go searching elsewhere.

If the desire to make a more meaningful and lasting impact with your blog speaks to you, then your main focus should be your content strategy and product creation vs. the pageviews model. Even if you have tons of traffic coming to your site because of a viral pin or post but you don’t have any other content for them to consume, or if your content is disjointed and doesn’t tell a story… they aren’t coming back.

If you don’t have products or services to offer that will help your readers on a deeper level, you’re missing an opportunity.

And in the times many of us including myself are experiencing when traffic is down (and happens to every blogger) I can stay calm knowing that my blog is still a valuable resource for my readers.  And regular readers and email list subscribers will still be loving my blog even though new readers are low.

Complete Blog Post Planner

A Winning Content Strategy

So how do you create a winning content strategy?

1. Know Who Your Ideal Reader Really is

You are ideally creating content for one perfect person. The person isn’t perfect… but they are a person who’s perfect for you and your blog. Write them down, give him/her a name and an identity. Create content only for them! While other’s may still love your content… you’re not writing for them – just for your avatar.

2. Know Their Biggest Pain Points, Struggles, and Deep-felt Needs.

When you know this, you can easily create endless and super helpful content that solves their problems, eases their anxieties, and validates the beliefs they already believe. Your content then becomes magnetic! Remember your blog is all about them and not about you.

3. Create a Focused Content Schedule

It’s time to create a content schedule that takes your reader on a journey from where they are to where they want to be. Your content should be a roadmap for their personal growth in whatever area you share on your blog.

It can be a journey from living as a disorganized, overwhelmed mom to an organized and happy mom who knows how to keep her home free from clutter. Or you could be a travel blogger who helps people travel the world on a budget learning everything they need to know to live their dream of becoming a world traveler without having to hit the lotto first.

4. Create Products Beyond Your Blog Posts

This is a loaded point, so I’ll try to keep it simple here. Start by offering something valuable for free in exchange for adding them to your email list. This is important because having a growing and engaged email list is like having your own traffic channel that you can tap into anytime. Just send and super friendly and helpful email.

Next, you want to add a larger version of that free product and create a paid version. You may be thinking why not just offer all your amazing wisdom for free on your blog. Sure, that seems to make sense. There are just two problems with that, products and services are a highly effective way to make money with your blog.

But even more importantly, it increases your authority and trust with your readers because you’ve taken the time to create a system, wrote an entire book, or build a course to help them make a positive change in their lives. If you’re suddenly feeling pangs of guilt for charging for your wisdom, let me stop you right there!

Russell Brunson, the creator of ClickFunnels talks a lot about how people won’t make a meaningful change in their own lives until they make an investment… usually a monetary investment. Just think about your own perceived value of free information. It’s not high, right?

Think about how you instinctively treat something as more valuable and important if you’ve paid money for it. I can’t tell you how many free programs I’ve downloaded and never went back to. I can’t say I’ve EVER done that with a paid course! Once I see that “your payment has been processed” message come up… I’m all in until I’ve completed the program.

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When you put a price tag on something, people instantly feel the opportunity to make a meaningful investment in their lives and are more likely to put in the work necessary to make that change.

If you stick to this strategy week in and week out, your blog WILL GROW and because you’ve focused on creating an epic blog without an identity crisis, your readers’ lives will be changed and your blog will really mean something to them. That’s what being a passionate blogger is all about!

Social media is a method to find and connect with your readers to bring them back to your winning content. But social media can be fickle and changes all the time. So building a business that serves your readers will never be a waste of time.

Share in the comments how you uniquely serve your blog’s readers? Do you have a book or a course that’s getting amazing results?

Instead of endlessly chasing pageviews as a busy blogger, learn how to develop a solid content strategy that will serve your readers and keep them coming back!

The Only Way to Effectively Get Rid of Negative Behavior Patterns in Your Home

The Only Way to Effectively Get Rid of Negative Behavior Patterns

The Only Way to Effectively Get Rid of Negative Behavior Patterns

All behavior and all choices – both good and bad – stem from one process. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrases, what goes around comes around, you’ll reap what you sow, or even karma’s a ____. All these phrases are rooted in one powerful principle that drives all behavior. That is the Principle of Sowing and Reaping.

If we don’t understand how this principle works, it’ll wreak havoc in our lives and families. Selfishness and bad behavior will ultimately take over and more will continue to grow, creating a cycle that’s really hard to break.

Yes, I literally meant grow. That’s because all behavior and decisions start with a seed. That seed is a thought. If that thought-seed (whatever it is) is allowed to stay, lounge around, and grab a few meals – chances are it’s going to stay and grow more.

As that thought hangs around for awhile, it’s going to force itself out of your mouth in the form of words and conversation. Have you ever had a new concept enter your mind and after you pondered it for a while you started talking about it to everyone around you?

That’s when the real fun begins!

That’s because our words, whether we realize it or not, are extremely powerful! I can’t emphasize that enough.

Our words have creative ability and have the power to shape our world. In other words, we’ll have what we say.

Sadly, most of the time we don’t even pay attention to our thoughts or the things we say. Words today are so loose and unintentional. But in reality, our words are everything.

And the combination of our thoughts and words together and the building blocks to all behavior and habits. If we learn to understand this, we have the ability to have mastery over bad habits and choices and cultivate good ones. We can teach these same principles to our kids and help them also develop a lifestyle of good, healthy behaviors.

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The Process of Growing Postive Behavior

I come from a line of proud, hard-working farmers.  People who give their hearts, hands, and lives to the cycle of seed, time, and harvest. Those who spend their lives cultivating crops with the sole purpose of seeing the seeds sown in the planting season grow to a harvest.

They love the life of farming. They plant the seeds that bring life to those who eat from the harvest. The purpose of sowing is to reap the harvest!

If an invasion of insatiable insects or a season of unrelenting drought were to fall on the land it could lead to a devastating crop failure. A farmer’s worst nightmare.  The worst possible scenario.

All that work down the drain.  Dead.

When we think of farming, a crop failure is a really bad thing.  After all, farmers spend the entire planting season sowing a particular type of seed in anticipation of a specific harvest.

But what if the farmer realized that he was sowing the wrong seed? What if instead of the seeds he thought he was sowing, he was actually planting seeds from weeds that would choke out the rest of his crops?

What should he do then? There’s no easy answer to that question.

One thing I’m sure of… hard, intentional work is required.

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We are Farmers of Our Own Choices

I’m no farmer.  I wasn’t raised in the farming life. We moved around a lot as a military family whose parents left the farm life they knew to serve our country.

We were raised as city kids. I actually have a really brown thumb.  My daughter once brought home from 1st grade a precious little lima bean surrounded by a beautifully decorated pot for Mother’s Day.  She was so proud of it.  I made a vow to keep this one – ALIVE. But no matter how hard I tried.  It eventually died.

So, I am truly not a farmer of real seeds and plants.  But I am a farmer.

We all are. We are farmers of our own behaviors.

And these habits and behaviors all spring up from the seeds of our thoughts, words, and actions.

And the harvest we end up with depends on the type of seeds we sow. In order to live the life we really want, we must first plant the seeds of the right thoughts, words, and actions. And then watch them grow.

Seeds of selflessness instead of selfishness.

Seeds of encouragement instead of doubt.

Seeds of strength instead of weakness.

Seeds of respect instead of contempt.

Seeds of love instead of hate.

We’ve gotta be more like that farmer who chooses the right seed to get the harvest he needs. Sure, my example is pretty far-fetched. That a farmer would accidentally sow seeds from weeds into his fields. I mean, who keeps weed seeds anyway?!

But in our every day lives, it can be an all too frequent habit.

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We all have good intentions of thinking the right thoughts, saying the right words, and doing the right things. But before we realize it, we’ve already dropped some bad seed in our fields. And too often, that seed has time to remain, fall into the soil, and gets watered. Then we look up one day and wonder why we have weeds in our fields… choking the life out of our precious harvest.

So what does that mean in our busy, everyday lives?

It means the decisions we make every day get planted deep in the soil of our lives and families.  Seeds that will eventually grow into a harvest for us to reap. Remember the statement – you will reap what you sow? Meaning you’ll get back in your life what you put out to others.

This is a biblical truth – a law that God set in motion. I don’t know about you, but I don’t always want to receive back what I put out! Read several scriptures on sowing and reaping here.

Seedling growing in pots

How to Stop the Cycle of Bad Behavior

Honestly, I strive to live my life by the instructions that I teach my children, which is to treat others the way we’d like to be treated.   But the truth is – I don’t always live by that.  I sometimes, better yet, many times put myself – my needs, my wants, and my desires before others.

As a result, my selfish acts create more selfishness in my life.  More directly, it creates more selfishness right in my home.

There was a particular season years ago, where I wanted my husband to see me in a new and better light.  I felt like he didn’t see me the way I wanted him to see me.  I constantly felt the need to defend myself and my actions. But in reality, my actions, or rather my seeds, were talking louder than my words.

