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7 Life-Changing Effects of Waking Up Before Your Kids & How to Easily Get Started

How to easily wake up before your kids and the 7 powerful effects that happen! Three simple steps to get you started! #momlife

I like to say that I’m a “sleep person.” Not a morning person or a night person… just a mama who really, really loves her precious sleep.

But a few years ago I came to a crossroad and desperately needed to make a change in my life and do things differently. There was just one problem – I didn’t have any wiggle room in my daily schedule to move things around.

How to easily wake up before your kids and the 7 powerful effects that happen! Three simple steps to get you started! #momlife

As moms, our lives tend to revolve around everyone else’s needs and schedules so I knew if I wanted more time, and time that I could have consistently, I was going to have to steal it from myself.

And that’s what I did.

I took baby steps and started waking up before my kids… and the results were life-changing. No seriously, waking up early changed my life.

And I won’t sugar coat it for you, it was never and is never easy. It takes tons of sacrifice every single day. Again, I really LOOOVE sleeping in.

However, I made a choice for myself that I’m so happy I did.

But before I share all the details of why I made this choice, I feel it’s necessary to cover a few points first.

The first is that learning to wake up early was a process that evolved over a couple of years. And the goal to start shouldn’t feel like a load of weight or pressure to do one more huge thing as a mom. Motherhood is hard enough and this is NOT the only way to do things.

In fact, read to the end to hear my full thoughts on this issue.

And second, motherhood is filled with so many expectations on what we should be doing and when. Only you can decide if this is the season for you to add on something new. And you’ll know inside when the time is right.

7 Life-Changing Effects of Waking Up Before Your Kids

However, waking up to the sound of children running around, whining “I’m Hungry”, and fighting over toys can be literally the worst way to start your day… ever!

Even if you decide to wake up a simple 15 minutes before your kids and steal a moment to soak up the quiet stillness of the morning, you’ll feel so much more ahead of the day instead of running behind.

This is the most obvious benefit of waking up before your kids. And it’s a BIG one!

But there are also more little-known and life-changing benefits of rising before your little ones and that’s what I’m covering in detail in this post. 

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4 Positive Mindsets Shifts to Help You Live a More Enjoyable Life Right Now

1 – You Come to Know You are Loved by You

As women, we struggle with self-care and self-love. It’s not hard to see why with all the constant pouring out we do every moment of the day. We’re too often left bone-dry and feeling underappreciated.

We often fight feelings of guilt, failure, and not being a good enough mom. I believe in many ways motherhood is the great equalizer for women, who all experience these feelings in their day to day mom life.

With all those negative feelings stewing around our amazing qualities, our unrelenting love for our families, and all the great things we do every day can become dull and unnoticed.

Why? Because motherhood is expected and simply a part of your daily life. Moms don’t get awards for doing an amazing job… it’s expected.

But when you suddenly decide to make a sacrifice and do something for you… something unexpected happens. You start to notice that YOU matter too. That YOU are still there. And YOU are loved by you.

And when that self-love kicks in, you start thinking, doing, and acting differently. You wear better clothes, you take a shower every day or most days, and you begin thinking about those old dusty goals from your pre-kid days.

2 – You Become Stronger

If you know anything about working out you know that when you first start… your muscles are crazy weak. And after you work them they revolt and make you walk around in serious pain for a few days.

Walking around like a duck after a great leg day is the best. 😉

But after you keep showing up and working out those same muscles they hurt less, grow bigger and stronger, and help to burn all that suffocating fat that surrounds those sexy muscles.

That process of growing stronger at the gym is the same process that happens when you stick to your goal of waking up earlier than your kids.

It gets easier and you start to experience an inner strength rising up inside that’s the best kick starter for your day.

3 – You Gain More Confidence

Confidence is something I’ve always struggled with in my life. I spent so much of my energy comparing myself to everyone around me which always left me drained in self-confidence.

That was partly because I never gave myself the space to think my own thoughts, create my own ideas, and even set my own goals.

When you never give yourself the place to stretch yourself and only rely on doing what everyone else thinks is best, your mind starts to believe you aren’t capable.

Yes, waking up roughly three hours before my kids allowed me to see that I don’t have to just take life as it comes to me, but I have the power to write my own story as I want it to be told.

4 – You Learn to Trust Yourself

No one likes being stood up, especially on a continual basis. In fact, if one of your friends constantly invited you to meet up for coffee and catch up but left you hanging again and again, you probably wouldn’t be friends for long.

That’s because that’s rude and disrespectful. It sends the message that you don’t matter to them. But it also brings into question their integrity. You simply can’t trust a word they say.

Now let’s talk about how many times you invited yourself for a quiet run in the morning and stayed in bed instead. Or a million other times you told yourself you’d be somewhere, doing something and decided your Netflix account was a better friend than you are.

Here’s the real danger in not keeping your word to yourself. Studies on cognitive dissonance show that when people’s actions and beliefs don’t line up, they usually change their beliefs to match their actions.

You’re actually telling yourself you don’t matter and don’t deserve the time you’ve tried to set aside for yourself. And learning to stick with your early rise goal allows you to start trusting yourself again.

5 – You Become a Master

Malcolm Gladwell shook the productivity world when we said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become a master of anything.

This can totally feel overwhelming but it’s also strangely encouraging because there’s a clear number… a clear goal to be attained.

Now, whether or not you believe this 10,000-hour rule or not (and many do not) the fact is, the longer you do anything the easier and better it gets.

And I’m not talking about trying to become a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer if writing isn’t your thing. We’re talking about doing something you’re already passionate about and already doing or wanting to do on some level.

When you set aside a consistent time to write, read/study, sow, design, build, workout or whatever it is, you will gain your own kind of mastery!

6 – Your Purpose Comes Alive

When moms sacrifice their precious sleep it’s got to be for something that really matters. Something that’s deeply personal and inspiring to their soul.

And in most cases, that thing is closely connected to their passion or purpose. And when you give yourself permission to pursue your passion, over time it starts to evolve and come alive.

Things that don’t get watered and fed wither and die. When we feed our passions they get stronger and begin to thrive.

I believe we as moms all have a unique God-given purpose outside of motherhood. Our purpose may even be closely related to being a mom but motherhood is a ministry and a season of its own.

Giving time to your gifts and giving yourself time to have quiet time with God is so important to your personal growth.

7  – You Become a Better Mom

Finally, and not at all the least, is that you actually become a better mom. Didn’t see that coming, did you!

When you make time for you and just you, something powerful happens… you loose mom-resentment. You know those thoughts that creep in and tell you how you could do this or that if you didn’t have a house full of kids… or one kid.

I know, I know it doesn’t feel right when we think those thoughts or even when I just talked about them but all moms think them from time to time.

But here’s what happens when you give consistent time for you… all you. The resentment fades, you feel more fulfilled as a person outside of being a mom, and you actually feel more tuned in to your kid’s needs.

We need to be filled up so we can be adequately poured out for our families. And that’s what happens in those quiet, early hours.

3 Easy Steps to Start Waking Up Before Your Kids

Before we dive into these super practical steps to waking up before your kids. I need to share the absolute importance of you knowing your “why” intimately.

After you start you’ll want to quit this new wake up time many, many times down the road. And when that spirit of quit jumps all over you in your comfy bed, you need to know why you want to wake up so early in the first place.

Is it to have some quiet time to connect with God and study your Bible to grow stronger spiritually?

Is it to have consistent uninterrupted time to write or work on your business?

Is it to work out and lose 50 lbs and stay healthy and active?

Is it to drink a cup of coffee and stare out the window in the blessed quiet for 15 minutes before your crew wakes up?

It doesn’t matter what your reason… that belongs to you alone. And your reason doesn’t have to be super significant in the eyes of the world… only you.

Without trying to sound like a cliche hair dye commercial… you are worth it!

Just know your “why” and get started. Here are the easy 3 steps that any mom can start right now.

Step 1 – Roll Back No More Than One Hour

If you’re an overachiever like myself, you may be tempted to roll back your clock at least a couple hours. DO NOT DO THAT… yet.

Roll back your clock by 30 minutes increments if you’re really not a morning person or one hour if you really feel you’re ready. But no more until you’ve been waking up at this new time for at least 3 months.

Shocking your body into a drastically early wake-up time can cause your body to revolt and we don’t need your mind and body plotting against your new goals! Slow change is lasting change.

And be sure to get to bed early enough to not loose your recommended hours of sleep!

Step 2 – Gracefully Reset Every Time You Sleep In

This process really isn’t as hard as you may think. The biggest obstacle to lasting change is failure. Failure to get out of bed!

You WILL hit snooze, cover your head with your pillow, or throw your clock across the room some mornings. Especially, if the baby was sick or your toddler starts hating their bed for the 100th time this year.

#MomLife is full of sleep stealers so when you just can’t get up, cut yourself a much-needed break. Don’t let frustration linger and reset tomorrow.

And repeat this process as long as needed.

3 – Play Hide and Seek with Your Alarm

This final step is one I actually had to add into my wake up routine when I started snoozing my phone in my sleep repeatedly. I’m so sneaky in my sleep!

I would wake up so frustrated because I felt like I had no control. Until I decided to be sneaky with myself!

I would lay my phone in different places that required me to get up and move to turn it off. It worked like a champ!

What To Do When You Can’t

You may be reading this and for some reason, you can’t wake up early or you feel like staying up late would work better for you.

Let me be super upfront here, this post isn’t to put pressure on moms who are already doing too much. Or the mom who just had a baby and now is feeling guilty that she’s too exhausted to try this new goal… yet.

Here’s one mom’s honest story of why she doesn’t wake up before her kids.

This is for the mom who is ready and wants to stretch herself in a new way but needs a little push and a whole lot of support and inspiration.

And finally, if you are a classic night owl then honestly do what works for you. I used to stay up late when I was younger and it worked fine for me.

