7 Life-Changing Effects of Waking Up Before Your Kids & How to Easily Get Started

How to easily wake up before your kids and the 7 powerful effects that happen! Three simple steps to get you started! #momlife

I like to say that I’m a “sleep person.” Not a morning person or a night person… just a mama who really, really loves her precious sleep.

But a few years ago I came to a crossroad and desperately needed to make a change in my life and do things differently. There was just one problem – I didn’t have any wiggle room in my daily schedule to move things around.

How to easily wake up before your kids and the 7 powerful effects that happen! Three simple steps to get you started! #momlife

As moms, our lives tend to revolve around everyone else’s needs and schedules so I knew if I wanted more time, and time that I could have consistently, I was going to have to steal it from myself.

And that’s what I did.

I took baby steps and started waking up before my kids… and the results were life-changing. No seriously, waking up early changed my life.

And I won’t sugar coat it for you, it was never and is never easy. It takes tons of sacrifice every single day. Again, I really LOOOVE sleeping in.

However, I made a choice for myself that I’m so happy I did.

But before I share all the details of why I made this choice, I feel it’s necessary to cover a few points first.

The first is that learning to wake up early was a process that evolved over a couple of years. And the goal to start shouldn’t feel like a load of weight or pressure to do one more huge thing as a mom. Motherhood is hard enough and this is NOT the only way to do things.

In fact, read to the end to hear my full thoughts on this issue.

And second, motherhood is filled with so many expectations on what we should be doing and when. Only you can decide if this is the season for you to add on something new. And you’ll know inside when the time is right.

7 Life-Changing Effects of Waking Up Before Your Kids

However, waking up to the sound of children running around, whining “I’m Hungry”, and fighting over toys can be literally the worst way to start your day… ever!

Even if you decide to wake up a simple 15 minutes before your kids and steal a moment to soak up the quiet stillness of the morning, you’ll feel so much more ahead of the day instead of running behind.

This is the most obvious benefit of waking up before your kids. And it’s a BIG one!

But there are also more little-known and life-changing benefits of rising before your little ones and that’s what I’m covering in detail in this post. 

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4 Positive Mindsets Shifts to Help You Live a More Enjoyable Life Right Now

1 – You Come to Know You are Loved by You

As women, we struggle with self-care and self-love. It’s not hard to see why with all the constant pouring out we do every moment of the day. We’re too often left bone-dry and feeling underappreciated.

We often fight feelings of guilt, failure, and not being a good enough mom. I believe in many ways motherhood is the great equalizer for women, who all experience these feelings in their day to day mom life.

With all those negative feelings stewing around our amazing qualities, our unrelenting love for our families, and all the great things we do every day can become dull and unnoticed.

Why? Because motherhood is expected and simply a part of your daily life. Moms don’t get awards for doing an amazing job… it’s expected.

But when you suddenly decide to make a sacrifice and do something for you… something unexpected happens. You start to notice that YOU matter too. That YOU are still there. And YOU are loved by you.

And when that self-love kicks in, you start thinking, doing, and acting differently. You wear better clothes, you take a shower every day or most days, and you begin thinking about those old dusty goals from your pre-kid days.

2 – You Become Stronger

If you know anything about working out you know that when you first start… your muscles are crazy weak. And after you work them they revolt and make you walk around in serious pain for a few days.

Walking around like a duck after a great leg day is the best. 😉

But after you keep showing up and working out those same muscles they hurt less, grow bigger and stronger, and help to burn all that suffocating fat that surrounds those sexy muscles.

That process of growing stronger at the gym is the same process that happens when you stick to your goal of waking up earlier than your kids.

It gets easier and you start to experience an inner strength rising up inside that’s the best kick starter for your day.

3 – You Gain More Confidence

Confidence is something I’ve always struggled with in my life. I spent so much of my energy comparing myself to everyone around me which always left me drained in self-confidence.

That was partly because I never gave myself the space to think my own thoughts, create my own ideas, and even set my own goals.

When you never give yourself the place to stretch yourself and only rely on doing what everyone else thinks is best, your mind starts to believe you aren’t capable.

Yes, waking up roughly three hours before my kids allowed me to see that I don’t have to just take life as it comes to me, but I have the power to write my own story as I want it to be told.

Here are some amazingly helpful self-confidence tips for moms who struggle with low self-esteem!

4 – You Learn to Trust Yourself

No one likes being stood up, especially on a continual basis. In fact, if one of your friends constantly invited you to meet up for coffee and catch up but left you hanging again and again, you probably wouldn’t be friends for long.

That’s because that’s rude and disrespectful. It sends the message that you don’t matter to them. But it also brings into question their integrity. You simply can’t trust a word they say.

Now let’s talk about how many times you invited yourself for a quiet run in the morning and stayed in bed instead. Or a million other times you told yourself you’d be somewhere, doing something and decided your Netflix account was a better friend than you are.

Here’s the real danger in not keeping your word to yourself. Studies on cognitive dissonance show that when people’s actions and beliefs don’t line up, they usually change their beliefs to match their actions.

You’re actually telling yourself you don’t matter and don’t deserve the time you’ve tried to set aside for yourself. And learning to stick with your early rise goal allows you to start trusting yourself again.

5 – You Become a Master

Malcolm Gladwell shook the productivity world when we said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a master of anything.

This can totally feel overwhelming but it’s also strangely encouraging because there’s a clear number… a clear goal to be attained.

Now, whether or not you believe this 10,000-hour rule or not (and many do not) the fact is, the longer you do anything the easier and better it gets.

And I’m not talking about trying to become a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer if writing isn’t your thing. We’re talking about doing something you’re already passionate about and already doing or wanting to do on some level.

When you set aside a consistent time to write, read/study, sow, design, build, workout or whatever it is, you will gain your own kind of mastery!

6 – Your Purpose Comes Alive

When moms sacrifice their precious sleep it’s got to be for something that really matters. Something that’s deeply personal and inspiring to their soul.

And in most cases, that thing is closely connected to their passion or purpose. And when you give yourself permission to pursue your passion, over time it starts to evolve and come alive.

Things that don’t get watered and fed wither and die. When we feed our passions they get stronger and begin to thrive.

I believe we as moms all have a unique God-given purpose outside of motherhood. Our purpose may even be closely related to being a mom but motherhood is a ministry and a season of its own.

Giving time to your gifts and giving yourself time to have quiet time with God is so important to your personal growth.

7  – You Become a Better Mom

Finally, and not at all the least, is that you actually become a better, happier mom. Didn’t see that coming, did you!

When you make time for you and just you, something powerful happens… you loose mom-resentment. You know those thoughts that creep in and tell you how you could do this or that if you didn’t have a house full of kids… or one kid.

I know, I know it doesn’t feel right when we think those thoughts or even when I just talked about them but all moms think them from time to time.

But here’s what happens when you give consistent time for you… all you. The resentment fades, you feel more fulfilled as a person outside of being a mom, and you actually feel more tuned in to your kid’s needs.

We need to be filled up so we can be adequately poured out for our families. And that’s what happens in those quiet, early hours.

3 Easy Steps to Start Waking Up Before Your Kids

Before we dive into these super practical steps to waking up before your kids. I need to share the absolute importance of you knowing your “why” intimately.

After you start you’ll want to quit this new wake up time many, many times down the road. And when that spirit of quit jumps all over you in your comfy bed, you need to know why you want to wake up so early in the first place.

Is it to have some quiet time to connect with God and study your Bible to grow stronger spiritually?

Is it to have consistent uninterrupted time to write or work on your business?

Is it to work out and lose 50 lbs and stay healthy and active?

Is it to drink a cup of coffee and stare out the window in the blessed quiet for 15 minutes before your crew wakes up?

It doesn’t matter what your reason… that belongs to you alone. And your reason doesn’t have to be super significant in the eyes of the world… only you.

Without trying to sound like a cliche hair dye commercial… you are worth it!

Just know your “why” and get started. Here are the easy 3 steps that any mom can start right now.

Step 1 – Roll Back No More Than One Hour

If you’re an overachiever like myself, you may be tempted to roll back your clock at least a couple hours. DO NOT DO THAT… yet.

Roll back your clock by 30 minutes increments if you’re really not a morning person or one hour if you really feel you’re ready. But no more until you’ve been waking up at this new time for at least 3 months.

