Household Hacks to Save you Time and Your Sanity


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15 Household Hacks That Save Your Time and Sanity!

If you're a busy mom who could use some time and money saving ideas - you're in the right place. I've rounded up some of my favorite household hacks to help make your school mornings less frantic, bath time less crazy, and turn clean-up time into a fun activity for the kiddos.

And maybe with all the time you save you can do something for yourself. Or take a nap! šŸ˜‰

Household Hack #1


Store your grocery bags in an empty pringles can in a kitchen drawer. In that same drawer, store your dish towels upright so you can fit more in!

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Household Hack #2


Have a ā€˜day of the weekā€™ breakfast.
This works great for families with multiple kids. And keeps everyone from asking, "what's for breakfast?"

Here is a sample breakfast plan:Ā 
Monday Morning Oatmeal
Tuesday Toast
Wednesday Waffles
Thursday Tasty Eggs
Friday ā€“ Favorite Cereal day
Saturday ā€“Ā pancake day!Ā 
Sunday- bacon, eggs & toast

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Household HackĀ #3


I don't know about you but the stuffed animals are taking over my house! So, when I saw this idea I was very excited. Just buy a bean bag cover and store all your children's fluffy friends in their new home and it makes the room look great. It also makes clean-up time feel like a fun activity.

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Household HackĀ #4


Here's a great idea for storing your children's hard toys like action figures and Legos. Just print out a picture of the toy from google, or just cut out a picture of the toy straight from the box before you throw it out. Stick in on a drawer and there you have a fool-proof clean-up guide for the kids.

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Household Hack #5


This is a great no cost idea for keeping your electronic drawer from getting over-run by tangled cords.

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Household Hack #6


Finding the elusive hair band in a morning rush for school is a recipe for a franticĀ moment. But stress no more when you slideĀ them on a toilet paper roll. You can even wrap the roll in decorative duct tape to make it even more durable and cute.

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Household Hack #7


After you buy all those plastic eggs for your Easter egg hunt every year, what do you do with all those eggs? Use them as snack holders! They're great for lunches boxes or play-date snack time.

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Household Hack #8


This one is an absolute life saver for a home office or your child's homework desk. This also works fantastically for certain bedside tables or book shelves that store electronics.

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Household Hack #9


If you're kids are like mine, they use every cup in the cupboard in one day just getting drinks of water. This is a creative way to let your little "independents" get their own water and stick their empty cup back on the fridge when they're done.

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Household Hack #10


Store bath toys and even other shower items in plastic bins hooked by shower curtain hooks. Simply hook the bins to a low shower rod. It's easy for the kids to get their toysĀ out and clean them up atĀ the end of bath time.

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Household Hack #11


This hack is an amazingĀ space saver forĀ your precious closet space. Hang all your tank tops from shower curtain hooks and hang the hooks on one hanger. Just be sure to use one of those fuzzy hangers to keep the shower hooks from slidingĀ to one side.

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Household Hack #12


Are your toy shelves piled high with board games? Try using a hanging sweater organizer to hang all those games inside a closet.

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Household Hack #13


Small kids need food cut into small pieces, but that can be a real pain - especially if you have more than one little. I love using a pizza cutter to quickly and easily cut pancakes, sandwiches, and waffles. Oh, and pizza, too!

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Household Hack #14


This is the easiest way I've seen to check off the days of your child's medication doses. You can never be too careful!

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Household Hack #15

This hack is a video that quickly walks you through several great ideas on how to make packing lunches a whole lot easier.

These are just a few of my favorites. Please share in the comments some of your go-to parents or just plain-ole life hacks. Don't keep the good stuff to yourself! These hacks are total lifesavers!

Grab these seriously time saving household hacks to save your sanity!

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