4 Super Simple Meal Prepping Strategies You’ll Never Want to Stop Using!

Tired of searching for ingredients to cook in the fly ever night? Try these simple meal prep strategies instead to make dinners hassle-free and delicious! #MealPlanning #Dinners #Recipes #MealPrep

Tired of searching for ingredients to cook in the fly ever night? Try these simple meal prep strategies instead to make dinners hassle-free and delicious! #MealPlanning #Dinners #Recipes #MealPrep

Unless you have late night dreams of becoming a contestant on Chopped, dinner can be one of the most dreaded times of the day. What do I cook? What do the kids want to eat? What does my husband want to eat? What do I “feel” like cooking?

Those are the usual questions that run through my head right around dinner time, and I’m sure they are for you too. But waiting for my stomach to start growling from hunger around 5:00 pm before I start trying to figure out what to cook is a horrible strategy.

Ever heard of meal planning and meal-prepping? They’re revolutionary for making dinner times less stressful. The concept isn’t new. It’s called having a plan. Genius, right?

If it’s so genius, why don’t we all plan our meals in advance to make our lives easier? I know for me when I get really busy, I feel as if stopping to do anything new will slow my progress. So I just keep doing things the hard, familiar way.

Friend, can I just say – STOP doing things the hard way and just choose easy for once. Sure, doing things the easy way usually requires some upfront prep time, but it totally pays itself back and then some.

This post isn’t exactly about meal planning. Here’s a fantastic post from Brenda @ Meal Planning Magic to walk you through the process and give you some planning resources to get you started.

This post is all about meal prepping which is the concept of prepping (cooking or packing) your “planned” meals in advance in some way to make your dinner ritual a million times easier.

In this post, I share 4 meal prepping strategies that are all unique and allow you to try the techniques that work best for you and your family.

Crockpot Meals

Crockpot meals aren’t new in any fashion. My mom used her crockpot several times a week when I was growing up, but it works. The concept is simple, you put your raw (seasoned) meat and veggies in the crockpot several hours before you need dinner ready, and at the end of that time, a glorious home-cooked meal is waiting that didn’t take you more than a couple seconds to make.

This method of cooking is the definition of slow and wasn’t always placed in the category of a meal prepping strategy until now. There are basically 2 ways to turn a crockpot meal into meal-prepped dinner.

The first is to cook a double batch of whatever recipe you’re cooking. Eat one portion for your dinner that night and freeze the second batch for another night later in the month.

The second has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. The concept is simple, put your meat, veggies, and your sauce/liquid and place them in a freezer bag. Lay them flat, label the bag, and store them in your freezer. I tried this method several times and it’s really quite easy to make a month’s worth of dinners in under an hour – tops.

Here’s a crazy awesome post from thirtyhandmadedays.com – 31 Crockpot Freezer Meals!


Meal Prep & Pack

This method is extremely popular with the health and fitness arena. Again, the concept is simple. You cook all your meals in one day and pack them up in containers for easy eating all week.

Some people like to do all their prepping for the week on one day. Others are a little concerned about freshness and choose to prep two days a week. I definitely lean toward the second group, and it’s also half the work on each prep day.

This method is fantastic because it really keeps your eating on track because you’re more likely to make a wise meal choice when it’s waiting for you in the fridge. There’s a downside to this method, though. If you have a large family, cooking all your meals at once can greatly reduce your fridge space. Trying to find the right meal container for each person and keeping track of each meal, all while fitting all the containers in the fridge may not work well for you.

That doesn’t mean you can’t use this method. All you need to do is tweak the time frames. Instead of prepping weekly or twice a week, try prepping your meals every other day. This is still better than cooking a meal every single night.

The plus side is, you can basically cook almost any recipe. Just cook it, cool it, and pack it in the fridge!

Try this delicious recipe from the food prepping queen Rachel @ cleanfoodcrush.com


Sheet Pan Dinners

This is a super cool method that’s gaining extreme popularity online. I even have a meal prep board on Pinterest that has tons of these recipes! This isn’t necessarily thought of as a meal prep method, but my twist gives it just enough awesomeness to add it to the list.

Basically, you season your meat and prepare your veggies in advance and place in a sealed plastic bag. Just don’t put any liquid or sauce, except your meat’s marinade. You can either keep in the fridge for no more than a couple days in advance or place in the freezer.

On the night you want to cook, just pull your baggie out and place everything on a sheet tray and pop in the oven according to the recipe’s instructions. If you want to make another side like pasta or rice, just make a fresh batch while everything’s in the oven.

This gives you a freshly cooked meal that doesn’t require you to do more than popping everything on a tray and waiting for that glorious timer to go off. Easy right?

If you’re using a bag that you’ve had storing in the freezer, you can thaw quickly and safely under cold running water for a few minutes.

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Here’s another winning sheet pan recipe from Cleanfoodcrush.com

Sheet Pan dinner Recipe


This last one is the only one I haven’t personally tried. I just haven’t taken the leap yet and purchased an InstantPot yet. But I wanted to add this to my list because it’s like a cross between the slow crockpot and the sheet pan dinners.

All you do is prep your meals like I explained for the sheet pan dinners or crockpot dinners. When you’re ready to cook, just place your ingredients in the InstantPot and it does all the work in no time. It’s basically a more user-friendly version of your momma’s old pressure cooker. Except this one won’t have you fearing for your life when it’s time to open it!

Here’s a very thorough post featuring everything you’d ever want to know about meal prepping with an Instant Pot from Onceamonthmeals.com.

Instant Pot Recipes

All the Food Prep Tools You’ll Need & Love!

If you’re going to make meal prepping a lifestyle, you may want to consider upping your kitchen tool game to make the simple process even easier.

Here are some popular and little-known tools that hardly cost a thing and will remove the little hassles of prepping a lot of meals at once. To make it easy, you can go straight to Amazon by clicking the links or images!

There are affiliate links in this post, which basically means I get a small financial thank you for referring you these awesome tools. Cool, right? If you decide to buy any of these goodies, I thank you for using my link.

Hands-Free Baggy Rack Clip Food Storage Bag Holder

Jokari Hands-Free Baggy Rack Clip Food Storage Bag Holder, 2-Pack

Click to get this amazing tool!

This is A-Maz-Ing! I mean, who thinks of this stuff!? If you’re planning to fill baggies with yummy meals or even delicious soups to make ahead, this tool is a life-saver!

Meal Prep Haven 3 Compartment Food Containers

Meal Prep Haven 3 Compartment Food Containers with Airtight Lid, Bento Box, Lunch Box for Meal Prep

Click to get this amazing tool!

These make the fridge space issue a little easier because they lay flat as opposed to the usual taller box-shaped containers. Plus, they have the dividers that are so necessary for keeping your food from touching!

Meat Shredder Claws

Meat Shredding claws

Click to get this amazing tool!

This one’s a bit of a splurge, but if you’re making large batches of shredding meats (yum!) this beats using 2 forks. And it’s kinda cool.

Meal Prep Containers

Meal prep containers

Click to get this amazing tool!

I know this is another set of containers! But these have cute and fun colors. And who doesn’t love that? Plus they’re great for packing meals for the kiddos.


Stainless Steel Crockpot

Click here to get this amazing tool!

And if you’re the only person left on the planet that doesn’t have a crockpot, well here you go. This is a nice modern stainless steel crockpot, and it’s on sale as one of their best deals!

In fact, if you’re like me you probably need an upgrade. But I wouldn’t recommend buying one if you don’t plan on using it, though. Ain’t nobody got space for that!

Instant Pot


Click to get this amazing tool!