Productivity studies actually show that people are more productive at the times they “think” they are most productive. Mind over matter, I guess.

The whole point of this article is to help you find time for you. And anyway you get it is a win in my book!

Have you already been waking up early? What’s your best early rise tip? Or your biggest early rise question? Share in the comments below.


How to easily wake up before your kids and the 7 powerful effects that happen! Three simple steps to get you started! #momlife

Waking up before your kids has many life-changing benefits. Here are 3 simple steps to start waking up before your kids. #kidsandparenting #momlife #motherhood
Even as a tired mom, there are amazing benefits to waking up even just 15 minutes before your kids. These will surprise you! #momlife #parenting

4 Things You Must Do When Motherhood is Kicking Your Butt!

What to do when motherhood is hard

Is motherhood kickin your butt? Do you spend your days second-guessing your decisions and feeling like you’ll never get this mom thing right?

Let me ask you another question – How do we as moms decide what was a good “mom day” versus a bad one? Is it when everything goes as we planned? Is it when no major catastrophes happened that day? What about when your to-do list actually gets done? What about if we “feel” like a good mom? Hmmm.

Or if all your kids listened and obeyed the first time all day? Oops sorry, that last one was part of a fairy tale. My apologies. 😉

The point is, how do we know if we’re doing a good job at this mom thing? I believe the answer is we need to learn how to set realistic expectations for motherhood.

What to do when motherhood is hard

This is especially true in our massively social media driven world where all moms seem to want to share is their highlight reel. I’m guilty of this too. I mean who wants to air their dirty laundry or dishes for the world to see?

But, I’ve got news for you. ALL moms have messy floors, dirty dishes, kids that talk back and disobey, and a to-do list a mile long that never seems to get done. Oh, and are plagued by this nagging feeling that you’re screwing up your kids. YOU’RE NOT ALONE. Here’s my post on Instagram where I get a little real on the topic. 😉

Messy Living Room on Instagram

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As moms, we’re a lot more alike than we think. Sure, we may have majorly different parenting styles and world-views but we love our children and work really hard to make sure they get their best chance in life.

That’s why we need to cut ourselves a little slack and begin to see motherhood from a different, better angle. I’m not necessarily proud to say this but most of the time when I’m struggling with anything in my life 9 times out of 10 I’m looking at it the wrong way.

Pessimism runs in my blood. I have to fight against seeing the negative side of things on a daily basis. And my motherhood struggles are no exception. And just so you know, I didn’t just write that to say that your struggles are all in your head and you just need to think more positively and everything will get better.

I merely want to point out that even when problems and struggles are so very real, having a healthy perspective and doing healthy activities go such a long way in helping us heal our way through those issues.

I used to suffer for months on end with depression and never told anyone. I just listened to my self-condemning thoughts and never did any of the things I’m sharing with you on this list. Instead, I allowed those thoughts to permeate my heart and make me feel hopeless.

I want you to know that simply by reading this, you’re an amazing mom. You care about your kids and your own wellness. And I want to encourage you, from the mom who always thought the worst of herself, that you don’t have to live in that place!

Keep reading and find your freedom.

Here are 4 things to need to do right now when motherhood is kickin your butt!

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Momlife Made Simple Email course

1 – Think Like Your Kids

Kids naturally think of themselves first, and their number one priority 99% of the time is doing something that brings them joy. In other words, a kid’s gotta have fun, right!

So why not take on that same philosophy yourself? Especially, when #momlife is kicking your butt! Take time to drop all the mom stuff, responsibilities, and burdens. And just do what makes you happy and brings you joy. That could be reading a great book. This book is a must-read when you’re feeling the mom-blues. It helped me work out some major issues I was feeling in my mom life. If reading isn’t your thing, it doesn’t really matter what you do as long as you feel filled while doing it.

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I would also highly recommend spending fun time with your kids. I know at first glance this may seem a little counter-intuitive because we’re talking about motherhood kicking your butt. However, if the kids are driving you crazy it may be because they’re actually craving your attention. Not just your shared space in the room attention but your all-eyes-on-me, doing total fun stuff attention.

And you need this fun kid time too. The reason we struggle to sometimes enjoy just hanging out with our kids is we feel the pressure of #AllTheThings that need to be done and are piling up. I totally get it! But making real connections with your family is one of the best things you can do to reset your mom rut and start enjoying motherhood again. Need some ideas? I’ve got you covered here!

Here’s my favorite subscription service that my kids are obsessed with and makes fun time super interactive and educational. I highly recommend you check it out for yourself!

2 – Drop Perfection

No mom is perfect and we all have good stuff and not so good stuff, but we were made for our kids and they’re made for us. I believe birth is a divine appointment, and we’re all created by a loving God. With this in mind, I firmly believe that we don’t just have random kids. Sometimes it can feel like we do, though. Lol

Our children are given to us. Children that we’re already equipped to raise and understand even if it doesn’t seem that way. Trying to be perfect and making no mistakes is a total setup for epic failure.

In fact, perfection is really an illusion like a mirage in the desert. It tempts us to keep chasing it, but the truth is, it’s not real. We were created to simply be us. That’s it. Learn to be OK with your unique personality and parenting style. And stop comparing yourself to other moms.  Your kiddos need YOU!

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3 – Say No to Mom-guilt 

Another powerful way to set realistic expectations as a mom is to say no to mom-guilt. Yes, you can get rid of mom-guilt. Well, mostly, because having that guilty feeling is just par for the course for moms because the real source of mom-guilt is the love you have for your child. If you didn’t have that, why would you ever feel guilty?

The thing we must remember is we have grace. God’s grace causes things to work out well even if we’ve messed up big time. That same grace is there to help us move beyond our mistakes so we can move forward without heavy guilt baggage.

And guilt is a toxic emotion meant to stop you in your tracks and have you #InYourFeelings for far too long.

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4 – Get Refocused on Your Why

After you’ve had a few kids, it becomes harder to remember why you wanted to have a family in the first place. To remember those visions you had of becoming a mother and what you wanted to accomplish.

My husband and I struggled with infertility issues so it took us almost 5 years before we got pregnant with our first child. The last few years before I got pregnant were agony. Every single month, 12 of them to be exact, brought extreme heartache.

It also was a season of vision, as I could see nothing but my baby for years before she came. We longed to finally meet her. In that time of waiting, I never thought of the mistakes I’d make or the frustrations I’d later feel raising a pre-teen daughter.

I only focused on loving her with all my heart and providing her with her absolute best chance in this life.

So, when motherhood feels hard and is really kicking my butt, I can simply refocus and remember that I’m doing just fine as long as I’m loving my kids with all my heart and still working to give them the best I can give.

You Are Doing the Best Work

Let’s all be honest with ourselves for a moment. When was the last time you ended the day with a positive thought about yourself as a mom? Do you even know your true value as a mom?

Motherhood is hands-down the hardest and yet most purposeful and fulfilling job anyone could ever ask for! We have a powerful and impactful ministry assignment to raise those little ones into who they were called to be. That’s a very big job and that’s partly why it’s so hard. That and the fact that those little ones are super messy, bossy, and generally all about themselves most days. 😉

I know that wiping running snotty noses, helping with homework, cooking, cleaning, driving kids EVERYWHERE, and breaking up sibling wrestling matches doesn’t feel very purposeful or fulfilling all the time. Just know, that all moms struggle with that stuff.

And whether you feel like it or not, motherhood is a calling. And all the biggest callings come with the biggest sacrifices. But I also firmly believe we ALL have the grace to do what we’re called to. You have the grace to be a wonderful mother… oh and a joyful mom too!

Go ahead and lift up another mom and share this post to all the moms you know. And together we can lay down perfection or guilt and embrace US.

Leave a comment below and bravely share how you’re going to embrace YOU.

Motherhood is hard and can be totally overwhelming. These tips will help you find the joy in the difficult seasons of motherhood. #kidsandparenting #parenting #motherhood #momadvice #MomMotherhood is hard but when you feel totally overwhelmed and exhausted there is HELP! These 4 simple things will lift your mindset and make you see you're a great mom! #kidsandparenting #parenting

Feeling like you suck as a mom? We all do some days. You need to start doing these 4 things right now when your mom life is kicking your butt! #motherhood #momlife #parentingstruggles

Motherhood is hard! Here are 4 things you MUST do when you feel frustrated and overwhelmed with motherhood. #motherhood #mom #parenting #momlife

7 TED Talks for Moms To Break Free from the Mom Guilt and Rock Your MomLife!

TED Talks for motherhood

Becoming a mother is probably one of the most transforming seasons of a woman’s life. It comes with it insecurities about whether we’ll ever be good enough, the judgments and opinions of everyone around us, and the daring responsibility of caring for another life.

TED Talks for motherhood

It also brings the unrelenting love and bond of a sweet blessing that no words could adequately describe.

Motherhood is full of amazing surprises and devastating valleys but one thing is true… motherhood is a privilege. And certainly a title we should be grateful for.

These TED Talks are powerful and will empower you in your best role as a mom. Watch these and be reassured that you already are a wonderful mom right now!

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7 TED Talks for Moms

It’s time to unmask the lies of motherhood

Every single mother is struggling with guilt and so many are hiding behind a mask. A mask that says, “I’m fine” even when we’re clearly not. Even when they’re struggling.

The truth is, we’re all competing with ourselves and our own unrealistic expectations. It’s time to remove the false mask we’ve been wearing and love ourselves enough to admit that motherhood is hard and that’s ok.

We should put more energy into supporting each other instead of shaming and judging other moms and ourselves.

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Overcoming the loneliness and overwhelm in motherhood

So many moms are still struggling with the overwhelming demands of being a mom and have no idea how lonely they really are.

We feel the pressure to be perfect and do it all “well” but fail to realize we don’t have to do it all on our own. We need our community. We need friends and support and the need to be connected.

It’s not good for our own emotional well being to continue going through the motions of work life and mom life without quality connections with friendships with other women and moms.