We don’t need to use our words to tell others how we are. Our day to day actions are already doing that.

But I wanted to say, “I’m not selfish!”  “I care about all of you more than myself!” But the truth was, my actions were saying something different.  I was reaping and eating the harvest that grew from the seeds I’d been sowing. I was sowing “all about me” seed and eventually, my husband started to see me by the harvest that was coming up all around me.

Ouch! Can you relate?

The sad part about it was I couldn’t stand the thought of anyone seeing me in that light. I’m thankful that he always fought to see and believe the very best in me; which probably gave me the strength to change. But it was hard, I’m sure, to see past all the weeds shooting up around me.

And I wanted to be seen as the selfless, caring woman that I desperately wanted to be.  But I wasn’t… not yet. Because I was sowing the wrong seed. All of a sudden I realized – I needed to stop watering those weeds!  I needed that harvest to be destroyed and plucked up to make room for me to plant some new seed.

I decided to make a change and in that moment, I went from a guest at my own pity party to a farmer sowing seeds of love into my own life.

The truth is, the fastest and best way to stop an unwanted harvest is to stop sowing and feeding the bad seed and immediately start sowing good seed.  It’s as simple as that!

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Plant with the Desired End in Mind

Farming always starts with the end in mind. If an apple farmer wants to plant more apple trees, he is wise to plant apple seeds.  He will be careful not to sow orange seeds, or else he’ll end up with an unwanted harvest.

We need to decide what kind of life we want to live.  What kind of marriage we want to be in. What kind of children we want to raise. And then start planting the seeds that will produce the harvest we want instead of the ones we don’t want.

Unfortunately, there will be a temptation to stay in your current state of dissatisfaction.  The danger is, if the bad harvest isn’t destroyed and new seeds planted – the harvest gets bigger, stronger, and deeper.

This is where we get into big trouble in our marriages, friendships, and relationships with our children.  Given sufficient time and nurturing; the hurt and disappointment will grow strong limbs and deep roots. A huge, old oak tree is much harder to remove than a small sapling.

If you’re experiencing a harvest that you aren’t satisfied with; ask yourself if you too are sowing the wrong seed.

Change always starts with the person who desires the change.  If you want something in your family to change; you have to be brave enough to start the change within yourself first.

Make a decision to do a self-evaluation on the harvests in your life.  If there’s anything that you don’t like in your life; consider you may need to plant some new seed. To help you get started, use this simple 3 step process!

3 Simple Steps to Change

To keep this process super simple and make it easy to teach our children, I’m using an acronym – S.O.W.

The first step is the S:

Start with the End in Mind. If you decide upfront what type of life, relationship, or home life you desire than start sowing that kind of seed.

If you want more patient children, start sowing patience with them.

If you want a more intimate relationship with your husband, start sowing intimate seed. Start flirting in subtle ways.

See where I’m going with this?

The next step is the O:

Open yourself up to new experiences. Change is hard but in order to reap a new harvest, it’s necessary. As you begin thinking new and better thoughts and doing new and better things you must stick with it!

The final step is the W:

Wait for the harvest. Seeds require time to grow.  It’s not an overnight process.  The step in between seed and harvest is – TIME. Even if you stop planting bad seed and start planting new seed; the people around you aren’t necessarily going to see the evidence immediately.

So put on courage and be prepared to push on to change even if others still see you the same way you were.  Trust me, if you stick with your decision to do the right thing and don’t give up – you WILL reap the harvest. And harvests are ALWAYS visible to others.  So keep at it, and they will see and your life will be better because you didn’t give up.

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Share with us, what new seed are you committing to planting in your life? Share in the comments below!

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Learning to Fully Embrace the True Value of Being a Mom!

How to fully embrace your value as a mom

Of all the titles you walk in every day, which one gives you the most satisfaction and personal pride. Which title makes you feel the most important, valued, and accomplished? Is it Mom? Or does successful business owner, minister, writer, manager, or blogger come to mind first?

Our society rewards women who “do” things outside of running a home and raising a family. Even as moms, we love titles like working mom, work-at-home mom, mom blogger, and stay-at-home mom.

As if the title Mom isn’t enough on its own.

As girls, we’re bred with ambition like it’s in our milk as infants. And while I’m an extremely ambitious woman myself and equally teach my girls to be the same, I had a very misguided perspective about how to actually be a mother today.

Maybe you do too?

I’m that mom who always dreamed of being a mother since as far back as I can remember. As a little girl, I had more dolls than made sense, but for me, each one had a name and a place in my make-believe family. I sat endlessly daydreaming about one day having a family of my own.

I remember borrowing my mom’s JCPenney and Sear’s catalogs to cut out pictures of baby furniture and other house stuff so I could make little collages with the cutouts on construction paper. I would lay out these imaginary rooms and let my thoughts play endlessly. I now know I was actually creating vision boards and didn’t know it!

Obviously, the doll stage passed me by, but the desire to be a mother stayed. As I grew into a young woman that desire only grew stronger. It’s funny, the things as a mother I sometimes take for granted now; are just the things I wanted so badly to do as that childless young woman.

In my early twenties, I would long to be able to do my grocery shopping with a toddler sitting in that little seat that I now use for my purse because all too often I go shopping alone. For obvious reasons!

It took us 4 1/2 agonizing years to get pregnant and one heart-wrenching miscarriage at 13 weeks, but motherhood finally came and I’m now a mom to three amazing kids. I’m seriously so grateful!

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Overcoming the Invisible Struggles of Motherhood

But no matter how strong my desire for motherhood always was, my heart was divided and I didn’t know it. Subtle seeds of insignificance had been planted in my heart all along the way. The insignificance of motherhood.

The value of motherhood in our society is slowly eroding. And no matter how much desire I had to become a mother; when the day finally came, I struggled to actually be a mother.

Are you struggling in motherhood now? If you are… stick with me, my friend!

Over the years, I always felt divided. Always choosing between my family and my work. When I left the corporate world while I was pregnant with my first baby; I went to work with my husband in our real estate company. I later added a high-paced ministry position at my church to the mix. I became a “Work-at-Home Mom” and honestly, that title felt great to my ego.

All this “work” made me feel valued and important. Meanwhile, the work I did for my family felt less and less valuable and important. These thoughts and feelings were buried deep; ones I didn’t even know were there. But they were always guiding my decisions and actions.

I prided myself on all the ways I “contributed” with regards to my work. Once a friend of mine made a simple comment about how she thought I stayed at home and didn’t work. I came just short of jumping down her throat about all the work I had to do. I was totally trying to validate myself in that moment.

Sad, when I think about it now.

Meanwhile, at home, I was absolutely in love with my husband and children but I was largely going through the motions. I was confused and overburdened. I would actually feel guilty for taking a break from “work” to fold laundry and play with the kids.

Yes, I had issues! I’m free to laugh about them now, though.

This cycle continued until January of 2013 when God took me by the hand on a life-changing journey. This journey was the start of my healing and changed my heart toward who I am and who I was called to be. The process took over a year and is still going.

I believe all change, good or bad, takes place in the heart – and mine was in desperate need of help. I was up and down emotionally all the time. It was simply a result of my heart being divided.

I devalued the part of me that was one of the most valuable… being a mom.

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The Harmful Devaluation of Motherhood

I remember as a teenager watching an Oprah episode featuring mothers. This was the early 90’s so feminism was on the rise. It featured a group of mothers who were divided into two sections on opposite sides of the stage. Working moms on one side and stay-at-home moms on the other.

It was a real drama fest. I remember wondering why these moms were so angry and took such pleasure in vilifying the other group. Especially, since they were both raising the children they loved… just doing it differently.

But I  believe some seeds were planted in my heart that day and I picked up a few more along the way. The moms who chose to stay home were portrayed as old-fashioned, lacking in creativity, and maybe even a little lazy.

I didn’t like that feeling.

Meanwhile, the working moms were shown as the only ones who chose to “use” their gifts and talents to contribute to the world.

I wanted to contribute to the world too.

I stood there that day believing the lie because I didn’t want to be seen as old-fashioned, lacking in creativity, and lazy by the world. So over time, without realizing it, I put my work up on a pedestal. Every day measuring my personal value by it.

I never had anything against moms who chose to stay at home and raise their children full time, but it wasn’t going to be me. I was a Work-From-Home-Mom. Can’t you see me standing tall wearing my flowing mom cape?!

That title sounded so much better. So much more accomplished. And it provided the bonus of telling myself that my children were better off because I was at home with them.

Boy, was I wrong.

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HomeMaking Simplified 7 Day Planner

The Title Mom is Enough All By Itself

But before I go on. I want to be clear that I’m not talking about the stuff I was or wasn’t doing on the outside. You know, my to-do list, my schedule, or my goal list. I’m talking about the condition of my heart.