Getting an Instant Pot isn’t going to be cheap, but could just change your life. Maybe. Or at least make dinner time so much easier as promised!

With all these meal prepping strategies, you’re probably feeling really motivated to kick butt at dinner time this week. But remember, none of these cool meal “prepping” strategies will work unless you implement a plan. These don’t work using my hunger pang alarm method I mentioned at the beginning.

Oh, and please drop your favorite meal prepping recipes and resources down in the comments below so we can share even more yummy ideas!

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Tired of searching for ingredients to cook in the fly ever night? Try these simple meal prep strategies instead to make dinners hassle-free and delicious! #MealPlanning #Dinners #Recipes #MealPrep

Get 4 easy meal prepping strategies to get healthy and delicious family meals on the table fast and without all the nightly hassle!

Simple Ways to Become a More Connected, Intentional & Fulfilled Person

Feeling like you're drifting through life? It's time to stop drifting and learn how to get exactly where you want to be! Start your new journey of intentional and fulfilled living today with these powerful mindsets. #personalgrowth #intentionalliving #growthmindset #personaldevelopment


Do you ever feel like you’re drifting in life and going through the motions? Do you feel truly fulfilled and satisfied with where you are in life and in your relationships?

If you don’t feel like you’re in the best place in life, the good news is you how the power to get up and leave that place! I’m not talking about a physical place or a union like your marriage, of course. I’m talking about the state you’re in.

Feeling like you're drifting through life? It's time to stop drifting and learn how to get exactly where you want to be! Start your new journey of intentional and fulfilled living today with these powerful mindsets. #personalgrowth #intentionalliving #growthmindset #personaldevelopment

So for example, if you are frustrated with your marriage, you have the power to change the state of your marriage. I’ll give you some tips on that in a bit! So stay with me.

Way too often we do everyday, ordinary things in our days and somehow expect extraordinary results. Ummm, let me just get this out the way now… that doesn’t exist! 

Everything worth having is worth sacrificing and working for.

I was having a conversation with a very close friend yesterday and she was sharing her successes in her fitness and health routine. She recently experienced a highly stressful few weeks prior and relaxed on her normal routine. As a result, she felt bloated, tired, and extremely foggy. All from a few days off her usual regimen!

While we were talking, I suddenly a light bulb moment!

I realized that yes, it’s a pain in the behind to spend time planning, prepping, and faithfully eating your carefully crafted meal plan. But the proof is in the results. And this applies to every other area of our lives.

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The Key To Being More Intentional

Doing average, ordinary activities will NEVER create the amazing life we really want. Doing mindful, intentional, repetitive and even mundane things every single day is how you get to where you really want to be. 

So what are those things we should be doing?

Only you know the answer to that. Start with your list of things you’ve been wanting to do but find yourself procrastinating. The truth is, you’ll likely still not love doing all the things to need to do to have the life you want.

My friend doesn’t love to diligently plan and prep her meals every single week. But she loves the results! And when she decides that she wants to live a week like all her friends and eat whatever she wants, her body goes into a fit and she pays the price.

The key to being more intentional and purposeful in our lives is to make peace with ourselves that change isn’t easy and it’s a process that lasts as long as we’re on this earth. Once you understand that change requires constant work, adjusting, attention, focus, and diligence… change can finally happen.

Start with the areas in your life that don’t look like you want them to look. Decide what things you need to do to make an impact and start doing them… and don’t stop doing them. And when you finally see results… don’t stop doing them!

Remember, this is a forever thing. As soon as you get your results you may make adjustments to your process, but you’ll never stop working and maintaining your success!

Complacency is a killer of all good things in your life.

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How to Feel More Connected

Now, there’s another area that many of us struggle with and that’s feeling connected to other. Connected in a meaningful way in our friendships, marriages, and our families. We need to feel connected with others. And fake social media friendships are eroding this essential need. Telling our Instastory online isn’t the same as sitting across the table from your bestie at Starbucks.

We need to hear a voice on the other line who’s talking to us. Reading blogs and watching inspirational videos on social media is fine, but we need people who are connected to us.

Here are some ways you can nurture your relationship and feel more connected.

Get Connected with Friends

I don’t know about you, but finding the time to set up lunch dates or play dates with the kids is a real struggle. And so often our friends with kids are struggling in the same area, which becomes a recipe for isolation.

Isolation is a breeding ground for depression. You don’t have anyone who can pull you out of your funk. Know what I mean?

We need someone to tell us it’s going to be alright and this will pass. Or that what you’re going through isn’t crazy but totally normal! When all you listen to all day is your critical thoughts playing on auto-repeat it’s hard to feel strong, emotionally speaking.

Being a mom is hard work!

But hearing that it’s OK from another mom in the trenches is sometimes all you need. Once I started having children and working from home… life got lonely.

Over the years I looked up and realized I didn’t have many friendships at all. Life was going on around me and I just felt alone.

If that’s you, reach out and talk to a friend. Even if it’s been a long time. Or, if you don’t have many or any friends, find some mom groups where you can get the kids out and meet some new moms. Don’t be afraid to step out there!

Get Connected with Your Spouse

Your marriage is also a major cornerstone in your life and that relationship needs to be nurtured too.

If you’re a single mom, don’t skip this section. If you desire to be married, apply this wisdom to
your dating relationships and future marriage.

Your spouse is someone you fell in love with and decided to start a life together. But over the years, the passion for one another can fade – if you’re not careful.

If you’re in a good place in your marriage, that’s fantastic. But you need to work to keep it there. That doesn’t mean that every couple needs a weekly date night. Though, some would argue with that.

You do need to make each other a priority. And the single most important priority in your marriage is communication. Talking to each other is essential to staying close and maintaining intimacy.

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Get Connected with Your Mind

Outside of nurturing and improving our relationships, we need to nurture and improve our minds. Many of us do that through the love of reading. For me, and so many others, reading is a personal experience. I love books!

I’ve always been a reader since I was a child, but somewhere along the line books became those things I collected but never actually read. I loved the idea of reading a particular book but after an exhausting day, I couldn’t get past one paragraph before I was snoring.

Now, books for me are near and dear to my heart and a very important part of my personal development. I prefer to read non-fiction simply because I get more out of them for the time I spend reading them.

If you love fiction, and they bring you joy then go for it!

I understand though, books are not a love for everyone. Maybe you like listening to podcasts, audiobooks or music that fills you up.

Here’s a post from VerilyMag recommending the best podcasts for women right now. Read it here!

I would also strongly recommend giving yourself a daily reading or listening goal just to keep you on track. Even reading just five pages a day will reap amazing results in your life!

Here are a few of my FAVORITE books!

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Joy Brings Fulfillment

Outside of becoming more intentional and more connected we also want to feel fulfilled. And part of feeling fulfilled in life is knowing we are doing something that really matters.

This can be a touchy subject for women, especially moms. We spend many of our life seasons taking care of others’ needs and we often end up unsure if the work we’re doing really matters. Or is significant enough.

Let me help you create some peace and balance in your life by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Is my life helping someone who can’t help themselves or needs constant assistance?
  • Is my life being used to provide financially for others?
  • Do I spend regular time considering how I can do more with the time I have?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions… you’re right now doing work that matters. Work that should bring you fulfillment!

If you’re a stay-at-home mom who spends all your days changing diapers and managing your home… you’re doing work that matters! And you won’t be doing this work forever. It’s a season – and one that goes by way too fast if you ask me. You’ll have another season where your life will be doing other meaningful things.

me-time isn’t necessarily something you need to schedule every day, but it’s something you need to put on the schedule regularly.