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Why we need to ignore the judgments of others and mom shamers

Being a mom is really hard because we are judged and even shamed for every decision we make. The looks and stares we get when we choose to breastfeed in public. Or the looks we get from other moms when we shake up a bottle of formula for our new baby.

Motherhood gets a little easier when we decide to ditch the mom guilt and raise our children in the best way we know how. When we decide to be confident in our own parenting choices and support the other moms in our lives.

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A new way we should be thinking about the transition to motherhood

When a woman gets pregnant, she goes on a massive roller coaster of emotions, hormonal changes, and fear we’ve only encountered since puberty.

If you’ve ever struggled with not feeling adequate as a mom you need to watch this talk. You and I are not alone and are navigating a totally normal phase of life for us as women.

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Parenting rooted in kindness versus the expectations we create for our kids

We all have expectations on how our children should look and behave. Many of these expectations are actually fueled by the expectations of others and society.

We can instead, choose to raise our kids through kindness and compassion and build a solid relationship and lasting memories with our amazing children.

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Here’s our permission to stop overparenting our kids

We all love our kids and want to help them achieve their best in life. But in all our effort, we can inadvertently hurt their ability to develop self-efficacy. And the good news is, our child’s success in life is not our job alone.

So the pressure’s off! Motherhood just got easier.

Children desperately need us to be there for them but not to make every decision in their life. We are there to inspire them to discover and follow their own unique path.

This is one of my favorite parenting related TED Talks. You’ll feel relieved after watching this.

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A moving tribute to a mom’s greatest gift – mother’s intuition

I personally have experienced countless moments of mother’s intuition. I remember when my son was just three days old and we had been discharged from the hospital.

When we got home, I noticed that his eyes had a yellow tint and so did his skin. I called the pediatrician right away and was told that he didn’t appear to be Jaundiced in the hospital so it was likely nothing.

I felt led strongly to take him to the ER anyway. Even as we were being checked in, the nurses commented that he didn’t appear Jaundiced either. But I persisted that he be seen by a Doctor.

Once he was seen, the doctor also agreed that he had minimal yellowing but took his blood anyway. When the results came back, his levels were dangerously high and he was immediately rushed upstairs to be admitted.

We had to stay in the hospital for four more days. It was scary but I’m so thankful that God has given parents a special intuition to know when we should push a little further. It’s a gift!

This mother’s own story is a beautiful tribute to the divine workings of a loving God working in and through our lives as mothers.

These TED Talks are so encouraging and are proof that we are all in this together. That your struggles are likely my struggles too.

Share in the comments below which talk meant the most to you as a mom!

Struggling in motherhood? Stop and watch these amazing TED Talks for moms that'll make motherhood a bit easier! #kidsandparenting #parentingtips #parenting #kids The TED Talks for moms will inspire you to feel free as a mom and finally stop struggling with mom guilt! #momadvice #kidsandparenting #parenting #momlifeOverwhelmed with mom guilt? Stop struggling and find freedom with these 7 amazing TED Talks for moms! #momadvice #momlife #parenting

The Secret to Avoiding the Harsh Reality of Mom Burnout

The secret to avoiding mom burnout

Have you ever experienced mom burnout? Wait… you’re a mom, so of course, you have! And you know exactly how frustrating, depressed, and debilitating it can be. I believe mommy burnout is harder than any other type of burnout.

The secret to avoiding mom burnout

When you have work burnout, you can take a day off, request vacation time, or at the very least you get to go home every night. As a mom, you don’t get days off, there are no vacations from motherhood, and #momlife is always waiting for you when you get home!

We’re not talking about hating motherhood or not loving the blessing of being a mom. We’re talking about the harsh reality of something that sneaks up on every single mom at some point… mom burnout.

The Anatomy of a Burned Out Mom

Moms who are feeling the burnout are most certainly exhausted. Not just the normal, running after kids all day tired, but flat-out exhaustion. They are also likely to feel unmotivated or depressed.

Basically, you’re only motivation is to stay under the covers and sleep ALL DAY. There’s just one problem with that… you’re a mom and you can’t. And this leads to feelings of frustration because you no longer own your day – or your life for that matter.

You see how the negative emotions can snowball out of control creating an avalanche of feelings headed right for your home and family? Sadly, they’ll probably get plowed with this avalanche and won’t even see it coming.

And I think we can both agree that they don’t deserve that!

Moms who suffer from mom burnout don’t resent their kids, they’ve just misplaced one important thing on their priority list… THEMSELVES.

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The Cure for Mom Burnout

Motherhood requires tremendous sacrifice every single day. Sacrifices we’re all too happy to give, until we’ve given everything we have and there’s nothing left.

You can’t keep pouring out of an empty vessel and expecting something to pour out. It doesn’t work that way! You have to pour in to be able to pour out. Otherwise, you’re just dry and grouchy and nobody likes that.

The first step to getting out of mommy burn out is to understand that being burned out doesn’t make you a bad mom. That’s just the inner dialog that happens when you’re in burn out mode. Stop believing the lie that really “good” moms love their kids so much that they never go through this.

That’s just not true. All moms feel overwhelmed by motherhood at some point. And this most likely occurs because we don’t expect it and simply don’t guard against it.

We just keep going at the same break-neck speed and never stop to check on that weird sound under the hood until we find ourselves calling AAA from the roadside.

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The cure for mommy burnout is to listen carefully to what we need and create an intentional plan to fulfill that need. Therefore, curing burnout is going to look different for every mom.

Simple Ways to To Avoid Mommy Burn Out

Here are some ways you can enjoy your life more and really avoid mommy burnout… or at least make those moments few and far between!

Drop Perfection and Mom-Guilt

I really felt it was necessary to lead with the choice to stop chasing the illusion of perfection and letting mom-guilt make you feel like a crappy mom. I’m guilty of falling into these traps all the time and so are many other moms. But we have to make a choice to stop.

It’s hard when we’re bored and decide to jump on Instagram and scroll through to see all the other moms with their perfectly posed and super clean children. And you think to yourself, “how come my kids don’t look like that?”

And you glance at their superwhite house and can’t find a grape juice stain anywhere. And then you look in your living room and… you see at least one grape juice stain on the couch right next to you.

Then you’re left feeling like there’s something wrong with you. And I’m here to tell you there isn’t! Simply the fact that you’re reading this tells me a whole lot… that you care about how to raise your kids and want to be the best mom you can be.

So right now I want you to acknowledge that you’re a good mom… as a matter of fact let’s say it out loud right now. I AM A GOOD MOM! And keep saying it every day until you start believing it.

And when that voice starts telling you that you’re not… keeping speaking over that voice until you can’t hear it anymore.

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Find and Schedule What You Love

This is more than the typical “me-time” where you go get your nails done. I want you to dig deep if you need to and find something you really love. Something that when you’re doing it, really brings you a sense of peace and joy in your life.

It could be gardening, reading, painting, running, or writing. It doesn’t really matter what it is as long as you intentionally decide to devote scheduled time to do it… alone and without the kids if possible.

Here’s the hard part, some of you might not even know what that thing is. This was me for so many years. I never took the time to nurture what I loved before kids, so naturally, that got buried and forgotten over time. Anytime I did have free time to myself, I had no idea what to do!

So, I’d do things like binge-watch a show on Netflix or go shopping. I’d use my precious alone time to do mindless things that didn’t fill me up. So I stayed empty.

If you don’t know what you love, try remembering the things you loved when you were younger. Chances are, they’ll still bring you joy. You can also step out and discover new things. Like taking a dancing class or an art class. And remember that you don’t actually have to be “good” or talented at any of these things. They just need to bring you joy!

Once you find something you love, make time for it. Put it on the schedule, find a babysitter or leave the kids with your husband, and go out and do it. If you love reading, you can go read a great book in a comfy chair at a coffee shop. It’s great to get out instead of staying in the same environment but it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Don’t stress out if you can’t get a break from the kids. This is so real for many moms. Remember, it’s not the kids that are the source of the burnout. It’s the absence of you giving yourself what you need. And if you can’t find a real person babysitter, I find that Netflix works just fine!

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Make Activity a Priority

Staying active is extremely important in fighting off burn out! Yes, I’m talking about exercise but I’m also talking about getting up and moving around all throughout the day.

Sudden bursts of activity release our happy hormones in the brain and we need lots of those firing to ward off the dreaded burnout mode!

My biggest piece of advice would be to have a regular and consistent exercise routine every day, or at least 3-4 times per week. Thirty minutes of high to moderate activity every day goes a very long way in creating lasting energy for your day.

Several years ago I was struggling with depression and brought up the issue with my Doctor. The first thing she asked me was if I was exercising every day. I wasn’t, and she said before she ever starts down the path of medication (which I wasn’t looking for anyway) she recommends women start a consistent exercise routine.

She said that exercise is one of the leading and most effective, non-medicated treatments for depression. I took her up on that recommendation and the depression, exhaustion, and extra back-fat disappeared. Nice trade off if I do say so!

Look, I’m no different than anyone else and I’ve fallen off the workout wagon a million times! The key is to make it stupid simple and ditch the over the top ideas in the beginning. And the best part is, working out can be done as a fun activity to do with your kids. You can check out simple tips for staying active and working out with kids here.

Stop Trying to be Super Mom

As women, we’re often wired to be people pleasers and have issues with saying no. And even if you don’t have People-Pleasing Syndrome, chances are, you still feel the pressure to do #AllTheThings all the time.

We don’t like failing, falling behind, or looking like we can’t handle something. So, we push ahead despite the need to slow down and say no. Honestly, it’s OK and not a sign of weakness to say no. It’s actually a sign of strength to do an honest assessment of where you are and what you can realistically handle right now.

My best advice would be to save your energy and time for the things that really matter and will last long after the action taken. Only you know what those are for you.

Before saying yes to anything, practice taking a moment to think about it and really consider it before making a decision. Sometimes taking a minute means checking your calendar, but even if you don’t have any scheduling conflicts you’re not obligated to say yes.