Shocking your body into a drastically early wake-up time can cause your body to revolt and we don’t need your mind and body plotting against your new goals! Slow change is lasting change.

And be sure to get to bed early enough to not loose your recommended hours of sleep!

Step 2 – Gracefully Reset Every Time You Sleep In

This process really isn’t as hard as you may think. The biggest obstacle to lasting change is failure. Failure to get out of bed!

You WILL hit snooze, cover your head with your pillow, or throw your clock across the room some mornings. Especially, if the baby was sick or your toddler starts hating their bed for the 100th time this year.

#MomLife is full of sleep stealers so when you just can’t get up, cut yourself a much-needed break. Don’t let frustration linger and reset tomorrow.

And repeat this process as long as needed.

3 – Play Hide and Seek with Your Alarm

This final step is one I actually had to add into my wake up routine when I started snoozing my phone in my sleep repeatedly. I’m so sneaky in my sleep!

I would wake up so frustrated because I felt like I had no control. Until I decided to be sneaky with myself!

I would lay my phone in different places that required me to get up and move to turn it off. It worked like a champ!

What To Do When You Can’t

You may be reading this and for some reason, you can’t wake up early or you feel like staying up late would work better for you.

Let me be super upfront here, this post isn’t to put pressure on moms who are already doing too much. Or the mom who just had a baby and now is feeling guilty that she’s too exhausted to try this new goal… yet.

Here’s one mom’s honest story of why she doesn’t wake up before her kids.

This is for the mom who is ready and wants to stretch herself in a new way but needs a little push and a whole lot of support and inspiration.

And finally, if you are a classic night owl then honestly do what works for you. I used to stay up late when I was younger and it worked fine for me.

Productivity studies actually show that people are more productive at the times they “think” they are most productive. Mind over matter, I guess.

The whole point of this article is to help you find time for you. And anyway you get it is a win in my book!

Have you already been waking up early? What’s your best early rise tip? Or your biggest early rise question? Share in the comments below.


How to easily wake up before your kids and the 7 powerful effects that happen! Three simple steps to get you started! #momlife

Waking up before your kids has many life-changing benefits. Here are 3 simple steps to start waking up before your kids. #kidsandparenting #momlife #motherhood
Even as a tired mom, there are amazing benefits to waking up even just 15 minutes before your kids. These will surprise you! #momlife #parenting

Beauty & Skincare Recipes Made with Essential Oils to Turn Your Home Into a Spa

Homemade Beauty

Turn your home into a luxurious spa with these simple homemade bath products infused with healthy essential oils. These products are toxin and chemical free so you can feel free to enjoy them and share them with your kids… if you want to!

Homemade Beauty

There is so much benefit in making your own skincare and beauty products. The first and most obvious one is that it’s healthier. There are so many unhealthy and outright dangerous chemicals found in the products we all know and love. Making them at home ensures none of these endocrine inhibitors, is being absorbed in our bodies.

The second reason for making your own DIY skincare and beauty products is that they are so cheap to make! You’ll save so much money by taking a few seconds to whip up a batch of peppermint body scrub and you don’t have to pay the enormous retail markups!

And since you’re saving so much money, why not splurge on these amazing glass apothecary jars to store all your new goodies and make your bathroom look amazing.

Now let’s get ready to transform our bathrooms into spa time!

13 Homemade Beauty and Skincare Products

Turn your home into a luxurious spa day with these DIY skincare and products

1. Avocado Hair Mask | Healthy Living in Body and Mind

2. Soothing Headache Bath Bomb | Crayons and Cravings

3. DIY Makeup Remover Pads | Simply to Inspire

4. Fizzy Bath Powder | Savings Lifestyle

5. Lavender Shower Melts | Utensi

6. Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub | Beauty Crafter

7. Lemongrass Sugar Scrub | Everyday Shortcuts

8. Lemon Lavender Detox Bath | Mommy Musings

9. Lavender and Magnesium Bath Boak | Simply Stacie 

10. Grapefruit Cellulite Cream | Everyday Shortcuts

11. Activated Charcoal Mask | Oily By Design

12. Orange Creamsicle Soap | Simply Stacie

13. Rose Facial Spray Toner | Beauty Crafter

14. Soothing Lavander Body Butter | Healthy Living in Body in Mind

Are you ready to run home and go to the spa? Share in the comments below which recipe you’re most excited to try first!

Turn every day into a spa day with these super simple DIY skincare and beauty products! #beauty #essentialoils #healthy #wellness #skincare

The Tired Mom’s Guide to Living and Parenting with More Joy

How to live and parent with more joy

Are you truly enjoying your life? Notice, I said LIFE – as in its ENTIRETY. Not simply the occasional summer vacation or other random, happy moment in your life.

Do you justify putting off fully enjoying your life for a “good” reason? Um… maybe after the kids get older?

The truth is, there’s no good reason to delay your joy. To put it off for a more appropriate time. The right time is NOW!

How to live and parent with more joy

I’m not talking about turning into one of those super happy-go-lucky people. You know, those people who never seem to have a bad day. I mean, that’s not a bad thing… but some of us just aren’t wired that way. And that’s OK too!

Some days I wish I could be like that but I’m not. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t learned how to capture the good moments on purpose and not delay really living my life for a “better” time.

There’s a phrase I know you’ve heard – Y.O.L.O. (You Only Live Once). Though this phrase seems an attempt to justify questionable behavior – I totally get the sentiment.

Enjoy your life to the full and don’t wait to do it because you only get one chance.

This is true. I mean, we only get one shot down here on this earth until we move on, so we should do our best to live it well.


So, why do we find ourselves living a good life but stopping there?

Why do we plan to do the things we really want…

when I …

when they …

when we …?

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Stop Putting Off Your Enjoyable Life

Why do we find it so hard sometimes to be spontaneous and just not know what’s coming next? Not having access to life’s map and all the details is hard. And I think it’s human nature, at least for most of us.

Every time we get in the car, my kids always want to know where we’re going, whose’s coming, and what we’ll be doing. And even though I think pretty much the same way; when they do it to me it’s no less annoying. I’m always telling them to relax and enjoy the ride.

I believe that’s what God is whispering to us. Just enjoy the ride of this life. Rest your head on your headrest and stare out the window as His beauty flies past your window. Soak it in. Go with the flow. Don’t wonder where you’re going, but be excited about the ride there.

I’ve learned along the way that my enjoyment is just as important as the work I do each day. Who is it important to? Me, my spouse, my children, my friends, my church, my community, and to God who sent His Son to give me this enjoyable life.

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Happy is an Emotion – Joy is a Choice

The actual word enjoy clearly lays out its purpose. The prefix en means to be “in” the cause, place, or state named; confined in.

So enjoy really means to be confined inside of joy. Imagine being confined, sealed off, and protected by joy. Soak that in for a second.

Joy means the passion or emotion excited by the acquisition or expectation of good; that excitement of pleasurable feelings which is caused by success, good fortune, the gratification of desire or some good possessed; or by a rational prospect of possessing what we love or desire; gladness; the exhilaration of spirits. Happiness; felicity.

I don’t know about you, but I like the idea of being confined in that. Everyday.

But let’s be clear about something – joy isn’t an emotion. It’s a choice and a deeply personal belief that we’re not alone in this life and God is working all the mundane, the crazy, and the just plain disappointing stuff out for our good.

Happiness and joy get mixed up a lot, unfortunately. Happy is an emotion totally dependent on your circumstances. And I’ve lived long enough to know that circumstance we can’t control shouldn’t be the drivers of how much we’re able to enjoy this life.

Life throws a lot of curve balls and joy gives us the ability to tap into the power of experiencing an enjoyable life… no matter what it looks like!

There are also clear mindsets we can adopt that will outright rob you of your enjoyable life! So, to help you actually claim joy for yourself, here are 4 mindsets that are probably stealing your joy right now.

As you read these, allow your heart to be softened to getting and staying free once and for all.

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Mindset #1: Waiting for the Perfect Time

This mindset is probably the most common and far-reaching one. The mentality is simple, “I want to do ____ but” or,  “it’ll be better if I wait until ____”

Many single people wait to travel until they have their future spouse to travel with. Little do they know, their spouse may not be waiting for them in their hometown – but in that land, they’re waiting to see.

Many couples wait for more comfortable finances before they start having children. Little do they know, a business or career opportunity could be waiting to be birthed as a result of being a parent.

