The Automation Tools I Use to Grow My Blog on Auto-Pilot

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Blog Automation Tools


**This post has also been updated in Feb 2018 with even more tools! I’ll keep adding on as I find new automation tools.

Blog automation tools are truly my saving grace as a blogger. I wouldn’t have lasted over 3 years if I had to do everything the long and hard way. But when I first started my blog, I didn’t know what I was doing.

Even though I did tons of research before I launched, I still learned so much through endless trial and error. And totally missed the boat on automation software that could help me grow my blog quickly.

I was really trying to save money so I stayed far away from plug-ins, tools, and other automation software that I thought would make me go broke. But I finally realized that most of them are pretty inexpensive and many and outright FREE!

What I didn’t realize then is, my time is my greatest asset when running my own business.

So in my ignorance, I stuck it out doing everything manually. And I’m not just talking about the new craze of Manual Pinning!

I sent every email out one by one. And I posted all my Pinterest pins and Facebook and Twitter posts one by one. It took up so much of my time. Lack of automation was just one of the pitfalls of blogging, I fell right into.

I finally came to a place where I knew I couldn’t do this anymore. I desperately needed some automation in my life! As my business grew, I was quickly getting out of balance with taking care of my home and busy little toddler.

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The Basics of Blog Automation

I set out to try many different blog automation tools and tested which ones worked and which ones didn’t. This was a game changer for me because putting my blog on auto-pilot allowed me to take care of my son and my home while my blog still continued to grow. Crazy, right?

Automating your blog is simply using a tool, software, plugin, app, or even an outsourced person to complete a task on an ongoing basis that requires minimal intervention. For example, if you’re collecting email addresses (which you should be) then you’ll want to create a series of emails set up in an autoresponder that’ll go out automatically when someone opts into your email list.

There’s no way you can personally send out emails every time someone opts in to one of your offers. That would be too much. Or at least it should be! 😉

In short, automating your blog is necessary for allowing you to streamline your processes and save you TONS of time so you can do what you do best – making great stuff and dominating the world!

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Best Blog Automation Tools

To bring some balance to the issue of putting your blog on auto-pilot, the “set it and forget it” mentality isn’t recommended. You always want to be connected to your business and your tribe. Therefore, you always want to allow for communication and contact with your readers and subscribers to happen naturally and consistently and always be ready to respond when they reach out.

To help you put these concepts into immediate action, I’ve put together my favorite list of blog automation tools you can use for your blog.


I use Tailwind to share my content on my top performing group boards. I belong to over 50 awesome group boards, so manually pinning to all those boards is a HUGE time suck! Tailwind makes sure that all boards are covered and I don’t miss any days. Plus, it serves up my posts at their optimal time intervals so I don’t ever have to think about it. Then in the evening, I go to town pinning other bloggers’ content to all my relevant personal boards.

The other main feature I love with Tailwind is their analytics and ease of use, overall. They’ve designed a beautiful and equally useful interface that provides you with all the information you need to grow your blog. To get started with a free month to try it out, just click the link below. Enjoy!


SumoMe is a plugin that allows you to get more fans of your awesome stuff to sign up for your offers. Thus growing your greatest asset as a blogger – your email list.

It allows you to add opt-in boxes, pop-ups, and welcome mats all without needing to understand coding. It also displays your blog’s social proof showing how many shares each page receives in social media. As of right now, I no longer use this but it still works great.

Social Warfare

I recently purchased the Social Warfare plug-in that worked better for me for showing the social proof of how many times a particular page or post was shared and to which social platform. It also allows me to customize the share bar to my branding colors and is very noticeable – but not in a gaudy way.

On the back end, it allows me to easily upload my Facebook and Pinterest images and meta description, so when my post gets shared – the right information populations in that social post.


Grammarly is technically not auto-pilot in the sense that it’s doing something in the background like some of these other tools, but don’t let that fool you. Grammarly is automatically and seamlessly catching errors in my writing, every time I write ANYTHING on my computer!

Grammarly was something I thought I didn’t need because I had spell check, right? Wrong!! When I finally started using it my writing life changed dramatically. And I saw how many errors I had lingering around in my old posts! Oops. Basically, it’s a tool I don’t have to think about. It’s working constantly every time I write anywhere on my computer. It’s literally amazing.

If you write for business, school, or for any reason at all – you need Grammarly in your life right now!


ConvertKit is the first email auto-responder that was created with bloggers in mind. It allows you to seamlessly and easily create an automated email sequence that will be triggered anytime someone signs up for your newsletter or other offerings.