Finally, we want to be at our best and available for our kids whenever possible. When you’re overloaded with obligations and your kid comes home and asks you to bake your winning brownies for the class party you want to be able to easily say yes… even when you don’t feel like baking.

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Take a Break and Breathe

When overwhelm does get the best of you and you’re feeling extra cranky and exhausted, make a decision to take a break and breathe. If you can take a break from the kids or take a mental health day off from work that’s great.

But even if you can’t totally disconnect, take a break from anything that’s non-essential.

That means volunteering at your kid’s school, taking a pause on extra projects or activities you’ve picked up, and even relaxing on the housework a bit.

This time is great to rest your mind, rest your body, pray, and release the pressure that’s been building.

Following the simple tips above will really help set you up for avoiding mom burnout before it has a chance to wreak havoc in your life and family.

How do you take good care of yourself? Go ahead and share your best tips in the comments below!

Mom burnout is real and isn't always easy to see coming! Get these simple tips to help you avoid mommy burnout and enjoy motherhood again! #kidsandparenting #parenting #momadvice #kidsMoms are tough and are guilty of putting themselves last! Learn why your family really wants you to put yourself first! #momlife #motherhood #parentingMommy burnout is real but doesn't have to be your daily reality! These simple tips will help you avoid burnout all together! #kidsandparenting #parenting #kids #momlife #motherhood

4 Surprising Signs You’re a Burnt Out Mom and How to Bounce Back Quickly!

Motherhood struggles are real! And too many moms are exhausted, snappy, and prone to yell because they are simply burnt out. Get the simple step to bouncing back quickly from burnout! #joy #Momstruggles #parenting #motherhood #momlife

If someone calls you mommy, chances are, you know exactly what it means to be a burnt out mom, one time or another.

Sadly, it happens to moms way more than it should.

So why do moms find themselves trapped in burnout mode so often?

I believe Mommy Burnout happens because we care too much.

Motherhood struggles are real! And too many moms are exhausted, snappy, and prone to yell because they are simply burnt out. Get the simple step to bouncing back quickly from burnout! #joy #Momstruggles #parenting #motherhood #momlife

We care too much about how well we take care of and love our children.

We care too much about not making mistakes and failing as a mom.

We care too much about getting it all done.

The Root of Mommy Burn Out

And all that care isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it’s birthed out of the love we have for our family. But there is a warning in Scripture that clearly tells us not to be “Care-FULL” or anxious for anything.

That’s because all that “care” wears away our peace and joy and leads us straight into the dry valley of mom-guilt.

And I’ve wandered aimlessly in that place for far too long!

And let’s face it, even on a good day, motherhood is tough! It’s also wonderful… but still really hard.

That’s why moms can hit the burnout wall in a nanosecond.

We don’t need to walk around like Mombies… just trying to make it through each day.

There’s a better way!

So, let’s break this down…

Momlife Made Simple Email course

4 surprising signs you might be a Burnt out Mom

Here are four signs that you might be experiencing or headed for Mommy Burnout Mode also known as Survival Mode and some real-life tips on how to get out.

Sign #1 – You have more than the occasional yelling blow-up at your kids

We’ve all been there… As you’re navigating your way through little-people-chaos, you’re running super late for an appointment and as you’re rushing everyone out the door – one of them accidentally spills the milk that another one of your angels left out on the counter.

A setup for a mommy meltdown!

Now, there are times when that scenario would have totally frustrated me but everyone would have walked out unscathed.

But there are other days (help me Jesus!) that I could have alerted the entire neighborhood to our little debacle.

And I’ve come to learn that 9 times out of 10 when I go into full-on fit mode, it’s because I’m experiencing or headed for Mommy Burnout.

This is when I need to step back and try to see the situation for what it really is – spilled milk.

Stress is a magnifier and is how we can magically turn those molehills into ice-capped mountains!

And when I’m stressed about anything, I’m a whole lot more touchy than I would be otherwise.

So, instead of letting stressful situations fester, I’ve learned to deal with them quickly as best I can to keep them from affecting all the other areas of my life. Like my home life!

Sign #2 – Your house is in a constant state of disarray

Let me just say this… I’m not the mom who’s going to judge or shame another mom for the condition of her home. I have 3 kids, and one of them is a 2-year-old boy. Enough said there.

I just know from personal experience, when I’m burnt out, housework really gets the best of me. I feel like I’m always running behind the mess instead of controlling it.


If you’ve totally abandoned your usually cleaning and tidying schedule… you may be in or headed for burnout.

My advice isn’t to run around and catch up on all the laundry hills. Nope!

It’s to take a day off from doing ALL cleaning. I know that probably sounds a little counterintuitive because we’re talking about how you haven’t been cleaning.

But trust, me it’s not! Whether or not you’ve actually been physically cleaning, I know you’ve been mentally cleaning.

Looking at all the mess and feeling overwhelmed.

Taking an intentional day off to mentally and physically rest will help you recharge so you can start off small tomorrow. #BabySteps

Sign #3 – You find yourself feeling lonely but fight against the urge to connect with friends/family

When we’re in Survival Mode and overwhelmed with life, it’s easy to get sucked into a cycle of isolation and depression. We tell ourselves – no one else is going through what I’m going through.

We let the shame of our situation keep us on an island with no one to talk to but our own critical voice. And that’s the worst voice we can hear when we’re vulnerable and depressed.

Reaching out to a friend and being honest about where you are is extremely important.

You may be thinking, “I don’t really have any friends.”

No worries, a lot of women struggle with friendships after becoming a mother for A LOT of reasons. I know I did, and still do!

Reaching out and making the effort to connect is the first step. Without trying to sound cliche, if you start really looking for relationships – you’ll be surprised how they were there all along.

Sign #4 – Your health isn’t a priority in your daily actions

You may know your health is important; but your exercise, water, sleep, and good food simply aren’t happening. You find yourself snacking ALL DAY… and I’m not talking about carrot sticks and hummus!

You’re exhausted and your sleep is out of whack. You either sleep too much and never feel rested, or you’re dealing with insomnia. You’re not just tired but EXHAUSTED all. the. time.

We’ve all heard it – stress can cause many things to go crazy in our mind and bodies. So, it’s no surprise that we’d feel sluggish and rundown when we’re headed for burnout.

But when we outright abandon the healthy habits we know we should be doing, we’re only making the problem bigger.

A healthy lifestyle is the fuel you need to keep going strong.

So, make a commitment to reconnect with the healthy habits that slipped away. No condemnation! Just get back on the horse. Call that friend and get an accountability partner.

In addition to healthy eating, sleeping, and exercising – having a regular check-up with our doctor is NECESSARY!

Especially the older, and more fabulous we get. 😉

**If you’re not feeling great physically, get it checked out just to be sure there’s not a medical reason for your exhaustion.**

How to Bounce Back Fast!

You are simply too precious to your family, and to this world to allow yourself to live in full-on Burnout Mommy Mode!

The source of most feelings of burn out stem from stress, anxiety, or mom-guilt.

In order to fully release those feelings – the Bible tells us to cast the whole of that CARE onto Christ who cares for us affectionately.

We can rest in the #Truth that we have a Savior who loves us and cares about every moment and area of our lives.

When life gets crazy, we are commanded to release our concern to the One who can work it out.

And that requires us to tap into something else – FAITH.

Sometimes just knowing we’re not alone is comfort enough.

And we’ve ALL been there!

We also need to identify the source of the burnout. Are you doing too much all at once? Are you trying to combine your work at home activities with the kids busy time (I did this one a lot and it’s a disaster!)? Are you ignoring your health?

When you understand the source, you can then objectively take a step back and see what needs to be changed.

Here are some other practical things you can do to quickly ease the mommy burn out and get you back to your place of peace.

Take a Break

I mentioned this earlier in reference to your housework. But when I say take a break here, I mean stop “fixing” everything and just relax. I know that’s easier said than done, but I know if you can figure everything else out with such mommy Macgyver magic, I know you can find a way to give yourself a break.

That means for a day leave the dishes, don’t give the kids a bath, grab takeout for dinner, and put the kids to bed early. Now I get that you’ve been in burnout and may have already been doing all those things. I get it! But this time you’re making the choice to do it, not as an act of defeat but as an act of rest. There is a difference!

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Ask for Help

Of all the things on this list, this one may be the hardest… at least it is for me! But I’ve grown to understand how important relying on your support system really is. There was a time when I would NEVER ask for help. I think that’s sad and I hope you don’t do the same. We all need help in every area of our lives and our #Momlife is no exception.

Help can come in many forms such as ordering your groceries online through a service like Amazon Fresh instead of dragging the kids into the Temple of Doom AKA Wal-Mart. Or that help could be dropping the kids off at a trusted friend or family member for a day… or two.

Start Working Your Passion

One of the reasons I was feeling burnt out a few years back is because I was doing things for everyone else… taking care of my husband and kids, working an unfulfilling job to pay bills, and any other thing I “needed” to do. In my heart, I had a passion to write and connect with other moms but I had TERRIBLE confidence issues and simply didn’t think I had the time to do anything else.

Very long story short, I decided to put my passion on my daily schedule and over time a new life was born… seriously. This blog and so many other things I’m doing today were born out of that decision. And burn out for me was dramatically decreased because passion has a way of inspiring you to move forward every day in a new exciting way.

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Give Yourself Permission

Finally, I want to urge you to give yourself a healthy dose of grace and also permission to be imperfect. You are a mom so that means you’re already doing more than most! It’s just a fact. So acknowledge that motherhood is hard – not just for you – but for ALL moms… including me. And that’s par for the course when raising strong-willed, opinionated, tiny humans.

The simple fact that you’re reading this post tells me you’re an awesome mom! So give yourself a pat on the back, a fist bump, and a big hug. You got this! If you’re looking for more solutions to getting back on track and making your #MomLife more simple, check out my #MomLife Systems Made Simple Email Course. It’s Free!! Grab your spot here!