The point is, to stop waiting until you move into your dream house before you update your furniture. Stop waiting until you have your own backyard before you go outside to play with your kids. Stop waiting until you feel more comfortable before you start pursuing that dream.

Your joy comes when you do those things you desire – NOW. Many people never got the chance to live their dream because they sat waiting for perfection to come and pick them up. But perfection is always a no-show.

She’ll always leave you sitting sadly on the porch with your suitcase in hand. You don’t need to wait to be picked up anyway. You just need to get up, grab your suitcase and start moving – TODAY.

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Mindset #2: Needing to Control Everything

I am a recovering control freak. My husband might actually take issue with the “recovering” part. But I’m certainly better than where I was!

I’ve learned that control is rooted in fear and from that control sprouts anger, discontentment, and depression. To say the least, control is not good.

This need to control everything and everyone stems from the fear that something’s going to go wrong if we don’t do it our way. We won’t get there on time if we don’t go my way. They won’t be healthy unless they follow my health plan. It won’t get done unless I do it. She won’t get it right unless I teach her.

And all that mindset does is dull the gifts, ability, and drive of your spouse and children. They’ll eventually become resentful of your control and as a result; never have the opportunity to thrive.

A family can’t experience joy if they aren’t allowed to thrive. To thrive means to grow or develop vigorously; to flourish. When we step in to dictate, instruct, and save the day; we rob from them their ability to flourish – to grow vigorously.

And the only way to reverse this mindset is to lay down your crown.

I give you permission to control your decision to not control.

It shows wisdom when we yield to others’ ideas and do it their way. Control has no place in the family. We need to invite collaboration and unity. A democracy instead of a dictatorship.

That’s not to say, you don’t get to be a parent. I’m just talking about the unhealthy compulsion of control. Discipline and boundaries, on the other hand, are necessary components of a family, but that’s another post entirely.

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Mindset #3: Being a Time Counter vs. a Moment Catcher

This mindset is a type of control but deserves its own category. Think of a time when you had a week off from work or your regular routine. This was vacation time for you and the family. The first day is awesome! You’re letting your hair down as you step foot onto the grounds of Do Whatever You Want Land.

This continues until around day 5 when it suddenly occurs to you that you only have 2 more days left before you have to return to the real world! Your heart starts to beat a little faster and you feel like you’re having a mini panic attack.

And no matter how hard you try, from day 5 until the end, you chunk everything you do into tiny time frames.

Wow, this pool is so nice. Wait! We only have two more hours before the day ends and that means there’s only one day left!

That can go on until the last hour of vacation. This mindset is truly an enemy of your joy because you can’t feel joy while you’re counting the time.

This is a mindset that I’ve always struggled with and the danger of it is really simple – when you count the time, you can’t be present enough to capture the moments.

While you’re swimming in the pool with your kids and allowing your mind to be overtaken with the countdown; you’re missing stuff. The good stuff. And if you’re not careful, this mindset can invade your every day – not just your vacations.

The only way to reverse this mindset is to train yourself to get lost. Not in a physical place – but in the moment you’re in. If you’re putting together a puzzle with your kids, remove all clocks from view and just keep going until it’s done or you and the kids are tired of putting it together.

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Get lost in it and choose to forget what’s next. Pay attention to their faces while they’re trying to fit the wrong pieces in and their excitement when they get one right. Be present to guide them through how to wait for their sister to finish putting in their piece before diving in to put their own.

Smile, laugh, really live.

There is freedom in being present. There is bondage in being torn between your schedule and your moments.

At the end of your life and the end of your children’s lives, there will only be moments. Time won’t matter a bit.

Mindset #4:  Comparison

Comparison always leads to a lack of healthy confidence. You can’t compare a priceless one of a kind painting to anything else. We understand that concept, but don’t understand that each of us is priceless, too. One of a kind creations. We can’t rationally compare ourselves, our lives, or our moments to anyone else’s. But we do – every day.

In order to reverse this mindset, we must learn to see our bodies, our spouses, our kids, our homes, our vacations, and our school routines as unique and made for us and no one else.

The key to joy is keeping your eyes on your own beautiful yard and not letting your eyes wander into your neighbor’s. Sure, there are weeds that pop up from time to time, but those are your weeds. And you work together as a family to rid your yard of them.

But NEVER, ever allow your mind to wander and compare your husband with another woman’s. Or your child with someone else’s. Your family with another family. When we do; their flaws, cracks, blemishes, and imperfections become magnified and eventually repel us.

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One moment you liked your husband’s quirks, the next you’re annoyed by them. This happens through the seeds of comparison.

Your family isn’t like anyone else’s. And that’s a good thing. It’s through the cracks and imperfections in your family; that God’s light can fully shine through – lighting up the world.

Joy is a decision that is our responsibility to act on and live.

What are some barriers to joy that you’ve experienced and overcome? Leave a comment and let us learn from you!

Joy can be hard to find with life is hard. These positive mindset shifts will help you start living your enjoyable life right now! #personaldevelopmentLiving with joy requires the right mindset in the face of disappointments and challenging seasons. These 4 mindsets will have you living with more joy right now! #joy #personaldevelopment #selfimprovement #faith Learn the simple way to live and parent with more joy today! Yes it is possible! #momadvice #motherhood

As moms, we're great at getting things done, but our joy along the way isn't always a priority. Enjoying your life is just as important as living it. Click the image to learn how to reverse the 4 mindsets that are stealing your enjoyable life.As moms, we're great at getting things done, but our joy along the way isn't always a priority. Enjoying your life is just as important as living it. Living an enjoyable life that's richly satisfying is something we all want, but most of us struggle to actually live out in our day to day lives. That's because there are four powerful mindsets that we tend to see life through, that are actually stealing our ability to live enjoyable lives. But we can reverse them!Experiencing more joy in your life can be hard and you need to first change your mindset. Here's how!

The Secret to Working Out and Staying Fit as a Busy Mom

The Secret to Staying Fit and Healthy as a busy Mom

Staying fit and exercising isn’t easy for most people including me. I’ve gotten on and fallen off the workout wagon a million times. But staying fit as a busy mom is even harder because everyone else’s needs become your own and we all need a convenient excuse not to get on the treadmill. Right?

I want to share with you the secret to staying fit and healthy as a mom. And I’ve rounded up some other mom bloggers who share their fitness tips too!

The Secret to Staying Fit as a busy Mom

Let’s get started with my hands-down biggest fitness tip for moms getting started with exercise.

Work out with your kids. I know, I know I can hear the objections coming at me. I get that this approach doesn’t work for every mom and it doesn’t always work for me.

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The Secret to Staying Fit as a Busy Mom

But working out with your kids has a lot of benefits. The first is, it creates accountability for you and that’s extremely important! Since kids seem to think all exercise is fun, they’ll remind you again tomorrow when it’s time to work out. And let me just add here that exercising should be fun and if your kids aren’t begging you to do it again, chances are, you aren’t going to want to do it again either.

The second and very important benefit of working out with your kids is you are spending quality time with your kids. This is huge when you have a busy schedule and struggle to find quality time with your children. Instead of going to the gym by yourself, spend an hour racing your kids at a local track or doing a park work out. You’ve just become the fun mom!

And the last benefit of exercising with your kids is you are setting the example and modeling healthy behavior. This one is monumental! Kids don’t do what we say, they do what we do.

Here’s a really fun video example of a fun family workout. This is perfect for little ones who like to get in your way while you’re working out. This way everyone’s having fun. And if your kids are older like mine, just find something fun to do and have them join in.

Like I said, this approach is to help you get started with exercising, especially if its been a while. If it’s working for your family, you can continue working out with your kids. Or if your body starts to need more, and it will, you can gradually add in things like working out with weights at the gym or taking a class.The important thing is to remember to listen to your body and give it what it needs as your body transforms. Just try to stick with exercising with your kids as a healthy and fun activity even if you do decide to become a contestant on Ninja Warrior!

Make a Quality Decision

The second thing you MUST do if you want to make exercise a priority is to make a decision that you are officially doing this. I find that sometimes even when I want to make a change I simply won’t take action and I’ll procrastinate. This is usually because I never stopped long enough to make an actual decision.

Thinking about doing something and even agreeing that it’s a good idea or feeling like you want to do something isn’t making a decision. When you make a decision to do something, action always follows.

