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How to Find the Courage to Fearlessly Follow Your Dreams

By FamilyFelicity.com

What is a dream for a mom? A vacation on a deserted island being served umbrella drinks poolside while drenching in the glorious sun? Umm yes, but that’s more of a fantasy. Sorry. I’m talking dreams here. You know, those passions, business ideas, and talents we desperately want to put to use. We all have […]

What to Say to Your Child After Violent & Tragic News Events

By FamilyFelicity.com
Tragic news events seem to be happening daily. Hearing them can be hard, but even harder for children. Here's a healthy perspective to share with your child.

My heart is heavy this morning as I wake up, yet again, to hear about more innocent lives tragically being taken at the hands of a violent killer. It’s so hard to make sense of all the hate and violence happening all around the world. It seems no place and no one is off limits […]

The Epic Mind-Body-Soul Self-Care Routine for Busy Moms {Blog Series Pt 3 Soul}

By FamilyFelicity.com
The Epic Mind-Body-Soul Self-Care Routine for Busy Moms {Blog Series Pt 3 Soul}

Spending time with your Creator is an essential part of strengthening you at your core. I can wholeheartedly acknowledge I wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for my God! I had a lot of challenges and struggles in my life early on. I had a good up-bringing but somehow ended up a total mess […]

The Epic Mind-Body-Soul Self-Care Routine for Busy Moms{ Blog Series – Pt 1 Mind}

By FamilyFelicity.com
This epic blog series inspires busy moms to care for themselves well by creating a regular self care routine. This post shows how to care for your mind and heart by connecting with our relationships like friends and our spouse, and connecting to what brings up joy!

Women tend to have a bad reputation for being too emotional. Personally, this generalization doesn’t bother me because I believe we are build to be a little more emotional AKA nurturing. And there’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, meeting our emotional needs is essential to our overall well-being. And should be a part of […]

The Epic Mind-Body-Soul Self Care Routine for Busy Moms{Blog Series Pt 2 Body}

By FamilyFelicity.com

The fact is, we only get one body… and when that one is done working – that’s it. As harsh as that may sound, it’s true. And what’s also true is we often put our physical needs at the absolute bottom of the priority list. I don’t need to give you the car maintainence analogy […]

Why All Moms Need to be Intentional With a Regular Self Care Routine – Blog Series Intro

By FamilyFelicity.com
Busy moms tend to put everyone else first and their needs last. Being intentional about a regular self care routine is vital for every mom's overall health. This Epic Blog Series covers tips on how to easily add a regular self care routine that needs your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

Do you think it’s a good plan to deny yourself the entire season you’re raising a family with the plan to become your “best self” after your kids are grown and you have more time? Which version of yourself do you think your kids deserve more – your current version or your BEST version? I’d […]

6 Blogging Pitfalls to Avoid & How to Fast Track your Success Instead

By FamilyFelicity.com
Blogging is fun, rewarding, and can be extremely profitable for your family. But with all those positive attributes, blog also has some pitfalls! Get 6 pitfalls that you must avoid as a blogger and fast track your success instead!

Whether you’ve been blogging for years or still dreaming of launching your blog, one thing is true – blogging is hard. Not impossible, just hard. Well, let me clarify… if you want to reach the masses with your message and not just blog to share your life with your sister, grandma, and your best friend, […]

How to Live a Purpose-Driven Life Deep in the Trenches of Motherhood

By FamilyFelicity.com
Finding Purpose in Motherhood

I’m sure you’ve heard of the phrase – living a purpose-driven life. Sound good, right? But does it seem a little far away while you’re super busy raising your family? Motherhood is a funny thing. It’s the most amazing experience on the planet, and one I wouldn’t change a bit! But it’s also one of the […]

How to Speak Life and Encourage Your Kids to Be Their Best

By FamilyFelicity.com

Words are powerful and have the ability to heal or destroy, uplift or tear down, encourage or intimidate, to love or to hate. And the words we speak to our kids will either encourage them to be their best or tear them down. Yes, our words as parents are some of the most powerful words […]

How to Help Your Child Naturally Find Their Purpose

By FamilyFelicity.com

You are your child’s biggest fan. From clapping when she first counted to ten all by herself, to cheering like crazy at her high school graduation.  As parents, we take the head position in our kid’s fan club the moment they’re born. And every moment along the way is an opportunity to tell someone else. It’s like […]

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