And I’m not talking about the general “me-time” activities like getting your nails done. I believe getting your hair and nails done (if that’s something you choose to do) should be categorized as your regular grooming, not your me-time.

Me-time is something special and unique to you as a person.

It may be gardening in your family’s garden. But if you are simply gardening because it’s time to harvest your monthly veggies but you don’t have any real love for gardening – it’s NOT me-time.

Photography could be a me-time where you go out into nature and take breathtaking photos for a couple of hours uninterrupted.

Me-time is anything that simply brings you joy. It’s not your business or other money-making venture, it’s not something your family relies on, or an activity people are waiting for you to complete.

This is a no pressure activity!

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Do What Brings You Joy!

Something purely for YOU and you alone. I bet if I asked most moms and women in general if they had an activity they love that they did regularly purely for themselves – most would answer a big, fat no.

And I’d add that most probably wouldn’t even know what that thing is off the top of their head! I know what you’re thinking – how can I do something all for me when I can’t even get a babysitter for things my family needs?

All I can do is urge you to realistically put yourself on your calendar. Remember, this isn’t something that needs to happen every day at 6:00.

It’s a date you make with yourself at least on a monthly basis. And if you’re that one who doesn’t even know what you’d do, take time to go back in time. Go back to when you were in your 20’s, a teenager or even younger.

Think about the things you loved to do before all the demand on your time. Rediscover a lost part of yourself and bring it back into now. You never know how much it can add to your life!

What’s your idea of me-time? Share in the comments your favorite way to nurture your emotional needs.

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Feeling like you're drifting through life? It's time to stop drifting and learn how to get exactly where you want to be! Start your new journey of intentional and fulfilled living today with these powerful mindsets. #personalgrowth #intentionalliving #growthmindset #personaldevelopment

become a more connected intentional and fulfilled person

How to Organize Online Courses & Ebooks So You’ll Actually Use Them! – Perfect for Ultimate Bundles

Organize online courses and ebooks

Organize online courses and ebooks

There are affiliate links in this post. If you click on any of these links and make a purchase, I will receive a commission for referring those products to you. Please know I only refer products that I currently use and love!

The internet is a treasure trove of knowledge. At the click of a button, I can instantly download an ebook, an online course, or beautiful printables on just about ANY topic to make my life better!

And with course creation on the rise, this possibility doesn’t seem like it’ll slow down any time soon. To top it off, many great organizations like Ultimate Bundles, are making these online learning materials so much easier and cheaper to purchase!

Can you say Brilliant?

There’s only one problem with all this easy access to home learning… people get overwhelmed. They buy all these courses, printables, and ebooks – both free and paid – and let them sit.

Like all your family photos… trapped and lonely in your iPhone.

Online learning is really only a good thing if we use those materials and effectively apply them to our lives and/or businesses. If we let them sit on our computers, or worse yet, in our email inbox – it’s a waste of money.

Don’t allow disorganization and overwhelm keep you from improving your life, home, and/or business with your online learning investments.

You can really make a change in your life!

Here are some tips to get you conquering your goals today!

Start by Organizing your Materials First

I love purchasing online courses, ebooks, and even free downloads to help me improve my life and grow my business. So, I have a lot of materials downloaded on my computer.

Over time, however, I noticed that my files were Out. Of. Control.

I had ebooks and courses EVERYWHERE and I had a hard time finding them when I needed to refer back to them… which I do very often. And it was sucking up my time.

I also recently purchased the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle which is over 120+ downloads, books, and courses. And if you’ve purchased any of the absolutely amazing Ultimate Bundles, you know exactly what I’m talking about!

Before you can effectively use your online courses and ebooks, you need to give them all a nice place that’s easy to access. Or else, you’ll just forget about them and never use them.

And that’s really just sad.

The first thing to do is create an Online Learning folder.

You can choose to make this a folder that’s uploaded to the Cloud, so you can access it when you’re away from home. Or just download them to your home server. You choose what’s best for you.

Once you have the main learning folder, you can create the appropriate subfolders by each unique topic. After you have your topic folders finished, you can create more sub-folders for books, courses, and/or printable downloads. That last one is optional.

Make a List of Topics you Want to Learn first

In the case of purchasing many online products at once or even an Ultimate Bundle as I mentioned, you need to get mentally organized NOW.

This is the #1 way to defeat overwhelm and procrastination so you’ll actually use all the awesome materials you just invested in.

Start by making a list of the topics you want to focus on first. Look at the learning material topics and decide which topics will benefit you the most. Look at it this way, if you could only use one of the materials – which would make the biggest impact in your life. And start there.

Then add the next beneficial resource, and down the list until you’re done.

Make a Commitment to Start, Do, and Finish

Now that you have your action plan in place, it’s time to make a quality decision that you’re NOT interested in dabbling. You’re all about the doing!

Decide you’re going to start the program, do the work, and NOT stop until you’re done.

I saw a post in a Facebook group the other day by a blogger who was stuck trying to figure something out on her blog. It just so happened that a course creator kindly mentioned, “called her out” that she was currently enrolled in her blogging course.

The course creator followed up to mention that this blogger’s question was actually in her course! Umm… embarrassing. The blogger followed up that she was still “working slowly” through the course. Not an ideal situation. 

I know she didn’t set out to put that course on the shelf and go it alone. But that’s what we ALL do sometimes.

Ironically, I also purchased and completed this same course. I made a decision to do exactly what I’m telling you to do now. I literally devoured this course! I did EVERYTHING the instructor said to do. And let me just tell you… it was ALL outside of my fuzzy comfort zone.

But because of my personal decision and the respect I have for my own time… I gave it a go and have reaped so many rewards and have grown so much because of it! no regrets!

It’s not that I’m trying to toot my own horn here… just trying to give you some inspiration on the power of decision.

One more thing, write on your list exactly WHY you want to complete this course or read this book. What do you want to be able to do, accomplish, and even create as a result of the knowledge you’ll receive.

Having a clear WHY will help you stay the course and defeat the temptation of procrastination and quitting.

Ummm.. because that power couple will come knocking at your front door! So be ready.

Create a Learning Schedule

After you make your quality decision to forge ahead no matter what, it’s time to make room in your day for your new-found learning priorities.

Decide how much time you can give each day or each week to learning and complete your course assignments. Then take that time and put it on your schedule.

Also, don’t forget to tell your family about your new learning time. You’ll be tempted to fall into old habits once you start, so you’ll need the added accountability!

Keep this time simple and easy to implement. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to stop watching your favorite TV show in the evening than it is to suddenly start getting up at 4:00 am.

Keep a Learning Journal

As you go on this learning and transformation journey, journaling your progress and how you’re changing and growing is extremely helpful.

Journaling allows you to do a brain dump to ditch your feelings of overwhelm, allow you to track your wins and key takeaways, and develop a plan to use your newly acquired knowledge.

It also helps you to take detailed and actionable notes through the course or as you read through your ebook. You can refer to these notes as you make progress.

Don’t Quit!

Remember that decision you made and that profound WHY you wrote down? Those are important things in your life. So, no matter what tries to derail you… don’t quit.

Even if you need to scale back when life shows up knocking at your front door delivering a big box of chaos, that’s better than stopping.

When you stop, you lose momentum and you NEED momentum to move forward.

However, if you do fall behind or life gets in the way… give yourself permission to start again right away with ZERO condemnation!

No one’s judging you, so stop judging yourself.

Now it’s time to put all this to work! Go put your files in order right now, and go through the rest of the step before you talk yourself out of it.