If my main focus as a mother was about how I was viewed by others; I was truly doing a disservice to my family. It simply doesn’t matter if we work outside the home, inside the home, or devote all our work toward our home and children. If we have misplaced values, we’re doomed from the start.

As mothers, we were created to value our right privilege to be mothers. Raising children is the greatest calling on the planet. And we can’t get by with giving only a portion of our heart toward it.

What I’m continuing to learn is just how magnificently beautiful the gem of motherhood is. It’s priceless! I took the world’s word for it and undervalued what I had. And I thank God that His loving grace showed me the truth.

And the first step on the path to truth is to lay our coveted titles down – stay-at-home, working mother, work-at-home mom.

The title MOM is more than enough!

The truth is, these titles don’t mean anything, really.

Mom. Mother. Mommy. Mum. They don’t need any help or added credibility by adding anything to it. Mom is the most honorable title of all!

As women and mothers, we should be lifting each other up instead of pulling each other down.

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Motherhood Doesn’t Require Perfection

Motherhood has a whole lot less to do with what you do and how you do it… but everything to do with what’s in your heart.

Motherhood doesn’t require perfection, it just requires your whole heart.

I’m so far from perfect! I’m that mom who’s always forgetting permission slips, showing up late or even on the wrong day for appointments, and never seems to pack enough snacks for my kids on days out. On many days… I feel like a real mess.

Please tell me I’m not alone on this!

But even with all that messy craziness, I’ve made it a point in the last few years to be fully present and invested in my kids. I now understand that my value as a mom and as a woman isn’t about the things I “do” but about who I “am.”

I AM a Loving Mom!

And I choose to lay down the guilt, the opinions of others, my doubts, my insecurities, and my fears. And just enjoy being the mom I am and not constantly comparing myself to all the other seemingly more-together moms I know and see on Instagram.

It’s not to say I no longer struggle with the realities of working from home and running a hectic home life. But I’ve learned to go with the flow more and fully understand the true value of motherhood. I may still feel divided between writing blog posts or doing the laundry sometimes, but I never feel divided in my heart about which is more valuable!

Do you struggle in your motherhood journey? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Motherhood can be so hard and so rewarding. Motherhood struggles are very real. Learn how to fully love where you are as a mom today! #Motherhood #MothersDayWhy the title Mom is more than enough! Start loving your motherhood journey today and leave those mental struggles behind! #Motherhood #MothersDayDo you struggle with finding true value being a mom? Stop struggling today and fully love where you are as a mom! #MothersDay #Motherhood

What it Really Means to Love Your Body & How You Can Love Yours Today

How to love your body

How to love your body

Do you love your body the way it is right now? Maybe you’re answering me with the side-eye. But seriously… what does it really mean to love your body? In order to answer the body-love question, we need to talk about what love is.

When you love something, you give it your attention, you care for it, and you want it to be in the best condition possible. If we love our bodies it means we give our body the right attention, we care well for it, and we want it to be in the best condition possible.

It doesn’t mean that when we look in the mirror, we see an image of perfection starring back. That’s not love… it’s admiration.

While you may have goals to achieve a higher level of fitness or lose those baby pounds still hanging on from ten years ago, finally loving your body means to care more about the condition of your body than how you fit in your skinny jeans.

The fact is, we only get one body… and when that one is done working – that’s it. As harsh as that may sound, it’s true. And what’s also true is we often put our physical needs at the absolute bottom of the priority list.

I don’t need to give you the car maintenance analogy here. You’re too smart for that. You know our bodies need preventative care and attention in order to stay in top condition. And we need to fuel up on the best nutrition for our individual bodies – not the kids’ leftover scraps and breakfast bars in the cupboard. Guilty of that one, some days!

We also need to go in for annual check-ups and physicals to be sure there aren’t any problems we’re not aware of. And listen to the built-in warning bells that go off in our bodies when something’s not right.

They tell us when we’re too stressed, too tired, or something more serious is going on. In short, we need to take our health seriously. And yes, that’s all a part of loving our bodies!

Love Your Body Through Good Nutrition

What goes into your body is the fuel it runs on. And if you’re like me, you’ve got a thriving family to take care of, a boat-load of work on my desk to do, and iceberg sized dreams I’m working on revealing to the world; so I don’t have the luxury of running on cheap fuel.

I’m guessing you don’t either!

The buzzword today is “healthy.” Eat healthy. Cook healthy. Live healthy.

The truth is healthy can mean different things to different people. And we need to take the initiative to investigate what’s good for us and our family. And just to be clear, I’m no health expert. But none of us need to be rocket scientists to figure out what is and what isn’t good for us.

I’ll also add that I’m not a huge fan of diets because most diets were created to do for a short season and not built for the long haul. And in some circumstances that may be the right call. But most of the time people pick up outlandish diet plans on their own without the help of their doctor.

They may even lose weight, but end up gaining it all back and then some because they didn’t have a transition plan for the rest of their life.

So in the general sense, I’m a total fan of lifestyle changes. Things that you either add to your life or take away and stick with forever. For example, switching out all white grain products for whole, unprocessed grains is something you can easily do and stick to forever.

You can make the decision to stop drinking sugary drinks like soda. Still working on this one!

If you’re not currently filling your body on a daily basis with wholesome, nourishing foods I urge you to do some research to find an eating plan that works for you. And stick to it!

To get you started here are some basics that anyone can add to their lifestyle every day:
Drinking water. The more the better.
Reducing or eliminating processed foods. Using frozen is oftentimes better than boxes meals, but certainly not in every case.
Adding whole foods like veggies and fruits to every meal. They add fiber and nutrients that your body needs for peak performance. Think premium fuel.
Swapping white, bleached grains for the whole version (brown rice, whole wheat pasta.)
Reducing the added sugar in your diet. But NOT replacing them with artificial sugars either. The real sugar is better than the fake. So, make small changes if needed.

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Love Your Body Through Exercise

Getting exercise is something you either love or hate. There’s rarely a middle ground with exercise. But one thing we all want is to be “successful” in life and our businesses.

What if I told you most successful people exercise as a priority in their daily routine. There’s totally a close correlation between high productivity and high physical activity.

If you’re on the fence about working out, think of it this way – exercise just may be the key you need to take your life goals to the next level. And you’ll get a rockin’ body in the process!

One of the other FABULOUS benefits of physical activity is the burst of energy that comes with it! And the older I get, the less I care about my Mommy Tummy and the more I crave ENERGY!

And as crazy as it seems, you have to give out energy to get more back in return. But it’s so well worth the time and effort. Studies now show that exercise helps combat depression more effectively than medication – without the side effects!

And there are so many other benefits like helping you actually stay on track with your eating. You just worked really hard and aren’t going to let your kid’s Twinky take you down! Your mind becomes more clear and my brain fog goes away. My energy level soars and I don’t feel like I’m dragging my body around anymore. And of course, your butt gets tighter and everything else with it! I’ll take that!

I don’t think it’s always necessary to have a specific plan or get overly analytic when it comes to exercise. But if you have medical or physical challenges, you should always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise plan.

But overall, if you find something you love or at least enjoy that gets your heart pumping every day – I say go for it! I personally can’t get to the gym at this season in my life, so I exercise in my living room in the evenings with my kiddos and this gives us all something fun to do together.

And the best part is it gets them wiped out for bedtime!

Love Your Body Through Style

Do you feel like a woman every day? I mean, yes you’re a woman. But I’m talking about expressing the woman before the baby weight, throw-up or food stains on your shirt, and yoga pants.

I’m talking about the woman before sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts became your signature look. This is not as much as an issue for moms who work outside the home because obviously you’re required to look presentable for work. Right?

But for those of us who stay or work in the home – I’m talking to you. Everyone always envisions the one day they’ll be able to work from home where they can tromp around in their PJ’s and bunny slippers all day. Though this is great for vacation days, it’s not recommended for everyday use. Sorry to wreck the dream.

Getting up and putting real clothes on in the morning will do wonders for your productivity and overall mindset!

You’re sending signals to your brain that this isn’t the weekend or a vacation day. That there’s real work to be done and it’s important.

I personally wear jeans and a cute yet comfortable top every day. It’s my uniform. I have a collection of flats that are comfortable and stylish that I can slip on instead of athletic sneakers. If you need some amazing style inspiration for real mom life, check out GetYourPrettyOn!

I’m always dressed in a way that allows me to be ready for anything. If the mailman rings the doorbell I don’t need to run and hide. If the school calls and I need to run to pick up my child, if I have a meeting to attend, or if I need to run a quick errand – I’m always ready.

In addition to getting dressed, I also put on makeup and make my hair presentable. Now, I know some of you are naturally gorgeous and don’t wear makeup. That’s awesome for you! Seriously, I’m jealous.

But for me, I need to cover some things up and accentuate others. But to be clear, I don’t spend nearly as much time on my face and hair as I did before kids. I used to flat iron my long hair every day. And I haven’t done that in years. In fact, I’m not sure I ever will. I have a lot of hair!

