The Automation Tools I Use to Grow My Blog on Auto-Pilot

Running a successful blog can be super time consuming! And most of that time is spend doing administrative tasks instead of actually creating awesome content for your readers. This post shares my favorite automation tools I use to grow by blog on auto-pilot so you can too!

When I first started my blog, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing. Though I did tons of research before I launched, I still learned so much through endless trial and error.

Reading is one thing, but doing is another! For many months, I did everything manually. I posted all my Pinterest pins and Facebook and Twitter posts one by one. It took up so much of my time.

I finally came to a place where I knew I couldn’t do this any more. I desperately needed some automation in my life! As my business grew, I was quickly getting out of balance with taking care of my home and busy little toddler.

I set out to try many different software programs and systems to find out which ones worked and which ones didn’t. This was a game changer for me because putting my blog on auto-pilot allowed me to take care of my son and my home while my blog still continued to grow. Crazy, right?

The Basics of Automation

Automation is using a tool, software, app, or even an outsourced person to complete a task on an ongoing basis that requires minimal intervention. For example, if you’re collecting email addresses (which you should) then you’ll want to create a series of emails set up in an autoresponder that’ll go out automatically when someone opts into your email list.

There’s no way you can personally send out emails every time someone opts in to one of your offers. That would be too much. Or at least it should be!

In short, automation is necessary for allowing you to streamline your processes and save you TONS of time so you can do what you do best – making great stuff!

To bring some balance to the issue of putting your blog on auto-pilot, the “set it and forget it” mentality isn’t recommended. You always want to be connected to your business and your tribe. Therefore, you always want to allow for communication and contact with them to happen naturally and consistently and always be ready to respond when needed.

To help you put these concepts into immediate action, I’ve put together my favorite automation tools for your blog.

There are affiliate links throughout this post as I am an affiliate for some of these awesome tools. I’d still tell you about them even if I didn’t earn a small commission for sharing their awesomeness. It’s just really awesome when you get paid for sharing something you love!

Best Automation Tools

Google Analytics

Your Google Analytics is essential to getting a complete picture of the growth and success of your blog. You can see your traffic numbers and referral sources at a glance, as well vital information on the demographics of your visitors. Best of all it’s totally FREE! They are also constantly adding new updates to give you even more insight. If you haven’t set up your analytics account yet, what are you waiting for?

<<Click here to get started with Google Analytics>>


JetPack is a plugin for WordPress and it works similarly to Google Analytics in that it gives your site states right in your WordPress dashboard. This gives you an easy to view and understand snapshot of your blog’s traffic and sources. It also provides security for your site and protects your site from attacks.

<<Click here to get started with JetPack>>


SumoMe is quickly rising in popularity among the leaders in the blogging world. There’s a free and a more in-depth paid version. It’s a plugin that allows you to get more fans of your awesome stuff to sign up for your offers. Thus growing your greatest asset as a blogger – your email list.

It allows you to add opt-boxes, pop ups, and welcome mats all without needing to understand coding. It also displays your blog’s social proof showing how many shares each page receives in social media.

<<Click here to get started with SumoMe>>


ConvertKit is the first email auto-responder that was created with bloggers in mind. It allows you to seamlessly and easily create an automated email sequence that will be triggered anytime someone signs up for your newsletter or other offering.

You can also send broadcast messages anytime to your email list which allows you to still stay active with your tribe on the fly.

<<Click here to get started with ConvertKit>>


Buffer is what I use to set my social media posts on auto-pilot. I simply sit down once a week and fill up my queue with my posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in very little time. I love this app because it allows me access to analytics to see which posts are doing well and which ones are not.

If I see a post that’s doing well, I can simply repost it with one click. It also gives me the option to use Buffer’s optimal posting times to create a customized schedule based on the activity on my social media accounts. And all this is on my free account!

<<Click here to get started with Buffer>>


I love Boardbooster and it’s the first Pinterest automation tool I chose to use. I later joined Tailwind, which I also love, but I refuse to leave BoardBooster. There’s too much to get into in this post for either of these programs, but I’ll give you my highlights.

I use BoardBooster to create my scheduled and random campaigns to share my own content to my group boards. This is how I get exposure and drive traffic to my site.

<<Click here to get started with BoardBooster>>


I use Tailwind to share other blogger’s content to my public boards and some group boards. Pinterest’s algorithms reward you for sharing more content of others than your own, but doing that is just good business anyway. I believe we all reap what we sow. I tend to follow the 70/30 rule by sharing 70% of others’ content and 30% of my own.

The other main feature I love with Tailwind is their analytics and ease of use overall. They’ve designed a beautiful and equally useful interface that provides you with all the information you need to grow your blog. To get started with a free month to try it out, just click the link below. Enjoy!

<<Click here to get a FREE Month with Tailwind>>


Each of these tools and programs have helped me grow my blog in some way, and I’m so grateful I found each one. That’s why I wrote this post to share them with you. And please share in the comments below if you have any other automation tools that you love!


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