After you start putting your materials to work, please come back and let me know how this method helped you in the comments below. I can’t wait to hear from you!

organize your online course materialsHow to Organize your Ultimate Bundles Materials

Why All Moms Need to be Intentional With a Regular Self Care Routine

self care activities for moms

self care activities for moms

Do you think it’s a good plan to deny yourself the entire season you’re raising a family with the plan to become your “best self” after your kids are grown and you have more time?

Which version of yourself do you think your kids deserve more – your current version or your BEST version? I’d vote for best version!

And no, I didn’t say perfect… that doesn’t exist. Best means YOU living the way God created you to live. Think of it like YOU with all the upgrades and shiny granite. 😉 When we’re at our best, we’re not on edge, stressed, and burnt-out. We’re happiest, fulfilled, and even fun.

Fun… what’s that?!

I’d venture to guess that most of us aren’t living at our best, and some of us are actually far from our best. We truly aren’t doing anyone any favors by treating ourselves like the family pet who eats the scraps after dinner’s over.

You are worth more than that!

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Self Care Starts with Self Love

Let me start off by saying self-care isn’t frivolous, a luxury, or a treat you give yourself when you feel you need it. Self-care is something we must do every day to stay sane as busy moms!

When was the last time you put yourself on your priority list and actually took good care of your needs… without feeling guilty for doing it?

We need to grow to a place where we love and serve ourselves just as well as we do our families.

You deserve it, mama!

It’s Ok… rather, it’s necessary to treat yourself well.

And if you won’t give yourself permission to do it for yourself, then do it for them!

Your family wants, needs, and even deserves to see you living at your best.

It’s time to make the priceless investment in YOU.

Stop putting off making yourself a priority

Think about it, you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) put off investing in your marriage until all your kids are grown, would you? Many empty nesters look up across the, now empty, dinner table into the eyes of their spouse and don’t recognize the person staring back.

You need to invest in your marriage today to continue to have a fulfilling relationship down the road. Equally, you must invest in yourself now to keep your best self from drifting away and one day becoming unrecognizable.

To clarify, when I’m talking about you being your best self, I’m not simply talking about dreams and careers. You are a whole package – a whole person!

Being at your best looks like this:

Being in top physical health with healthy relationships.

Someone who does at least one thing every day that brings joy into your life that doesn’t have anything to do with your kids or your house, or even work!

And who is strong spiritually, with a thriving relationship with God.

Who, by the way, is vital to getting you to your best version in the first place.

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Your Family Deserves You at Your Best too!

I believe your family, the one you adore – wants, needs, and deserves to see you at your
best. Not just because they love you and want you to be happy, but because of how
this affects them.

You’ve heard the sayings, happy wife, happy life. And If Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. There’s probably more but you get the point. I believe if we get to the heart of this issue, we won’t need anymore more books on curing the angry mom.

And no, I’m not at all saying that this new version of you opens a magic door to a world with no stress and problems. I wish!

Nope, it’s the same world, same stresses, same worries, and same doubts. But you’ll just be better equipped to handle them now. When your tank is full, you’re ready to seize your day without being weighed down by mom-guilt.

This blog series will give you tips and inspiration to help you place YOU at the top of the list and start making your self care routine a priority. So you can be your best and serve your family from a full-tank instead of a dry-well.

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How do you make self-care a priority? Leave your comments below…

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Busy moms tend to put everyone else first and their needs last. Being intentional about a regular self care routine is vital for every mom's overall health. This Epic Blog Series covers tips on how to easily add a regular self care routine that needs your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.self care for busy momsself care for busy momsmaking time for yourself

11 Practical, No-Frills Homemaking Tips for Today’s Busy Mom

Homemaking for the modern mom

The term homemaker is one that’s pretty polarizing, to say the least. It either gets your inner feminist in an uproar or you take pride in the term used to describe how a mother makes her home. There doesn’t seem to be much of a middle of the road here.

The good news is, this post isn’t about the term itself and all the feelings that come with it. But about why homemaking is still relevant and an integral part of a smooth, well managed, and joyful home… even after a long day’s work!

Homemaking for the modern mom

Holly Schurter from Professionalizing Motherhood, describes homemaking like this, “Anyone can keep a house. Not everyone bothers to make a home.”

Whether I officially call myself a homemaker or prefer a more snazzy name like Domestic CEO… my ultimate goal is to make a home.

And I have a feeling it is yours too!

My Modern Twist on Homemaking

Most of us as moms today are super busy. Some of that busyness is self-imposed, and much of it is due to our modern super connected and fast-paced world.

Women today are working full time or running their own businesses. And some are even doing both!

And then there are the many women, including myself, who choose to stay at home with their kids but are still working from home.

Who else do you think is creating all these amazing blogs? It’s moms! 😉

With all that responsibility comes with a price that we pay in our time.

Most of us just don’t have a full day, every day to keep our homes. Even most of the stay at home moms I know who don’t work for income volunteer in some way!

So how are we able to be effective in running our homes with so little time to do it?

We simplify the process.

That simply means running your home, connecting with your family, and making your home feel inviting within the framework of a crazy, busy life!

So you can focus on what’s important in a much shorter amount of time.

Here are 11 homemaking tips to help you make your home in less time!

11 Homemaking Tips to Make Your Home Faster!

1 – Stop Doing it All!

In today’s world, women want it all. And I believe we can have it all!

We just can’t always have it all… all at the same time.

And if we want it all… we need to stop trying to do it all.

Delegation is your friend! And your starting place is the lovely little people whose very existence allows you to be called Mom in the first place.

Part of homemaking is teaching and preparing our children for adulthood. So, involving your kids in the process of housework is just good parenting, but it also removes much of the hard work from your plate. #WinWin

My mom was a stay at home mom and she did all the work around the house. She loved getting things done “her way.” This may have felt to her that she was just doing her job as a stay at home mom. I felt this way early on too.

But sadly, all three of her kids (me included) grew up domestically challenged!

Welcoming those imperfect little hands into your homemaking routine might seem counterintuitive when you have to re-do everything at first. Just keep at it and you’ll see as they get older, your workload will go down, the quality of work will go up, and you get to share quality time with your kids in the process.

I also want to add that hiring someone to clean your home (if you can afford it) is a wise choice. Especially if your children are still babies or very little. Or if their time is also very limited due to school and other requirements.

I’m working on this plan myself. This way I can spend my precious hours doing more connecting with my family than doing a bunch of cleaning.

2 – Clean As You Go

I’m not sure why this one is so hard to grasp. Cleaning as you go is the single best way to keep a handle on the organization and overall cleanliness of your home.

Yet I know many moms struggle with this one. I know I still do!

I’ll use the dishes as an example. I live in an older home currently that doesn’t have a dishwasher. Do you feel my pain right now?
When we’re done eating, the habit is to scrape the dish and put in on the counter next to the sink so the dishwasher can handle the rest. That’s me again!

What happens at the end of the day is I’m met with a mountain of dirty dishes.

The smarter thing to do is each time a dish is used. Have all age appropriate people scrape then take the extra step of washing that one measly dish and it’s done. All throughout the day!

No more dish mountain!

This concept is great for mail, toys, or any other clutter that tends to pile up throughout the day.

My philosophy is we either pay now or pay later.

And paying later is always harder and more work.

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3 – Have a Routine

There is power in a routine. I find that routines are so much more effective than schedules! That’s because they’re more natural and less rigid, and when you finally master a new routine it’s a thing of beauty.

That’s because muscle memory begins to take over and your routine happens whether you think about it or not.

Think about the last time you drove home. Did you conscientiously think about all the turns you made along the way? No way, you probably just felt like you teleported right home some days.