But the point is, I’m still doing what makes me feel good. And that’s what’s important. If you don’t put on makeup or brush your hair and avoid looking in the mirror – STOP!

If you don’t feel beautiful, that’s a shame. You are beautiful and should feel that way EVERY DAY. For the most part, most of us won’t be walking around feeling like supermodels, but we don’t feel like we’re scaring the children either.

You deserve to feel like a gorgeous woman! And I’ll go further to say you deserve to feel sexy, too! Feeling good isn’t hard – it just requires your permission.

These are small examples of ways you can start loving your body today!

Leave in the comments what you’ve deciding to focus on to give yourself your BEST! This post and the entire series is ALL about caring about yourself.

Remember, you deserve it!

Self care checklist for busy moms


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The truth about really Loving your body

Creative Ways for Moms to Grow in Faith When Life Gets Overwhelming!

How to Find time for God

How to Find time for God

Growing in faith is an essential part of strengthening you at your core. I can wholeheartedly acknowledge I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for God!

I had a lot of challenges and struggles in my life early on. I had a good upbringing but somehow ended up a total mess as a teenager. On more than one occasion it was truly a testament to God’s love for me that I woke up the next morning.

That life feels like a lifetime ago and yesterday all at the same time. I share that because I never felt condemned by God. It was as if He has always been lovingly chasing after me my whole life, and still is. He’s chasing you too!

I have a deep need and desire to make the time to spend with my best Friend and Savior. I do this by having what most Christians call – quiet time or devotion time. I pray (talk to God), read His Word, and write my thoughts and His responses to my prayers in my journal.

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Grow in Faith in Your Season

I’ll be honest, my quiet time has varied greatly during the changing seasons of my life. As people do, I press in harder in the challenging times and wane in the care-free times.

Not as a deliberate choice, just something that happens. I’ve also had shorter and sometimes non-existent quiet times when I was in the thick of having a new baby and little toddlers running around. Growing in faith and maintaining a strong prayer life can be a real challenge for new moms.

But I firmly believe God loves us through it all and He knows our seasons. And is always waiting for us to pull in close or turn back to Him when we’re ready.

Depending on your current life season, you may have to tweak how you spend your quiet time to be sure you actually get that time in. And it doesn’t matter how much you treasure this time, it can easily get pushed aside in a crazy life!

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How To Make Time

So here are some suggestions you can use to integrate a daily devotion time into your hectic life. And remember, you serve a loving and compassionate God who just wants our hearts to be connected with His.

He’s a whole lot less caught up in our form and fashion of how we like to do things. When we need to change things up a bit, He’s right there just enjoying the time with you – whatever it might look like at the time.

There are seasons in your life when you’re able to dive right into the Word of God with
an in-depth study plan. I LOVE those times because I love God’s Word! But also know when you’ve got a new baby or kids who suddenly find themselves in your bed at night, leaving you looking and feeling like a zombie in the morning – you’ve got to simplify your quiet time routine!

I suggest reading a daily devotional. These are typically 1-2 pages long with a scripture or two and maybe even thoughtful reflections at the end. Devotionals are so awesome for starting off your day in scripture.

You don’t need to pre-plan what you’re studying – it’s all there for you when you open up the book! You can also find some great devotionals for free online. Just be sure to do your best to get it in every day.

Not because you want to check it off your list, but it’s necessary to start your day with the reminder – you’re NOT alone! And I’m amazed how often I sit down and the reading for the day is EXACTLY what I needed.

Another tip is to listen to your Bible, especially during those very busy seasons of life. I find moms who have babies and little toddlers have a real challenge with reading their bible or any book for that matter!

Opening Communication

Reading scripture allows us to get close to God and know His heart. But the other part of a good relationship is having good communication. And prayer is our communication with God.

But again, when you’re living smack-dab in the middle of a crazy-busy life, prayer can sometimes go out the window. But let me caution you to not let your prayer time slip.

Having a relationship with God is like having a relationship with anyone we love. We must talk! If we never talked with our husbands, what would our marriage look like? Probably not good.

Our prayer time is like oxygen blowing on the flame of our life. It makes the flame burning on the inside of us bigger, stronger, and in-consumable. We need our internal flame burning hot – giving us the strength to do what we need to do in this life and the wisdom to do it God’s way.

It also provides peace and comfort in our most challenging times. I can remember many years ago when I cried out to God alone in my room because I was grieving the loss of my baby in the second trimester of pregnancy.
I was devastated and cried to God to take away my pain, so I could still be a whole mom for my daughter – who at the time was still a baby. I remember just as clearly as I sit here today, how a tangible peace literally fell on me and swept over me.

I stopped crying right at that moment because my heart was healed – completely. It was totally a miraculous event! The next day, I was able to go out and see other women big in their pregnancies and felt nothing but joy for them! We need prayer.

A Simple Prayer Framework

Here’s a simple framework for prayer you can follow every day. You can also keep a prayer journal to keep track of people or issues you’re praying for as well as your personal prayers.

You should also write down all answers to prayer. This serves as a simple way of recording God’s goodness and is also a wonderful source of encouragement when you find yourself in a dry season.


Pour out your gratitude
Recognize the needs of others
Ask for wisdom
Your needs should be placed on the altar

This is a very simple way to pray and will help us remember to start with gratitude, putting others first, and receiving God’s wisdom before we ask for what we need.

How do you spend time your quiet time? Do you have a routine or a special place you go? Share in the comments below so we can share ideas and get inspired!

Self care checklist for busy moms

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How to Get your Kids to Listen Without Yelling

How to get your kids to listen without yelling

How to get your kids to listen without yelling

Do you struggle to get your kids to listen… and obey without turning into the mom version of the Green Man?

I know I’ve been there a thousand and one times!

I have a confession to make… I’m a loud-ish person who’s OK with using my outside voice to be heard… inside. It’s not that I’m really yelling. I have high energy and I find that my kids don’t hear me unless my volume is turned up. 😉

You know, when it’s time to leave the house and your children are nowhere to be found or when it’s dinner time and I’m serving vegetables and they’re nowhere to be found.

So, picking up the volume in my house works.

Can you relate?

In the meantime, I’m looking into installing one of those home intercom systems! Problem solved.

There’s one time I don’t raise my voice anymore, though, and that’s when I’m disciplining. I’ve been on a very long journey from an angry yelling mom to one who knows how to control anger (most days) and still gets her kids to listen.

Do I still have a set-back every now and then and yell at my kids in anger? Sure, but those are infrequent and much less than they used to be.

Why Yelling Doesn’t Get Your Kids to Listen…Really

The first step to getting your kids to listen when you’re disciplining is to not be angry. Feels impossible, right?

Even if you need to step away, it’s important to release or control your personal frustration before diving right in. That’s because disciplining when you’re angry undermines your authority.

I’ve come to learn something along the way. Yelling really never worked!

I thought it did because when I talked normally, no one ever moved. Until I broke out in a nice yell. That’s only partially true because they simply learned to respond to the yelling.

Not only does disciplining when you’re angry undermine your authority, you’re also teaching your child how to have loose and untamed emotions by watching you. Ouch!

Yelling like a lunatic and saying hurtful things to your children can have lasting consequences. And whether they tell you or not, those words run deep.

Our yelling is really more about us than it is about them.

This is so, so important for us as parents to let this really sink in. When we get overwhelmed at the situation and break out into a yelling fit we are acting no different than our toddler who drops to the floor in a temper tantrum.

And when we feel tempted to have a mommy tantrum… we need to give ourselves a mommy timeout.

This is really important is allow us to cool down so we don’t let our emotions take over and do or say something we’ll most certainly regret. And need to apologize for!

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What Does Work

Lax parenting – without firm and consistent boundaries – opens the door to being challenged by your child at some point… or every point.

And we have the tendency be most lax when all is well and we’re having a stress-free day. Little things get overlooked over and over again. We’re afraid to make any adjustments so we don’t rock this peaceful boat we’re in.

For example, you’re in the grocery store with your toddler and things are going great. Happy dance!

He asks if he can walk, and since you only had to run in for a couple things (another happy dance!) you let him walk.

In a nano-second, he starts to touch things. He’s just touching and not knocking things over… so what’s the big deal you tell yourself. Deep down, you’re terrified to do anything to end this no-chaos bliss thing happening. So you don’t tell him to stop.

But wait!! He’s just mentally and physically recorded that it’s ok to touch stuff at the store.

Fast forward to your next trip to the store when you need to grab a cart full of stuff (no happy dance). To top it off, your son didn’t get a full nap at school and you’re so exhausted you think you might need glasses.

Now your son reaches out to grab and pull down every item he can get his hands on. You’re embarrassed, frustrated, and headed for a melt-down.

The key to setting boundaries is making them consistent. In the Good Times AND in the Bad! They need to know what to expect EVERY time.

