You're busy & short on time... Um, you're a Mom so enough said there!

Being a Mom is the BEST and HARDEST job on the PLANET! And I wouldn't change a thing and I know you're with me. Right? You live to put your family first and serve them well. Your family is the BEST gift.

But you've got a spark of Passion inside that's screaming to get out...

You wake up everyday thankful to be mom to your kiddos.

You try your best to keep a smile on your face because you're living a good life. 

You just can't shake the feeling that you've got more to give outside of your family and your day job. 

You know you're not living up to the Creative Genius that you know is on the inside.

You know you've got a purpose that's being ignored... pushed aside.

What's holding me back from living my BEST life?

You're overwhelmed with all your responsibilities and all the expectations of what everyone else thinks you should be doing.

You wonder how other moms who are living their dream do it. It feels impossible. 

You want to make a change but you:

Feel stuck and don't know how to get moving again.

Are afraid of what it will really take.

Feel locked in to your day job that you hate.

Are worried you don't have what it takes.

Feel like a fraud or an imposter who could never do this.

Are worried about taking time from your spouse and kids.

Feel trapped by my fears and insecurities.

Would you believe me if I told I was there? Completely!!

And let me just put it all out there for a sec... change for anyone is hard. But for a woman who's in the trenches of motherhood, it can feel downright impossible! But let me tell you - IT'S NOT!

Will you go on a journey with me?

I'll be honest, it's not going to be easy and it WILL feel lonely. But if you stick with me... you won't be alone! I promise.

The name of this blog is FamilyFelicity and Felicity means - great happiness, the joys of heaven, prosperity, the enjoyment of good; blessing, blissfulness.

It's my personal goal to help you experience Felicity in every area of your life! Are you with me?!


Hi! I'm Brandi and I'm so happy you stopped by! I'm a crazy busy mom of 3 amazing kiddos and married to my man-bestie of 16 years. I'm on a mission to help other busy moms achieve the goal of building their best life. I strive to put my family first ALWAYS but have learned that living with purpose is the only way to true FREEDOM! Click here to learn more about me and how this blog got started.

My mantra for this blog and for my life is:

Loving Family ~ Chasing Purpose ~ Building Legacy

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