Action like putting it on the schedule, making a gym appointment, or calling the kids into the room and telling them everyone’s going running tomorrow.

Making a quality decision also means granting yourself grace in advance for the days you fall off the work out wagon. And not giving yourself permission to stay off. You already know that you’ll have bad days and make bad decisions, but you must move gracefully passed that decision and get back on tomorrow. Or better yet, later that day!

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Here are 7 more tips to help you get and stay fit as a busy mom.

7 Fitness Tips for Moms

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How To Really Flatten Your Mommy Tummy

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100 Free Fitness Apps for Weight Loss

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Workout printables

Source – Everyday Shortcuts

Did I leave anything out? If I did, ask a question or add your favorite fitness tip in the comments below!

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7 Super Simple Habits Every Mom Should be Using to Build a Better Life!

These easy to implement habits will have you enjoying life and motherhood and you'll be glad you did! #motherhood #goals

These easy to implement habits will have you enjoying life and motherhood and you'll be glad you did! #motherhood #goals

How many times have you found yourself trapped in a cycle of doing something the hard way, but just couldn’t get off the hamster wheel?

This lady right here (hello) is the poster child for doing things the hard way! When life shows up pointin’ it’s finger at me and barking orders, being efficient and doing the “important” flies right out the window. I’m left putting out fires and greasing the squeaky wheels instead.

Or better yet, cleaning up spilled cereal.

But hallelujah! I’ve found a better way! Over the years, I’ve learned some things that make my life easier and I know they’ll make your life easier too.

But here’s the kicker… you’re probably NOT doing them. Or at least, not all of them. That’s because we’re so busy living our lives like one emergency room trip after another, instead of getting regular preventative check-ups to make sure things stay out of the crazy zone!

It’s time to give ourselves permission to stop and readjust. To get the ball rolling in the right direction so we can set ourselves up for success on the front end instead of always playing catchup. And I don’t know about you, but I hate playing catch-up!

My advice is to read this list and the ones that pop out to you – DO THEM. Don’t worry about trying and perfecting all of them. Let’s work together to take baby steps into lives we love…

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1 – Start Following a Routine

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, it’s vital to your success and sanity that you follow a routine. Notice I didn’t say schedule. Schedules are for setting appointments and other activities at specific time frames. They’re necessary for keeping us on time and in the right place.

But what about the rest of the day when there’s no demand about what we do and where we go? It’s those spaces of time that can feel like a black hole, consuming our whole day and leaving you not knowing where it went.

That’s why I love routines! They’re great for you and your whole family. You can create your own routine by listing out all the activities and tasks you want or need to complete each day. Break those lists into a morning, afternoon, and evening category. You can add more of those categories like a mid and late afternoon as you see fit.

Write them out in the order you want to complete them. Now you need to add some anchors to your routine list. For example, quiet time can be an anchor for your early morning routine which means this is the first thing you do. Then your run on the treadmill can be another anchor to signal your early morning routine is ending and your mid-morning routine is beginning with taking a shower and getting ready.

Routines are based on developing predictable patterns of behavior or habits in your day. This way you’re not fixed on following a rigid schedule with time slots that never seem to work in the real world. You just naturally flow through your day with the larger anchor tasks keeping you in the flow and helping to remind you of what’s next.

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2 – Live By a Real Budget

Having a budget is like having a routine for your money. Your budget tells your hard-earned money where to go and what to do. Without one, your money’s going somewhere, but it’s probably not where you had in mind.

Budgets have a bad rap because so many people feel like budgeting is something only financially stressed people do. It’s actually the opposite. A budget is really just a well thought out plan. And you better believe that the wealthy and well-off individuals in this world are following a well thought out plan for their money!

That’s precisely how they got rich, stay rich, and keep getting richer. Sure, their budget probably has a lot more to work with than yours or mine, but you’d be surprised how much extra money you have when you get intentional and cut out unnecessary spending.

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Check out this helpful video from

3 – Plan Your Meals

This is one that I personally didn’t do for a very long time because it felt like too much work on the front end. And when dinner rolled around each night I could actually feel the dread consuming me. Not a good feeling!

It’s really super simple, though. You just take a moment to sit down and write out a quick list of what you want to cook or prepare that week for dinner. It can really be as simple as that or as involved as you desire. You can plan out all your meals for the week or just your family dinners.

I wrote a post about using meal-prepping as a fantastic strategy for getting healthy meals on the table quickly. I go into much greater detail about the process and you can read it here: 4 Meal-Prepping Strategies for Getting Healthy Dinners on the Table Fast!

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4 – Delegate Household Chores

I grew up raised by a stay-at-home mom who worked hard every day to keep our home in order. She pretty much did all the chores and cleaning in the house. I have very little memory of us having real chores outside of keeping our rooms clean. 

This is partly because as a stay-at-home mom you believe that cleaning is your job and no one else’s. And she was also a perfectionist who didn’t like seeing things being done “the wrong way.” I personally followed suit on both of these mindsets in my own family.

That is until I realized it’s not about me anyway. I may not give my husband a long list of chores to do because his work schedule is simply too demanding, but as my children get older they NEED to know how to run a home.

Doing chores not only develops personal responsibility, but it also teaches valuable skills to my kids preparing them for adulthood. They need to know how to keep a house, not just their own room, clean. They need to know how to do their own laundry, iron a shirt and cook a meal. Here’s my post on 2 Super Easy Ways to Teach Your Children Accountability. 

But most importantly, you need help! Doing everything yourself isn’t the best plan for everyone. Getting everyone involved takes the pressure off you, and helps give you some peace and rest.

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5 – Practice a Regular Quiet Time

Speaking of peace and rest, practicing a regular quiet time is a game changer. Even if you carve out a few minutes every morning or some other quiet part of your day, the benefits far outweigh some lost sleep.

Spending a few moments just you and God, is a sacred time and one you’ll come to cherish. I wrote a very in-depth post about how to get started with practicing a regular quiet time. You can read the post here: Why Every Mom Needs a Regular Quiet Time Routine

I also created a super popular resource to help you journal your transformation during your quiet times. It’s called the Daily Transformation Journal because that’s exactly what’s going to happen when you put yourself first and practice a consistent quiet time routine. You can grab yours for FREE by subscribing to my VIP Vault.

6 – Set Regular Goals

Setting goals can feel overwhelming. Something that only super “successful” people do, not real everyday folks like us. Right?

True! Successful people are typically goal-setters and average people aren’t. Ever wonder why that is? It’s not because people who’ve reached a version of success are just drinking the goal-setting Kool-aid and telling everyone else about it.

It’s because the goal-setting came first – making them successful! When we have a target, we as humans instinctively try to hit it. As the wise saying goes, “when we aim at nothing, we’ll hit it every time.”

Having goals keeps us moving forward to the place we want to go. Otherwise, we’re merely drifting. And drifting is NEVER a good strategy for getting where you want to go. Get my Goal Slaying Toolkit with 20+ pages of printables to help you Slay your Goals! 

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7 – Have Date Days With Your Spouse & Kids

This is probably one of the most important, yet under-practiced items in this list. This is really where good intentions get shoved aside by busy, demanding schedules.

But by standing firm and carving out time for our loved ones in advance, we’ll be that much more successful.

For super creative/no-cost ideas made for “real life” grab my Family Time Made Simple Checklist! Start your family dates today by CLICKING HERE!

No matter how good your marriage is right now, you need to make time to be together one on one. It doesn’t need to be expensive or involve going out to dinner. Get creative and do things you both enjoy, keeping your personalities into consideration. Going to the gym to take a class can be a date day if you both love exercise keep the focus on enjoying each other.

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Your children also need one on one time with you. I never realized this until my middle daughter outright asked me one day to go out for some alone time without the other kids. I was totally surprised by her request, but I took note. And I make sure to keep her on my calendar for special dates regularly. This is important to keep strong bonds and building lasting relationships with our children that will last a lifetime. 

To get specific ideas on showing love and spending time with your loved ones, check out my viral post: 50 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Loved in Their Own Love Language.

Adding new things into your life doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. It starts with making a quality choice to make your life better and easier! What are you planning to work on? Leave your plan in the comments below so we can keep each other encouraged!

These easy to implement habits will have you enjoying life and motherhood and you'll be glad you did! #motherhood #goals

What it Really Means to Love Your Body & How You Can Love Yours Today

How to love your body

How to love your body

Do you love your body the way it is right now? Maybe you’re answering me with the side-eye. But seriously… what does it really mean to love your body? In order to answer the body-love question, we need to talk about what love is.