The Importance of Accountability

Accountability is something that applies to all of us no matter our age. Accountability is taking personal responsibility for our actions and the consequences that go with those actions.

The key to teaching our children accountability is to let our actions do the talking instead of our words.

I use to be the Queen of the Threat. I’d rattle off statements like, “Do you want to go into Timeout?” or “Do you want a spanking?”

When in reality, I didn’t plan on following through. I was banking on the threat doing it’s job. But the truth is, our kids are just too smart for that. They can see right through our weakness. I think they can smell it too!

Inconsistent or nonexistent consequences do nothing short of undermining our integrity.

In short, they learn not to trust what you say.

Here’s a quick tip – make sure to think about the punishment when you’re not emotional. If you rattle off that your teenager is grounded for 6 months… if it doesn’t fit the crime, you’re going to be in a dilemma.

Do I let her off the punishment early or make her stick it out just to prove a point?

Either way isn’t the best scenario.

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Firm doesn’t mean harsh.

Let me quickly address that our discipline should be firm. They need to know you mean business.

But by the same token, they shouldn’t be afraid of you. I know, this kind of goes against many old-school parenting methods. But instilling fear is never helpful.

You may feel this is beneficial when your children are small, but as they get older – they need to know you’re there for them.

Think of all the crazy things young people have to deal with in our current times. Having a parent who blows their top over every little thing will keep your child from confiding in you – when they need you and your wisdom the most.

Let me also mention, that when I say harsh I’m not talking about spanking either. Spanking, done in a loving environment, without anger, can be a very effective discipline tool. And should be done in love.

Harsh discipline is done when we’re angry and led by our disappointment, embarrassment, guilt, or some other emotion. And can happen in every form of discipline from timeouts, lectures, and spanking.

The whole point of discipline is to teach our children what’s right and wrong. And we do this out of our love.

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We discipline who we love

We see so much destruction in the news today, and I wonder how many of those individuals had no boundaries in their formative years.

Discipline, done the right way, is an act of love. It’s one way we keep our kids safe.

The Bible provides so much practical wisdom on correction and discipline. And the focal point always comes back to love. Proverbs 3:11-12 

It’s our job, really our privilege, to shape our children’s lives in a positive way. Giving them the best possible chance at life by teaching them the proper way to conduct themselves.

This is an on-going process and one where we need to fully depend on the Grace of God to do well. And rest in that same Grace when we miss it because we all do!

Do you have some tried and trusted methods for getting your kids to listen? Share them in the comments below! We’d love to hear them!

Getting your kids to listen and obey what you say is a huge parenting struggle. To get your kids to listen requires an effective discipline strategy starting with creating consistent boundaries and giving correction in love.How to get your kids to listen without yelling

6 Blogging Pitfalls to Avoid & How to Fast Track your Success Instead

3 lies to stop believing about blogging

3 lies to stop believing about blogging

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or still dreaming of launching your blog, one thing is true – blogging is hard. Not impossible, just hard.

Well, let me clarify… if you want to reach the masses with your message and not just blog to share your life with your sister, grandma, and your best friend, it is.

But blogging is also extremely rewarding, fun, and can provide a substantial income for your family.

My personal blogging journey has had all the typical ups and downs – failures and victories. And along the way I’ve discovered “aka experienced” some clear pitfalls of blogging. Especially, as a new blogger!

I made this list to help you see them coming, jump over them, and keep running toward the awesomeness destined for your life and blog!

If you haven’t started your blog yet, or are new to blogging – you need a clear plan first! Check out my post on How to Start a Thriving Blog and Treat it Live a Business Day One

Becoming a Slave to the Stats

One of the biggest pitfalls of blogging is allowing all the stats like followers, likes, subscribers, visitors, and shares (just to name a few) to determine your blogging successes and failures. When I first started my blog, I very quickly became obsessed with looking at the countless analytics associated with my blog.

When my numbers would go up, so would my spirits. When they went down (and they do) so did my attitude. The victories would make me feel great, sure. But the not so good results would honestly make me feel like quitting. In fact, I mentally quit several times early on.

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone!

The point is, the countless resources we have available to monitor our blog’s analytics will do their job whether we look at them or not. My recommendation is to give yourself borders such as checking your website visitor numbers and other stats once a week, or once a day at absolute maximum.

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Waiting to Become an Overnight Success

When you’re just starting out blogging, no one knows who you are. Growth takes time. So in blogging, patience really is a virtue. This is the time to get focused on perfecting your craft and getting better. All of us cringe a little when we look at our earliest stuff, anyway.

In the meantime, you can’t get let yourself get offended, frustrated, or disappointed when your work goes ignored. You need to stick with it and keep pushing up that hill until you get to the top. And while you’re pushing your way up, pay close attention to the feedback you get from others and LISTEN.

Just keep in mind, that not growing AT ALL may indicate you need some refining with your writing, visual graphics, your website design, or something else. This is true for all of us to some degree at every level. We ALL need to continue to evolve and improve.

And in case you thought it was… overnight success in any business isn’t real.

That belief really robs creators of the credit for all the patience and hustle they put into their craft long before they finally made it big.

It’s coming… but it honestly takes time.

Believing the Field of Dreams Myth

Every blogger that ever existed will all agree on this one point – if you build it, they will NOT just come. There are millions of blogs all vying for the same attention and visibility. But the truth is, most never get it!

It’s not enough to have a beautiful website and really helpful content. You MUST get super comfortable with putting you and your stuff out there.

This isn’t negotiable if you want to reach all your raving fans. And they are out there!

There are many skills and job functions that bloggers need to have and get really good at, and promotion is at the very top of that list. Most expert bloggers agree that 30-40% of bloggers should be spending their time actually writing blog posts (aka: creating content), and the other 60-70% of their time MUST be spent on promoting that same content. Some experts say it’s more like 20/80%.

You can start by promoting your content on your social media accounts including Pinterest, sharing content in FaceBook groups for bloggers & marketers, commenting on other blogger’s posts in your niche, and sending your posts and other helpful information to your email list.

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Not Knowing How Much Hustle is Involved

Blogging as a business requires a whole lot of hustle and determination. Growing a blog and a brand, for that matter, isn’t an overnight ambition.

Getting up and sharing your BEST every day no matter if your latest post goes viral or it sits on your blog like it’s got a case of leprosy, is how you know if you’ve got hustle.

There’s work in writing and editing each post, creating compelling Pinnable images (at least 2-3 for each post), emailing your email list on a weekly basis to sustain meaningful connections, making super helpful content upgrades to compliment those crazy awesome posts, and collaborating with other bloggers to reach even more readers and help each other succeed. And that’s all in a day’s work for a blogger!

Starting a Podcast, a regular Youtube series, writing a book, or even an creating an online course are other ambitious projects that can take your blog and message into the next stratosphere.

You may even want to launch your own Private Facebook Group! I did and I love it… you can join my Blogging Facebook Group Here.

Believing that Blogging is a One Person Job

Blogging seems like a dream job for introverts… just sitting alone tapping away on your laptop. Sharing your heart with the world.

At least, that was my vision.

But I quickly, or rather hesitantly, learned we need people in blogging. Bloggers are all members of a giant community filled with wildly creative, driven, and supportive people. People just like YOU!

I used to feel inferior to other bloggers, like they were totally out of my league. I’d always feel crazy insecure when I compared myself to another blogger in my niche. I was terrified to reach out and make connections.

Until I did… and that was all she wrote as they say! 😉

Bloggers need partnerships to grow their platforms but more importantly to form lasting relationships with other creatives like themselves. Because let’s face it, blogging is lonely and vastly misunderstood and underappreciated by most people.

Having a support system of like-minded people is important!!

Letting Fear and Insecurities Hold you Back

Blogging for most niches requires a fair amount of transparency and openness. And for most people this can be extremely uncomfortable and cause a lot bloggers to hold back because of insecurities or fear.

Doing so, will almost always stunt the growth of your business. Too often the thing we’re most insecure about is what makes us different. In other words, UNIQUE.

But it’s that uniqueness that sets your blog apart from the masses and most often what catapults a blog out of obscurity and into the limelight!

In other words, don’t try to conform or fit in. Find out what makes you stand out and let that shine. You’ll be surprised what causes people to be attracted to you and your blog!

If you have a passion… blogging is the perfect platform to share your passion with the world. Seriously! I have people all over the world who subscribed to my blog – not just read a post. That’s amazing and such a privilege!

I started this post by saying that blogging is hard. And it is… but it’s also so much fun! Avoiding these pitfalls will help you stay focused on the fast-track to your blogging success.

Comment below if you’ve learned or experienced any other pitfalls not on this list. Or how you overcame these yourself!