You can also send broadcast messages anytime to your email list which allows you to still stay active with your tribe on the fly. I no longer use ConvertKit, but I still believe it is a great autoresponder.

Active Campaign

I switched my email autoresponder to Active Campaign because of the usability of the platform. It’s a drag and drop setup and works similar to ClickFunnels. The email automation tools are seamless and appear on the screen like an actual flow chart. This makes it super easy to visually see the flow of your email sequences!

The analytics are easy to read and give you great insight on your open rates, click-through, and even why subscribers decided to unsubscribe from your list. These help you learn and continually tweak your processes along the way.


Buffer is what I use to set my social media posts on auto-pilot. I simply sit down once a week and fill up my queue with my posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in very little time. I love this app because it allows me access to analytics to see which posts are doing well and which ones are not.

If I see a post that’s doing well, I can simply repost it with one click. It also gives me the option to use Buffer’s optimal posting times to create a customized schedule based on the activity on my social media accounts. And all this is on my free account!

Google Analytics

Your Google Analytics is essential to getting a complete picture of the growth and success of your blog. You can see your traffic numbers and referral sources at a glance, as well as vital information on the demographics of your visitors. Best of all it’s totally FREE! They are also constantly adding new updates to give you even more insight. If you haven’t set up your analytics account yet, what are you waiting for?


JetPack is a plugin for WordPress and it works similarly to Google Analytics in that it gives your site states right in your WordPress dashboard. This gives you an easy to view and understand snapshot of your blog’s traffic and sources. It also provides security for your site and protects your site from attacks.

WordPress App

This free app will show you your blog’s information like your real-time stats right from your phone. By the way, Google Analytics has an app too. But the WordPress App (if you have a WordPress blog) is like your blog on the go. You can see, approve, and respond quickly to new comments. You can even start a quick draft of write and publish new content, though you probably won’t do that much. Overall, it’s a great app to check in on your blog remotely when you need to!

Each of these Blog Automation Tools has helped me grow my blog in some way, and I’m so grateful I found each one. That’s why I wrote this post to share them with you. And please share in the comments below if you have any other automation tools that you love!

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Hopeful Lotus
2 years ago

This is really helpful! I work full time so all the extra admin involved in running a blog is HARD. I’m going to try some of these tools to take the stress out!

2 years ago

I found this article super helpful! I was just thinking about needing some automation tools, so I will definitely check these out!

2 years ago

Oh yes, these all are really great tools and I have to say that I use almost all of them, too! Especially Tailwind is my favourite one!

Susan Velez
2 years ago

Hi, I always love reading about the tools that people use to build their blog. It’s nice to see that I am using most of the ones that you are using. I absolutely love Tailwind and Board Booster. In fact, I couldn’t imagine growing my blog without the help of these tools. I personally think that automation tools are important for anyone who really wants to build a successful blog. After all, we don’t want to spend tons of hours on our blog. Most of us started our blogs because we want to earn money and get more time freedom.… Read more »

2 years ago

This was such a helpful article. I love when bloggers are willing to help other bloggers grow as well. Thanks for this.
2 years ago

I love helping other bloggers. I really brings me joy seeing others flourish in their passion!

2 years ago

Thank you for sharing the tools and your experience, it is very helplful! Automation is a must for everyone who wants to grow their blog, but it is easy to get lost in all the options available …

2 years ago

I use some but I still don’t know how to do with them. Especially tailwind I found it very difficult for me or maybe I just didn’t find for me to understand. I searched everywhere tailwind is great app for Instagram and Pinterest. Agh, I should learn about it more.
2 years ago
Reply to  Ayu

Ayu, Tailwind is wonderful and I’m working on a post right now that will show a step by step guide on how to use Tailwind and how top bloggers use it. Keep a look out for it! I think it’ll be a help to you. 🙂

2 years ago

Great tips, especially to all of us who are now working on growing our blogs! Thank a lot for sharing, will definitely give them a thought!

2 years ago

This is great! I’m getting ready to switch over to a self hosted blog and I need all the recommendations I can get!
2 years ago
Reply to  Candice

Candice, that’s wonderful! I have a complete post on how to start your own self-hosted site. You can check it out Here

Elizabeth O
Elizabeth O
2 years ago

You provided some really great information here for anyone looking to free up some time and use some automation tools!