Routines are also extremely effective for kids. It takes some work, in the beginning, to train their bodies to do each task, but once they get it… no more nagging! #That’sCalledWinning

As for a homemaking routine, set up a daily routine where you do certain tasks on different days of the week. Do these tasks on their designated day every week until it becomes a habit.

I believe you can effectively make and keep your home in as little as one hour a day!

To help you out, I’ve created a simple printable daily routine that you can post and practice every day. I also added in routines for the kids too!

4 – Make or Prep Meals Ahead of Time

Dinner doesn’t have to be planned, prepared, and cook all at 5:00 pm every evening. That’s madness!

And let me be transparent here, meals are my weakness. The area I struggle with the most.

Here’s my plan for sanity!

I plan my meals out. I’ve recently added my youngest daughter who loves to cook into my process for added accountability and bonding time. Her idea! We both sit down and decide what we want to eat in the coming week.

We write up a shopping list and shop on our shopping day.

We use many different methods for getting the actual meals prepared. You can read those methods more in detail here.

Then we cook, eat, and enjoy the time.

We still roll through the drive-thru on occasion. But I find there are more drive-thru nights when I didn’t make a plan!

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5 – Use Essential Oils to Keep Your Home Fresh

Scents are important to the feeling and heart of a home! This is why scented candles and plug-in air fresheners are so popular. People love scents that transport them to another place… their childhood, a holiday, or even that vacation you can’t wait to get back to.

But artificial air fresheners are filled with harsh chemicals that are adding unnecessary toxins into our homes.

There are many natural alternatives you can use to freshen and add deodorize your home.

Using essential oils are a great way to add healthy aromas into your home by using a diffuser.

My current favorite blend is:

5 drops of Stress Away (YoungLiving)

5 drops of Frankincense

3 drops of Peppermint

2 drops of Lemon

This blend is perfect for getting and staying focused and keeping my mood levels nice and stable – AKA drama free!

6 – Create Easy Storage for Toys and Family Items

Toys and other family items like backpacks, shoes, and sporting equipment can get out of control in a second. But these are things you shouldn’t be touching at all.

Most everyone in your family can put their own things away easily themselves. Your only job is to provide a simple and easily accessible place to put them!

If you don’t create a place for EVERYTHING in your home that’s simple – your family will find one. And the couch is my family’s first choice! Aghhh!

Having a large open basket or even an ottoman that opens up for toys is a great way to keep your kids’ toys away but still keeping your rooms looking nice and stylish.

Having a mudroom is the perfect place to store shoes and backpacks. You don’t even need to have an actual mudroom. Just adding a nice shoe rack and some study decorative hooks can go along way to getting rid of the piles of shoes and bags laying around.

7 – Have a Nightly Fast Family Cleaning Session

Before bedtime, our family does a fast speed cleaning round. I let the kids handle this. They just go around putting away anything that got left out, put the throws back on the couch, and return the toys back to their place.

My husband actually started this routine and I’ve been so thankful ever since! And it works.

8 – Connect with your Family Every Day

Making time to stop moving and doing, and just be with your kids and your spouse is also part of making a home. Remember, homemaking is about more than keeping the house clean and organized.

Make the time to sit down and talk, discuss the day, or ask your family what you can help them with. It’s even better if you can give each person their own one-on-one session.

But that’s not always realistic.

Dinnertime is a great time to connect and talk, bathtime is fun to just have some fun, and right before bed is a perfect time to create some special routines like reading in bed.

With my oldest daughter, we have a chat before bed. She also talks a lot with her dad before bed… probably way longer than she does with me. Lol

With my youngest daughter, we do a read-aloud book. She loves this time more than anything. Her love language is physical touch, so this is a great time to get close and snuggle. I find she really needs this!

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And for my baby boy, we snuggle in bed before he falls asleep. This time is really for both of us.

Click here for more FREE and fun ways to connect with your family.

9 – Do Laundry Everyday

My method for laundry is simple… do it every day. Having a designated laundry is way too overwhelming for me.

I simply drop one load of laundry in the washer in the morning when I wake up. Then I transfer it to the dryer after I drop the kids off at school. I remove the dried clothes around my lunch break.

At that time I either hang them up or fold them.

In the evening, I do a quick round of put-aways and give the older girls their piles to put away themselves. The whole process is done in 5-10 minute chunks throughout the day.

Not too bad right?

If I stick to that 5 days a week, my laundry stays well under control.

10 – Have a System for Mail and Other Clutter

Clutter is a huge problem for most families. I know this because there are decluttering books and courses all over the internet and on TV.

I’m no expert on clutter, but I use the same idea as the toys. If you have a place to put your clutter and a healthy grasp on what should actually go in the trash, you’ll be right on track.

Have a simple and easily accessible location to put the mail you want to save and shred the rest right then. This is where the beauty of storage bins comes in!

Here are some great ideas to store your usual clutter magnets.

11 – Have a Donate Bin in the Laundry Room

As you are doing laundry and you see something doesn’t fit anymore, throw it into a designated donate bin right in your laundry room.

When it gets filled, put the items in a plastic bag and drop off at your local donate location.

Tell your kids when they put on clothes that no longer fit or they have toys that don’t need to keep to put those items in the donate bin themselves.

12 – Get Rest and Have a Quiet Time

Um, yes being well rested is part of keeping a home. If you’re a crazy, tired, burnout mom you can’t effectively do any of these things.

I’m not saying go on a spa vacation every week, but having a regular quiet time routine or practicing good self-care is important.

As moms, we pour out of ourselves every day.

Are you honestly making the time to pour anything back in?

Pouring from an empty vessel is fruitless and only hurts yourself and your family in the end.

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13 – Make Your House a Home

Adding simple touches like the soft flicker of a candle, fresh flowers, and soft throw blankets are the things that make a house feel like an inviting home.

I’m no Martha Stewart here at my house, so I’m not saying your home should look like a magazine cover or like those perfectly white-washed Instagram pics.

Just add simple things to make everything feel warm and cozy.

14 – Live with a Minimalist Mindset

One reason why families today struggle with their clutter is they simply have too much stuff! That’s why the concept of minimalism is growing in popularity.

It’s the concept of understanding what you really need and what is just access weighing down your life. I certainly don’t go “all-in” on the minimalist bandwagon but I totally see the perks.

If you have fewer clothes – there are fewer clothes to wash.
If your kids have fewer toys – there are fewer toys to clean and store.
If you have fewer shoes – there is more room in your closet! Lol

I try to live by a rule of getting rid of one older item when getting a new one. I don’t stick to this rule with everything in my home, but it works well for kids toys, new fashion accessories, and other things that easily pile up.

15 – Adjust with your Season

The last thing you MUST practice as a homemaker is to make adjustments for each new season you’re in! Motherhood is constantly changing all the time and so your routines will often need to change to flow with those seasons.

I spend too many of my days feeling guilty because I couldn’t keep up with a great routine I had when I became pregnant, or my new baby was born, or my child started a new demanding sports schedule, or whatever.

Just be free to change and adjust as many times as needed.

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Did I miss anything? If you think so, share your homemaking tips in the comments below!

Feeling too busy and overwhelmed to clean? These homemaking tips will restore your sanity and help you easily keep your home in order! #homemaking #organizing #momlife Hate cleaning and tired of feeling overwhelmed by the daily mess? Try these simple homemaking tips to restore your home and sanity!