When you love something, you give it your attention, you care for it, and you want it to be in the best condition possible. If we love our bodies it means we give our body the right attention, we care well for it, and we want it to be in the best condition possible.

It doesn’t mean that when we look in the mirror, we see an image of perfection starring back. That’s not love… it’s admiration.

While you may have goals to achieve a higher level of fitness or lose those baby pounds still hanging on from ten years ago, finally loving your body means to care more about the condition of your body than how you fit in your skinny jeans.

The fact is, we only get one body… and when that one is done working – that’s it. As harsh as that may sound, it’s true. And what’s also true is we often put our physical needs at the absolute bottom of the priority list.

I don’t need to give you the car maintenance analogy here. You’re too smart for that. You know our bodies need preventative care and attention in order to stay in top condition. And we need to fuel up on the best nutrition for our individual bodies – not the kids’ leftover scraps and breakfast bars in the cupboard. Guilty of that one, some days!

We also need to go in for annual check-ups and physicals to be sure there aren’t any problems we’re not aware of. And listen to the built-in warning bells that go off in our bodies when something’s not right.

They tell us when we’re too stressed, too tired, or something more serious is going on. In short, we need to take our health seriously. And yes, that’s all a part of loving our bodies!

Love Your Body Through Good Nutrition

What goes into your body is the fuel it runs on. And if you’re like me, you’ve got a thriving family to take care of, a boat-load of work on my desk to do, and iceberg sized dreams I’m working on revealing to the world; so I don’t have the luxury of running on cheap fuel.

I’m guessing you don’t either!

The buzzword today is “healthy.” Eat healthy. Cook healthy. Live healthy.

The truth is healthy can mean different things to different people. And we need to take the initiative to investigate what’s good for us and our family. And just to be clear, I’m no health expert. But none of us need to be rocket scientists to figure out what is and what isn’t good for us.

I’ll also add that I’m not a huge fan of diets because most diets were created to do for a short season and not built for the long haul. And in some circumstances that may be the right call. But most of the time people pick up outlandish diet plans on their own without the help of their doctor.

They may even lose weight, but end up gaining it all back and then some because they didn’t have a transition plan for the rest of their life.

So in the general sense, I’m a total fan of lifestyle changes. Things that you either add to your life or take away and stick with forever. For example, switching out all white grain products for whole, unprocessed grains is something you can easily do and stick to forever.

You can make the decision to stop drinking sugary drinks like soda. Still working on this one!

If you’re not currently filling your body on a daily basis with wholesome, nourishing foods I urge you to do some research to find an eating plan that works for you. And stick to it!

To get you started here are some basics that anyone can add to their lifestyle every day:
Drinking water. The more the better.
Reducing or eliminating processed foods. Using frozen is oftentimes better than boxes meals, but certainly not in every case.
Adding whole foods like veggies and fruits to every meal. They add fiber and nutrients that your body needs for peak performance. Think premium fuel.
Swapping white, bleached grains for the whole version (brown rice, whole wheat pasta.)
Reducing the added sugar in your diet. But NOT replacing them with artificial sugars either. The real sugar is better than the fake. So, make small changes if needed.

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Love Your Body Through Exercise

Getting exercise is something you either love or hate. There’s rarely a middle ground with exercise. But one thing we all want is to be “successful” in life and our businesses.

What if I told you most successful people exercise as a priority in their daily routine. There’s totally a close correlation between high productivity and high physical activity.

If you’re on the fence about working out, think of it this way – exercise just may be the key you need to take your life goals to the next level. And you’ll get a rockin’ body in the process!

One of the other FABULOUS benefits of physical activity is the burst of energy that comes with it! And the older I get, the less I care about my Mommy Tummy and the more I crave ENERGY!

And as crazy as it seems, you have to give out energy to get more back in return. But it’s so well worth the time and effort. Studies now show that exercise helps combat depression more effectively than medication – without the side effects!

And there are so many other benefits like helping you actually stay on track with your eating. You just worked really hard and aren’t going to let your kid’s Twinky take you down! Your mind becomes more clear and my brain fog goes away. My energy level soars and I don’t feel like I’m dragging my body around anymore. And of course, your butt gets tighter and everything else with it! I’ll take that!

I don’t think it’s always necessary to have a specific plan or get overly analytic when it comes to exercise. But if you have medical or physical challenges, you should always consult with your doctor before starting any exercise plan.

But overall, if you find something you love or at least enjoy that gets your heart pumping every day – I say go for it! I personally can’t get to the gym at this season in my life, so I exercise in my living room in the evenings with my kiddos and this gives us all something fun to do together.

And the best part is it gets them wiped out for bedtime!

Love Your Body Through Style

Do you feel like a woman every day? I mean, yes you’re a woman. But I’m talking about expressing the woman before the baby weight, throw-up or food stains on your shirt, and yoga pants.

I’m talking about the woman before sneakers, jeans, and t-shirts became your signature look. This is not as much as an issue for moms who work outside the home because obviously you’re required to look presentable for work. Right?

But for those of us who stay or work in the home – I’m talking to you. Everyone always envisions the one day they’ll be able to work from home where they can tromp around in their PJ’s and bunny slippers all day. Though this is great for vacation days, it’s not recommended for everyday use. Sorry to wreck the dream.

Getting up and putting real clothes on in the morning will do wonders for your productivity and overall mindset!

You’re sending signals to your brain that this isn’t the weekend or a vacation day. That there’s real work to be done and it’s important.

I personally wear jeans and a cute yet comfortable top every day. It’s my uniform. I have a collection of flats that are comfortable and stylish that I can slip on instead of athletic sneakers. If you need some amazing style inspiration for real mom life, check out GetYourPrettyOn!

I’m always dressed in a way that allows me to be ready for anything. If the mailman rings the doorbell I don’t need to run and hide. If the school calls and I need to run to pick up my child, if I have a meeting to attend, or if I need to run a quick errand – I’m always ready.

In addition to getting dressed, I also put on makeup and make my hair presentable. Now, I know some of you are naturally gorgeous and don’t wear makeup. That’s awesome for you! Seriously, I’m jealous.

But for me, I need to cover some things up and accentuate others. But to be clear, I don’t spend nearly as much time on my face and hair as I did before kids. I used to flat iron my long hair every day. And I haven’t done that in years. In fact, I’m not sure I ever will. I have a lot of hair!

But the point is, I’m still doing what makes me feel good. And that’s what’s important. If you don’t put on makeup or brush your hair and avoid looking in the mirror – STOP!

If you don’t feel beautiful, that’s a shame. You are beautiful and should feel that way EVERY DAY. For the most part, most of us won’t be walking around feeling like supermodels, but we don’t feel like we’re scaring the children either.

You deserve to feel like a gorgeous woman! And I’ll go further to say you deserve to feel sexy, too! Feeling good isn’t hard – it just requires your permission.

These are small examples of ways you can start loving your body today!

Leave in the comments what you’ve deciding to focus on to give yourself your BEST! This post and the entire series is ALL about caring about yourself.

Remember, you deserve it!

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The truth about really Loving your body

Simple Ways to Become a More Connected, Intentional & Fulfilled Person

Feeling like you're drifting through life? It's time to stop drifting and learn how to get exactly where you want to be! Start your new journey of intentional and fulfilled living today with these powerful mindsets. #personalgrowth #intentionalliving #growthmindset #personaldevelopment


Do you ever feel like you’re drifting in life and going through the motions? Do you feel truly fulfilled and satisfied with where you are in life and in your relationships?

If you don’t feel like you’re in the best place in life, the good news is you how the power to get up and leave that place! I’m not talking about a physical place or a union like your marriage, of course. I’m talking about the state you’re in.

Feeling like you're drifting through life? It's time to stop drifting and learn how to get exactly where you want to be! Start your new journey of intentional and fulfilled living today with these powerful mindsets. #personalgrowth #intentionalliving #growthmindset #personaldevelopment

So for example, if you are frustrated with your marriage, you have the power to change the state of your marriage. I’ll give you some tips on that in a bit! So stay with me.

Way too often we do everyday, ordinary things in our days and somehow expect extraordinary results. Ummm, let me just get this out the way now… that doesn’t exist! 