Kelly Edgar
Kelly Edgar
2 years ago

Thanks for this great advice! Some of these platforms sound amazing and would be very useful for me, I will be checking them out.
2 years ago
Reply to  Kelly Edgar

Your blog will never be the same, Kelly! 🙂

Jen ~ The Tipsy Mama
2 years ago

Great info! I am new to blogging (2 months in) and did not know about all of these! Super excited to put them into place to help with my time management! Thanks so much for sharing!
2 years ago

It’s totally my pleasure Jen! I wish I’d known about these tools when I first started!

Geralding Batarra
Geralding Batarra
2 years ago

These are great roundup of tools that we can use with our business. I love Boardbooster it is a big help for me and my Pinterest.
2 years ago

Yes, I love Boardbooster too!!

Aci Girl
2 years ago

I’ve been meaning to learn about this stuff. Also, I want to understand more about seo and all for my blog to be at a better place/rank Now, thanks for this.
2 years ago
Reply to  Aci Girl

Yes, very smart to focus on SEO. I’m doing tons of research myself and hope to do a post soon!

Courtney from Antipodean Adventurer

This had such helpful information, especially for me as a new blogger! Thanks so much for sharing.

2 years ago

I used most of the automation tools above like jetpack, sumome, buffer and google analytic.. I’m not using convertkit yet but I heard so much of it. I’m lost with tailwind and boardbooster because I pin manually.
2 years ago
Reply to  Vian

Manual pinning is awesome! If you haven’t already, you may want to check out Carly Campbell’s awesome course on manual pinning – Pinteresting Strategies!

the sophia diaries
the sophia diaries
2 years ago

wow thanks for sharing! i definitely need to look into some of these to make my readers get more content more 🙂

2 years ago

Wow, thank you for all of the tips. As a blogger any information that will save you time is a huge bonus ! I’m looking forward to trying some of these soon.

2 years ago

I love buffer and tailwind. Both are amazing! I also use Dlvr.It a lot to tweet my blog posts and the RSS of other bloggers. Great list!
2 years ago
Reply to  MamaDweeb

Thanks! I’ll need to check that one out. 🙂

2 years ago

This is so handy to know. I’m still relatively new to blogging and still do everything manually!
2 years ago
Reply to  Jen

I did everything manually in the beginning too. But I started with the free resources first and then as my time freed up, I had more time to make more money and afford to get the paid resources.

2 years ago

I hope I get organized enough to use automation tools. Specifically the ones geared toward sharing my blog posts on social media. Thanks for the info.
2 years ago
Reply to  Christa

Hey Christa! I finally got to the place where I couldn’t put it off any longer. Eventually, your time runs out because your blogging tasks will grow but your allotted time for working doesn’t. Automation tools will be your only relief. Glad these helped.

2 years ago

SO many fabulous tools here! I use a few, but definitely a few I want to look into!
2 years ago
Reply to  Ashley

Glad you found the list helpful, Ashley!

2 years ago

This is awesome! Thanks so much for these tips, as a relatively new blogger I really appreciate them. Just yesterday Inwas looking at convert kit!

2 years ago

I am so happy to have chanced upon your post as it has everything that a blogger needs to make the blog successful.

2 years ago

Thanks for this post, I didn’t even know there was a WordPress App available! I was logging in manually on my phone to my site!! This is going to be a save timer for me!! I also have Tailwind, but I am not using it yet. Thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
Reply to  Stacey

Yes, the WordPress app was my latest discovery and my newest best friend!

2 years ago

I’m excited to look more into some of these! Very helpful as a new blogger. Thanks so much for sharing!
2 years ago
Reply to  Amy

So glad you found them helpful Amy!

Lisa |
2 years ago

This is so helpful! I’ve been knee deep in content creation that I haven’t spent time researching automation options. Thank you for this helpful list! Looking forward to trying a few of these out.

2 years ago

Hi there
Thanks for sharing,my blog is not doing very well but reading your post, I can see why,the tools you mentioned,only Tailwind is familiar which means I`m missing out alot.Will check on the tools and see which one is a must have as I cant purchase all at the same time.

2 years ago

These are so great. I wanna try them out!

2 years ago

Oh these are awesome! I’ll try these out

2 years ago

I’ve only just started looking into these – thanks for the great breakdown of the tools available!
2 years ago
Reply to  Beth

Definitely keep researching and trying new tools. Everyday it seems more great stuff is created to make our business/blogging lives easier.