Struggling to run your home smoothly with all the things happening at once in your busy life? These simple, no-frills tips will help you clean, organize, and find more peace in your home today! #homemaking #organize #clean #home #decor #momlife Desperate for simple tips, no-fuss tips to help you organize, clean, and run your home efficiently? This list will help you simplify your homemaking tasks and give you some much needed peace! #home #organize #organizing #clean #decor #momlife

tips to become a better homemakerwhy every mom is a homemaker (1)

Get simple homemaking tips and hacks made for the busy mom! Plus, get the FREE homemaking schedule – 7 day planner to take the guesswork out of what to do and get it all done in 1 hour a day!

Work at Home Mom Success: Run Your Business, Home, & Family with Ease

work at home mom success

work at home mom success

I’ve been a work at home mom since I’ve been a mother… exactly 12 years ago to be exact. The whole reason I started working from home is to become a stay at home mom. I know I’m not alone in this story.

Many women today are making the switch to leave the workforce and stay home to raise their families full time. In my case, I had to continue bringing in income. Hence, being a work at home mom.

I learned many lessons along the way and made ten times as many mistakes. The best part about it all is I don’t have any regrets because all the failures and missteps I’ve taken can’t remove the wonderful seeds I’ve been able to sow into the lives of my children while staying home with them.

If you’re a mom who’s already working from home with your children or is thinking about making the transition, you need help. Help with understanding how to do this crazy work at home life with kids!

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is if you want to have it all… you need to understand you can’t do it all. 

That simply means, do the things that really matter and make it your business to delegate the rest. It’s not easy and there’s not an endless supply of money laying around but you’re a powerful woman and I know you can do this.

That’s what this post is all about… giving you the tips, strategies, and encouragement to live your dream of staying home with your children successfully.

Whether you need to work at home for income or you’re pursuing your passion of starting your own blog or business, these tips will help you stay focused, production, AND fully connected to your family in the process.

Ready to make work at home life easier and more fun?

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In this post, you’ll learn what it really takes to become your own boss and why so many people really don’t want to become their own boss! As a work at home mom understanding the pitfalls of the entrepreneurial life is key to creating your success.

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How to Realistically Run Your Blog During Your Little One’s Nap

Running your business in the pockets of quiet time throughout the day is a necessary requirement of working at home with kids. Most moms work in the early morning before the kids wake up, during those precious and mmuch-needednaps, and after the kids go to bed.

Get the tips you need to make the absolute most out of these smaller time frames to stay super productive!

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 3 Tips to Less Distraction and More Focus as a Work at Home Mom

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 How to Start a Blog and Make it a Thriving Business From Day One

If you’re staying at home with your kids to start and blog a successful blog… congrats on your decision. Blogging is a perfect fit for stay at home moms. It allows moms to do work easily from their laptops, do work that’s fun and enjoyable, and doesn’t have binding office hours… except for the ones you set!

Learn the steps you MUST take to start and grow your blog into a thriving business from day one.

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 4 Ways I Keep My Family First While Running My Blog & Business

Running a business from home while being a stay at home mom can be very tricky for super driven women like me. Your business (if you really love it) can easily take over you life and home super fast.

Cleaning, taking care of your home, and even spending time with your kids can take a back seat to the thrill of succeeding in your business. You don’t need to make the same mistakes I did. Get the tips to help you create your own version of work/life balance.

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12 Habits of Highly Successful Goal-Setters – Made for Busy Moms!

Setting goals is essential for seeing the success you want and staying focused on your vision. Get the habits of these highly successful goal setters that fit perfectly into the real mom life.

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Goal Slaying Toolkit

How to Successfully Balance Your Passion and Your Family

Having a passion is a beautiful thing… so is having a family. So how do you take care of your family, work or run your business, and pursue your passion? It’s not hard, there are just a few things you need to know!

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Pursuing your passion doesn’t have to be a huge, overwhelming task or goal. As a mom, you’ve got enough on your plate to get done. But I know how the desire to follow your dreams can gnaw at your soul. So how do you make it work?

Take baby steps! Here are 27 super easy ways to pursue your passion while raising your family.

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9 Ways to Rid Your Mind of Self Doubt & Become a More Confident Person

Anytime you step out to accomplish big things, self-doubt and fear will do what they do to try and stop you. Understanding how to properly deal with these real thoughts and feelings will keep you from getting sidetracked and will help you grow in abundant confidence.

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The Automation Tools I Use to Grow My Blog on Auto-Pilot

Running a blog at home with kids is hard enough. But doing it all manually is a setup for failure or burn out. Get the top tools I and many other successful bloggers use to run and grow their business on auto-pilot so you can keep enjoying your family.

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Blogging Courses That’ll Quickly Grow Your Blog for Under $100

If you’re stating at home to blog… you want to grow as quickly as possible so you can start making money for your family. Especially, if you left a full-time job. And you’re likely on a tight budget.

My biggest mistake in my early blogging days was to hold back on investing in blogging education. It was literally why I didn’t grow for so long!

I found 9 courses that are all under $100 many of which are under $50 that single-handedly helped my blog go from stale and stagnant to growing and thriving! I go into detail how each one helped me and how they can help you.

Get the full list here!

Are you working from home now? Do you have some tips or strategies that are working well for you now? Share them in the comments below!

The Busy Mom's Passion Project Blueprint

Many women are leaving their jobs to stay at home with their kids to run their own business. Work at home moms are the new stay at home mom. The work at home with kids life isn't easy, but these tips and strategies will help moms create healthy boundaries, stay productive, and enjoy their new freedom with their family.work at home mom success (1)

19 Ingenious Ways to Save Money on Family Entertainment and Vacations

save money on family vacations and entertainment

Spending quality time with your family these days can seem like an extra bill that shows up every month. It’s expensive to take a family of five to the movies, out to eat, or even to the local events!

And planning for a family vacation can seem like a dream that may never become a reality. My family is on a tight budget right now and vacations honestly haven’t been a yearly thing for us. Some years, we just couldn’t afford it.


Creative ways to save money on family vacations and entertainment

In my opinion, this isn’t ideal. We need time off to rest, unwind, and reconnect as a family. Vacations and staycations are just the remedies for busy, tired, and worn-out families.

And in the meantime, sprinkled throughout the entire year, we need to have family date days. This could be anything from kicking the soccer ball around at the park to going to see the newest play in town.

To kick us off, I wanted to include my FREE checklist of 60 FREE Family Activity Ideas! These are super creative ideas you and easily use today to create more meaningful connections with your family.

Plus, they’re broken down by age group to make your date planning super simple!

Get your FREE Family Date Ideas Checklist here!

Let’s dive in with the following lists of resources to help you save money on your family’s entertainment and vacations.

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How to Save Money on Family Entertainment

Saving Money Tip #1 

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 13 Expert Tips for Family Travel on a Budget – The Barefoot Nomad

Saving Money Tip #9

 7 Ways to Save Money on a Family Vacation to Mexico – Traveling Mom

Saving Money Tip #10

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Saving Money Tip #11

 12 Cheap Things to Do With the Kids This Easter – Love Money

Saving Money Tip #12

Family Fun Night Activities that Take Bonding to a Whole New Level – She Knows

Saving Money Tip #13

Boredom Busters: 110 Fun At-Home Activities for Families and Kids – Family Guide

Saving Money Tip #14

A Year of Family Dates – The Dating Divas

Saving Money Tip #15 

Tips for Traveling on a Tiny Budget – Tips for Family Trips

Saving Money Tip #16 

7 Cheap and Fun Family Vacation Ideas Your Family Will Love – Money Crashers

Saving Money Tip #17 

Best Affordable Family Vacation Destinations – US News

Saving Money Tip #18 

8 Family Budget Travel Ideas – Suburban Simplicity

Saving Money Tip # 19 

Affordable Family Vacations for Budget-Minded Bliss – Travel and Leisure

Looking to make extra cash on the side? Download the FREE Side Hustle Blueprint and start earning more income today!

