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51 easy ways to be a fun mom

51 Ways To Be A Fun Mom Even When You’re Stressed or Tired

Would your kids call you a fun mom? Think about that for a second... are you way too consumed with adulting to notice that your ...
books that teach kindness

Great Books that Teach Kids Kindness, Resilience, and Diversity

The benefits of reading are enormous and at the very top of the benefits list is keeping my kid’s brains thinking, engaged, and learning over ...
How to teach your child personal accountability

2 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child Personal Accountability and Stop the Blame Game

Do your kids often play the blame game or make excuses for their behavior with no sense of personal accountability for their actions? I know ...
Struggling to get your kids to do any housework? Trying this simple method to get your kids to do their chores without needing to nag! #parenting #momlife #organizing #household

How to Easily Get Your Kids in the Habit of Doing Chores without Nagging!

Unless you were raised by a wonderfully efficient family that had a simple and effective system for getting kids to do chores… you’re probably drowning ...