Everything worth having is worth sacrificing and working for.

I was having a conversation with a very close friend yesterday and she was sharing her successes in her fitness and health routine. She recently experienced a highly stressful few weeks prior and relaxed on her normal routine. As a result, she felt bloated, tired, and extremely foggy. All from a few days off her usual regimen!

While we were talking, I suddenly a light bulb moment!

I realized that yes, it’s a pain in the behind to spend time planning, prepping, and faithfully eating your carefully crafted meal plan. But the proof is in the results. And this applies to every other area of our lives.

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The Key To Being More Intentional

Doing average, ordinary activities will NEVER create the amazing life we really want. Doing mindful, intentional, repetitive and even mundane things every single day is how you get to where you really want to be. 

So what are those things we should be doing?

Only you know the answer to that. Start with your list of things you’ve been wanting to do but find yourself procrastinating. The truth is, you’ll likely still not love doing all the things to need to do to have the life you want.

My friend doesn’t love to diligently plan and prep her meals every single week. But she loves the results! And when she decides that she wants to live a week like all her friends and eat whatever she wants, her body goes into a fit and she pays the price.

The key to being more intentional and purposeful in our lives is to make peace with ourselves that change isn’t easy and it’s a process that lasts as long as we’re on this earth. Once you understand that change requires constant work, adjusting, attention, focus, and diligence… change can finally happen.

Start with the areas in your life that don’t look like you want them to look. Decide what things you need to do to make an impact and start doing them… and don’t stop doing them. And when you finally see results… don’t stop doing them!

Remember, this is a forever thing. As soon as you get your results you may make adjustments to your process, but you’ll never stop working and maintaining your success!

Complacency is a killer of all good things in your life.

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How to Feel More Connected

Now, there’s another area that many of us struggle with and that’s feeling connected to other. Connected in a meaningful way in our friendships, marriages, and our families. We need to feel connected with others. And fake social media friendships are eroding this essential need. Telling our Instastory online isn’t the same as sitting across the table from your bestie at Starbucks.

We need to hear a voice on the other line who’s talking to us. Reading blogs and watching inspirational videos on social media is fine, but we need people who are connected to us.

Here are some ways you can nurture your relationship and feel more connected.

Get Connected with Friends

I don’t know about you, but finding the time to set up lunch dates or play dates with the kids is a real struggle. And so often our friends with kids are struggling in the same area, which becomes a recipe for isolation.

Isolation is a breeding ground for depression. You don’t have anyone who can pull you out of your funk. Know what I mean?

We need someone to tell us it’s going to be alright and this will pass. Or that what you’re going through isn’t crazy but totally normal! When all you listen to all day is your critical thoughts playing on auto-repeat it’s hard to feel strong, emotionally speaking.

Being a mom is hard work!

But hearing that it’s OK from another mom in the trenches is sometimes all you need. Once I started having children and working from home… life got lonely.

Over the years I looked up and realized I didn’t have many friendships at all. Life was going on around me and I just felt alone.

If that’s you, reach out and talk to a friend. Even if it’s been a long time. Or, if you don’t have many or any friends, find some mom groups where you can get the kids out and meet some new moms. Don’t be afraid to step out there!

Get Connected with Your Spouse

Your marriage is also a major cornerstone in your life and that relationship needs to be nurtured too.

If you’re a single mom, don’t skip this section. If you desire to be married, apply this wisdom to
your dating relationships and future marriage.

Your spouse is someone you fell in love with and decided to start a life together. But over the years, the passion for one another can fade – if you’re not careful.

If you’re in a good place in your marriage, that’s fantastic. But you need to work to keep it there. That doesn’t mean that every couple needs a weekly date night. Though, some would argue with that.

You do need to make each other a priority. And the single most important priority in your marriage is communication. Talking to each other is essential to staying close and maintaining intimacy.

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Get Connected with Your Mind

Outside of nurturing and improving our relationships, we need to nurture and improve our minds. Many of us do that through the love of reading. For me, and so many others, reading is a personal experience. I love books!

I’ve always been a reader since I was a child, but somewhere along the line books became those things I collected but never actually read. I loved the idea of reading a particular book but after an exhausting day, I couldn’t get past one paragraph before I was snoring.

Now, books for me are near and dear to my heart and a very important part of my personal development. I prefer to read non-fiction simply because I get more out of them for the time I spend reading them.

If you love fiction, and they bring you joy then go for it!

I understand though, books are not a love for everyone. Maybe you like listening to podcasts, audiobooks or music that fills you up.

Here’s a post from VerilyMag recommending the best podcasts for women right now. Read it here!

I would also strongly recommend giving yourself a daily reading or listening goal just to keep you on track. Even reading just five pages a day will reap amazing results in your life!

Here are a few of my FAVORITE books!

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Joy Brings Fulfillment

Outside of becoming more intentional and more connected we also want to feel fulfilled. And part of feeling fulfilled in life is knowing we are doing something that really matters.

This can be a touchy subject for women, especially moms. We spend many of our life seasons taking care of others’ needs and we often end up unsure if the work we’re doing really matters. Or is significant enough.

Let me help you create some peace and balance in your life by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Is my life helping someone who can’t help themselves or needs constant assistance?
  • Is my life being used to provide financially for others?
  • Do I spend regular time considering how I can do more with the time I have?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions… you’re right now doing work that matters. Work that should bring you fulfillment!

If you’re a stay-at-home mom who spends all your days changing diapers and managing your home… you’re doing work that matters! And you won’t be doing this work forever. It’s a season – and one that goes by way too fast if you ask me. You’ll have another season where your life will be doing other meaningful things.

me-time isn’t necessarily something you need to schedule every day, but it’s something you need to put on the schedule regularly.

And I’m not talking about the general “me-time” activities like getting your nails done. I believe getting your hair and nails done (if that’s something you choose to do) should be categorized as your regular grooming, not your me-time.

Me-time is something special and unique to you as a person.

It may be gardening in your family’s garden. But if you are simply gardening because it’s time to harvest your monthly veggies but you don’t have any real love for gardening – it’s NOT me-time.

Photography could be a me-time where you go out into nature and take breathtaking photos for a couple of hours uninterrupted.

Me-time is anything that simply brings you joy. It’s not your business or other money-making venture, it’s not something your family relies on, or an activity people are waiting for you to complete.

This is a no pressure activity!

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Do What Brings You Joy!

Something purely for YOU and you alone. I bet if I asked most moms and women in general if they had an activity they love that they did regularly purely for themselves – most would answer a big, fat no.

And I’d add that most probably wouldn’t even know what that thing is off the top of their head! I know what you’re thinking – how can I do something all for me when I can’t even get a babysitter for things my family needs?

All I can do is urge you to realistically put yourself on your calendar. Remember, this isn’t something that needs to happen every day at 6:00.

It’s a date you make with yourself at least on a monthly basis. And if you’re that one who doesn’t even know what you’d do, take time to go back in time. Go back to when you were in your 20’s, a teenager or even younger.

Think about the things you loved to do before all the demand on your time. Rediscover a lost part of yourself and bring it back into now. You never know how much it can add to your life!

What’s your idea of me-time? Share in the comments your favorite way to nurture your emotional needs.

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Feeling like you're drifting through life? It's time to stop drifting and learn how to get exactly where you want to be! Start your new journey of intentional and fulfilled living today with these powerful mindsets. #personalgrowth #intentionalliving #growthmindset #personaldevelopment

become a more connected intentional and fulfilled person

Why All Moms Need to be Intentional With a Regular Self Care Routine

self care activities for moms

self care activities for moms

Do you think it’s a good plan to deny yourself the entire season you’re raising a family with the plan to become your “best self” after your kids are grown and you have more time?

Which version of yourself do you think your kids deserve more – your current version or your BEST version? I’d vote for best version!

And no, I didn’t say perfect… that doesn’t exist. Best means YOU living the way God created you to live. Think of it like YOU with all the upgrades and shiny granite. 😉 When we’re at our best, we’re not on edge, stressed, and burnt-out. We’re happiest, fulfilled, and even fun.

Fun… what’s that?!

I’d venture to guess that most of us aren’t living at our best, and some of us are actually far from our best. We truly aren’t doing anyone any favors by treating ourselves like the family pet who eats the scraps after dinner’s over.

You are worth more than that!

