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How to teach your child personal accountability

2 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child Personal Accountability and Stop the Blame Game

Do your kids often play the blame game or make excuses for their behavior with no sense of personal accountability for their actions? I know ...
parenting a diabetic child

4 Things The Mom of a Diabetic Child Wants You To Know about Her Child

Parenting a diabetic child is spending sleepless nights pricking fingers and checking numbers. It is counting carbs for lunch boxes and writing them down for ...
How to Help your child naturally discover their purpose

How We Can Stop Standing in the Way of Our Child’s Purpose

Raising amazing kids holds a lot of pressure. We want to raise kind, smart, well-rounded people who make a positive impact in this world. That's ...
How to use our words to raise brave kids

How to Use Your Words to Raise Brave and Purpose-Focused Kids

As parents, the words we speak to our children are the most powerful words our kids will ever hear. We have the power to build ...
activity based subscriptions for kids

3 of the Best Subscription Boxes for Kids That’ll Feed Your Child’s Imagination!

Screen time can be a huge addiction for kids and a major struggle for parents including myself. Right now we are on the summer break ...
Struggling to get your kids to do any housework? Trying this simple method to get your kids to do their chores without needing to nag! #parenting #momlife #organizing #household

How to Easily Get Your Kids in the Habit of Doing Chores without Nagging!

Unless you were raised by a wonderfully efficient family that had a simple and effective system for getting kids to do chores… you’re probably drowning ...

Want the Simple Pathway to Calmer Days with Less Blow ups and Frustration?

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