When was the last time you were in Burnout Mommy Mode and how did you get out?

Leave a comment below, so we can all encourage each other!

Motherhood is hard and moms can find themselves in burnout mode fast! Get the tips to easily get rid of mom guilt and mommy burnout for good! #momadvice #motherhood #momlife

The mom burnout struggle is real! Stop suffering in silence and get the secret to bouncing back quickly! #momadvice #parenting



Feeling burnt out as a mom? We've all been there but you don't have to stay there! These tips will have you finding the joy in motherhood again! #kidsandparenting #parenting #momadvice #momlifeMommy burnout is so very real! Here's how to spot it and stop it from running your life! #momadvice #momlife #kidsandparenting #parentingBeing a mom is hard... and getting burned out is very easy. Here are surprising signs you might be a burned out mom and how to quickly bounce back! #kidsandparenting #momlife #motherhood #parenting

Get 4 simple ways to recover quickly from mom burnout and find yourself again! #motherhood #Momlife #parentingadvice Motherhood struggles are real! And too many moms are exhausted, snappy, and prone to yell because they are simply burnt out. Get the simple step to bouncing back quickly from burnout! #joy #Momstruggles #parenting #motherhood #momlife

The Secret to Working Out and Staying Fit as a Busy Mom

The Secret to Staying Fit and Healthy as a busy Mom

Staying fit and exercising isn’t easy for most people including me. I’ve gotten on and fallen off the workout wagon a million times. But staying fit as a busy mom is even harder because everyone else’s needs become your own and we all need a convenient excuse not to get on the treadmill. Right?

I want to share with you the secret to staying fit and healthy as a mom. And I’ve rounded up some other mom bloggers who share their fitness tips too!

The Secret to Staying Fit as a busy Mom

Let’s get started with my hands-down biggest fitness tip for moms getting started with exercise.

Work out with your kids. I know, I know I can hear the objections coming at me. I get that this approach doesn’t work for every mom and it doesn’t always work for me.

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The Secret to Staying Fit as a Busy Mom

But working out with your kids has a lot of benefits. The first is, it creates accountability for you and that’s extremely important! Since kids seem to think all exercise is fun, they’ll remind you again tomorrow when it’s time to work out. And let me just add here that exercising should be fun and if your kids aren’t begging you to do it again, chances are, you aren’t going to want to do it again either.

The second and very important benefit of working out with your kids is you are spending quality time with your kids. This is huge when you have a busy schedule and struggle to find quality time with your children. Instead of going to the gym by yourself, spend an hour racing your kids at a local track or doing a park work out. You’ve just become the fun mom!

And the last benefit of exercising with your kids is you are setting the example and modeling healthy behavior. This one is monumental! Kids don’t do what we say, they do what we do.

Here’s a really fun video example of a fun family workout. This is perfect for little ones who like to get in your way while you’re working out. This way everyone’s having fun. And if your kids are older like mine, just find something fun to do and have them join in.

Like I said, this approach is to help you get started with exercising, especially if its been a while. If it’s working for your family, you can continue working out with your kids. Or if your body starts to need more, and it will, you can gradually add in things like working out with weights at the gym or taking a class.The important thing is to remember to listen to your body and give it what it needs as your body transforms. Just try to stick with exercising with your kids as a healthy and fun activity even if you do decide to become a contestant on Ninja Warrior!

Make a Quality Decision

The second thing you MUST do if you want to make exercise a priority is to make a decision that you are officially doing this. I find that sometimes even when I want to make a change I simply won’t take action and I’ll procrastinate. This is usually because I never stopped long enough to make an actual decision.

Thinking about doing something and even agreeing that it’s a good idea or feeling like you want to do something isn’t making a decision. When you make a decision to do something, action always follows.

Action like putting it on the schedule, making a gym appointment, or calling the kids into the room and telling them everyone’s going running tomorrow.

Making a quality decision also means granting yourself grace in advance for the days you fall off the work out wagon. And not giving yourself permission to stay off. You already know that you’ll have bad days and make bad decisions, but you must move gracefully passed that decision and get back on tomorrow. Or better yet, later that day!

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Here are 7 more tips to help you get and stay fit as a busy mom.

7 Fitness Tips for Moms

5 Minute Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

5 minute workouts

Source – The Soccer Mom Blog

How Busy Moms Find Time to Exercise

how busy moms find time to exercise

Source – 5 Minutes for Mom

Running Tips for Beginners

tips for beginner runners

Source  – Everyday Shortcuts

How to Find the Best Work Out for You Based on Personality Type

workout based on personality type

Source – Confessions of an Overworked Mom

5 Ways to Exercise Without Gym Equipment

how to exercise without gym equiptment

Source – All Natural Ideas

The New and Improved Way to Train for a 5k

how to train for a 5k race

Source – Brepea


How To Really Flatten Your Mommy Tummy

how to flatten your mommy tummy

Source – 5 Minutes for Mom

How to Stop Making Excuses

How to stop making excuses not to exercise

Source  – Pink Fortitude

100 Free Fitness Apps for Weight Loss

free apps for workouts

Source – Everyday Shortcuts

Free Workout Printables

Workout printables

Source – Everyday Shortcuts

Did I leave anything out? If I did, ask a question or add your favorite fitness tip in the comments below!

Want to start working out but don't know where to start? Learn the secret to working out and staying active with kids. #momlife #fitlife #exercise #fitness #healthylife #parentingStaying active as a busy mom can be hard. Get 7 tips to easily getting started with exercise and staying active with kids. #fitness #exercise #healthyliving #momlife #parentingStaying fit and active is hard when you've got little ones with you all the time. These easy tips will help you get on a consistent exercise routine! #kdisandparenting #parenting #momlife #fitness #healthy

51 Ways To Be A Fun Mom Even When You’re Stressed or Tired

51 easy ways to be a fun mom

Would your kids call you a fun mom? Think about that for a second… are you way too consumed with adulting to notice that your kids really need a mom who is happy and fun?

Look, I get it. I can be as uptight as they come! I spent my early years as a mom focused on getting all the things done and doing what I called “putting out fires” every day.

I missed sooooo much when my girls were little. And the funny thing is, I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since my first daughter was born. I’ve been with my kids from the very beginning and it’s crazy how disconnected I was sitting right next to them.

51 easy ways to be a fun mom

I was determined to change that when my son was born three years ago. I made a decision to become the mom I really wanted to be and soak up all the good stuff. To be intentional about being present with my kids and not just their disciplinarian, dinner maker, and chauffeur.

I mean, I’m still all those things but I want to be more!

Family Time Made Simple Checklist

Ways to Be a Fun Mom

I want to become the fun and more present mom I know my kids really need. It’s not just about being fun but about building the foundation for a life-long relationship. Sure, I’ll always be their mom, but we don’t get a guaranteed ticket into their heart. And that’s where I want to be for a lifetime… in their most intimate place.

In this crazy upsidedown world, I want my kids to never hesitate on coming to me with every question, issue, and fear they experience so I can lovingly help them through it.

Let me tell you, your kids won’t be rushing to you as the uptight, super strict, and always shouting mom. Heck no!

And I’m not talking about doing things to become your child’s friend either. Nope! You are their parent and should be respected as such. But we can be nice and welcoming in how we relate to our kids.

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Sure, we all have days when our precious little ones just get on your last nerve and you feel like snapping and are miles away from “fun-town.”

Just try doing these things little by little and I promise you’ll see a difference. And you and your kids will be so grateful you did!

Let me just give you one disclaimer first. The younger your kids are the cooler these activities will seem to them. The older your kids get, the more they’ll act like you’re embarrassing them or you’re being lame for trying.

Let me encourage you that this is just a facade and even your tweens and teens secretly love it when you make an effort to be interested in them even when you may actually be embarrassing them! So give these a try even if you don’t get the reaction you were hoping for.

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51 Ways to be a Fun Mom

  1. Have random and undistracted conversations about whatever they bring up. Ask questions and actually be interested in what they say.
  2. Read a book aloud. This is great to do even as your kids get older in the form of a mystery or adventure novel. Here’s my complete kid book recommendations list.
  3. Make slime. Yes, it’s messy but they love it.
  4. Work on a fun activity kit together. These activity crates are my kids’ new obsession!
  5. Go on a scavenger hunt style nature walk. Make a list of things you want to see and score them by difficulty and keep score on the walk. Offer small prizes based on how many points earned.
  6. Race your kid at the park. The faster you are the cooler you appear to be.
  7. Make a craft.
  8. Go swimming.
  9. Play their favorite video game.
  10. Have a contest to see who can do ______ better, faster, neater.
  11. Let them miss a day at school to go to the movies. My husband actually did this one!
  12. Do what they love. If it’s soccer, play soccer with them. If it’s dance, learn the steps with them.
  13. Invite them to run errands with you and stop for ice cream.
  14. Cook a meal together. Here’s a kid’s cooking class that’ll your kids will love.
  15. Play Would You Rather. Here are some questions to get you started. 
  16. Tell jokes.
  17. Watch a Netflix movie marathon complete with buttery popcorn.
  18. Go on a bike ride.
  19. Bake your favorite cookies and turn them into ice cream sandwiches.
  20. Go to a painting class.
  21. Keep a shared journal that you write in separately to share your thoughts. I love this journal! This one’s perfect for boys.
  22. Take a kid-friendly fitness class or enroll them in a kid’s fitness gym. My kids love this one.
  23. Work out together at the park.
  24. Visit a splash park in the summer.
  25. Read kid magazines together and take all the quizzes.
  26. Do silly pranks on each other.
  27. Make your kid laugh with a tickle fight.
  28. Have a silly face contest and post the winner on your social media or just laugh at it.
  29. Make a crazy milkshake.
  30. Have a spa night. My middle daughter loves this!
  31. Play superhero. My son equally loves this!
  32. Write a book together.
  33. Share an art journal if your child loves art. This is such a cute one!
  34. Have a dance party.
  35. Have a totally electronic device free day.
  36. Order books from a monthly subscription service for kids. This makes reading a fun and gift-like experience. My family loves this book subscription service that sends all their books wrapped like birthday gifts!
  37. Have themed dinner nights.
  38. Read a devotional together and work through the activities and questions. This fun devotional combines God and Science in a really fun way.
  39. Play their favorite sport at the park.
  40. Create an obstacle course in the backyard and race to complete it.
  41. Invest in the things they love. My daughter is a brilliant artist so I’m always surprising her with new sketch pads or other art supplies.
  42. Fly a kite.
  43. Have a slumber party in the living room.
  44. Let your kids get really messy. I personally don’t like when my kids get messy, but this is a sacrifice on my end to let them have fun.
  45. Have a water balloon fight.
  46. Put on a full drama performance complete with scripts and costumes.
  47. Have a pajama day during the week.
  48. Build an epic fort in your living room.
  49. Have cuddle time with the child who will still let you. This is great for those kids whose love language is physical touch. Get 50 love language ideas for your kids here!
  50. Add glow sticks to your child’s bath and turn off the lights!
  51. Always give them your full attention no matter when they need you.