Complete Blog Post Planner

Blogging is fun, rewarding, and can be extremely profitable for your family. But with all those positive attributes, blog also has some pitfalls! Get 6 pitfalls that you must avoid as a blogger and fast track your success instead!blogging pitfalls to avoid

4 Meal Prepping Strategies That’ll Get Dinner on the Table Fast!

Meal Planning Strategies for busy families

Unless you have late night dreams of becoming a contestant on Chopped, dinner can be one of the most dreaded times of the day. What do I cook? What do the kids want to eat? What does my husband want to eat? What do I “feel” like cooking?

Those are the usual questions that run through my head right around dinner time, and I’m sure they are for you too. But waiting for my stomach to start growling from hunger around 5:00 pm before I start trying to figure out what to cook is a horrible strategy.

Ever heard of meal planning and meal prepping? They’re revolutionary for making dinner times less stressful. The concept isn’t new. It’s called having a plan. Genius, right?


If it’s so genius, why don’t we all plan our meals in advance to make our lives easier? I know for me when I get really busy, I feel as if stopping to do anything new will slow my progress. So I just keep doing things the hard, familiar way.

Friend, can I just say – STOP doing things the hard way and just choose easy for once. Sure, doing things the easy way usually requires some upfront prep time, but it totally pays itself back and then some.

This post isn’t exactly about meal planning. Here’s a fantastic post from Brenda @ Meal Planning Magic to walk you through the process and give you some planning resources to get you started.

This post is all about meal prepping which is the concept of prepping (cooking or packing) your “planned” meals in advance in some way to make your dinner ritual a million times easier.

In this post I share 4 meal prepping strategies that are all unique and allow you to try the techniques that work best for you and your family.

Crockpot Meals

Crockpot meals aren’t new in any fashion. My mom used her crockpot several times a week when I was growing up, but it works. The concept is simple, you put your raw (seasoned) meat and veggies in the crockpot several hours before you need dinner ready, and at the end of that time, a glorious home-cooked meal is waiting that didn’t take you more than a couple seconds to make.

This method of cooking is the definition of slow and wasn’t always placed in the category of a meal prepping strategy until now. There are basically 2 ways to turn a crockpot meal into meal-prepped dinner.

The first is to cook a double batch of whatever recipe you’re cooking. Eat one portion for your dinner than night and freeze the second batch for another night later in the month.

The second has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The concept is simple, put your meat, veggies, and your sauce/liquid and place them in a freezer bag. Lay them flat, label the bag, and store them in your freezer. I tried this method several times and it’s really quite easy to make a month’s worth of dinners in under an hour – tops.

Here’s a crazy awesome post from – 31 Crockpot Freezer Meals!


Meal Prep & Pack

This method is extremely popular with the health and fitness arena. Again, the concept is simple. You cook all your meals on one day, and pack them up in containers for easy eating all week.

Some people like to do all their prepping for the week on one day. Others are a little concerned about freshness and choose to prep two days a week. I definitely lean toward the second group, and it’s also half the work on each prep day.

This method is fantastic because it really keeps your eating on track because you’re more likely to make a wise meal choices when it’s waiting for you in the fridge. There’s a downside to this method, though. If you have a large family, cooking all your meals at once can greatly reduce your  fridge space. Trying to find the right meal container for each person and keeping track of each meal, all while fitting all the containers in the fridge may not work well for you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use this method. All you need to do is tweak the time frames. Instead of prepping weekly or twice a week, try prepping your meals every other day. This is still better than cooking a meal every single night.

The plus side is, you can basically cook almost any recipe. Just cook it, cool it, and pack it in the fridge!

Try this delicious recipe from the food prepping queen Rachel @


Sheet Pan Dinners

This is a super cool method that’s gaining extreme popularity online. I even have a meal prep board on Pinterest that has tons of these recipes! This isn’t necessarily thought of as a meal prep method, but my twist gives it just enough awesomeness to add it to the list.

Basically, you season your meat and prepare your veggies in advance and place in a sealed plastic bag. Just don’t put any liquid or sauce, except your meat’s marinade. You can either keep in the fridge for no more than a couple days in advance or place in the freezer.

On the night you want to cook, just pull your baggie out and place everything on a sheet tray and pop in the oven according to the recipe’s instructions. If you want to make another side like pasta or rice, just make a fresh batch while everything’s in the oven.

This gives you a freshly cooked meal that doesn’t require you to do more than popping everything on a tray and waiting for that glorious timer to go off. Easy right?

If you’re using a bag that you’ve had storing in the freezer, you can thaw quickly and safely under cold running water for a few minutes.

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Here’s another winning sheet pan recipe from

Sheet Pan dinner Recipe


This last one is the only one I haven’t personally tried. I just haven’t taken the leap yet and purchased an InstantPot yet. But I wanted to add this to my list because it’s like a cross between the slow crockpot and the sheet pan dinners.

All you do is prep your meals like I explained for the sheet pan dinners or crockpot dinners. When you’re ready to cook, just place your ingredients in the InstantPot and it does all the work in no time. It’s basically a more user-friendly version of your momma’s old pressure cooker. Except this one won’t have you fearing for your life when it’s time to open it!

Here’s a very thorough post featuring everything you’d ever want to know about meal prepping with an Instant Pot from

Instant Pot Recipes

All the Food Prep Tools You’ll Need & Love!

If you’re going to make meal prepping a lifestyle, you may want to consider upping your kitchen tool game to make the simple process even more easy.

Here are some popular and little known tools that hardly cost a thing and will remove the little hassles of prepping a lot of meals at once. To make it easy, you can go straight to Amazon by click the links or images!

There are affiliate links in this post, which basically means I get a small financial thank you for referring you these awesome tools. Cool, right? If you decide to buy any of these goodies, I thank you for using my link.

Hands-Free Baggy Rack Clip Food Storage Bag Holder

Jokari Hands-Free Baggy Rack Clip Food Storage Bag Holder, 2-Pack

Click to get this amazing tool!

This is A-Maz-Ing! I mean, who thinks of this stuff!? If you’re planning to fill baggies with yummy meals or even delicious soups to make ahead, this tool is a life-saver!

Meal Prep Haven 3 Compartment Food Containers

Meal Prep Haven 3 Compartment Food Containers with Airtight Lid, Bento Box, Lunch Box for Meal Prep

Click to get this amazing tool!

These make the fridge space issue a little easier because they lay flat as opposed to the usual taller box shaped containers. Plus, they have the dividers that are so necessary for keeping your food from touching!

Meat Shredder Claws

Meat Shredding claws

Click to get this amazing tool!

This one’s a bit of a splurge, but if you’re making large batches of shredding meats (yum!) this beats using 2 forks. And it’s kinda cool.

Meal Prep Containers

Meal prep containers

Click to get this amazing tool!

I know this is another set of containers! But these have cute and fun colors. And who doesn’t love that? Plus they’re great for packing meals for the kiddos.


Stainless Steel Crockpot

Click here to get this amazing tool!

And if you’re the only person left on the planet that doesn’t have a crockpot, well here you go. This is a nice modern stainless steel crockpot, and it’s on sale as one of their best deals!

In fact, if you’re like me you probably need an upgrade. But I wouldn’t recommend buying one if you don’t plan on using it, though. Ain’t nobody got space for that!

Instant Pot


Click to get this amazing tool!

Getting an Instant Pot isn’t going to be cheap, but could just change your life. Maybe. Or at least make dinner time so much easier as promised!

With all these meal prepping strategies, you’re probably feeling really motivated to kick butt at dinner time this week. But remember, none of these cool meal “prepping” strategies will work unless you implement a plan. These don’t work using my hunger pang alarm method I mentioned at the beginning.

Oh, and please drop your favorite meal prepping recipes and resources down in the comments below so we can share even more yummy ideas!

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Simple Ways to Become a More Connected, Intentional & Fulfilled Person

how to become a more intentional person

how to become a more intentional person

Do you ever feel like you’re drifting in life and going through the motions? Do you feel truly fulfilled and satisfied with where you are in life and in your relationships?

If you don’t feel like you’re in the best place in life, the good news is you how the power to get up and leave that place! I’m not talking about a physical place or a union like your marriage, of course. I’m talking about the state you’re in.

So for example, if you are frustrated with your marriage, you have the power to change the state of your marriage. I’ll give you some tips on that in a bit! So stay with me.

Way too often we do everyday, ordinary things in our days and somehow expect extraordinary results. Ummm, let me just get this out the way now… that doesn’t exist! 

Everything worth having is worth sacrificing and working for.

I was having a conversation with a very close friend yesterday and she was sharing her successes in her fitness and health routine. She recently experienced a highly stressful few weeks prior and relaxed on her normal routine. As a result, she felt bloated, tired, and extremely foggy. All from a few days off her usual regimen!

While we were talking, I suddenly a light bulb moment!

I realized that yes, it’s a pain in the behind to spend time planning, prepping, and faithfully eating your carefully crafted meal plan. But the proof is in the results. And this applies to every other area of our lives.

