Keep Your Home Cool This Summer with the NewAir Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Summer is quickly approaching and one of my family’s favorite things to do in the summer is be outside but the summer heat here in Florida is brutal!

Not only are we forced to huddle indoors during peak hours, but our central A/C unit also runs overtime trying to cool our house. I’m not complaining over here… I adore living in Florida! It’s just that we need to be creative to enjoy the summer without getting overheated or paying a ridiculously high utility bill.

That’s where the NewAir Portable Air Conditioner review comes in. This simple to use portable air conditioner was a delight to use in our home and works efficiently and quietly to keep our home cooled.

Why would we want to use a portable air conditioning unit when we have central heat and air?

4 Reasons to Buy a Portable Air Conditioner

1 | Save On Your Utility Bill

We love to bring the outdoors inside in the warm months (which is almost all year here!). We have a large sliding glass door that takes up an entire wall and our favorite thing to do is open that door all the way and let the fresh air in and allow the kids to play freely outside on the porch and in the back yard.

This is too costly because our central A/C would go nuts running constantly! Now we simply raise our thermostat way up (not totally off) so it wasn’t constantly running all day trying to cool the house.

If you have a two-story home, it can lower your home’s cooling costs by running your unit upstairs where heat rises.

2 | Cool Your Garage

If you love working in your garage, workshop, or other outdoor space but hate how overwhelmingly hot it gets during peak times of the day, running a portable air conditioner can help reduce both the heat and humidity.

This is great for working comfortably but also fantastic if you work on projects like DIY painting or other projects. By keeping your workshop cool, it’ll help your projects dry better and faster without bubbles or warping.

3 | If You Have an Addition that Doesn’t Cool Properly

Many older homes have additions that never seem to cool properly causing your home to cool inefficiently. Using the NewAir air conditioner in that space will keep it delightfully comfortable and help keep the rest of your home running more efficiently.

This also works for rooms that heat up due to a large sun-facing window.

4 | If you have an Older Home

If you live in an older or even a historical home, chances are, you may not have central heat and air. And frankly, window units are very heavy, hard to install in the window, and don’t look very nice from the outside. This portable air conditioner is the perfect way to cool your home without the hassle.

How Does the New Air Conditioner Work?

Before I share how this air conditioner works and how easy it is to set up, I want to disclose that I was sent the NewAir Portable unit in exchange for an honest review. No further compensation was exchanged and all opinions are my own honest experiences.

Now, let me share how easily you can cool your home!

After you remove it from the box, you need to choose a location near a window and slip in the window bracket. This will allow you to place the output hose out of a window.

Then you’ll need to open the hose and connect it to the outlet window and the unit itself. This is a very quick process!

The hose is simply removing the hot air from the room and pushing it out the window so your room will cool faster and most efficiently.

Then all you’re left with is a refreshingly cool space! Our living room is an extremely open and large space and our unit keeps it cool just fine, even with the sliding door open!

The Coolest Features of the NewAir Air Conditioner

  1. The unit is on casters and can be easily wheeled from room to room.
  2. Installation is super easy and takes about 15 minutes altogether.
  3. The unit has a digital thermostat that makes setting your room’s temperature super easy.
  4. The unit has a remote control so you can easily change your settings from the couch!
  5. It runs very quietly. We used to have a window unit in our older home because the A/C would go out frequently and it was extremely loud!

NewAir 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner | AC-14100E

Purchase at NewAir

Use code FF20 for 20% off!

If you live in a solder climate, I would suggest purchasing the similar unit with a heater so you can get use out of the NewAir unit all year long!

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