Wow! That’s a lot of fun for you and your kids. Are you ready to put this tips to good use? Your kids will thank you for it!

Did I miss an awesome fun idea? Please, share your favorite fun activities in the comments below.

It's easy to let stress take over and become a cranky mom. But that's not the way it has to be. Being a fun mom is much easier than you think! Here are 51 ideas to get you started. #kidsandparenting #parenting #kids #momlife #kidsactivitiesIt's hard to be a fun and happy mom when we're stressed and overwhelmed. These 51 fun ideas will have you loving motherhood again! #kidsandparenting #parenting #parentingtips #parenting101 #kids #kidsactivitiesReady to go from grouchy mom to fun mom? These easy ideas will help you have fun with your kids even when your really tired! #kidsandparenting #parenting #parenting101 #parentingtips #momlifeFeeling stressed lately? Try having some fun with your kids on purpose! This list is full of easy ways to be a fun mom today! #kidsandparenting #parenting #parentingtips #kids #momadvice

Are you lacking in the fun department lately? Snap out of your mom funk and try these simple ways to be a fun mom! Your kids will thank you! #parenting #kidsandparenting #momlife #motherhood #momadviceWant to go from grouchy and tired mom to fun and energetic mom? It's easier than you think! Get 51 simple ways to be a fun mom everyday! #parenting #kidsandparenting #momadvice #momgoalsGet 51 Super simple ways to be a fun mom and really connect with your kids every day even when you're stressed and tired! #parenting #kidsandparenting #momadvice #motherhood #momgoalsEven though it's hard being a mom, our kids don't need more cranky moms. Here are very simple ways to be a more fun mom even when you really don't feel like it! #kidsandparenting #parenting #kids #momadvice #familyFind yourself going through the motions as a mom? Try these super simple ways to bring the fun back into motherhood! Become the fun mom your kids need! #motherhood #kidsandparenting #parenting #momlife

7 Super Simple Habits Every Mom Should be Using to Build a Better Life!

These easy to implement habits will have you enjoying life and motherhood and you'll be glad you did! #motherhood #goals

These easy to implement habits will have you enjoying life and motherhood and you'll be glad you did! #motherhood #goals

How many times have you found yourself trapped in a cycle of doing something the hard way, but just couldn’t get off the hamster wheel?

This lady right here (hello) is the poster child for doing things the hard way! When life shows up pointin’ it’s finger at me and barking orders, being efficient and doing the “important” flies right out the window. I’m left putting out fires and greasing the squeaky wheels instead.

Or better yet, cleaning up spilled cereal.

But hallelujah! I’ve found a better way! Over the years, I’ve learned some things that make my life easier and I know they’ll make your life easier too.

But here’s the kicker… you’re probably NOT doing them. Or at least, not all of them. That’s because we’re so busy living our lives like one emergency room trip after another, instead of getting regular preventative check-ups to make sure things stay out of the crazy zone!

It’s time to give ourselves permission to stop and readjust. To get the ball rolling in the right direction so we can set ourselves up for success on the front end instead of always playing catchup. And I don’t know about you, but I hate playing catch-up!

My advice is to read this list and the ones that pop out to you – DO THEM. Don’t worry about trying and perfecting all of them. Let’s work together to take baby steps into lives we love…

Looking to go ever deeper with organizing your life? I’ve gotta treat for you! Click below to sign up for my FREE 5 Day email course – #MomLife Systems Made Simple!

Momlife Made Simple Email course

1 – Start Following a Routine

If you’re a stay-at-home mom, it’s vital to your success and sanity that you follow a routine. Notice I didn’t say schedule. Schedules are for setting appointments and other activities at specific time frames. They’re necessary for keeping us on time and in the right place.

But what about the rest of the day when there’s no demand about what we do and where we go? It’s those spaces of time that can feel like a black hole, consuming our whole day and leaving you not knowing where it went.

That’s why I love routines! They’re great for you and your whole family. You can create your own routine by listing out all the activities and tasks you want or need to complete each day. Break those lists into a morning, afternoon, and evening category. You can add more of those categories like a mid and late afternoon as you see fit.

Write them out in the order you want to complete them. Now you need to add some anchors to your routine list. For example, quiet time can be an anchor for your early morning routine which means this is the first thing you do. Then your run on the treadmill can be another anchor to signal your early morning routine is ending and your mid-morning routine is beginning with taking a shower and getting ready.

Routines are based on developing predictable patterns of behavior or habits in your day. This way you’re not fixed on following a rigid schedule with time slots that never seem to work in the real world. You just naturally flow through your day with the larger anchor tasks keeping you in the flow and helping to remind you of what’s next.

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2 – Live By a Real Budget

Having a budget is like having a routine for your money. Your budget tells your hard-earned money where to go and what to do. Without one, your money’s going somewhere, but it’s probably not where you had in mind.

Budgets have a bad rap because so many people feel like budgeting is something only financially stressed people do. It’s actually the opposite. A budget is really just a well thought out plan. And you better believe that the wealthy and well-off individuals in this world are following a well thought out plan for their money!

That’s precisely how they got rich, stay rich, and keep getting richer. Sure, their budget probably has a lot more to work with than yours or mine, but you’d be surprised how much extra money you have when you get intentional and cut out unnecessary spending.

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Check out this helpful video from

3 – Plan Your Meals

This is one that I personally didn’t do for a very long time because it felt like too much work on the front end. And when dinner rolled around each night I could actually feel the dread consuming me. Not a good feeling!

It’s really super simple, though. You just take a moment to sit down and write out a quick list of what you want to cook or prepare that week for dinner. It can really be as simple as that or as involved as you desire. You can plan out all your meals for the week or just your family dinners.

I wrote a post about using meal-prepping as a fantastic strategy for getting healthy meals on the table quickly. I go into much greater detail about the process and you can read it here: 4 Meal-Prepping Strategies for Getting Healthy Dinners on the Table Fast!

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4 – Delegate Household Chores

I grew up raised by a stay-at-home mom who worked hard every day to keep our home in order. She pretty much did all the chores and cleaning in the house. I have very little memory of us having real chores outside of keeping our rooms clean. 

This is partly because as a stay-at-home mom you believe that cleaning is your job and no one else’s. And she was also a perfectionist who didn’t like seeing things being done “the wrong way.” I personally followed suit on both of these mindsets in my own family.

That is until I realized it’s not about me anyway. I may not give my husband a long list of chores to do because his work schedule is simply too demanding, but as my children get older they NEED to know how to run a home.

Doing chores not only develops personal responsibility, but it also teaches valuable skills to my kids preparing them for adulthood. They need to know how to keep a house, not just their own room, clean. They need to know how to do their own laundry, iron a shirt and cook a meal. Here’s my post on 2 Super Easy Ways to Teach Your Children Accountability. 

But most importantly, you need help! Doing everything yourself isn’t the best plan for everyone. Getting everyone involved takes the pressure off you, and helps give you some peace and rest.

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5 – Practice a Regular Quiet Time

Speaking of peace and rest, practicing a regular quiet time is a game changer. Even if you carve out a few minutes every morning or some other quiet part of your day, the benefits far outweigh some lost sleep.

Spending a few moments just you and God, is a sacred time and one you’ll come to cherish. I wrote a very in-depth post about how to get started with practicing a regular quiet time. You can read the post here: Why Every Mom Needs a Regular Quiet Time Routine

I also created a super popular resource to help you journal your transformation during your quiet times. It’s called the Daily Transformation Journal because that’s exactly what’s going to happen when you put yourself first and practice a consistent quiet time routine. You can grab yours for FREE by subscribing to my VIP Vault.

6 – Set Regular Goals

Setting goals can feel overwhelming. Something that only super “successful” people do, not real everyday folks like us. Right?

True! Successful people are typically goal-setters and average people aren’t. Ever wonder why that is? It’s not because people who’ve reached a version of success are just drinking the goal-setting Kool-aid and telling everyone else about it.

It’s because the goal-setting came first – making them successful! When we have a target, we as humans instinctively try to hit it. As the wise saying goes, “when we aim at nothing, we’ll hit it every time.”

Having goals keeps us moving forward to the place we want to go. Otherwise, we’re merely drifting. And drifting is NEVER a good strategy for getting where you want to go. Get my Goal Slaying Toolkit with 20+ pages of printables to help you Slay your Goals! 

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7 – Have Date Days With Your Spouse & Kids

This is probably one of the most important, yet under-practiced items in this list. This is really where good intentions get shoved aside by busy, demanding schedules.

But by standing firm and carving out time for our loved ones in advance, we’ll be that much more successful.

