17 Immune Boosting Foods to Keep Your Kids Healthy All Year Round

Natural ways to build your child's immunity

It’s flu season and you know what that means… germs! So what’s a mama to do when she sends her kid to school and doesn’t want them coming home with colds, bugs, and the flu?

The answer is to naturally build up their immune systems!

You may be asking yourself, “Why does my kid keep getting sick?”

The answer is our magnificent bodies have the ability to fight off harmful invaders on its own. But those soldier anti-bodies need to be strong in order to work effectively.

One of the best ways to keep our bodies healthy and able to fight off infection is to eat healthy immunity-boosting foods. Specifically living foods filled with phytonutrients.

Natural ways to build your child's immunity

Our kids and ourselves need to be eating as much of these foods as possible and ditching the starchy and sugary snacks and treats as much as possible.

I offer apples, oranges, strawberries, and grapes as snacks instead of allowing them to grab some crackers or a granola bar. If they are still hungry they can have some greek yogurt with granola. Usually, that’s enough to hold them over until the next meal. If I let them choose a snack, they gravitate right to the packaged snacks that I buy to pop in their school lunches as a treat.

Another important way to increase your child’s immunity is to give them a nutritional supplement like a multi-vitamin. Just be careful of all the additives and unnecessary colors that are added to vitamins. There have even been problems with children’s vitamin labels not matching the vitamins inside, resulting in dangerous overdoses in children.

I found these natural vitamin gummies to help keep my kiddos cold-free. My kids had very few colds and no flu during a very harsh flu season last year. And to top it off, I forgot to give them their flu shot!

18 Natural Ways to Boost Your Child’s Immunity

Here are 18 healthy food recipes to keep your kiddos healthy. Use these methods to build their immunity to prevent colds and flu and also use in the event they do catch something to speed their healing and recovery time!

Cold and Flu Prevention

Easy Immune Support Tincture

Easy Immune Support Tincture

Source – Raia’s Recipes

Love the glass droppers? You can get them here!

Immune Boosting Juice

Immune boosting winter juice

Source – Happy Foods Tube

Cranberry Kefir Fruit Snacks

cranberry kefir fruit snacks

Source – Raia’s Recipes

Homemade Elderberry Syrup

elderberry syrup instant pot

Source – Eating Richly

Popeye Smoothie

popeye smoothie recipe

Source – Oh The Things We’ll Make

Immune Boosting Tea

Overhead view of Immune Boosting Tea Recipe in a mug with a lemon slice in it

Source – Joy Food Sunshine


Elderberry Gummies Recipe

elderberry gummies to prevent colds and flu

Source – Must Have Mom 

Need those silicone gummy molds? Find them here! 



Source – Happy Foods Tube

Cold and Flu Speedy Recovery

Immunity Chicken Soup

Immunity boost chicken soup recipe

Source – Sonshine Kitchen

Immune-Boosting Friendship Smoothie Bowls

immunity boosting fruit bowls

Source – Strength and Sunshine

Mineral Rich Electrolyte Smoothie

electrolyte smoothie recipe

Source – Raia’s Recipes

Grape Juice to Stomp Out Stomach Flu

grape juice to get rid of stomach flu

Source – Must Have Mom

Tummy Healing Soup for One

tummy healing soup

Source – Strength and Sunshine

Herbal Tea Kool-aid Alternative

herbal tea kool-aid alternative

Source – Pistatio Project

Essential Oil Immune Booster Recipes




Natural Vapor Rub


Source – Crayons and Cravings

Headache Bath Bombs

Heachache bathbombs

Source Crayons and Cravings

7 Oils for Colds

essential oils for colds

Source – My Organized Chaos

Which recipe are you most excited about trying? These are some super simple and natural ways to help ease the burden of the winter cold season. If you have your own recipe, please share in the comments below!