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The Key To Being More Intentional

Doing average, ordinary activities will NEVER create the amazing life we really want. Doing mindful, intentional, repetitive and even mundane things every single day is how you get to where you really want to be. 

So what are those things we should be doing?

Only you know the answer to that. Start with your list of things you’ve been wanting to do but find yourself procrastinating. The truth is, you’ll likely still not love doing all the things to need to do to have the life you want.

My friend doesn’t love to diligently plan and prep her meals every single week. But she loves the results! And when she decides that she wants to live a week like all her friends and eat whatever she wants, her body goes into a fit and she pays the price.

The key to being more intentional and purposeful in our lives is to make peace with ourselves that change isn’t easy and it’s a process that lasts as long as we’re on this earth. Once you understand that change requires constant work, adjusting, attention, focus, and diligence… change can finally happen.

Start will the areas in your life that don’t look like you want them to look. Decide what things you need to do to make an impact and start doing them… and don’t stop doing them. And when you finally see results… don’t stop doing them!

Remember, this is a forever thing. As soon as you get your results you may make adjustments to your process, but you’ll never stop working and maintaining your success!

Complacency is a killer of all good things in your life.

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How to Feel More Connected

Now, there’s another area that many of us struggle with and that’s feeling connected to other. Connected in a meaningful way in our friendships, marriages, and our families. We need to feel connected with others. And fake social media friendships are eroding this essential need. Telling our Instastory online isn’t the same as sitting across the table from your bestie at Starbucks.

We need to hear a voice on the other line who’s talking to us. Reading blogs and watching inspirational videos on social media is fine, but we need people who are connected to us.

Here are some ways you can nurture your relationship and feel more connected.

Get Connected with Friends

I don’t know about you, but finding the time to set up lunch dates or play dates with the kids is a real struggle. And so often our friends with kids are struggling in the same area, which becomes a recipe for isolation.

Isolation is a breeding ground for depression. You don’t have anyone who can pull you out of your funk. Know what I mean?

We need someone to tell us it’s going to be alright and this will pass. Or that what you’re going through isn’t crazy but totally normal! When all you listen to all day is your critical thoughts playing on auto-repeat it’s hard to feel strong emotionally.

Being a mom is hard work!

But hearing that it’s OK from another mom in the trenches is sometimes all you need. Once I started having children and working from home… life got lonely.

Over the years I looked up and realized I didn’t have many friendships at all. Life was going on around me and I just felt alone.

If that’s you, reach out and talk to a friend. Even if it’s been a long time. Or, if you don’t have many or any friends, find some mom groups where you can get the kids out and meet some new moms. Don’t be afraid to step out there!

Get Connected with Your Spouse

Your marriage is also a major cornerstone in your life and that relationship needs to be nurtured too.

If you’re a single mom, don’t skip this section. If you desire to be married, apply this wisdom to
your dating relationships and future marriage.

Your spouse is someone you fell in love with and decided to start a life together. But over the years, the passion for one another can fade – if you’re not careful.

If you’re in a good place in your marriage, that’s fantastic. But you need to work to keep it there. That doesn’t mean that every couple needs a weekly date night. Though, some would argue with that.

You do need to make each other a priority. And the single most important priority in your marriage is communication. Talking to each other is essential to staying close and maintaining intimacy.

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Get Connected with Your Mind

Outside of nurturing and improving our relationships, we need to nurture and improve our minds. Many of us do that through the love of reading. For me, and so many others, reading is a personal experience. I love books!

I’ve always been a reader since I was a child, but somewhere along the line books became those things I collected but never actually read. I loved the idea of reading a particular book but after an exhausting day, I couldn’t get past one paragraph before I was snoring.

Now, books for me are near and dear to my heart and a very important part of my personal development. I prefer to read non-fiction simply because I get more out of them for the time I spend reading them.

If you love fiction, and they bring you joy then go for it!

I understand though, books are not a love for everyone. Maybe you like listening to podcasts, audiobooks or music that fills you up.

Here’s a post from VerilyMag recommending the best podcasts for women right now. Read it here!

I would also strongly recommend giving yourself a daily reading or listening goal just to keep you on track. Even reading just five pages a day will reap amazing results in your life!

Here are a few of my FAVORITE books!

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Joy Brings Fulfillment

Outside of becoming more intentional and more connected we also want to feel fulfilled. And part of feeling fulfilled in life is knowing we are doing something that really matters.

This can be a touchy subject for women, especially moms. We spend many of our life seasons taking care of others’ needs and we often end up unsure if the work we’re doing really matters. Or is significant enough.

Let me help you create some peace and balance in your life by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Is my life helping someone who can’t help themselves or needs constant assistance?
  • Is my life being used to provide financially for others?
  • Do I spend regular time considering how I can do more with the time I have?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions… you’re right now doing work that matters. Work that should bring you fulfillment!

If you’re a stay-at-home mom who spends all your days changing diapers and managing your home… you’re doing work that matters! And you won’t be doing this work forever. It’s a season – and one that goes by way too fast if you ask me. You’ll have another season where your life will be doing other meaningful things.

me-time isn’t necessarily something you need to schedule every day, but it’s something you need to put on the schedule regularly.

And I’m not talking about the general “me-time” activities like getting your nails done. I believe getting your hair and nails done (if that’s something you choose to do) should be categorized as your regular grooming, not your me-time.

Me-time is something special and unique to you as a person.

It may be gardening in your family’s garden. But if you are simply gardening because it’s time to harvest your monthly veggies but you don’t have any real love for gardening – it’s NOT me-time.

Photography could be a me-time where you go out into nature and take breathtaking photos for a couple of hours uninterrupted.

Me-time is anything that simply brings you joy. It’s not your business or other money-making venture, it’s not something your family relies on, or an activity people are waiting on you to complete.

This is a no pressure activity!

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Do What Brings You Joy!

Something purely for YOU and you alone. I bet if I asked most moms and women in general if they had an activity they love that they did regularly purely for themselves – most would answer a big, fat no.

And I’d add that most probably wouldn’t even know what that thing is of the top of their head! I know what you’re thinking – how can I do something all for me when I can’t even get a babysitter for things my family needs?

All I can do is urge you to realistically put yourself on your calendar. Remember, this
isn’t something that needs to happen every day at 6:00.

It’s a date you make with yourself at least on a monthly basis. And if you’re that one who doesn’t even know what you’d do, take time to go back in time. Go back to when you were in your 20’s, a teenager or even younger.

Think about the things you loved to do before all the demand on your time. Rediscover a lost part of yourself and bring it back into now. You never know how much it can add to your life!

What’s your idea of me-time? Share in the comments your favorite way to nurture your emotional needs.

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become a more connected intentional and fulfilled person

The Exact Pinterest Strategy that Tripled My Site Traffic in 2 Days!

My exact Pinterest marketing strategy

My exact Pinterest marketing strategy

I absolutely love Pinterest! It’s by far my largest referral source of traffic to my website. Not to mention, I just flat-out love the platform. There’s such a wealth of information all in one place all wrapped up in beautifully packaged pins. It’s easy to see why it’s so popular! Since I’ve started using Pinterest to promote my blog, I’ve had many Pinterest pinning strategies.

Some worked, others made no change at all, and other pinning strategies flopped completely. At the end of the day, it’s necessary to try out what works for you and your blog until you strike Pinterest Gold. And recently I struck gold myself with a strategy called manual pinning!

I absolutely love the concept of manual pinning. It’s both effective and has proven to be highly favored with the Pinterest algorithms. And that’s why I stuck with it for so long.

In case you’ve been living under a blogging rock for the past 6 months, you may not have heard about Carly Campbell’s successful ebook – Pinteresting Strategies. Her book is literally the epicenter of the Manual Pinning Movement.

There’s just one problem I found with this strategy… TIME. Or lack of it, I should say.

In the book, Carly’s very upfront with how long this strategy really takes and how cumbersome the tracking of all your pins can be. Kyla from Dishitoutsocial actually figured out a more simplified process to tracking and pinning all your pins manually every day. So she wrote a book on it – Manual Pinning Simplified. 

Honestly, both books are great and recommended if you plan to exclusively use the manual pinning strategy. Pinteresting Strategies, however, is a MUST READ for bloggers even if you don’t plan to pin manually. It’s just THAT GOOD.

Get information on her course and my other favorite blogging courses here!

Why I Decided to Change my Pinterest Pinning Strategy

After using Carly’s manual pinning process, my Pinterest views skyrocketed and my traffic to my site shot up as well. Manual pinning works!  I’m not going to sway you from that one bit.

However, I felt like I was holding onto a strategy that for me was like being stuck outside in a tornado and holding on for my dear life every day. Dramatic much?

The winds of life and my busy schedule were constantly pulling me away from this way of promoting my business. And if you don’t manually pin CONSISTENTLY you might as well not do it. Pinterest always favors consistency over method.

With that, I finally had to let go.

I didn’t want to… I had to.