For super creative/no-cost ideas made for “real life” grab my Family Time Made Simple Checklist! Start your family dates today by CLICKING HERE!

No matter how good your marriage is right now, you need to make time to be together one on one. It doesn’t need to be expensive or involve going out to dinner. Get creative and do things you both enjoy, keeping your personalities into consideration. Going to the gym to take a class can be a date day if you both love exercise keep the focus on enjoying each other.

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Your children also need one on one time with you. I never realized this until my middle daughter outright asked me one day to go out for some alone time without the other kids. I was totally surprised by her request, but I took note. And I make sure to keep her on my calendar for special dates regularly. This is important to keep strong bonds and building lasting relationships with our children that will last a lifetime. 

To get specific ideas on showing love and spending time with your loved ones, check out my viral post: 50 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Loved in Their Own Love Language.

Adding new things into your life doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. It starts with making a quality choice to make your life better and easier! What are you planning to work on? Leave your plan in the comments below so we can keep each other encouraged!

These easy to implement habits will have you enjoying life and motherhood and you'll be glad you did! #motherhood #goals

Fun and Easy Work at Home Jobs Perfect for Stay-at-Home Moms

Side hustles for moms

You’ve chosen to stay home with your precious little ones and sign on to become president and CEO of simultaneously the best and most difficult job you’ll ever do… oh and for NO paycheck EVER! Ouch! 

No need to worry mama… I’ve got you covered. In this post, I’m going to share with you how to make money from home even as a stay at home mom. Are you ready to start your side hustle?

How to make money – Side hustles for moms

Before we get started there are just a couple things we should cover first. The first is having the right mindset. The mindset to make money, that is. Having the mindset to receive money is pretty easy for all of us –pretty much a no-brainer. However, having the mindset and fortitude to get up every day and actually make money is another thing altogether. You are essentially becoming your own boss!

How to Make Money

Making money from home is a skill that needs to be practiced over time just like learning to care for your kids all day from home. If you asked one of your yet childless friends to come fill-in for the day at your house they’d never be able to flow from task to task like a pro the way you do.

It’s not necessary rocket-science but it does take finesse! When I started my stay-at-home mom journey I actually had no choice but to work from home right from the start. It was very challenging to balance a fulltime job and a new baby to say the least. And later came two more little ones and I’m still working from home.

The only difference now is I have over 10 years of practice under my belt and now I’ve got from doing work I hated to doing work I love by starting my own blog and side business.

And the second thing I wanted to share first is that you need to make time for your side hustle. Where, you ask?

Anywhere you can find it! As a stay-at-home mom, your days can be super crazy and exhausting. I’m with you! But here’s my tip to helping you carve out time for your making money ventures… work when your kids are sleeping! I know this sounds cliche but naps are the golden hours for getting any real work done.

Let’s get into the juicy, money making details! I’ve tried my best to categorize these side hustles by areas of skill and interest to make finding your perfect side hustle super easy!

Happy hustling!

Side Hustles for the Mom Who Loves to Create

Side Hustles for Creatives

1. Sell Your Crafts and Creations on Etsy

If you love making things, crafting, or doing any other handmade creations you can sell your lovely items on sites like Etsy. There are so many wonderful handmade creations on Etsy that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

That alone makes your creations more valuable and in-demand.

2. Sell Your Digital Products

Maybe you’re not so much into the handcrafted arena but you’re a whiz at whipping up amazing social media graphics, eye-catching checklists and other printables, or making unforgettable online videos. Maybe you use these skills for your own business or blog. Did you know other bloggers and business owners will pay you to use your awesome skills to grow their business?

You can become a freelancer on sites like fivver and freelancer or you can start a blog and offer your services directly!

3. Start Your Own Virtual Cake Business

Rebekah Allen loved baking and making sweets for her friends and family. Maybe you do too? She slowly starting transforming her passion for baking into a real business she can run from her home. She wants to show you how in her extremely detailed course – The Complete Digital Cake Business Startup Kit. If you love to bake, this is a must do!

4. Sell Your Own Stock Images

If you have a great DSLR camera and love photography, you can make a real income selling your photos online. Here is a great post to help you get started! Just be sure to store your photos in a secure online storage in case something unthinkable happens with your devices. You can store your photos for free if you are an Amazon Prime Member.

Here’s a great post that compares the various services and companies to work with when selling your photos.

5. Sell Your Art Online

If you’re an artist who paints, draws, or does graphic design you can earn an income selling your work online. Jules of creatingbeautifully teaches artists how to create a totally passive stream of income by selling their art online. You can check out her course here! You can also enter art contests with little to no effort! Check out the latest art contests nationwide here.

Side Hustle Blueprint

Side Hustles for the Mom Who Loves Admin Work

work at home mom success

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

Gina Horkey was a busy mom working a full-time job and decided she needed a change. Long story short, she became a virtual assistant and started earning $4,000 of side hustle income in addition to her day job and taking care of her baby and toddler! Click here to grab her FREE guide – 150+ Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant (and Get Paid for)! 

7. Complete Online Surveys

Online surveys are an easy way to earn extra cash for giving your honest feedback and answering simple questions. You can even do them while watching TV in bed. #WinWin! Some of the reputable survey companies I’ve used and earned money from are Opinion OutpostPaidviewpointVindale ResearchHarris Poll, and Global Test Market. They are super simple to get started and they will send you surveys right to your email inbox. You won’t get rich on surveys but it’s easy cash on the side!

8. Become a Website Tester

Becoming a website tester works very similar to completing surveys. The major difference is the pay is usually more and you need to complete a special online task as it pertains to a company’s website. Many assignments require you to record your screen and voice as you complete your website assessment. It’s actually fun and not complicated at all. Here are some usability testing sites you can check out today:

9. Become a Social Media Manager

Heather Montgomery created a really great course to teach people how to start their own social media manager. I worked as a social media manager for a bit last year, and it’s a really fun way to make money and build a sustainable business. Her course is called Social Side Hustle: 21 Days to Becoming a Social Media Manager. Yes, she said 21 days!

Side Hustles for the Mom Who Loves to Teach

Side Hustles for Teachers

10. Teach English to Kids in China

If you love kids and teaching you’ll fall in love with sites like SayABC and QKids. They connect moms like you (they LOVE moms!) with kids in China to simply teach English online. You can actually earn up to $21 per hour!

This is a real job and in many cases requires a college degree or some equivalent experience. Check out each site for their specific requirements. I can’t think of a cooler way to make extra cash!

11. Sell Teaching Materials to Teachers

If you are a former teacher, a current teacher, or you homeschool your kids, you’ll love Teacherspayteachers. This entire site is focused on connecting classroom material creators with actual teachers and homeschoolers with creative and innovative printables, worksheets, packets, and other classroom materials.

Basically, if you love creating worksheets or fun printable packets for kids of all grade-levels, try selling your materials to teacherspayteachers! I used this site a lot when I was homeschooling my kids a couple years ago. I loved it!

12. Become a Proofreader

If you’re a teacher through and through, you probably love words and are a stickler for proper usage of the written word. I was just generalizing there but if that’s true for you, think about becoming a proofreader or editor for other writers and business owners. In fact, there are a lot of interesting services being offered on sites like Fivver and freelancer.

13. Provide ChildCare

I know you’re busy with your own little ones, but you can get creative with this one if you love caring for children. With sites like urbansitter, you can actually have the children you care for come to you! Obviously, you’d need to follow their guidelines to qualify and pass a background check to get started.

You can also provide care at times when your own kids are already covered, like say when your spouse is home from work or on the weekends. Sittercity also has childcare opportunities for days, evenings for afterschool and date nights, and weekends.

Side Hustles for the Mom Who Loves to Write

side hustles for writers

14. Start Your Own Blog

I’m a little biased but, I feel like this one should be number one on the list. I LOVE being a blogger! This may sound silly, but I dreamed of blogging for many years but was too scared to take the leap. I love that blogging gives me a creative outlet to use my love of writing to help inspire, encourage, and make a real impact in the lives of people like you!

I am well on my way to turning this blog into a fulltime income and that is so amazing and mind-blowing to think anyone can make money blogging. If you’re new to blogging check out my post on how to start your own thriving blog! Curious on how to make money blogging? Check out my post on how my favorite blogging courses helped me do just that! And join my private Facebook group here.

15. Create Content for Bloggers and Business Owners

If you love to write, then you betta get writing! Business owners and yes, even bloggers who are so busy actually running their business need talented writers to keep cranking out fresh content for their blogs and social media.

If you have a sales background or a knack for persuasion, you can get PAID a serious premium for writing high-converting sales copy for sales pages and online ads. To get connected with these busy business owners, check out sites like Freelancer and  Fivver. Simply create a stunning and compelling profile and start applying for jobs. It’s that easy!

16. Start Your Own Freelancing Business

If you get your feet wet in the freelancing arena and love it, you may want to consider going pro. It’s simple to start your own blog to feature and offer your freelancing services and Elna Cain (the freelancing Queen) shows you how to set up your freelancing website in a weekend! Check it out here!

17. Write an Ebook

Everyone is an expert at something! Yeah, I know it sure doesn’t feel like it some days. But the truth is, what’s obvious and plain to us is oftentimes a huge revelation for others. Too often we sell ourselves short on the value of our own experiences and expertise. That’s where writing an ebook comes in. You can invest some time upfront and create yourself a totally passive stream of income later. Pat Flynn shows you how to write your own ebook in his free ebook here. 😉

Side Hustles for the Mom Who Loves to Shop/Sell

side hustles for shoppers

18. Use Cash Back Apps When you Shop

Using cash back apps has to be one of my favorite and easiest ways to earn real money on the purchases I’m already making. Apps like ibotta, Checkout51, Ebates, and Swagbucks allow you to scan your receipt after making your purchase and you’ll get paid real cash and gift card rewards on the approved items you bought. Easy money, right?

