Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes and Still Enjoy the Summer Nights

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We live in Florida and the summer evenings can be brutal for mosquitoes! And many of the storebought repellants are either ineffective or full of toxic chemicals I don’t want to be spraying all over my kids.

This is where the amazing power of those little magical bottles of essential oils come in. There are so many ways to use essential oils and effectively repelling mosquitoes and other pesky bugs is one of them!

using essential oils to repel Mosquitoes

Essential oils are also extremely effective in treating bug bites. Case in point, my daughter attended a field trip at a pumpkin patch last October and they apparently had a fire ant problem they neglected to share with the teachers and parents. As my daughter and all the other kids were getting off the bus and waiting to enter the event, she was swarmed by fire ants!

Her legs were totally covered! Thank God she was wearing jeans that day. However, many crawled up her pants and into her shoes resulting in painful and extremely itchy bites. I’m so grateful for another oily mom who was with us and had a bug bite roll-on with her. It calmed the itch and pain and really saved the day.

The bites were almost non-existent by the end of the day!

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Natural Ways to Repel Mosquitoes

I want to share with you several totally natural ways to repel those pesky and often disease-carrying mosquitoes and how to treat those common summertime bug bites when they do happen.

Making your own repellents and bug bite salve is really so simple, but you’ll need a few supplies to get you started:

Small Spray Bottles

Metal Tins

Small Containers

Lotion Bottles

Natural Bug Repellent

Source – The Things We’ll Make

Natural Bug Repellent

Bug Repellent Bars

Source – Ann’s Entitled Life

bug repellent bar recipe

Bug Repellent Luminaries

Source – Flavour and Savour


DIY Repellant Bracelets

Source – So Easy Being Green


Floating Citronella Candles

Source – Saving Dollars and Sense

DIY Citronella candle

Bye Bye Bug Lotion

Source – Sunny Day Family


Natural Ways To Treat and Soothe Bug Bites

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Soothing Bug Bite Salve

Source – Pink Fortitude

Bug bite salve

Natural Bug Bite Relief

Source – Attainable Sustainable


Do you have a favorite essential oil recipe? Share your recipes and natural tips in the comments below!

Let your kids play outside and enjoy the summer nights without getting eaten alive! These natural mosquito repellents using essential oils really work and are safe! #naturalliving #green #essentialoils #kidsandparenting

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2 years ago

You have included so many great ideas in this post! Thanks so much for including my bug repellent luminaries! PInning!

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