19 Ingenious Ways to Save Money on Family Entertainment and Vacations

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Spending quality time with your family these days can seem like an extra bill that shows up every month. It’s expensive to take a family of five to the movies, out to eat, or even to the local events!

And planning for a family vacation can seem like a dream that may never become a reality. My family is on a tight budget right now and vacations honestly haven’t been a yearly thing for us. Some years, we just couldn’t afford it.


Creative ways to save money on family vacations and entertainment

In my opinion, this isn’t ideal. We need time off to rest, unwind, and reconnect as a family. Vacations and staycations are just the remedies for busy, tired, and worn-out families.

And in the meantime, sprinkled throughout the entire year, we need to have family date days. This could be anything from kicking the soccer ball around at the park to going to see the newest play in town.

To kick us off, I wanted to include my FREE checklist of 60 FREE Family Activity Ideas! These are super creative ideas you and easily use today to create more meaningful connections with your family.

Plus, they’re broken down by age group to make your date planning super simple!

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Let’s dive in with the following lists of resources to help you save money on your family’s entertainment and vacations.

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How to Save Money on Family Entertainment

Saving Money Tip #1 

11 Ways to Save Money on Entertainment – Nerd Wallet

Saving Money Tip #2

The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Entertainment – The Budget Diet

Saving Money Tip #3

How to Save Money on Entertainment and Still Have Fun – USAToday

Saving Money Tip #4

103 Things to Do on a Money Free Weekend – The Simple Dollar

Saving Money Tip #5

47 Ways to Save Money on Vacation – Money Crashers


Saving Money Tip #6

How to Stick to Your Family’s Entertainment Budget – Rattles and Heels

Saving Money Tip #7

 How to Plan and Save for a Cheap Family Vacation – The Fun Sized Life

Saving Money Tip #8

 13 Expert Tips for Family Travel on a Budget – The Barefoot Nomad

Saving Money Tip #9

 7 Ways to Save Money on a Family Vacation to Mexico – Traveling Mom

Saving Money Tip #10

  7 Ways to Save Money for a Family Vacation – Wholly Happy Purse

Saving Money Tip #11

 12 Cheap Things to Do With the Kids This Easter – Love Money

Saving Money Tip #12

Family Fun Night Activities that Take Bonding to a Whole New Level – She Knows

Saving Money Tip #13

Boredom Busters: 110 Fun At-Home Activities for Families and Kids – Family Guide

Saving Money Tip #14

A Year of Family Dates – The Dating Divas

Saving Money Tip #15 

Tips for Traveling on a Tiny Budget – Tips for Family Trips

Saving Money Tip #16 

7 Cheap and Fun Family Vacation Ideas Your Family Will Love – Money Crashers

Saving Money Tip #17 

Best Affordable Family Vacation Destinations – US News

Saving Money Tip #18 

8 Family Budget Travel Ideas – Suburban Simplicity

Saving Money Tip # 19 

Affordable Family Vacations for Budget-Minded Bliss – Travel and Leisure

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I hope this roundup is everything you need to start planning, saving for, and creating wonderful memories as a family without the burden of finances getting in the way!

Let me know your favorite tips and how you plan to use them. Share in the comments below!

Family entertainment can be really expensive and saving for a family vacation can be very difficult for a family on a tight budget. Get 19 ingenious tips and tricks to plan and save for your family's entertainment and family dates!Save for family vacations

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