2 years ago

I would not be able to manage blogging without many of these automating tools. They are such time savers. I have found the tools are endless and by taking advantage of free trials, I find what works best for me.
2 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

Totally love a good trial period. It’s a win win for the creator and the user in my opinion! Once I’m in and everything works – I’m sold. 🙂

2 years ago

Thank you for this post, I use most of these tools to my website as well. I’d say using these tools definitely help me a lot.
2 years ago
Reply to  Anna

Thanks Anna! I totally agree these tools are very helpful in keeping tedious processes easier.

Shani | Sunshine & Munchkins

I use some of these tools you’ve mentioned, but since I still have Blogger, some of them aren’t an option for me. But I hope to move over to WP this year and take advantage of some of the plug-ins you talked about. That being said, I absolutely LOVE Tailwind and it definitely helped take my blog to the next level.
2 years ago

Hey Shani! I do believe the best blogging platform hands down is WordPress. So make the switch as quickly as you can, and you’ll totally see the difference. 🙂

2 years ago

Very helpful resource guide! If you had to choose, would you go with Boardbooster or Tailwind?
2 years ago
Reply to  Maninder

I actually love them both, and have used them both in different ways to test out each result over this last year. If I had to choose one, I’d pick Tailwind. Their platform is so much easier to use for scheduling my content as well as other bloggers’ content. And a bonus benefit is, I paid for Tailwind’s yearly plan so I have unlimited pins. With Boardbooster, I was constantly pinning over my plan and needed to pay extra.

2 years ago

Thanks so much for this list. I have had so many questions in this department and you have answered a lot of them. I didn’t think about using both board booster and tailwind. I think I’ll give that a go. And automating your social networks is where it’s at. Thanks for your resources! ❤️
2 years ago
Reply to  Jenna

It’s my pleasure Jenna! I’ve done tons of testing with Boardbooster and Tailwind because Pinterest is my largest traffic referrer. I love the balance of both platforms and what each one does better. I totally will not use Boardbooster’s scheduler because it requires you to secret secret boards to make each of the board you’ll be pinning to. This clogs up my already long board list. If you choose Boardbooster, use their campaign feature instead of their scheduler.

2 years ago

Thanks for this succinct list! As a relatively new blogger I have used a few of these, but not all of them. This informative list will help me as I grow my blog!
2 years ago
Reply to  Melissa

Congrats on your new blog Melissa! My advice is to keep testing EVERYTHING and make adjustments along the way. Every strategy won’t work for every blogger, niche, or even every website. Just stick to what brings you the best results.

2 years ago

Thanks for all the tips! I’ll be using some of the sites you mentioned.
2 years ago
Reply to  Diandra

Great! I hope they work well for you.

2 years ago

I heard so much about Tailwind as I was starting my blog and I signed up for a free trial and have been using it regularly, but I don’t see any traffic or anything from it — I feel like I am doing it wrong?

Great suggestions! x

2 years ago
Reply to  Michelle

Hey Michelle! I’m sorry you’re not seeing traffic results yet. Pinterest can be a real pain sometimes… I know it was really hard for me in the beginning. I personally use a combination of strategies such as pinning my own content via Tailwind. I’m using a strategy from Suzi @startamomblog.You can read it here. I also use a manual pinning strategy for pinning my content to some of my slower moving boards, and other blogger’s content to my personal boards. I’m not sure how long you’ve been marketing on Pinterest, but it took several months of CONSISTENTLY pinning before… Read more »

2 years ago

These are great tools. I use Tailwind and Buffer regularly and being able to work in batches to load queues is such a timesaver.
2 years ago
Reply to  Kristin

Yes, batching is extremely helpful in streamlining processes. That’s what I love about Tailwind.

Kyla Matton Osborne | 24 Carrot Diet

I already have and use some of these tools, but I had no idea about a few like the WordPress mobile app. Thank you for sharing how each of these tools works. I’ll be thinking of adding some of these to my current repertoire!
2 years ago

Yes, the WordPress ad is free and easy to download. It’s my favorite new tool to stay connected on the go!

DD's blog
2 years ago

Very useful and informative, thanks for sharing

Sreya Gupta
2 years ago

Your article was very helpful. I knew about some of them but most of them were unknown. I am saving this article.
2 years ago
Reply to  Sreya Gupta

Glad you found it helpful! Thanks for saving it.

2 years ago

I use some of these, but not all. I really need to do a lot more automation so that I am not always tied to the blog. It helps to capitalize on busy times and not always have to be on the computer.
2 years ago
Reply to  Marysa

My advice would be to add these tools and test them out little by little until you find a good flow of manual vs. automation. That way you can spend most of your time doing the tasks that shouldn’t be automated like creating awesome content and connecting to your readers!

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