I hope this roundup is everything you need to start planning, saving for, and creating wonderful memories as a family without the burden of finances getting in the way!

Let me know your favorite tips and how you plan to use them. Share in the comments below!

Family entertainment can be really expensive and saving for a family vacation can be very difficult for a family on a tight budget. Get 19 ingenious tips and tricks to plan and save for your family's entertainment and family dates!Save for family vacations

Free Organizing Freebies to Easily Organize Every Area of Your Life and Home!

Organizational freebies

Organizational freebies

I have a love/hate relationship with organizing. I love the idea and even the act of getting organized when I really get going on a closet or a kitchen drawer. I love even more “being” organized when it’s all done.

There’s just one problem, I need help organizing! Am I all alone here?

If you’re like me, getting my home organized is on the priority list but it requires so much brain power to figure out how to actually get it done! And so my personal philosophy is to use my strengths when I have them and when I don’t… use others’ strengths!

And there are some amazing bloggers out there who have created FREE resources to help us get and stay more organized in every single area of our life and home. And I’ve shared them here in this post! Everything from cleaning your home, tracking your finances, staying on track with your fitness goals, and planning your meals.

This post is just one post in a series – Spring Clean Your Life in a Week. And today we’re focused on Spring Cleaning our organizational routines. Out with what’s NOT working and it with some fresh new inspiration!

Ok, let’s get organized!

Printables to Organize Your Time



Time Management Spreadsheet

Fiona from Finally Fiona actually created an online version of printables, a spreadsheet for you spreadsheet lovin mamas out there! She thought of everything to organize your time and stay on track with your goals.

Download the free spreadsheet template here!

Printables to Organize Your Home

DIY Cleaning Binder Printables + Spring Cleaning Checklist

Cassity at Remodelahoic created an entire binder full of the exact steps to spring clean your entire home! She also created a DIY recipe sheet to make your own homemade cleaners.

Grab these FREE printables here!

Printable Cleaning Checklist Cards

If using a binder isn’t quite your thing, you’ll love what Stephanie at SomewhatSimple came up with! She created these colorful and super helpful cleaning cards that you can print, laminate, and put on an O-ring and check off your cleaning tasks as you go.Use then every time you clean!

Using these with the kids would also be fun for them too! At least using the cards would be. Lol

Get the printable cards here!

Kid’s Organizational Charts

Family Chore Chart

Abby with JustaGirlandherBlog created another fabulous printable to keep the kids on task with their chores or other responsibilities and she even created a goals sheet. These are fully customizable and she even made a version without any pink for the boys and non-pink loving girls!

Snag these printables here!

Children’s Chore Chart Broken Down by Age

The Balance created other version of a chore chart with their age focused charts. These are great because their younger child version comes complete with pictures instead of words. Love this!

And the older child’s sheet has more customization. Plus, she also created a Family Chore chart to put everyone’s duties on one sheet. This is perfect for the fridge or your family command center.

Get your Free Chore Charts here!

Printables to Clean and Organize Your Home

How to Clean Your Entire Kitchen

Jenn at CleanandScentsible gives some practical tips to clean all the crazy out of your entire kitchen from the pantry to under the kitchen sink! She also created these adorable printables to keep you on track!

Get the printables here!

Making Organizing the Garage Easy

Sarah at SarahTitus shows you exactly how to make cleaning out and organizing the garage a breeze. And her cute printable will make the task hopefully a little more fun!

Get the printables here!

Organizing Your Family’s Finances

Family Budget Printables

Erin at PrintableCrush created these budgeting printables to help you keep your family’s finances on track and organized! You won’t miss a thing with this FREE printable pack.

Get your Budget planner here!

How to Budget Using the Envelope System

If your family budgets using the envelope system you’re going to LOVE these printables! Elizabeth with the FrugalMomEh created these printables to work beautifully (literally) with the envelope system. Who said your envelopes had to be plain!

Snag your Free printables here!

Bill Pay Checklist

Erin at MyFrugalHome created a simple simple list that allows you to see on one page exactly what bills need to be paid, for how much, and when they need to be paid! And it’s cute, of course.

Get your sheets here!

Organize Your Health

Fitness Tracker/Planner

This one’s from IHeartPlanners so you know it’s a good one! This one includes fitness challenges, health trackers, nutrition trackers, weight loss trackers, gym class schedules, fitness plans, and fitness based self-care printables. Can you say amazing!

Yes, this one’s free too!

Get your sheets here!

Track Your Water Intake

Aimee at TheCrazyCraftLady makes keeping track of your water intake so simple! It’s easy to see and stay motivated throughout the day. Just post it up in your office and you’re good to go!

Have fun checking off those drops!

Get your Free Water Tracker here!

Track Your Mental Health

Hey! Health isn’t just about our bodies. We can’t forget about our minds and our moods. This tracker from Erin at ThePetitePlanner helps us keep track of our moods and make sure we’re still paying attention to what our bodies are saying to us!

Get the planner here!

Organize Your Meals

Meal Planner Schedule

Of course, I had to throw in another one from IHeartPlanners! This one is super simple and she even created a video right in the post to show you how to customize it online, so you can print out your beautiful meal plan for the week!

Get your Free Planner here!

Plan Your Grocery List

Don’t forget a thing at the grocery store again! So, guilty of this! This one sheet wonder from Corey at HeyThereHome helps you take that meal plan and create a seamless shopping list. It even has a space on the sheet to include your meal plan. This way you don’t have to think about a thing where you’re at the store.

Get your free grocery list here!

 Organize Family Fun

Family Vacation Tips + Planner

Becca with LoveOurCrazyLife made planning for family vacations super simple! She gives all the tips you need to plan for your vacation and tons of printables to actually use while on your amazing trip!

Get the vacation planner here!

I hope I included all the major organizational areas in your life! If I missed something… do me a huge favor and let me know in the comments below. I’d love to keep adding to this list!

organizational freebiesLife can be crazy and organizing your life and home can easily fall by the wayside. Get tips, tricks, and hacks from 17 organizational experts for FREE. Each of these resources will help you clean and organize your home, your family, your finances, your health, your family meals, and even plan your family vacations! #Freebies #Resources

179+ Sheet Pan Meal Ideas That Will Change How You Make Dinner Forever!

Get over 170 tasty sheet pan dinner meal prep ideas to get a healthy dinner on the table fast! #meals #mealplan #mealprep #dinnerideas #dinnerrecipes

Get over 170 tasty sheet pan dinner meal prep ideas to get a healthy dinner on the table fast! #meals #mealplan #mealprep #dinnerideas #dinnerrecipes

Cooking a real dinner, especially, on a busy weeknight is a HUGE challenge for so many moms… including me. I am running from one thing to another all day and after picking my kids up from school, I’ve grabbed one too many “hot and readys” from the drive-thru.

That’s where the magic of sheet pan dinners come in. I call them Cheat Sheet Meals because it’s so simple, it’s like cheating! Not to mention it’s hard to make these meals unhealthy or mess them up… unless you forget to take the sheet pan out of the oven!

In sticking with our Spring Clean your Life in a Week theme… we are Spring Cleaning the way you cook dinner. I’ve created the round-up of roundups by rounding up other bloggers’ roundups.

That’s a mouth full!

The other thing I adore about these meals is they are very easy to use with different dietary requirements. For instance, if a family member is on a low carb or gluten-free diet, simply add more veggies for them and add roasted potatoes or squash for everyone else.

No more boiling water for pasta or rice unless you want to add them as another side dish. But these sheet pan dinners are so hearty and delicious they’re great all on their own.

