4 Ways I Keep My Family First While Running My Blog & Business

4 Ways I Keep My Family First While Running My Blog & Business

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Do you struggle to keep your family first while you’re trying to grow a new business? You’re not alone! This is a major challenge with busy moms who bravely enter the entrepreneurial and blogging world.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of business it is – a blog, a brick and mortar store, an online shop, a ministry – the struggle’s all the same.

4 Ways I keep my family first while running my blog

I know that it’s been hands-down one of my biggest challenges since having children. Probably since I’ve been working for myself since I had my first child. It was a bumpy ride trying to learn how to be my own boss and be a new mom at the same time. I was barely getting through the days back then!

I struggled with the tug of war in my heart and mind where the love for my family AND my business fought for my attention… CONSTANTLY. Relate much?

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The battle was downright exhausting! And this mindset (left unchecked) can lead a mom with a life-plate that’s already overflowing… barreling straight into to burnout mode.

And that’s something everyone wants us to avoid… especially our family!

Being a mom in today’s world is tough enough, but living in this mental space where you never feel like you never quite measure up in any area is crazy. And that’s exactly where I lived for so many years.

It took me a few years to figure it out. I know… I’m a little slow.

What Does Family First Really Mean?

To keep my family close, I first had to start by making a quality decision – to keep my family in the first place position no matter what. Once I did that, I was able to create simple ways to help me do just that.

But the decision had to come first. And as crazy as it sounds, that decision didn’t just happen. I had to do some work. I first needed to understand what family first even meant.

Does my family always come before my business?

What if there’s an emergency in the business and I’m needed?

Is there a more balanced approach instead of all or nothing?

Placing your family first means to honor both your spouse and children by placing them inside the vision for my business at the creation stage; deciding upfront how I’ll spend quality time, meet their needs, and include them in my process where ever possible. Regardless of the expectations of others. There will always be those!

Running a family is complicated. You’re not just taking care of people and meeting their physical and emotional needs… you’re also running a home. That means cooking, cleaning, and straightening up a 100 times a day! Um… that last one may be just for toddler moms! 😉

And running a business or blog is complicated too. That’s because when you’re a Mompreneur, your business never closes. Your business will try to stay open 24/7 if you let it… like in your mind while you’re trying to sleep!

So, how do I may it work?

Creating Boundaries is Essential to Having Balance

I have a confession to make, I didn’t necessarily add my family into my business vision at the beginning. I thought I did, but the evidence proved otherwise. And I was running myself ragged.

As a means of survival, I had to set some boundaries and create some rules to live by. This list is what I look to every day to measure how I’m doing and remind me when I need to refocus and course correct.

When things get out of whack, and they do, I go right back to this list.

The funny thing is, I thought there was something wrong with me… like I was the only one struggling with this issue. That’s because I didn’t know too many any women who were doing what I was doing.

I felt very isolated. Until I met a ton of fabulous women like me online in my Business and Blogging Facebook groups and I realized that I wasn’t alone. #Winning

And neither are you!

Let me also be super clear on this, it doesn’t matter if you have a successful business that’s been established for years, you’re just in the infancy stage, or your business in still living in your brain. These feelings are legit and affect us all. So, here are the 4 ways I keep my family a priority while running my business.

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4 ways I keep my family a priority while running my business

1 – Decide What You Want Up Front

We all know what goals are and how to use them to achieve what we want in life and our business. But goals are really only manageable pieces to a much bigger plan. This bigger plan is really our organized picture of what we want. AKA – our vision.

In this vision, we need to be super clear on what we want. Are you trying to create a good side income? Do you want to make a positive impact in the lives of others through teaching and sharing your personal story? Do you want to build a brand that’s positioned for world-domination?

Knowing what you want and where you’re going up front is key because once the ball gets rolling it’s easy to get distracted and end up going places and chasing goals that don’t line up with what you really wanted in the first place.

This can cause you to adjust your priorities – having a negative impact on your family life. Making sure your family is smack dab in the middle of your vision first, is key.

2 – Resist Mom-guilt

Mom-guilt is a given… all moms have it. Or least, have it presented to them on a daily basis. It’s up to us whether we take the bait. Guilt is a funny emotion, it’s only purpose is to screw up your day, special moment, life… it doesn’t really seem to care.