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Self Care Starts with Self Love

Let me start off by saying self-care isn’t frivolous, a luxury, or a treat you give yourself when you feel you need it. Self-care is something we must do every day to stay sane as busy moms!

When was the last time you put yourself on your priority list and actually took good care of your needs… without feeling guilty for doing it?

We need to grow to a place where we love and serve ourselves just as well as we do our families.

You deserve it, mama!

It’s Ok… rather, it’s necessary to treat yourself well.

And if you won’t give yourself permission to do it for yourself, then do it for them!

Your family wants, needs, and even deserves to see you living at your best.

It’s time to make the priceless investment in YOU.

Stop putting off making yourself a priority

Think about it, you wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) put off investing in your marriage until all your kids are grown, would you? Many empty nesters look up across the, now empty, dinner table into the eyes of their spouse and don’t recognize the person staring back.

You need to invest in your marriage today to continue to have a fulfilling relationship down the road. Equally, you must invest in yourself now to keep your best self from drifting away and one day becoming unrecognizable.

To clarify, when I’m talking about you being your best self, I’m not simply talking about dreams and careers. You are a whole package – a whole person!

Being at your best looks like this:

Being in top physical health with healthy relationships.

Someone who does at least one thing every day that brings joy into your life that doesn’t have anything to do with your kids or your house, or even work!

And who is strong spiritually, with a thriving relationship with God.

Who, by the way, is vital to getting you to your best version in the first place.

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Your Family Deserves You at Your Best too!

I believe your family, the one you adore – wants, needs, and deserves to see you at your
best. Not just because they love you and want you to be happy, but because of how
this affects them.

You’ve heard the sayings, happy wife, happy life. And If Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. There’s probably more but you get the point. I believe if we get to the heart of this issue, we won’t need anymore more books on curing the angry mom.

And no, I’m not at all saying that this new version of you opens a magic door to a world with no stress and problems. I wish!

Nope, it’s the same world, same stresses, same worries, and same doubts. But you’ll just be better equipped to handle them now. When your tank is full, you’re ready to seize your day without being weighed down by mom-guilt.

This blog series will give you tips and inspiration to help you place YOU at the top of the list and start making your self care routine a priority. So you can be your best and serve your family from a full-tank instead of a dry-well.

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How do you make self-care a priority? Leave your comments below…

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Busy moms tend to put everyone else first and their needs last. Being intentional about a regular self care routine is vital for every mom's overall health. This Epic Blog Series covers tips on how to easily add a regular self care routine that needs your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.self care for busy momsself care for busy momsmaking time for yourself

9 Ways to Rid Your Mind of Self-Doubt & Become a More Confident Person

how to rid your mind of self-doubt

how to rid your mind of self-doubt

In this Spring Cleaning Your Life in a Week Series, I wanted to explore the thought of spring cleaning your mind. Specifically, in the area of cleaning out the fear and often paralyzing self-doubt. And replacing it with confidence and a fresh boldness to pursue your dreams, goals, and passions.

As moms, we have so much to manage, plan, juggle, balance, and let’s not forget clean! But we have goals we want to reach – like losing that stubborn baby weight… or toddler weight in my case!

We have passions we want to pursue outside of our jobs and our home life. Maybe you want to start a blog like this one or start an outline store to sell your handmade creations.

There’s just one problem… one obstacle standing in our way.

Fear and its cousin who runs close behind – self-doubt.

So how do we find that confidence and fresh boldness?

That’s what this post is all about! Get wisdom from different lovely women who make it their business to inspire women and moms to push past our excuses and get it done. Read excerpts from these inspiring posts and click the link at the end of each section to read the full posts.

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27 Ways to Pursue Your Passion as a Crazy Busy Mom

The subject’s of passion and purpose are close to my heart, so I had to kick off this roundup with one of my own posts! I put together a resource post filled with inspiration on why it’s healthy to pursue your passion, the difference between passion and purpose, and 27 super simple ways to follow your passion as a busy mom.

Read the full post here!

I also created the perfect blueprint to help you make your passion project a reality even as a mom with very limited time. Grab your FREE copy by clicking the image below:

The Busy Mom's Passion Project Blueprint

Why Your Goals Aren’t Working and What You Need to Do

“Blindly making a goal of meeting XYZ without knowing the full set of consequences may be setting you up for indirect failure. And that indirect failure may be more harmful to your happiness and those around you than you were ever aware of.
So my thoughts are, goals are only good when the outcome is win-win. If goals come at the cost of your family’s quality of life, it’s a short-term win and a long-term loss.”

Read the full post from Bridget @ThisMomLIfe here!

Being a Stay at Home Mom While Pursuing your Dreams

“I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of joy I get from raising these two little girls. I love being able to stay home with them, love on them, clean up after and with them, take care of them.

I genuinely do love fostering their gifts and holding their hands through the trying times. What I’ve realized is that along with being a mom, I have other dreams and passions I didn’t even know existed.

Figuring out how to merge all of these things together has been difficult, but one thing rings true: I am a better mom when I do something for myself. And it is not selfish, by any means.”

Read the full post from Jenny @ RaisingThemKind Here!

How to Overcome Self Doubt for Good

“It is so easy to get caught up in the vicious cycle of self-doubt and negative self-talk. I use to (and still do at times) have this irrational fear of failure. I was so scared of failing that I held myself back from trying anything new. If I did actually try something new, I wouldn’t dare tell anyone that I was, because I was scared if I did fail, they would judge me, and that left me with no support system or accountability, which often led me to failure. (vicious cycle, I know).

BUT, eventually I become so accustomed to not trying new things that it became normal for me, and then I became bored and uninspired by anything, and with that I was using the “There is no point in trying I will just give up or fail” as an excuse to stay inside my comfort zone .

Luckily, I broke out of that rut and realized that I enjoy personal growth and personal improvement and that in order to achieve either of those things, I had to leave my very cozy comfort zone, I needed to take a few risks, and I needed to stop being terrified of failure. But most importantly, I needed to stop using my fear of failing as an excuse. So I did.”

Read the full post from Adjusting to Adulthood here!

Forget Overcoming Your Fear, You Need to Understand Your Fear

“You have goals and dreams you want to achieve, but you’re stuck at “I’m afraid.” Like the opening montage to an amazing movie, it starts playing and before the movie picks up, you hit the escape button.

So instead of thinking about all the good possibilities that could happen, we freeze, hit escape, and stay where it’s safe in our comfort zones.

Nothing bad happens in the comfort zone, but nothing great happens either. You’re still “safe and sound” in a situation you’re not loving. And every time you submit your thoughts and your actions to the fear, you’re actually reinforcing it.

We may not be able to control what happens to us or change the system, BUT we can control our thoughts. In this space, you are in control.”

Read the full post from Nadalie Bardo here!

If You’re Not Sure of Your Purpose, Follow Your Passion

“When I found my sweet spot–that place where our passion, what we’re good at (our skill) and God’s timing collide, it was divine. I love how my dear friend, Ann Voskamp puts it, “You were made for the place where your real passion meets compassion because there lies your real purpose.”

Saying yes to our purpose is more about courage and faith than opportunity and success. I don’t think we always recognize our God-sized dream for what it is, especially when it’s wrapped up in our normalcy.”

Read the full post from Kristen @WeAreThatFamily here!

How Motherhood Prepares You to Run a Business

“So much of my time was focused on this sweet child I was raising, but I couldn’t completely let myself go. In those free moments, I was consumed with how to improve myself, as a wife, mother, contributor to society etc.
I began using my time to learn valuable skills. When my baby was little I would read articles during late night feedings or work on a course that taught a practical skill.
This helped me stay fulfilled and confident. Although I knew nothing was more important than that little cutie, it did give me some much needed “me time.”

Read the full post from McKinzie @MomsMakeCents here!

28 Books to Read in 2018

This post is full is great books to read this year in every area:
Your personal enjoyment AKA Fiction
Personal Growth

Get the full list from Kayse @IntentionalMoms here!

How to Boost Your Confidence and Overcome Self Doubt

“To overcome self-doubt requires affirmative action while being attentive to the inner critic — that is, you take action in spite of the doubt.

In a recent documentary highlighting the sport of accelerated free falling, the adventurer is asked by a reporter if he felt fear before jumping. He reassured him fear was present during every jump and reminded him of the inherent dangers associated with the sport. He managed his fear by turning down the volume on it so it didn’t overwhelm him.”