These essential oils will help you naturally boost your child's immunity and effectively protect them from the harmful affects of the dangerous flu season! Get all the recipes here! #kidsandparenting #wellness #kidsandparenting


It's back to school time and we all want to protect your child's immunity from all the germs that'll come in contact with naturally. #parenting #kidsandparenting #natural #greenlivingLooking for natural and additive-free ways to boost your children's immunity during the school year and flu season? Try these amazingly simple recipes... #naturalliving #momlife #parenting #kidsandparentingFlu season is here and there are natural and super effective ways to protect your child from getting sick. These natural remedies work to boost immunity naturally using essential oils! #essentialoils

Avoid the brunt of the cold and flu season by naturally boosting your child's immunity. These natural immunity booster help my kids stay healthy and well all year long! #naturalremedies #essentialoils #natural #healthy

Beauty & Skincare Recipes Made with Essential Oils to Turn Your Home Into a Spa

Homemade Beauty

Turn your home into a luxurious spa with these simple homemade bath products infused with healthy essential oils. These products are toxin and chemical free so you can feel free to enjoy them and share them with your kids… if you want to!

Homemade Beauty

There is so much benefit in making your own skincare and beauty products. The first and most obvious one is that it’s healthier. There are so many unhealthy and outright dangerous chemicals found in the products we all know and love. Making them at home ensures none of these endocrine inhibitors, is being absorbed in our bodies.

The second reason for making your own DIY skincare and beauty products is that they are so cheap to make! You’ll save so much money by taking a few seconds to whip up a batch of peppermint body scrub and you don’t have to pay the enormous retail markups!

And since you’re saving so much money, why not splurge on these amazing glass apothecary jars to store all your new goodies and make your bathroom look amazing.

Now let’s get ready to transform our bathrooms into spa time!

13 Homemade Beauty and Skincare Products

Turn your home into a luxurious spa day with these DIY skincare and products

1. Avocado Hair Mask | Healthy Living in Body and Mind

2. Soothing Headache Bath Bomb | Crayons and Cravings

3. DIY Makeup Remover Pads | Simply to Inspire

4. Fizzy Bath Powder | Savings Lifestyle

5. Lavender Shower Melts | Utensi

6. Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub | Beauty Crafter

7. Lemongrass Sugar Scrub | Everyday Shortcuts

8. Lemon Lavender Detox Bath | Mommy Musings

9. Lavender and Magnesium Bath Boak | Simply Stacie 

10. Grapefruit Cellulite Cream | Everyday Shortcuts

11. Activated Charcoal Mask | Oily By Design

12. Orange Creamsicle Soap | Simply Stacie

13. Rose Facial Spray Toner | Beauty Crafter

14. Soothing Lavander Body Butter | Healthy Living in Body in Mind

Are you ready to run home and go to the spa? Share in the comments below which recipe you’re most excited to try first!

Turn every day into a spa day with these super simple DIY skincare and beauty products! #beauty #essentialoils #healthy #wellness #skincare

Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes and Still Enjoy the Summer Nights

using essential oils to repel Mosquitoes

We live in Florida and the summer evenings can be brutal for mosquitoes! And many of the storebought repellants are either ineffective or full of toxic chemicals I don’t want to be spraying all over my kids.

This is where the amazing power of those little magical bottles of essential oils come in. There are so many ways to use essential oils and effectively repelling mosquitoes and other pesky bugs is one of them!

using essential oils to repel Mosquitoes

Essential oils are also extremely effective in treating bug bites. Case in point, my daughter attended a field trip at a pumpkin patch last October and they apparently had a fire ant problem they neglected to share with the teachers and parents. As my daughter and all the other kids were getting off the bus and waiting to enter the event, she was swarmed by fire ants!

Her legs were totally covered! Thank God she was wearing jeans that day. However, many crawled up her pants and into her shoes resulting in painful and extremely itchy bites. I’m so grateful for another oily mom who was with us and had a bug bite roll-on with her. It calmed the itch and pain and really saved the day.

The bites were almost non-existent by the end of the day!

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Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

I want to share with you several totally natural ways to repel those pesky and often disease-carrying mosquitoes and how to treat those common summertime bug bites when they do happen.