Once you’ve established your clear vision and you know exactly where your family is in that vision… you’ve just gotta live it. And when the mom-guilt rises, treat it like the enemy it is and send it packing.

Pro Mom Biz Tip: Build provisions in your plan for unusual circumstances or seasons in your life and business. Every season in your life and business isn’t going to look perfect or will always match up with your vision plan.

So, decide how you’ll handle business emergencies or major “time-sucking events” like launches, in advance. This way you won’t feel guilty while you’re in the midst of some serious crazy!

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3 – Become Systematized

This one is my favorite! Listen, if you think you can DO IT ALL… think again. You’re only one person and you need help. In your business and your home. Start by making a list of all the things in your business that can be delegated. It doesn’t matter how “difficult” those tasks are (people can be trained) as long as they aren’t part of your creative process. Do the same thing for stuff you do in your home.

Now it’s time to make a strategic plan to find people to help with those tasks. It could be hiring a VA or an intern to help with those tasks, paying your kids to do certain things in your business or home (depending on their age/abilities), or paying for a software that can simply automate certain processes.

This will look different for everyone depending on your budget, especially. I’m still at the bootstrapping phase but I’ve already got a plan I’m working towards. I’m so ready to start x’ing things off my to-do list permanently!

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4 – Plan for your Family Dates

The final way I keep my family a priority is to plan for my family dates in advance. This means putting my dates with my husband and my kids on a calendar. My husband does the same!

Do we always keep these dates? Honestly, no. I wish I could say otherwise, but life gets busy sometimes and things need to be shifted around. But those dates are right there in black and white, and when they do need to be changed – there’s a conscious thought behind that decision. And that makes a huge difference.

Waiting for the perfect time to magically appear is a bad move. It’ll never happen!

If you’re looking for super creative and fun ideas to start your own Family Dates, Grab my FREE Family Dates Checklist  HERE – full of date ideas for your family categorized by your children’s ages!

Making your family a priority isn’t hard but it does need to be intentional. How do you keep your family first? Share in the comments below!

Blogging isn't easy... especially as a stay at home mom. These simple tips will help you run a successful blog without leaving your family behind! #family #blogging #blogger #kidsandparenting #parenting

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Thank you for the great advice, I’ve been really struggling with this topic. Starting an at home business has me working around the clock at times and I really need to find better balance.


I’ll be honest, the struggle only gets better but never goes away. That’s because we love our families and our business, so many times they’ll be at odds. But we have the power to establish priorities and boundaries to make sure our family stays first. It’s something that really needs practice and patience. It does get better!


Coming up with a work-life balance has been SO difficult for me and I really felt like you were speaking straight to me when I was reading this. For months I’ve been putting my business first because I was always thinking about it, always thinking about how to improve it, always thinking of ideas. And it was killing me! I started to become so overwhelmed with my business while also struggling with mom guilt and trying to tell myself I’m working hard now so that I can make our lives better in the long run, but sometimes that’s not enough… Read more »


Hey Sigoni! I know the struggle… you’re story is pretty much just like mine. But you’re doing everything right. You are sacrificing now so you can give your family a better life. But at the same time, those little ones (and the big ones) need all of you right now. That’s where the struggle really is. I sacrifice my sleep and a personal life outside of my business. I work extremely hard so I can give my kids everything I want them to have, but I don’t want them to resent my business. At the end of the day, kids… Read more »


Thanks for all of the tips. Balancing work and family is tremendously difficult so I was excited to find your article through Blogging with Heart! I’ve subscribed from Mojitos & Munchkins and look forward to following along in the future!


That’s awesome April! Thanks for subscribing! 🙂 Glad to have you. I send weekly emails to my list that I don’t post on the blog, and I commit to providing as much value to my subscribers as I possibly can!

Heather @ A Heart of Humility

Great post Brandi! It’s definitely a balance that HAS to be figured out to be successful! Still working on this balance in my own life! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks Heather! I believe balance (especially for moms) is kind of a myth. It’s more like creating your own version of balance within each season. 🙂


I’m still in the early stages of blogging and also have a Direct Sales business. Family dates are the best! I wish I’d planned ahead better for our blog launch–I’m definitely going to improve that process for future big events. Thanks for the timely advice!

Andrea | Southern Momdays

Being intentional, having a plan, and setting healthy boundaries are so key! Love this post, Brandi! Thanks so much for the reminders. 🙂


Glad you found it helpful, Andrea!