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19. Sell Your Household Goods for Cash

Let’s face it, we all have a TON of stuff in our homes. It ends up cluttering our rooms, closets, garages, and storage units. And most of it is probably already forgotten until you need to go looking for something. Wouldn’t that old stuff be better served as cold, hard CASH? Yep! Sarah with Early Bird Mom has an amazing course that teaches you the best way to find, organize, and most importantly, maximize your profit from all your stuff. Check out the course here! 

20. Shop and Deliver Groceries

Companies like Instacart and Shipt are literally changing the way we all shop for groceries. But they’re also creating new and fun ways for people to make a living with a super flexible schedule! Do you go to the grocery store a thousand times a month to buy food for your family? Good, you’re already qualified!

All you do is go to grocery stores like Target and fill up the requested order and simply deliver those goods to the person’s door. It’s that simple! This is great for when the kids are in school and you get to go spend other people’s money while putting more in your own pocket. That sounds like a win-win!

21. Become a Mystery Shopper

If you already love to shop, mystery shopping could be a perfect side hustle for you. Basically, mystery shopping involves you going into retailers and posing as a real shopper. You usually need to provide the mystery shopping company with a real employee’s name and the details of your shopping experience. The pay for a complete shopping assignment is typically between $7-$20.

Some reputable mystery shopping companies you can check out are:

22. Start a Direct Sales Business

Many moms are joining some amazing network marketing companies and are sharing AKA selling the products they personally love. I am apart of a direct sales company that I absolutely LOVE – YoungLiving. It’s a health and wellness company that specializes in Essential Oils. These products have helped my family in too many ways to mention here, and so sharing those same products with my circle of influence and getting paid to do it is a no-brainer.

There are other network marketing companies that are also perfect for moms such as Mary Kay, Paparazzi Jewelry, LipSense, and Stella and Dot.

To get even more Side Hustle Ideas, grab your FREE Side Hustle Blueprint and get more side hustles perfect for stay-at-home moms with best practices to earn the most money and a super helpful income tracker to stay on track!

Side Hustle Blueprint

What side hustles have you done that worked? Please share in the comments below!

Are you a stay at home mom who wants to create an additional income stream on the side? This list is made for you and has work that fits your interests and talents and won't find like work! #sidehustle #sideincome #makingmoney# #oneincome #personalfinance #businesstipsHere are 22 work at home jobs that are perfect for stay-at-home moms! Fun, easy, and creative! #sidehustle #workathome #makingmoney #personalfinance #money #budgetWant to earn extra money on the side from home? These work from home jobs are perfect for stay at home moms! #earnmoney #money #finance #sidehustle #workathome #momlifeLooking to make money before the holidays? Moms can easily earn extra cash on the side with these super fun and easy work at home jobs! #sidehustle #workathome

Looking to make extra cash on the side? Try starting a side hustle! Don't worry these are perfect for your busy stay at home mom schedule! #makingmoney #personalfinance #money #mompreneur #momboss

Making extra money from home is easier than you think! Find 20 simple side hustles moms can start to earn extra income today! #sidehustle #makemoney #savemoneyLooking to make extra money from home as a stay at home mom? Get 20 easy and legit side hustles you can start today to make more money! #sidehustle #makemoney #savemoney #mompreneur #momboss

The Truth About Mom Guilt and How to Stop it From Running Your Life

The truth about mom guilt and how to stop it from running your life

Mom guilt is the Achilles Heel for mothers! It hits us almost every day and without fail sucks the fun and productivity right out of whatever we’re doing. I don’t know about you but I hate mom-guilt.

We feel guilty when our child struggles with anything. I mean, it’s our fault, right?

We feel guilty when we discipline our child. This hurts me more than it hurts you, we think as tears flow and pouty lips emerge.

The truth about mom guilt and how to stop it from running your life

We feel guilty when we know we’re enabling bad behaviors in our child just to allow a moment of quiet or get more sleep at night.  I’m totally ruining my kid! Why can’t I just be stronger?

We feel guilty when we have our own kind of meltdown and yell at our kids. What can’t I control my emotions?!

We feel guilty when we give time toward our work, goals, and dreams that require us to sacrifice time and energy away from our family. Whether or not we love the work we do or are simply required to work for income. Guilt still finds its way in.

We either regret the things we’ve done or the things we wish we’d done. And the truth is, the cycle continues and won’t stop unless we stop it.

As a mom, you have the hardest job on the planet hands-down. And you should be free to do what you believe is right without having a monkey hanging on your back the whole time. And I’m not talking about your climbing toddler! 😉

When I first became a mom, I was under attack EVERY DAY. I was so frustrated because I never felt free to really enjoy being the mom I always wanted to be. Every mistake was magnified – every failure was all my fault.

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And because I’ve always been a working mom – I’ve had high functioning guilt for many years. But I’ve learned the truth about guilt and now I’m no longer working because I have to but because I love to. I’m free to enjoy my life!

Mom Guilt is Common but Not Normal

At times I felt like I wasn’t made for this mom thing. I mean, I never had any other moms come to me and say they were feeling the same way. So, I kept my feelings to myself because I already felt under-qualified for the position of mom.

We don’t always talk publicly about what shames us and chronic mom-guilt can leave you feeling broken and frustrated as a mom.

But I now know the truth!

My children have had their fair share of cold viruses and infections over the years and I’ve picked up a phrase I’ve heard doctors use when giving a diagnosis – it’s common but not normal. This means, whatever you’re experiencing affects a lot of people making it common. But the fact that it’s a condition your body isn’t supposed to “have” makes it abnormal.

That’s exactly what mom guilt is – common but not normal.

I’d venture to guess that millions of moms deal with some variation of mom-guilt every day. But just because it’s so common doesn’t mean we should take the attitude that it’s just par for the course.

We have the power to say no to all the labels our society throws around about raising a family. They say your child has to turn terrible when they reach two, will become a hormonal mess when they hit puberty, and angst is the typical attitude for a teenager. Basically – deal with it.

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4 Steps to Getting Rid of Mom Guilt

We don’t have to go along with what’s common. How about we decide to go with what’s normal – the ways it’s supposed to be. So what is normal? In the context of my previous diagnosis example – normal is someone without any physical or mental disorders.

Abnormal is when there’s something going on that’s not supposed to or intended to be there. So again, just because a lot of moms struggle with mom-guilt doesn’t mean it’s supposed to or intended to be like that.

We have the power to choose whether we go along with the masses or to blaze our own trail. I kind of like doing my own thing, so trail-blazin’ I go! You with me?!

Give Yourself Permission To Do What You Believe is Right

The first step in the guilt ridding process is to learn the art of giving yourself permission to do what you believe is right. If it’s homeschooling your child versus sending them to traditional school – don’t allow the guilt of what they may be missing out on creep in.

If it’s not allowing your son to attend a sleepover because you just don’t have peace about it in your heart – know that your decision to obey your heart could be a matter of life or death for him. And don’t feel guilty just because he throws a fit.

If it’s picking up extra shifts at work to pay for them to go to a safe and quality school don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for the missed time together. As long as you’ve made a prayerful, quality decision you must know your toughest decisions are most often your child’s greatest advantage in life.

We have to make difficult decisions every day and second-guessing every one will simply steal your joy. Owning your decisions gives you the power to say no to guilt.

Yes, I said it. You have the power to say no to guilt. You do this by standing firm in your choices as a family and letting peace be your guide and final say. It’s our self-doubt and second-guessing that invites guilt right into our lives. Remember, be firm and confident!

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Give Yourself Permission to Live in the Moment

The other side of giving yourself permission is to choose to live “in” the moments of your life. That means if you’re a work-at-home mom and you’re rocking your fussy baby back to sleep for the third time in one nap session and you’re tempted to dwell on the work time you’re missing out on – choose to be in that moment.

Instead of holding her in your arms and being frustrated in your mind – stop. Look at that sweet baby of yours and take in the moment. Remind yourself that your baby won’t be this little forever. Don’t allow these unplanned moments to be a mental complaint session but instead to become a bonding moment.

Give yourself permission to be fully in the moment of whatever you’re doing. If it’s a shower, turn up the music, lather up some aromatherapy suds, and stand under the water longer than you should. Basically, live it up!

If you’re in the park with your kids – play with them! Don’t just sit on the bench watching like all the other parents.

If you’re sitting down completing a work project – stay focused and don’t get distracted (unless it’s the kids, of course.) 😉 Don’t let the attraction of social media, for example, pull you away from your precious work time.

When you make a conscious choice to stay committed to the current moment – it’s like kicking guilt in the face and right out the front door. And that’s where we want it to stay!

This happens because you’re making the choice to not be swayed between two things – this or that. Instead, you choose this. And to take it even further you decide not to just go through the motions but to soak in every drop of your life.

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Give Yourself Grace

And finally, in those times when you didn’t do what was best, you must give yourself grace. And there will be plenty of these times to practice. That’s because you’re not perfect and will never be. When you miss the mark you need to forgive yourself.

In the same way we give our kids grace when they don’t make the right choices, we must do the same for ourselves. If your child made a simple mistake because of a poor choice – you may be disappointed or upset – but you’d never give up on them or write them off as a horrible kid.

So why do we so easily write ourselves off as horrible moms? We need grace, too. From ourselves.

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Make a Plan for Your Choices

The final way to get rid of mom-guilt forever it to make a plan for your choices and how you spend your time. So much of those guilty feelings come as a result of being overextended and having all the many areas of our lives blend together like a really bad stew. Yuck!

Our lives desperately need boundaries. It’s not so much about balance (don’t have time to get into that here) but more about having healthy boundaries for the things that are most important to you and your family.

If you take the time to create a plan for how you actually want to spend your time you’ll gain a lot more peace and experience less stress and anxiety. You can then give yourself permission to live according to your plan and can make daily adjustments as needed.

Comment and let me know how you handle mom-guilt or maybe share your biggest struggle with it. Let’s share and kick this guilt out of our lives forever!

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