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9 things you kid wishes you would do

9 Things Your Kid Wishes You’d Do But Doesn’t Know How to Tell You

Kids are honest. They tell us the brutal truth in almost every situation. Like when you wake up with a lovely zit right on your ...
Tips to communicate better with your kids

7 Ways To Be a Parent Your Kids Won’t Talk To or Share With

Little kids and toddlers talk and share... a lot. It's pretty much what they do best. In fact, many parents consider their small children to ...
Tired of your kids clamming up? Try these questions to get your kids to open up and get to know your child's heart. #parenting #kidsandparenting #parentingtips #parenting101 #momlife

60 Fun Questions to Ask Your Kids to Get Them to Open Up and Share Their Heart

No matter how naturally talkative your child is, it seems the older they get the less they share... with their parents, that is. It used ...
how to be a more present parent

Present Parenting: Simple Ways to Connect with Your Kids Every Day

Raising children into happy, kind, and well-adjusted adults is a huge task and part of the enormous adventure of motherhood... and the struggle too. As ...
how to motivate your kids to succeed

The Science Behind What Motivates Your Child to Succeed and Achieve Their Best

We've all been there, you ask your kid to sweep up the floor after dinner while you go into the kitchen to start loading the ...
Raising happy teens

The Secret to Raising Happy and Confident Teens in an Image Focused World

It really bothers me when I see teenage angst played out on TV and in the movies like it's a natural part of the growing ...
Teen moodiness not cause by hormones

Why Your Tween’s Moodiness is Likely Not Caused by Hormones

It's always been widely believed that as our children reach puberty and grow into their teen years hormones will be running the show. As parents, ...
stocking stuffers for kids and teens

31 Cheap Stocking Stuffers for Kids and Teens That Don’t Suck!

I'll be really honest, when I was a kid for some reason my stocking was my favorite part of the Christmas morning experience. It was ...
How to use our words to raise brave kids

How to Use Your Words to Raise Brave and Purpose-Focused Kids

As parents, the words we speak to our children are the most powerful words our kids will ever hear. We have the power to build ...
End the Screen time struggles

How to Painlessly End the Screen Time Struggles with your Kids

Managing screen time is probably one of the biggest struggles facing parents in today's world. And there's just not a lot of time between now ...

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