Resist Mom-guilt… man, that’s a big one! These are great tips! Thank you for sharing 🙂

Holly Lasha

Great suggestions. It’s so important to find that balance


These are such great tips for moms! Thanks for sharing this.

Joanna Stephens

These are some great ways to balance being a mom and running a business. I think I need to do more about getting my family involved in my blogging escapades. It might make my life a little less hectic and I won’t feel as guilty working on the blog.


I agree. I talk to my kids about what I’m going. I’m getting ready to bring my oldest daughter in the fold with doing some art and graphics… she’s an amazing artist. I love that our businesses can be places where our children can also practice and use their gifts and talents. #WinWin

Amanda Sharp

I love all of these thoughts! Great read!

Kristin Dennis

Yes, I am just getting started blogging and I am really struggling with time management. I am a SAHM so my kids are accustomed to have a good chunk of my time all to themselves. I’m definitely going to start planning and writing dates on the calendar!


Time management and productivity are the biggest struggles for work-at-home moms, especially when your children are young. I biggest piece of advice is to have a plan and batch your tasks. Even if you have 1-2 hours a day to work on your blog (been there!), you MUST know EXACTLY what you’re supposed to be doing the second your behind hits the chair! Lol


I have to set time limits for working on my business. Otherwise at the end of the day I realize I did spend enough time with my kiddos!


Time limits and boundaries are so important. I find when the kids feel ignored or pushed to the side… they will revolt! Lol


Same here! My husband and I work from home on our business together and also raise a son. I have to set clear boundaries to only work while he’s in school, but if one of us has a deadline approaching the other will take our son so we can work. It’s a great system!


The balance is so hard! I deal with it a lot right now trying to balance blogging and family.


I always like to refer to balance for moms as creating your own version of balance. Our seasons are constantly changing, so learning to create balance that makes sense for every season is really important. Thanks for the comment!


This is such an important topic for us Mom. Love all of your points, especially not giving in to Mom guilt! ❤️


Yes! That mom-guilt is such a problem some days, but we can certainly put it in it’s place! 😉


Oooo great suggestions! I remember when I started my business, my family was always so mad because I wasn’t balancing things that great! It’s definitely tough that’s for sure


That’s my story too. I found that making the decision to put them first (within reason) helped me drop the guilt.


I’ve been struggling with this balance myself lately but you have given me a new way to look at it. Thank you!


I’m glad you were able to get a fresh perspective! 🙂


Such a great post! It’s so hard to balance between your business and family and these are great tips to help with this. Thanks so much for sharing!


Thank you for sharing your comment. I’m so glad the tips were helpful!


When I first started blogging I was working a stressful full time job and then I would come home and do all the “mom” stuff and stay up until 1am with trying to build my website… wake up at 4am and start over again. Burnout was real! I finally got to the point that I could quit my daytime job and stay at home with the kids and I work when I can on my site and if we want to take a day off to go do something as a family, we just do it and I reorganize my… Read more »


Congrats to you Amber! You are such a testament to putting in the WORK and seeing it pay off!

Jenni LeBaron

I love the idea of family dates. I think it gives everyone something to look forward to!


I believe our families are starving for connection in our busy lifestyles today. Making time is so important.


These are great tips! Starting a blog three months ago I definitely thought it’d be easy to limit myself to an hour or two a day, and then spend the rest of the time with my family. Instead, I figured out how much time it really takes and had to reassess and find a better balance again. Prioritizing and systematizing were key! Glad to hear others struggle with this, too.


Yes! I thought the same thing too. Blogging definitely takes time for sure!


Such good tips! It’s such a hard balance, right? But so essential. I have to remind myself daily that my blog was meant to enhance my mothering, not take me away from it.


I love that! Yes, our blogs should totally enhance our mothering – not drive us from it. Great Comment!

Amanda Martin

Great tips! I don’t have kids but I still struggle to balance everything while spending quality time with my husband, parents and close friends. Life is a whirlwind sometimes!


Yes, a whirlwind indeed! 🙂

Marjie Mare
Marjie Mare

It is really hard to balance family and business. Sometimes, I feel so guilty to steal time from them. For my blog, I include my kids by having them tell me what to cook and share.


Yes, I love including my kids in my blogging ideas. Great idea!

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