I blog full-time and I run a real estate brokerage and digital marketing agency with my husband. Those things alone keep me extremely busy but add 3 kids and their schedules too. I just couldn’t spend an hour or two every single day pinning by hand.

Maybe you’re experiencing the same struggle?

My traffic was starting to look like the up and down track of the Harry Potter ride at Universal instead of a steady report of blog visitors. Some days I couldn’t pin at all, and other days I pinned a lot, as time allowed. Remember, inconsistency kills your pinning performance.

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Finding My New Pinning Strategy

I knew I loved the manual pinning process because it worked. But I needed to figure out how to mimic that strategy in an automated process. So I started out my quest.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I still manually pin… just not all my pins. Because manually pinning works, remember? But I’ll get to that later. Stay with me!

I decided right off the bat I wouldn’t be using Tailwind. I used it before and really liked it. There were just a few problems that I really gave me a headache. The biggest being that once you fill up your Tailwind queue with all your pins, you have to refill the queue time and time again after it goes empty.

Hello, I have a time issue. 😉

Then I remembered my old friend, BoardBooster. I used to use and love this program and for some reason moved onto greener pastures and stopped using it. #ShinyObjectSyndrome

There’s a feature in BoardBooster that allows you to create a campaign of pins to be added to the boards you select in advance. I’ve used all their features and I find this strategy is the one that mimics manual pinning the best.

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My Pinterest Pinning Strategy in Detail

Let me explain my overall pinning strategy before I get into showing you how to set up your campaign. I just thought you might like to know.

I use my Google Analytics very closely to see which of my pins are sending me the most traffic. I learned this strategy in Pinteresting Strategies so I won’t go into that part here. It’s only fair you buy the book yourself. #SorryNotSorry

I also use Tailwind and BoardBooster’s analytics to see which boards are giving me the most repins. Those are my best boards!

Next, I’ll pin a few pins from the Trending feed to my relevant personal boards. Those are usually 3rd party pins, but if I ever catch one of my own pins in the trending feed, I stop and do a little dance and then pin that little gem for sure!

In case you don’t know where to find the trending button, it’s right here:

Pinterest Trending button image

Pinning viral and trending pins every day to your personal boards increases your Pinterest profile. Having popular content on your profile shows Pinterest that you know what your readers crave and are actively sharing it, and hopefully, you’ll get some SmartFeed favor out of it.

I do this randomly through the day right from my smartphone. Super easy! I feel like it gives me Pin-Juice every time I do it.

Each night, I also pull out my phone and actually have fun on Pinterest!! Now, that’s something to celebrate right there!

I go into a good chunk of my group boards each night and pin good pins from that board to my personal boards. This is super important to keeping your group boards healthy. Win-win for everyone.

And finally, I share a few of my own highest traffic pins to my relevant personal boards.

Moving right along to my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE feature of this entire strategy is… it’s set it and forget it!

The queue never empties! #HappyDance

It doesn’t work like Tailwind where I constantly have to refill my queue each week. Now, it’s not exactly set it and forget it. I monitor my pins’ performance daily and weekly. If I have a pin that’s not taking off for a few weeks, I’ll remove it from my source board.

In the same turn, if I have a pin that’s taking off I’ll remove the previous pin of that image and add in the exact pin that’s sending me all the traffic. Often it’s a 3rd party pin… and I want to keep that one in full rotation!

I ONLY want my new pins (waiting to take off) and my BEST pins going out from my source board via BoardBooster.

Complete Blog Post Planner

BoardBooster Campaigns Setup

Ok, ready to actually get into the nitty-gritty?

If you don’t have a BoardBooster account, you’ll want to get one so you can follow along with me!

Just click here to get your free trial to see how this new strategy works for you.

– Get Your BoardBooster FREE Trial HERE –

No pressure! And you get to take it for a test drive!

Just stop what you’re doing, click the above link so you can do this with me. You’ve got nothing to lose!

I’ll just wait for you here…

Ok, now that you’ve got your account set up, you’ll want to start by hovering the pinning tools tab and selecting campaigns.

Boardbooster campaign setup

Once you’re on the campaign page, you need to click on the Create a New Campaign button. You can choose from three different campaigns: random, pin sourced and scheduled.

All are great, but right now I’m only using the random campaign. Now we’re going to create a random campaign because that’s my main strategy. This is the box that’ll you’ll see when you select random campaign.

boardbooster random campaign image

You want to give your campaign a name first so you know which pins you’re going to be sharing in this campaign. I have five campaigns so, for example, I have one campaign titled: business & blogging for all my blogging related posts.

I also have a campaign titled: catch-all. This is where I pin all my popular blog posts to all my non-niche specific group boards. I only pin to these boards after my pins have had a chance to mature in their niche specific boards. Basically, you want each of your pins to be pinned to relevant niche boards, so Pinterest gets a greater feel for what your pin is about. You can’t do that in catch-all boards.

Now, there are two places you can choose to pull your pins from. The first is a list of actual pins. You can actually add the pin URL’s of specific pins you want to go out to your target boards. This works fine, but I like using the list of boards option.

Set Up Your Source Boards

In a random campaign, you’ll first need to create a source board. You can add many different source boards, but for my strategy, it’s not necessary. And I like my Pinterest board feed to be clean. So I only have one source board for each campaign.

Before you can select your source boards, you’ll need to create them on Pinterest. Go ahead and create a new board just like all your other boards and be sure it’s a secret board. For purposes that you’ll thank me later for, title your board: A – SB Example Title. Title each of your campaigns the same way. A, so it’ll pop up at the top of your list of boards when you are adding pins to your source board. And SB because it’s a source board… duh. 😉

Here’s a peek at my source boards:

my Pinterest Course Boards

Now, you’re ready to go back to BoardBooster and select your source board for that individual campaign. You’ll need to select the orange Refresh Boards button at the button left corner. This can take a few minutes so just be aware of that.

After that’s complete, select Add Board.

Boardbooster Add board image


You’ll see a pop-up with all your boards on it. Your secret source boards should be right at the top. Just select the one that is for this campaign.

Set up Your Target Boards

Now we’re going to add your target boards. This is where the fun really begins. Your target boards are the boards you want to pin all your pins for this campaign to. For example, for my parenting campaign, I will select ALL my group boards that are relevant to all my parenting-related posts.

Just go down the list and select all the appropriate boards. It requires you to add them one by one, so no rushing here. Don’t worry, we’re almost done!

You want to be sure to indicate how many pins you want to be pinned to each individual board each day. The default is two pins per day. This is a good place for most boards. But some are smaller and super slow moving and some are really fast. You want to make that adjustment right away to make sure you’re not either spamming your boards or letting your pins get lost in a fast board.

Boardbooster pin per days image These can be easily adjusted at any time as things change in your boards.

The campaign randomly pulls pins from the source board so there’s always a variety of your pins being pinned across all your group boards. You won’t have one of your pins being repinned over and over.

I recommend these pins being a combination of your new pins and highest performing pins.

As Pinterest is currently rolling out many updates and changes, not practicing “spammy” looking habits is important. Even their new header shows all your latest pins front and center. If you’re pinning one pin all day… it’s going to look bad. You want your header to look more like this:

Pinterest header example


Be sure to check on your boards daily in the first few weeks to make sure your pin per day number is correct for each board.

Add Your Pins to the Source Boards

The final step in the setup process is to add your pins to the appropriate source boards.

This is where the process is similar to my original manual pinning strategy. I add my brand new pins to each relevant source board and let them randomly get out into Pinterest-Land and grow. As they take off or even if one goes viral, I will find that popular pin of mine and pin that exact pin into my source board and remove my original matching pin.

I want the viral pin to be rotating out there versus my original pin. Make sense?

I also make 2-4 pins for the same blog post and all pin versions get added to that source board. After a few weeks, I will remove whichever version isn’t taking off. And just keep it in my main blogging board.

Here are the three different pin versions for this post:

Pinterest Pinning strategy
pinterest pinning strategy Pinterest pinning strategy

My BoardBooster Pinning Strategy Results

This new process has helped me increase my Pinterest Page Views and most importantly, my website traffic. Since I’ve implemented this strategy, I’ve only steadily increased in both!

The image below shows my traffic with manual pinning and after April 5th the huge spike when I started this new method!

Blog Traffic Spike image

And let me tell you about the mental and stress benefits. And can’t tell you how freeing it is to know my content is being shared all day whether I’m underwater with work or family obligations or not.

And I’m no longer trying to figure out how to track which pins go where each day. I belong to over 100 group boards, so manual pinning was getting a little crazy for me.

Now BoardBooster is pinning randomly all day and night for me… what a sense of calm I feel now. Seriously!

And like I mentioned earlier, I’m enjoying Pinterest now and have time to actually read other content too!

There you have it, my entire Pinterest strategy! I really hope you try it for yourself and let me know how it works for you. And if you put your own spin on it please share it here in the comments below!