Making your own repellents and bug bite salve is really so simple, but you’ll need a few supplies to get you started:

Small Spray Bottles

Metal Tins

Small Containers

Lotion Bottles

Natural Bug Repellent

Source – The Things We’ll Make

Natural Bug Repellent

Bug Repellent Bars

Source – Ann’s Entitled Life

bug repellent bar recipe

Bug Repellent Luminaries

Source – Flavour and Savour


DIY Repellant Bracelets

Source – So Easy Being Green


Floating Citronella Candles

Source – Saving Dollars and Sense

DIY Citronella candle

Bye Bye Bug Lotion

Source – Sunny Day Family


Natural Ways To Treat and Soothe Bug Bites

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Soothing Bug Bite Salve

Source – Pink Fortitude

Bug bite salve

Natural Bug Bite Relief

Source – Attainable Sustainable


Do you have a favorite essential oil recipe? Share your recipes and natural tips in the comments below!

Let your kids play outside and enjoy the summer nights without getting eaten alive! These natural mosquito repellents using essential oils really work and are safe! #naturalliving #green #essentialoils #kidsandparenting

All Natural Household Cleaner Recipes to Make Your Own Non-Toxic Cleaners

All natural cleaning recipes

We all have a desire and an outright need for a clean, germ-free, and great smelling home. But at what cost are we cleaning our dirty messes in our homes every single day. What are we really wiping on our baby’s highchair table, washing our dishes with, and mopping on our floors?

I think we can all agree that the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t have our best interest at heart. There are far too many toxic chemicals that are allowed to lurk right in our foods, so why not in our household cleaning supplies.

All natural cleaning recipes

We need to do our own research and make safe choices for our own families. In everyday household and personal hygiene products, there are toxic ingredients that are carcinogenic, hormone disrupters, and neurotoxins. This is really scary stuff and not a subject left only to the “crunchy” mamas.

Here’s the real truth, DIY, all-natural products are just as, if not more effective, than the store-bought chemically laden products we’ve all come to know and love. But why do we love and give our money to companies who made products that poison us?

Here’s a comparison showing natural cleaning methods winning over the store bought guys. 

The best part is, this isn’t a hard decision at all! Natural, home-made cleaners are super easy to made and use. They smell great and obviously smell like real scents… no fake summertime rain scents here. And best of all, natural homemade products are cheap, dirt cheap! Here’s the proof.

All Natural Cleaner Recipes

So let’s get into some amazingly simple, effective, and non-toxic cleaners that’ll have your home sparkling and you feeling great about it!

Tub and Sink Scrub

Tub and sink scrub recipe

Source – a Magical Mess

Laundry Detergent


Source – Pink Fortitude

Grout Cleaner

DIY grout cleaner

Source – Anns Entitled Life

Cleaning Wipes


Source – Mommy Musings

Carpet Refresher


Source – Oily By Design

Linen Spray

DIY linen spray

Source – Her Happy Heart

Homemade Poo-Pourri Spray

Poo-Pourri Spray

Source – To Simply Inspire 

Natural Vegetable Garden Pesticide


Source – Hello Nature Blog

All Natural Baby Wipes


Source – Really are you Serious

Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Natural Home Scents Recipes

Source – Invisible-Lioness.com

Natural cleaning is a lifestyle and one that you should strongly consider, but please don’t feel overwhelmed or guilty for not making all the changes overnight. I’m personally far from a crunchy mom! But I do hate when Big Business chooses profits over what’s right.

My honest advice is to make one simple swap at a time! I promise it’s easy.

If you have a DIY recipe you’d like to share, do it in the comments below or share how essential oils have made a positive difference in your family.

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Looking for healthy and natural swaps for your store bought cleaning supplies? These non-toxic cleaning recipes are a safe and healthy alternative! #natural #green #healthandwellness #kidsandparentingHomemade cleaners are so simple, effective, totally non-toxic, and way cheaper that those expensive brand cleaners. Here are simple DIY recipes you can try today! #green #natural #healthy #wellness #kidsandparenting

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