To make it super simple, I’ve just linked to each roundup list. You’re going to want to save this post for easy access to all these healthy and yummy recipes for later.

Never think about dinner again. It’s all done for you!

Sheet Pan Meals Ideas That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re Cheating!

20 Healthy Sheet Pan Dinners for Busy Weeknights @ Healthy Delicious

16 Sheet Pan Dinners for the Easiest Clean Up Ever @ Delish

20 Easy Sheet Pan Dinners that are on Your Paleo Diet @ Pure Wow

Next Week’s Meal Plan: 5 Strategic Sheet Pan Dinners @ The Kitchn

7 Sheet Pan Dinners That’ll Make Your Life Infinitely Easier @ My Domaine

12 Healthy Sheet Pan Dinners That Will Change Your Life @ Eat Well 101

100 Creative Meatless Sheet Pan Dinners @ The Daily Meal

Do you love sheet pan dinners too? Share your tips and even recipes in the comments below so we can all become pros at our dinner game!

Get all your supplies ready for your new sheet pan dinners with these great finds below!

To get a very simple framework for meal planning and prepping check out this post: The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Planning and Prepping Your Family’s Meals


Get over 170 tasty sheet pan dinner meal prep ideas to get a healthy dinner on the table fast! #meals #mealplan #mealprep #dinnerideas #dinnerrecipes

15 Resources and Freebies to Reignite the Romance in Your Marriage!

Reignite the spark in your marriage

One of the easiest areas of our lives to get stale and old is our relationship with our spouse. We can get complacent with how we normally do things and when things get busy we stop trying to keep the romance fresh.

I’ve been married for almost 18 years so I know a thing or two about letting the raging fire die down to a smoking pile of wood. But all you need is a spark to reignite that flame and get the flirting and romance going strong again.

Reignite the spark in your marriage

15 Ways to Reignite the Spark in Your Marriage

I’ve compiled a roundup of those relationship experts to give us some creative ways for us to get reconnected and Spring Clean our tired date night routine. It’s time to make room for things outside of our “usual” routine and make it exciting!

Dating Your Spouse on a Budget – 20 Ideas

This first post shares some simple yet fun ways to connect with your partner without necessarily spending any money. These are really great ideas because all of the ideas on this list allow you both to really connect.

Let’s be honest for a moment and think about how often you and your man really connect on your dates. Going dancing or to the movies are fun ideas, but they don’t often make room for you to talk and just connect.

I’d also like to add that doing free or cheap date nights doesn’t mean that you’re broke! Many couples are working on some fierce financial goals together and having cheap date ideas is a great way to stay on track with their goals.

You can check out the list from The Balance here!

Dating Your Spouse at Home

This next post is also a fun one and shares how to connect with your husband without leaving the house. Having home dates is a great idea for new parents or when having an outside date just isn’t possible.

So put the kiddos to bed and turn on your favorite playlist and have fun. But maybe not stay in your jammies, though? You’re still on a date remember?

You can read the full post from Chef Sous Chef here!

How to Make Date Night a Priority

Melissa at Simple Lionheart Life shares an interesting statistic that’s shocking and not surprising at the same time:

A Redbook survey of the magazine’s readers found that 45% of couples said they rarely have date nights. And only 18% said they go out around once a month. Another of Redbook’s surveys found that 50% of its readers say the number one reason date night gets canceled is that they are too tired to go out.”

How many times have you and your hubby opted to just stay home because you were too tired? Or dropped the kids off at Grandma’s for the evening and fell asleep on the couch so fast you could have won a trophy. I know I have!

In this post, she provides the remedy for what ails us tired moms and dads with 50+ simple date nights that don’t require too much energy. 😉

Get the full post here!

How to Plan for Your Date Night

When you have kids, preparing for your date night isn’t always easy. Marissa @ We Have Kids shares tips on how to plan your date night, find a babysitter, and even how to make a list for your sitter. This way you can concentrate on your date and not be preoccupied with the kids!

You can read the full post here!

A Viral Date Night

We’ve all seen this couple who went to Goodwill and kicked off a viral silly date night movement across the country. I just wanted to through this post in as a reminder to keep your dates fun!

In case you missed it, read the post here!

Why Dancing with your Spouse is Good for Your Marriage

This is a great post for couples who love to dance and even for those who don’t. The Spruce gives 10 reasons why you should dance with your spouse and tips for how to do it right. Not dancing tips, though.

But they do tell you how to find a dance studio to get lessons, and that can be a great date night on its own!

And for you timid couples… you can still dance without ever leaving your house!

Grab the tips here!

How to Get the Conversation Going!

This post from Marriage 365 is so fun. They give you a list of 25 questions to ask your spouse to get the conversation started. Sometimes as married people, we forget to ask new questions and stop trying to “get to know” our spouse.

All it really takes is asking some fun and interesting questions. You’ll be amazing at what you learn!

Get this fun list here!

What About When My Spouse is Away?

I get it, you or your spouse travels a lot or maybe is serving our country in the military. What do you do to stay connected when you can’t physically be together?

This post from Light Workers gives some fantastic tips to feel more connected with your bae while you’re away! That was their line! Lol

Read the full post here!

7 Ways to Connect When You’ve Got Kids

As parents, you’re home pretty much gets overtaken by the kids and their wants, needs, and don’t forget the messes! That means couple time usually flies out the window. But this post from Brit and Co gives some stupid-simple ways to stay connected with your spouse, even when it feels like you’re running a kid circus.

Get the tips here!

How to Engage Deeper with an Introverted Spouse

We’re talking about all this connecting, but what about if you’re married to a spouse that isn’t much of a talker. This can feel troubling to both the talker and non-talker in the relationship.

In this post, Focus on the Family shares some really practical tips to help manage this challenging situation and help keep the conversation flowing!

Read the full post here!

Old-fashioned Ways to Make Your Marriage Last

I just love this post from Bustle! I believe the points on this list are essential to making a marriage strong and lasting. Yes, these are old-fashioned, but that isn’t a bad thing! The first on the list mentions not going to bed angry. This is wisdom straight from scripture and will most definitely help you keep your marriage strong.

You can read the the full post here!

How to Show Your Spouse You Love Them in Small Gestures

We’ve talked a lot about date nights and conversations, but let’s not forget about how impactful the little things are. This list from one of my favorite relationship experts Jennifer @ Unveiled Wife, is a great one. She gives ideas on how to show your love through small gestures that take no time at all!

Get the list here!

How to Turn the Sexy Up!

I just love The Dating Divas and they didn’t disappoint with this post about how to tease your husband with their adorable printables and a few sexy pics of yourself. They give you all the instructions and FREE printables in the link below.

Most husbands don’t need any encouragement to eagerly jump into the bedroom, but this is totally fun to do anyway!

Get the printables here!

The Recipe for Sexy Ideas

Yes, I just had to include one more goody from The Dating Divas. They’ve created an actual recipe book for sexy ideas in the bedroom. If you need to turn up the heat… or your husband is begging you to turn up the heat, check out this post. Again, the recipe cards are totally FREE!

Get the recipe cards Here!

How Asking One Question can Save Your Marriage

This story is amazing and such a paradigm-shifting gem! This husband’s story told in this post is a must read for every married person. Asking this one question is a game changer for your relationship.

Read the full post here!

Do you have any date night ideas that work great for your marriage? Please, don’t keep it to yourself and share in the comments below!


Lacking the spark and intimacy in your marriage? No worries... try these tips with FREE resources to help you get reconnected in your marriage. #marriage #relationshipgoals #marriageadvice