How to Realistically Run Your Mom Biz During Your Little One’s Naptime

Starting your own blog or any business can be very challenging while raising small children as a stay at home mom. But it's totally possible with the right plan. This post walks you through how to make the time to pursue your dreams during your baby's naptime.I don’t think there’s a mom on this entire planet that isn’t super busy. We all have tons of work to do as moms.

And there’s a sacred time carved out of every mid-afternoon (twice if you’re lucky) that’s a glorious gift from God, especially if you’re a stay-at-home mom. Naptime!

Every mom knows the beauty of this special time – PEACE and QUIET. And time to get stuff done without being pulled on in the process.

So what does a busy mom do during this sanity break? Do random chores, watch the latest episode of This is Us, call a friend and catch up, or take a nap?

Me take a nap? I’m not even sure what that is these days.

Instead, I have a personal work-from-home rule. I don’t do anything during my toddler’s nap that I can easily do when my son’s awake. Like doing simple chores.

I use this precious and limited time to do work projects or other tasks that are much harder to do when my toddler’s awake.

I’m able to accomplish so much during this time so I can work through my goals like a pro.

Are You Drifting or Driving?

You see, I’ve learned over the years that our awesome life doesn’t just happen because we want it to. We have a role to play in making it happen.

We’re either drifting through life or intentionally driving toward our purpose. There’s no in-between.

Taking the life approach of merely drifting into our dream life is a set up. An epic FAIL! Drifting doesn’t work, but driving does.

Are you satisfied with where you are in your life right now?

Are you exactly where your 20-something self thought you’d be?

Are you doing exactly what you dreamed you’d be doing?

Have you become on the outside the amazing person you know you are on the inside?

I think most of us, including myself, would have a hard time answering yes to all those questions.

Sorry for going all “deep” on you. But those questions are so important to ask and answer.

I know they were for me. I felt unsatisfied for so many years just grinding it out day after day. Taking care of everyone, making money, but feeling like something was missing.

I loved my family but the work I was doing everyday was draining me. I knew there was more.

There is more …

I decided it was time to make some big changes. And I got serious about my passion for helping and supporting other moms in their homes and helping them jump-start their passions.

Since my time was extremely limited, I intentionally carved out a few hours every day to devote to working this blog and all the responsibilities that go with it.

My super big goal is to turn this blog (what I love doing) into my full-time business earning more income than I was doing what I didn’t love.

This is so much more than a “blog” for me. It’s a mission. It’s a business. So I treat it like one.

And you can too! The truth is, all you really need is at least ONE hour every day consistently to turn a dream into your reality. In fact, I’ve created an entire 25+ page toolkit: The Busy Mom’s Side Hustle Blueprint to walk you through every single easy step. Get your toolkit by clicking the image below. And yes, I’m not charging a single penny!

The Busy Mom's Guide to Jumpstarting Her Side HustleThe key to making the most of your child’s naptime is to have a plan and to consistently work that plan. Notice there’s two parts to that. Plan + working the plan = the results you want.

If you decide you’ll do one thing every Monday and when Monday rolls around you never do it; you’ll be even more frustrated than if you never even had a plan at all.

Consistency is paramount! You just have to show up. If you take one hour to develop yourself in a specific skill or area of study and you do that every day for a year; you’ll have 365 hours of experience in that one area!

That’s a lot when you look at it like that. I use to believe the lie that one or two hours wasn’t enough time to do anything significant. So I let those precious hours fly away, doing less important things. I also believed doing something for one hour a day would amount to me waiting forever before I saw results.

Earl Nightingale said, “Don’t let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it.” I wholeheartedly agree. Having 365 hours logged of doing something that’s important to you is so much more than having zero and tons of regret.

4 Tips to Help you Easily Make the Most of Your Little One’s Naptime:

building your mom business#1 Have your time pre-planned in advance

When you’re doing anything inside of a small window of time, planning is your friend. If you sit down to work for an hour and spend 30 minutes thinking up how to best use this time, you’ve just wasted half of your precious time.

If planning isn’t your area of expertise, that’s OK. Just plan out a week at a time. Put the specific to-do items that can be done on each day on a planning sheet or calendar. You don’t need anything fancy. Just write it down. I have an awesome weekly planning sheet in my One Hour Mom Biz Toolkit.

This way when you start your work, you can actually do just that – work!

Do only the activities that need to be done in the quiet. I don’t recommend doing tasks that you can easily do when your kiddo’s awake. Reserve naptime for those tasks that require your full attention and concentration.

#2 Set a timer

Setting a timer and working straight through until it goes off is a great mental strategy to keep you focused. It helps you to stop being a clock watcher and work until you hear the alarm.

Just don’t use a loud egg time or your regret it! Remember, naptime! 😉 Shhhh

#3 Batch Your Tasks by Day

You’ll want to batch your tasks throughout the week so you can hopefully complete a whole project in a week. For example, I have certain days scheduled for my writing related tasks. I schedule my graphics and other similar tasks for another day.

# 4 Show Up Every Day

In order to see the results you’re looking for you need to show up every day. Working only when you feel inspired will seriously hinder your goal slaying abilities.

Even when you don’t see results right away – keep going! The key is to focus on the right tasks and not on measuring your results every second of the day.

There’s a time for measuring and tracking your progress, but your day to day focus needs to be on the work.

Pursuing your passion (with the right heart and balance) actually works to fill you up as a mom. And helps you become your best. And that’s a gift to your family!

I want you to be courageous right now and write in the comments below what your passion is, and if you’ve started working on it yet. And then publicly declare with the rest of us – I’m in!

Don’t forget, if you’re a busy stay-at-home mom or are working full-time outside or inside the home and don’t have the slightest idea where you’ll find the time to pursue your passion – you need The Side Hustle Blueprint! It’s the perfect jump start for your new mom biz.




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