Read the full post from Medium here!

What’s your biggest struggle holding you back from pursuing your dreams, goals, and passions? Share in the comments below!

how to become a more confident person9 tips to ditch self-doubtWe all have passions we want to pursue outside of our jobs and our home life. Maybe you want to start a blog or an outline store to sell your handmade creations. There’s just one problem… Fear and self doubt are standing in the way. Get 9 ways to kick self doubt and fear so you can be free to chase your dreams!

6 Surefire Ways to Ditch Overwhelm and be More Productive Today

As moms we get overwhelmed most often because we operate outside of the life season you're in or we're not creating the right environment for getting more done efficiently. Click image to learn how to fight overwhelm and get more done!

Overwhelm doesn't have to be a daily struggle for moms. There's a simple formula for ditching overwhelm and becoming more productive today with these 6 simple tips! As moms we get overwhelmed most often because we operate outside of the life season you're in or we're not creating the right environment for getting more done efficiently. Click image to learn how to fight overwhelm and get more done!Overwhelm can be a daily struggle for moms if we let it because we’re “needed” around the clock and through each and every one of those 365 days on the calendar. There are no breaks, sick-days, or excuses. We’re always on-call and need to be ever-ready for the unexpected. So, feeling overwhelmed can be a day to day struggle if we let it!

With the kids, home, work, spouse all vying for our attention – how do we eliminate the unnecessary, focus on what’s most important, and keep our peace in the process?

In short, we must have a firm grasp on how we spend our time. And get REALLY good at it.

Time Management is big business and a subject we all want and need to master. Sadly, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that’ll work for everyone. Especially, us mommas!

Most time management books have little consideration for busy mommas like us. And furthermore, don’t address the ever changing seasons we find ourselves in year after year – pregnancy, newborns, life with busy teenagers, and balancing it all with a busy work schedule.

The secret to fighting overwhelm and getting more done is to adjust how we manage our time based on the current season we’re in. For example, if you’re in the season of having a new baby, demands will change and shift dramatically over the course of a few months. And more realistically – a few years.

So learning what works in your season is key to stopping overwhelm dead in its tracks and allowing you to be free to increase your overall productivity. But it helps if you actually know your season, so I’ll cover that briefly here.

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Know Your Season

The first step in fighting overwhelm is to know what season you’re currently in. Doing this allows you to give yourself permission to do less, do more, or simply do it differently for a period of time.

Understanding this will give you so much peace and will keep you from comparing yourself to another mom, friend, co-worker, or even yourself from an earlier season in life. We’ve all been there.

Ain’t nobody got time for comparing themselves to other people! Seriously. It only opens the door for insecurities, self-doubt, and overwhelm. So don’t do it!

Choose to be present in the season you’re in. Instead of stressing over what you can’t do or where you want to go – give yourself permission to enjoy where you are now.

If you find yourself in a tough or challenging season, remember that seasons are always changing and it won’t always be like this. Conversely, if you’re in a great season don’t forget to soak it all in and live in the moment because seasons are always evolving.

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Find What Works

If you’re a mom with a baby or a small child who isn’t sleeping well through the night, know that until you get your precious Z’s back, the wee hours of the morning may not be your go-to time for great productivity.

If you’re the mom with a teen who’s busy with a full sports schedule that takes up most of your evenings due to games and practices – investing a few hours on the weekend to prep your family’s meals for the week could relieve the week-night meal grind.

Maybe you’ve gone back to school, your business has taken off, or you’ve received a new promotion on your job that requires more of your time working. You must become comfortable asking for help. And may even need to consider using some of your increased income (if you have any) to fund shortcuts like hiring a cleaning, laundry, or meal service for the house.

Hiring a personal/virtual assistant can help immensely in your business as well to handle all the tasks that take up your time but can easily be delegated. This way you can focus on the big and important stuff in your home and business.

Let’s face it, moms are like chameleons who are constantly required to change to fit our ever-changing family dynamics. But I believe we were created to be able to flow this way because our Creator knows the nature of motherhood and gave us everything we need to be awesome!

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Take a Time Audit

Once you start working with your current season, you can more easily see what’s weighing you down, holding you back, or sucking up all your valuable time.

Let’s face it we can’t have it all …. all at the same time. So, we need to make some choices on where we spend our time. Taking a time audit is extremely helpful in allowing us to get a full picture on how much time we really spend in the different areas of our lives.


If you feel overextended on a daily basis, this will help you decide what you can and should eliminate or tweak to get your sanity back. You can do this by making a list on a sheet of paper all the activities you do on a daily/weekly basis. Tag each category with codes like WO-Work, KT-Kids Time, C-Cleaning, SP-Spouse Time, etc.

Strip Off What You Don’t Need

Now that you see where your time’s going, it’s time to make those tweaks I mentioned earlier.

Start by looking at your time inventory and look for anything that sticks out. Do you spend a lot of time watching TV or on Social Media? Do you spend very little time on housework but feel like your home is in constant disorder?

What you’ll be left with are all the things you’ll want or need to start doing and things you’ll want or need to stop doing – or do less.

Now that you’ve done that, you can more effectively add your new, better activities right in. So, if you decide you want/need to start an exercise routine of 30 minutes per day, then the reduction of your TV time by 30 minutes is definitely a better trade-off. And your body will thank you! 😉

Create Peaceful Moments

If you want more peace – you must create the environment for peace. You CAN NOT go from sun up to sun down doing stuff non-stop. You’ll get burnt out and begin to resent the very things we love because as moms we serve. And it’s all that serving that can leave us empty …. IF we don’t fill back up!

In these peaceful moments, we get to reconnect with our whys and recommit to our purpose of serving and loving our families. I have a daily quiet time every morning where I pray, read my Bible, and write in my journal. I also try my best to have some relax time in the evenings with my husband where we aren’t working or talking about work.

Your peaceful moments will probably look different than mine, but the important thing is you are doing something for yourself that you enjoy. And after, you feel ready to take on the day!

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Take the Shortcut!

Unfortunately, every trade-off isn’t that easy because for some of you – the extra margin in your days isn’t very much and isn’t filled with a lot of fluff. That’s when you look for the shortcuts!

Here’s a quick list of ideas that help you save time and get more done:

Order your groceries online and pick them up in the store

Many stores all over the country are doing this totally free for their customers. Wal-mart just jumped on the bandwagon and they’re really rolling out the red carpet, too.

Or you can take this tip even further and get those groceries shipped right to your door! Amazon and Shipt are already doing a fabulous job with this.

Clean your house using a batching schedule

This means doing one cleaning activity per day and nothing more. For example, dusting all the surfaces in your entire house on Mondays and that’s it. Tuesdays go through and vacuum all the floors.

Of course, there are unavoidable tasks like loading and unloading the dishwasher that must be done every day. But the big stuff you can do once a week. Here’s a super easy cleaning routine to try here!

Use those eager little helpers

If you have teenagers, they may not be so “eager” but they’re definitely old enough to help a whole lot around the house – and that shouldn’t be an option. If you have really little children, they may be super eager but less able to help as much.

My advice is to drop the “it’s not done right unless I do it” mindset. It’s really just a waste of your precious time. So if your husband insists on folding the towels wrong – let him. And if you’re littles don’t wipe the table “completely” clean – it’s OK. Take the help and keep it moving.

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Try this list of age-appropriate chores for kids here!

Get up early or stay up late

I personally tried my hardest to find another way, and over the course of 3 years, I’ve not found a more effective way of getting things done than rising early.

But I added staying up late because I know that some people (like my hubby) are night owls, so I say work with what you’ve got! I personally can’t stay up passed 10pm, but I get up at 4am every day except Sunday. And this serves as the time I get so much of my writing work done.

Become a systems minded person

Instead of doing every task in your day manually – one by one – think of how you can create a system for that task. And maybe even automate or outsource all together. And fight the urge to feel like you can’t slow down long enough to set up your systems. Go for the long-term win instead of the short-term fail and get off that hamster wheel!

Have a Plan

Whether it’s cleaning your house or working your business, if you fail to plan … well you know the rest. Having goals and a writing plan and schedule is necessary to staying focused and getting results. Planning allows you to test and measure so you can constantly improve and get better and more efficient.

The Busy Mom's Passion Project BlueprintHow do you beat feelings of overwhelm? Please share your thoughts in the comments below, so we can all grow together!