The Secret to a Stress-Free Christmas with Kids in 2019!

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Let’s face it, the holidays can be a recipe for stress and exhaustion. Which is really a shame since the holiday season is supposed to be a magical time filled with fun, family, and rest.

But all too often we let life get the best of us and the holidays catch us off guard year after year.

Stop doing that! It’s not too late to plan and enjoy a stress-free Christmas this year!

the secret to stress free Christmas

How is that possible with all the things to make, cook, buy… and let’s not forget about the “people” stress. You know, family coming in from out of town and you getting absolutely zero alone time.

I’m a strong introvert, so that zaps my energy the fastest!

This is your ultimate stress-free Christmas guide. You’ll learn everything about how to prepare, save, shop, and even travel over the holidays!

If you’re planning to travel for the holidays you’ll want to check out this Holiday Travel Guide that shares little-known travel tips for long road trips!

There are many things we need to “prepare” to maximize our joy over the holidays. We need to prepare our money because November and December are huge spending months. We do NOT want to go into debt buying gifts this year!

Easy Ways to Save Money for Christmas

Why You Should be Using Amazon Prime for Christmas!

In addition to saving money (which we all need to be doing more intentionally), you can start by making more money too.

Yep! You can get creative on ways to increase your income over the holidays and never touch your savings or a single credit card.

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Getting Your Home Ready for the Holidays

Now it’s time to prepare your home! Getting your house clean and decluttered before the busyness of the holidays is here will help you so much to kick back and enjoy your Christmas!

The No-Brainer Way to Declutter Your Home Fast!

The Secret to Get Your Kids into the Habit of Doing Housework

preparing your home for Christmas

How to Enjoy the Holidays without Stress

One of the best ways to actually enjoy the holidays instead of stressing through to the New Year is to make your enjoyment intentional!

Yes, decide right now that you’re going to have fun on purpose. You do that by making a plan and deciding what things your family will do to relax and enjoy your Christmas.

This list of Family Christmas Traditions is a wonderful place to start planning your holiday activities.

You can also have fun by documenting your family’s Christmas with a fun Family Christmas pajama Photo Shoot!

Here’s a warning about traditions though. If your family is doing something just because it’s a tradition but you spend your time dragging everyone around… stop doing it. Commit to only doing traditions that are truly fun for your family and bring you closer together.

Planning and Shopping for Christmas

You want to start by creating your Christmas budget first. You don’t want to ruin your 2019 by going into massive debt for Christmas. Big mistake!

Once you know how much you want to spend, you can start your shopping plan.

Remember, you don’t have to buy store-bought gifts for everyone in your extended family. You can make homemade gifts, go on a trip or see a fun show together, or even do a family Christmas photo shoot.

Here are some great ideas for gifts and stocking stuffers!

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Christmas Tips and Tricks

1 – Put your Christmas lights on a timer

2 – Invest in an automatic Christmas tree waterer

3 – Pay someone else to put up your Christmas lights

4 – Use elegant table wear instead of the real thing.

This beautiful table setting for 25 is close to the real thing and will reduce a ton of stress and labor. Plus, they are extremely affordable!

5 – Use gift bags instead of wrapping every gift. I’ve been doing this for years and it’s such a stress-free tip. It doesn’t mean I don’t wrap any gifts, but my pretty gift bags far outweigh the wrapped ones!

Let me know your very best tips for a stress-free Christmas in the comments below!

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